Wild winds wreak havoc in Round 3 at Genesis

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During the third round of The Genesis Invitational 2021, strong winds forced a suspension of play. Gusts over 30 mph forced putts off the green, sent hats flying and led to some fun on the range from Jon Rahm and Jordan Spieth.
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The PGA TOUR returns to iconic Riviera Country Club for The Genesis Invitational. Tournament host Tiger Woods will be in attendance but won’t play as he is still recovering from a back procedure last month. World No. 1 Dustin Johnson and defending champion Adam Scott are among the headliners. Notables in the invitation-only field include major champions Brooks Koepka, Bryson DeChambeau, Collin Morikawa, Jordan Spieth, and Francesco Molinari, plus world No. 2 Jon Rahm. Two-time FedExCup winner Rory McIlroy looks to finally lift the trophy at Riviera after holding a piece of the lead Sunday a year ago only to fall to T5. In addition to reigning champ Johnson, FedExCup winners in the field include Justin Thomas, Brandt Snedeker, and Jim Furyk.

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Conor McEvoy
Conor McEvoy Månad sedan
Its that windy in New Zealand most of the time...harden up
Trump_Fedaykin Månad sedan
They don't suspend play at the Open championship. Remember the conditions at Muirfield 2002 when Tiger shot 81.
john connor
john connor Månad sedan
That same wind is what flipped tigers car over!
Rickie Fowler
Rickie Fowler Månad sedan
That hat flying in front of me right before my shot was pretty funny actually
Luca Heslop
Luca Heslop Månad sedan
Have these professionals never played links golf, went sky sports told us play was stopped for high winds it made me 😂 they don’t like rain or wind, need to have a reality check that’s golf
Khairul Sidi
Khairul Sidi Månad sedan
Don't you hate it when you're putting for the hole and you just go: I miss the green.
e egan
e egan Månad sedan
That ball on the putt was like “I’m sorry to do this to you but I’m outta here!”
Larry DeLeau
Larry DeLeau Månad sedan
You see all these old videos of Tom Watson, Jack Nicklaus, Seve Ballesteros playing in hurricane type winds in the UK back in the day..and they managed...It's GOLF.. the tour has gotten soft...
Josh Russell
Josh Russell Månad sedan
APM M 2 månader sedan
Unplayable conditions ! It's not rocket science 😊
Corek BleedingHollow
Corek BleedingHollow 2 månader sedan
Wow how is it so windy?
Dan Riedel
Dan Riedel 2 månader sedan
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Prince Hamdan
Prince Hamdan Månad sedan
@Bimala Timalsina really
Prince Hamdan
Prince Hamdan Månad sedan
@Sarah Donald hello Sarah how are you doing today
Prince Hamdan
Prince Hamdan Månad sedan
@Lilian George hello Lilian how are you doing today
Prince Hamdan
Prince Hamdan Månad sedan
@Grace Hartton hello grace how are you doing today and where are you from my dear
Prince Hamdan
Prince Hamdan Månad sedan
@Emily Hartton hello dear how are you doing today and where are you from
Anthony Will
Anthony Will 2 månader sedan
I live in Phoenix and it was VERY windy yesterday too!!
Klitz 2 månader sedan
That’s a normal day in south Texas. 15mph-25mph winds, gusts in the low 30s at times.
BeyondtheDead Månad sedan
Winds hit 55 that day. It was howling all over the la basin.
Josh Watton
Josh Watton 2 månader sedan
So soft. I've played in stronger winds. They just don't want them to shoot +15 on their rounds, it's bad for business.
minno234 2 månader sedan
I have played hundreds of rounds in conditions worse than this - what does the USPGA call 'unplayable'?
Sean Chou
Sean Chou 2 månader sedan
Climate change ain’t real
Joel Driver
Joel Driver 2 månader sedan
We see this kind of wind all the time in Oklahoma. I've played in it hundreds of times.
IIExhibitAII 2 månader sedan
Unplayable consitions? What ever happened to the gale force setting on pga video games? Lol
Anthony McLaughlin
Anthony McLaughlin 2 månader sedan
Jamie Robertson
Jamie Robertson 2 månader sedan
5 or 6 club wind lol common place at my course.17th par 3 150mtrs/ 165 yards I've used a PW to a Driver depending on wind direction.
Gia Murray
Gia Murray 2 månader sedan
Frickn’ mama’s boys. This is what is foul about the pga. They get paid millions of dollars but oh no, it’s too windy...buncha pansies.
camelCase 2 månader sedan
That one putt was so hilarious.
Sarah Gutuza
Sarah Gutuza 2 månader sedan
Come play the Cape Town Open on the Sunshine Tour. Intense wind conditions are normal conditions here.
Prince Hamdan
Prince Hamdan Månad sedan
Hello dear how are you doing today
dshensley81 2 månader sedan
Y'all wouldn't stand a chance in west texas wind!
