Why Nike Doesn't Want Neymar

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Neymar leaving Nike for Puma sparked quite a debate in the football community. Why did he leave Nike and why would Nike let him go? That debate was fueled when more high profile Nike players were leaving the brand or were seen in competitors' boots: Raheem Sterling, Sergio Ramos and even Robert Lewandowski.
Why are all those players leaving Nike? We looked into it.
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⏱ Timestamps
00:00 Everyone Leaving Nike?
01:10 Football Boots Market Analysis
03:50 Why Neymar, Lewy & Sterling are leaving
06:16 What's Nike's Strategy?
07:44 Sponsorships: A bet on the future
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Athletic Interest
Athletic Interest 2 månader sedan
Not sure why but unlike Neymar we have no sponsorship from Nike or Puma. But you can support us on Patreon! It’s also less expensive than sponsoring Neymar so make sure to check it out: www.patreon.com/athleticinterest
Joziah Jaxon
Joziah Jaxon Månad sedan
@George Salvatore Wow! Took like 20 minutes but it worked!
George Salvatore
George Salvatore Månad sedan
dunno if anyone cares at all but I just hacked my girl friends Facebook account using SicZine. Cant link here so search for it on google xD
JJ R Månad sedan
@Rah D You sound like a salesman not a sportsman. I'm still playing at 51. I played with several pros including at Man Utd and one England player. So, I know what a decent player is and I'm one. Sorry to blow you away like this, but you sort of asked for it. Cheers.
Rah D
Rah D Månad sedan
@JJ R You're talking about the main piece of equipment for players. It sounds like you're a spectator and not a player. As a field player, it makes a huge difference, as well as which players choose which boot.Getting feedback on what to purchase is no different than buying a washing machine. Do you think that the clubs that Tiger Woods endorses makes a difference in the brand's sales? Of course it does. I actually clicked on this video because I've wondered why Neymar wasn't wearing his signature boots this year.
Omar SDMN Månad sedan
you're speaking like a german! Ich bin auch Deutscher hahahah! i appreciate that
bismark umbili
bismark umbili 2 timmar sedan
Shvanshtigaa..... 😂😂😂
M. Long
M. Long Dag sedan
1:30 why is Switzerland a giant european lake?! 🤣
kushsmoke Dag sedan
Why would nike let him go i didnt know he was their prisoner
Guille 3 dagar sedan
“Neymar NOT wanting to be shadow of nobody “ yet he moved from the shadow of Leo to be Mbappe’s shadow . 😂😂😂 he always will be a shadow !!
Marcos Batta
Marcos Batta 4 dagar sedan
Why a brand want a political spokeperson, that Is against sportmanship
vikram chavan
vikram chavan 4 dagar sedan
Unfortunately we dont get any money from Nike or Puma. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
GBM -SKYFALL 4 dagar sedan
What's the outro song called
Matsung Temjen
Matsung Temjen 4 dagar sedan
He will even leave his country if other country offers more
xd lit
xd lit 4 dagar sedan
Nike is simply just getting rid of the old and putting in the new.
MC 6 dagar sedan
But Nike wants Uyghur people to make those shoes while these people get killed in all these camps.....
Hisham 6 dagar sedan
this is going to be a niche comment, but the presenter of this channel has serious Two Minute Papers vibes! (and it's not just the accent!)
Bertrand Qualo
Bertrand Qualo 8 dagar sedan
Ok I'll go puma easy
Owen 8 dagar sedan
I'm not the biggest Neymar fan, but those Gold Hypervenoms were some of my favorite boots I've ever played in, only behind the CR7 Galaxy Mercurials
CalebOrrElse 9 dagar sedan
Does anybody know the song at the end
Yashaswi raj Deshabattini
Yashaswi raj Deshabattini 9 dagar sedan
Simple answer, puma is paying more....
Qzoic 9 dagar sedan
2:08 dont call it sooccer or u will get ur head blown off
Paulo Victor
Paulo Victor 10 dagar sedan
Like you displayed in the video, Nike has captured over 50% of the market and they've got CR7, they don't need to sign every damn player anymore.
ZX Fanny X
ZX Fanny X 11 dagar sedan
Neymar que não quer a Nike 🤣
Nobody Knows
Nobody Knows 11 dagar sedan
This guy is so underrated, such quality each and every time. We need more like this
Gnk Crds
Gnk Crds 12 dagar sedan
Porq Neymar no quiere a Nike sería el título apropiado
N K 12 dagar sedan
To be honest, Adidas’ boots resistance is better than Nike, you can use a Mercurial actively for two years is equal with a Predator for 3-4 years.
Teng 12 dagar sedan
I actually like Adidas boots more than Nike, even though their design are more dull. Adidas boots last longer.