Dean van Niekerk
Dean van Niekerk 2 månader sedan
Average day at Humewood tbh.
usernameunknkown 2 månader sedan
There's an AIRMET out for all of SoCal for FL120 and below - SEVERE TURBULENCE. lmao
Gmail User
Gmail User 2 månader sedan
Where is Gary Mule Deer when you need him? I finally got my first hole-in-one, but it was on the hole behind me that I already played.
Rick Lewis
Rick Lewis 2 månader sedan
Tough life boys
Matt H
Matt H 2 månader sedan
What a joke! Slow the greens down and let them play... oh wait that doest meet the Tour's rhetoric OG 'these guys are good'. They just can't play in wind...
KoloaKane 2 månader sedan
wimps , get out there are play
Mark Brookes
Mark Brookes 2 månader sedan
Telling wind storey's then someone farts 👌
TheGolfster3 2 månader sedan
Welcome to Texas!
Damon Katos
Damon Katos 2 månader sedan
Looks like a normal day to me
D.M. 2 månader sedan
Kokrak standing shaking his head so seriously lmao.
Alex Golf
Alex Golf 2 månader sedan
Classic South Dakota round for all season!
Joshua Cassin
Joshua Cassin 2 månader sedan
We had the same problem at Canterbury strokeplay. 3rd round at Clearwater Christchurch, New Zealand the wind was blowing 55kmh and we still played in the conditions. Winning score was +5
John Paul
John Paul 2 månader sedan
If this was England play would never been suspended
RC 2 månader sedan
The greens are also not lighting quick to begin with, we get extremely dry winds from the mountains not humid winds from the sea, so if the greens are already firm and fast then these winds make the greens unplayable, i.e. no shot stops on the green, the ball does not come to rest even when marked, and you cannot roll the ball up to the green on kikuyu grass.
David Meyer
David Meyer 2 månader sedan
call the round and go home.
Darwin Glenn
Darwin Glenn 2 månader sedan
I thought winning a torment meant adjusting to the conditions. No one was in any danger from the wind really should have played on. I never heard them complaining when there scoring 10 or 15 under par
krusher74 2 månader sedan
looks about standard condiction at my lynx coarse.
deidmoose 2 månader sedan
Emmmm, this is pretty normal on the coast in Scotland. The only difference being the greens on tour are running at 12/13 on the stimp so the ball literally blows about on the greens. I think they should have to keep playing!
Nikolai Ninja
Nikolai Ninja 2 månader sedan
after seeing that putt, the only option would be to loft wedge and put some spin to get it to stop by the hole. Phil where you at buddy
TeeJ1333 2 månader sedan
It’s so cool seeing all of them having fun.
John Thomson
John Thomson 2 månader sedan
Welcome to golf in scotland minus the rain and 15 degree summer weather
Darren Stobbart
Darren Stobbart 2 månader sedan
Was thinking the same. These PGA players don't know how good they have it eh haha
Mark McCumber
Mark McCumber 2 månader sedan
Normal day at my course.
kyle Howe
kyle Howe 2 månader sedan
Patrick Reed would claim the wind caused his ball to become embedded
Nathan Crittenden
Nathan Crittenden 2 månader sedan
So would mcilroy
Gmail User
Gmail User 2 månader sedan
No - it was actually in the HOLE, and the wind pulled it out.
trikso 2 månader sedan
Probably the only putting highlight worth showing
Life Is My Opportunity
Life Is My Opportunity 2 månader sedan
I was made unemployed during the pandemic. I created my SEcycle channel believing for myself, you and the rest of the world 🌍 🏌🏾‍♂️
Frewal 2 månader sedan
J.B had just finished his 1 hour pre-putt routine. He was 18 practice swings away from thinking about putting before 12 practice swings and then looking at the course guide, talking to the caddy, more practice swings while reading the putt and finally adjust his stance, more practice swings and the ball blew away That's when the PGA guys blew the horn. They realised it would take all day.
Nathan Crittenden
Nathan Crittenden 2 månader sedan
Watching that man over a putt is infuriating 😂
Jimmy Thompson
Jimmy Thompson 2 månader sedan
We play with 30mph winds/gusts 6 months out of the year in the Bay Area. Weak! Maybe they shouldn't have cut the greens this morning.
Eddie Dimas
Eddie Dimas 2 månader sedan
Welcome to our world.
Sean Finlayson
Sean Finlayson 2 månader sedan
"Unplayable Conditions" for wind. Seriously. Play on. Deal with it.
Hank Adams
Hank Adams 2 månader sedan
funny guy, that putt that guy hit would continue rolling back at him until he made it.
Hank Shepherd
Hank Shepherd 2 månader sedan
did that putt count?
Daniel Gibbs
Daniel Gibbs 2 månader sedan
So the same as Rye everyday 🙄
Sweet Toother
Sweet Toother 2 månader sedan
Crazy. It's one of the strongest winds I've ever seen during a round. It does make for some good highlight-reel clips , though.