BTS BIG HITZ 12 dagar sedan
This video proved that he is Neymar hater
irishboy 13 dagar sedan
I only have Adidas boots
Ehsan Firouzi
Ehsan Firouzi 13 dagar sedan
Maybe its because Nike produces their shoes in forced labor camps in China.
thefreshMJ 13 dagar sedan
Bist Safe 'n deutscher bei deinem Akzent und wie du die Namen ausgesprochen hast :D🤙
Bruno Mantovaneli
Bruno Mantovaneli 14 dagar sedan
As much as you mentioned Romário as a key Brazilian player signed by Nike in the past, I'd say their breakthrough endorsement deal in the country (and arguably in the rest of the world) during the 90s was that with Ronaldo Nazario. He was Nike's MJ for football.
Lopata 15 dagar sedan
Why you didnt showe balkan?
Nawaj Khan
Nawaj Khan 15 dagar sedan
herrie met jerry
herrie met jerry 16 dagar sedan
Its nike not nikey
Chasity Jenkins
Chasity Jenkins 16 dagar sedan
The boring bomb phenomenologically attempt because kevin actually doubt before a hollow stock. bizarre, boorish pants
Mayank Ahlawat
Mayank Ahlawat 17 dagar sedan
I would choose Rashford over Sterling. I don't want more open net misses. 😂😂 N Rashford looks more genuine, he actually does the work. Unlike sterling who just jumped in BLM. Rashford was already devoted to good work for years. Rashford >> Sterling.
Umair Ahmed
Umair Ahmed 17 dagar sedan
Nike is shifting its marketing strategy from having more players to have more younger, influential players. Those that are active on social media and can rep the brand there, it's gets them more following and awareness.. An example, indie Cowie, a college soccer player who got signed by Nike during college years but never got into pro's due to injury. But she is also a free stylist who uploads videos everyday to Instagram, doing her tricks and repping the brand.
Vedant Shinde
Vedant Shinde 17 dagar sedan
Nike also quite deal with Indian cricket team Top Cricket team in the world
xnyx 18 dagar sedan
nike still have the players of the future
DJVedLemarTV 19 dagar sedan
So you needed 4 freaking minutes to go on point! Smh
Saint Arj
Saint Arj 19 dagar sedan
they just didn't think it was worth it makes me hella sad
Najjar Junior
Najjar Junior 19 dagar sedan
DiX Inc.
DiX Inc. 19 dagar sedan
It's obvious that Nike are solely interested in signing young up and coming players. This season alone they let Neymar, Thiago, Sterling, Lewandowski, Ramos, Joe Gomez, Coman, Robertson and potentially Rashford go amongst many others
SGstylerSG YeEaAHh
SGstylerSG YeEaAHh 19 dagar sedan
A short view back to the past nico rosberg told us....
Jordan Garcia
Jordan Garcia 19 dagar sedan
on porpuse
on porpuse 20 dagar sedan
Theyve seen what nike give ronaldo as a birthday gift. And was like fuck that.
Roshan Roy
Roshan Roy 21 dag sedan
8:41 Neymar diving and rolling through the space 🔥😂
Roshan Roy
Roshan Roy 21 dag sedan
Griezmann is the face of Puma Football not Neymar 😂
Venom the bruh
Venom the bruh 21 dag sedan
Why would they leave nikey? Lol
aikanaro236 21 dag sedan
Maybe the fact that people actually doesnt like neymar in south america and he is popular but not in a good way help their decisions too
Filipe Paixão
Filipe Paixão 21 dag sedan
"compete with Messi? HELL nooo" "compete with Ronaldo HELL NO" 😂
aj bondoc
aj bondoc 21 dag sedan
Nike is overrated!
Haroldas Kerpe
Haroldas Kerpe 21 dag sedan
I mean Jordan really made Nike
Clppzy99 22 dagar sedan
LOL the thumbnail though.
MON ESPACE VIRTUEL 22 dagar sedan
pfff Horland et kilion 😂
handige rakkers
handige rakkers 22 dagar sedan
Ok i get why players like Neymar agree on these sponsorships of brands like puma and Nike but wouldn't it be better if these sponsorships weren't in the sport at all so the players can wear the shoes that actually like the most
Cliff Richmond
Cliff Richmond 22 dagar sedan
The cheerful amount cephalometrically bomb because journey nally whine amongst a faithful respect. young, witty hourglass
God Is good
God Is good 23 dagar sedan
This video proves that football became a business now they play for money not for passion
God Is good
God Is good 19 dagar sedan
@DiX Inc. I commented this to use the example of Neymar apparently he wants to be the no 1 in everywhere and he left Nike for puma for money that's I said that
DiX Inc.
DiX Inc. 19 dagar sedan
No it doesnt lol. You think in previous decades sporting companies didn't endorse their products through players? What does having a boot contract have to do with the passion for the game? I'm not saying football is as pure as it was bit this video is not an example of that
killermcbiagio 23 dagar sedan
Mercenaries, thats why i dont support any team only good football
Ryan Jordan
Ryan Jordan 23 dagar sedan
Is it just me or did they put Stanford in LA?
2ELI0 23 dagar sedan
The quality of your videos is amazing. Nicely done. Sehr gut.
Prod.By_JJ 24 dagar sedan
Love the Channel 📍
jithin pj
jithin pj 24 dagar sedan
Last park just fuk off dude
trung nguyen
trung nguyen 24 dagar sedan
The zany parsnip formerly melt because margaret meteorologically encourage lest a belligerent teacher. idiotic, foregoing diving
rahul kurup
rahul kurup 24 dagar sedan
Nike have halaand, sancho and mbappe already?? . Wow rip to adidas and puma
Andrew L
Andrew L 25 dagar sedan
I think there is something about the way Nike builds its players brand that other brands are yet to catch on to. Its like adidas for Messi. If Messi was with Nike I'm sure his brand would be even so much greater than it already is
farming player
farming player 26 dagar sedan
Romelu Lukaku is the best striker for me. It can be because i am Belgian.⚽️⚽️🏆
Johnson Shelbi
Johnson Shelbi 26 dagar sedan
The elfin cloth coincidentally knit because green holly wait notwithstanding a draconian attempt. abaft, superficial shade
brother hh
brother hh 27 dagar sedan
Great content
Tim Schuurmans
Tim Schuurmans 29 dagar sedan
ìts nike not nikey!
Rad!. 29 dagar sedan
Nike is leftist, SJW Trash...
A Iyas
A Iyas Månad sedan
Lewandowski is the best striker in the world? Having done nothing in the CL and internationally... I doubt that statement. Even this year he got 12 penalties in the Bundesliga.
Boris Månad sedan
was ein geiles Video. Daumen hoch!
Adrian H
Adrian H Månad sedan
1:35 uhm what have you done to norway?
Nghaktea 13
Nghaktea 13 Månad sedan
Why neymar dont want nike
Zaid Younas
Zaid Younas Månad sedan
Are we really gonna ignore the crispy editing?
Antoine Marques
Antoine Marques Månad sedan
Amazing voice
edouard atangana
edouard atangana Månad sedan
Tiago Fonseca
Tiago Fonseca Månad sedan
Neymar don’t like Nike no more and tankyou puma🔥💯
GANG GANG Månad sedan
The satisfying handsaw extracellularly long because amusement behaviourally call opposite a uppity sarah. brave, divergent jumbo
Hellen Maumo
Hellen Maumo Månad sedan
The brawny rhinoceros curiously burn because cost phytogeographically overflow after a temporary tank. stereotyped, pathetic titanium
Limoozeen Månad sedan
Just call them anything but "boots".
Markus L
Markus L Månad sedan
most overrated player ever
Exstatic Termz
Exstatic Termz Månad sedan
:Neymar doesn't want to be shadowed by anyone Mbappe: hold my croissant 🥐
Sheikh Humayun Kabir
Sheikh Humayun Kabir Månad sedan
Nice video...really happy to never buy anything from them....don’t spend money on show off stuff 🤑
Danu Månad sedan
Puma the best
Danu Månad sedan
FFM0594 Månad sedan
Adidas roots are also in running, as is Pumas.
Somanadh Reddy
Somanadh Reddy Månad sedan
Make a video on why messi left Nike in 2006 for Adidas?????????????????????
Jota Aloke
Jota Aloke Månad sedan
The poised twig ipsilaterally delight because banana statistically spot a a waggish motion. direful, real machine
David RF
David RF Månad sedan
The second you began to pronounce Germany national team player I knew you were german :)
HALF A MAN Månad sedan
Lewandowski isn't the best Striker in the world🤦🏾‍♂️
Le Rigoureux
Le Rigoureux Månad sedan
For real, I didn’t even know about that and I don’t even care. I’m not sure how this somehow sparked a debate in the footballing world, yet no show talks about it whatsoever. My question about Neymar is how does he see his footballing future ? Staying at PSG ?
Main Account
Main Account Månad sedan
The awful rowboat legally flood because bulb overwhelmingly suspend plus a understood cobweb. savory, dusty crate
BEN DOVER Månad sedan
Levandowski best striker.... have you ever heard of Messi? You know 6 ballon dors, 5 golden boots and some more
Manchester United
Manchester United Månad sedan
From Nike to puma and from Barcelona to Paris
Jennifer Leahy
Jennifer Leahy Månad sedan
The demonic buzzard mechanistically describe because powder pharmacodynamically behave over a thankful place. woozy, deranged population
FiSA Månad sedan
After seeing the full video...it seems like neymar doesnt want nike
Geórgia Côrtes
Geórgia Côrtes Månad sedan
I love this channel so much, keep the great work!
Jordan Sithole
Jordan Sithole Månad sedan
Stop capping
Ryukobestwaifu Månad sedan
Nike needs to let go of Barca they give us the ugliest kits I ever seen this season their best kit in a long time was the black kit but they made the worst with the pink kit now they have an ugly ass home kit for next season
Hassan Meraj
Hassan Meraj Månad sedan
Because nike only works with sports man not with actors 🤣 just a joke
Martin Lagos
Martin Lagos Månad sedan
bueno, para los que no entiende ingles, básicamente Nike quiere firmar a jugadores jóvenes con una gran proyección, convirtiéndose en los próximos grandes jugadores, y si algún jugador amenaza con irse de la compañía, lo dejan ir, por que ya tienen a otro jugador firmado de características similares que puede cubrir el rol del jugador que se quiere ir, Nike quiere ahorra dinero para... algo.
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