Don Grant
Don Grant 2 månader sedan
What a bunch of wimps. All should immediately withdraw from Open Championship.
Paul Davey
Paul Davey 2 månader sedan
i played Port Marnoch Dublin in december once. At one point i aimed my drive at least 150 yards over the ocean on a straight par 4 hoping it would come back onto my fairway - it still went over my fairway onto the adjacent hole! The Guinness was good though!
GENZ 2 månader sedan
Oh my goodness.
Errl Talk
Errl Talk 2 månader sedan
I think its weird how they play in some bad weather but not others. Why is that? Is it by the course or the tour? If anyone knows lemme know
NiceGuyLuke 1991
NiceGuyLuke 1991 2 månader sedan
Did Bradley 3 putt after??
Ken Chall
Ken Chall 2 månader sedan
They whine about pin placement, long rough, narrow fairways, and now the wind. What's next it's too sunny.
reuk 2 månader sedan
Too much money for 20th?
Ryan Duran
Ryan Duran 2 månader sedan
Wake up on the wrong side of the bed?
Kyle Coultas
Kyle Coultas 2 månader sedan
Rickie shouldve seen it at Cimarron Golf Resory last week. His parents nearly got swept away by the sand out here
CoDatMeBro 2 månader sedan
Watching them goof off at the range because they’re so bored is so funny to me
Kyle Coultas
Kyle Coultas 2 månader sedan
Dang LA Folks brought this wind over to the desert with them today too, ya Jerks!!! I shake my fist in a "get off my lawn" vibe. 😡✊
KrypTeK 2 månader sedan
So do the guys who were mid round have to start over? I would want a redo if my ball got blown off the green into the rough
Micah Webb
Micah Webb 2 månader sedan
No, they mark their balls with tees and other things and when it resumes they place the ball back and keep going, then once they finish this round. They'll play the 3rd round the same day most likely.
Tony G
Tony G 2 månader sedan
Love to see this. Come to Saskatchewan, Canada. It blows like this every other day.
Courtney Hallcy
Courtney Hallcy 2 månader sedan
Looked like a standard west Texas day
Ernest S Carrizales
Ernest S Carrizales 2 månader sedan
Cmon man, really! Boo and they call themselves pro! Whimps
Dmitriy Vakhnenko
Dmitriy Vakhnenko 2 månader sedan
Greens are too fast for that wind. Only reason they stop the play Everyone commenting they play in this everyday, their greens are rolling 9 not 12
Hank Adams
Hank Adams 2 månader sedan
@Ernest S Carrizales greens back then weren't 13 speed like now
Ernest S Carrizales
Ernest S Carrizales 2 månader sedan
jack nikalaus, 1 iron to par three in stronger wind. they didn't quit back then!
OG Call
OG Call 2 månader sedan
A basic day in Europe...look at the americans cry because the mad wind disturbed their putts...British golfers are laughing a lot Go Europe!!!!
GENZ 2 månader sedan
OG Call
OG Call 2 månader sedan
@JungleLarry yep sad for them
JungleLarry 2 månader sedan
British golfers are laughing a lot ... at home because nearly all of them missed the cut.
LINCS 2 månader sedan
probably gonna be a 3-rounder .. should cancel Saturday scores
bobby 2 månader sedan
@Hello Eww2 Correct. That's not the way it works.
Hello Eww2
Hello Eww2 2 månader sedan
taylort123 2 månader sedan
the putt is so tragic. it accelerates away from the hole at warp speed
blackvulcan3 2 månader sedan
doesnt matter, its a jug. Theres no friends in jugs.
Joseph Wirtz
Joseph Wirtz 2 månader sedan
Now this is good content! Please keep it up!
P Rex
P Rex 2 månader sedan
Shouldn't be a problem for Fowler, well trained at OSU.
Tyler Disidore
Tyler Disidore 2 månader sedan
Damn straight
seahawksfan91 2 månader sedan
i want them to play in these winds, us fans want to see the pros struggle a bit
Frédéric Boutin
Frédéric Boutin 2 månader sedan
🤔 they should play with heavier balls when it is that windy. That would be interesting.
OG Call
OG Call 2 månader sedan
Let them dont try it! At the Ryder's cup we gonna see why Europe is better in windy cold conditions..
Incognito123 2 månader sedan
Farcical. Considering Keegan’s putt they should cancel the round altogether and reset the scores.
samsar0125 2 månader sedan
@Incognito123 For sure, I was just trying to dig a little deeper into your comment. It seems they'll try to get it all done today. Burns will have to play 24 holes or so.
Incognito123 2 månader sedan
@samsar0125 Why not? Or play Monday.
samsar0125 2 månader sedan
So just play 3 rounds?
Alvaroo YT
Alvaroo YT 2 månader sedan
Valla,que fuerte viento,que bueno que lo hayan suspendido
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