Tyson Fury vs Otto Wallin | FREE FIGHT ON THIS DAY

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Look back at this #freefight on this day when #TysonFury fought Otto Wallin. This was the fight before #WilderFury2.
Next up for Top Rank Boxing, former two-weight world champion Jose “Sniper” Pedraza continues his quest for another world title against 2008 U.S. Olympian Javier “El Intocable” Molina in a 10-round junior welterweight main event Saturday, Sept. 19 from the MGM Grand Conference Center.
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Gazza1wa 21 timme sedan
Wallin obviously cheated using egg weights because according to Wilder it is impossible for a brand new 10oz glove to leave a cut! 😂
Nicholas Molina
Nicholas Molina Dag sedan
fury is moving like mayweather weird
Michael G
Michael G Dag sedan
That was graphic bloodshed. They could easily have stopped that fight. The weight of money always prevails.
wesley km32 WL
wesley km32 WL 2 dagar sedan
Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez 2 dagar sedan
Fuck yeah,Go Fury😎 Viva La raza and you are part of the Family already bro👌🍻
GotDramaAllergy 3 dagar sedan
SILLY Otto Wallin,only Tyson Fury is allowed deliberate foul..
Jeremy Holler Mendez
Jeremy Holler Mendez 3 dagar sedan
I think this fight proves that fury to some extent is overrated and otto wallin is underrated, but thats just me🤷🏽‍♂️
Jim Elliott
Jim Elliott 4 dagar sedan
Fury - Mexico's greatest Champion.
Job Jib
Job Jib 4 dagar sedan
Fury is gonna get smashed by AJ, not doubt
J GTRZ 5 dagar sedan
Gypsy king earned his mexican fans after this fight. Soild effort from wallins
Fedi Mayn Toolaid
Fedi Mayn Toolaid 5 dagar sedan
He's searching for the right uppercut.. Yet he switches like the master he is to the left:D
Fedi Mayn Toolaid
Fedi Mayn Toolaid 5 dagar sedan
Tyson looked lazy though lol
Thomas demartino
Thomas demartino 6 dagar sedan
SpaceMan Films
SpaceMan Films 7 dagar sedan
Orlando Carrillo
Orlando Carrillo 9 dagar sedan
Fury has a longer reach by a lot, he is 10kg heavier, several more years of experience... No wonder he won
Lee Strom
Lee Strom 11 dagar sedan
Why Tyson wearing Mexican shorts?
OG windu
OG windu 11 dagar sedan
, gypsy king for real 👑👑👑
Boxing Gamer
Boxing Gamer 11 dagar sedan
Bad vid not enoug adds
Ismael Garcia
Ismael Garcia 11 dagar sedan
Tyson fury es mas Mexicano que muchos de e nosotros!! Viva Mexico 🇲🇽
Christopher 12 dagar sedan
This bout could save you 15% or more on car insurance
jambo bob
jambo bob 12 dagar sedan
How he struggled here against aj he has no chance aj will out gun him
Dana Black
Dana Black 12 dagar sedan
34:22 kekw
Björn Sundberg
Björn Sundberg 13 dagar sedan
The first 6 rounds to Wallin and the 12th, though Fury almost stopped Wallin in the 10th and the eleventh. Should at least have been a draw.
Lý Tiểu Long
Lý Tiểu Long 15 dagar sedan
Baurzhan Baurzhan
Baurzhan Baurzhan 16 dagar sedan
Жалкое зрелище боксеров низкого уровня! Со времён М. Тайсона в тяжёлом весе кризис и нет настоящих боксеров! А эти все " боксеры" низкого уровня и смотреть противно! Нет никакой техники, удары не поставлены - настоящие мешки!
Christian Loots
Christian Loots 18 dagar sedan
I'm a big fury fan... But he lost this fight.
Siti Jariyah
Siti Jariyah 20 dagar sedan
One2one Juantoojuan
One2one Juantoojuan 22 dagar sedan
When was fury made a honorary Mexican 🤣🤣🤣
Fat Phil
Fat Phil 22 dagar sedan
When was this fight on ??
d 23 dagar sedan
Fury fan here but, based on this. How can you imagine AJ not walking him down? He has a couple of inches on Wallin. Not as WILD as Wallin. I sensed PROPER fear from John Fury for his lad last night. The language from him ain’t good for the mega fight happening
Tin Locon
Tin Locon 24 dagar sedan
This Tyson guy, big and fast in the Furious ? But it's a stolen fight !!!
Cody Williams
Cody Williams 27 dagar sedan
True 99Yank
True 99Yank 27 dagar sedan
Like am I the only one watching this and didn't even think bout the cheating crap up until he started grabbing the ropes randomly and during a jab? Why? That would take momentum it's like he was holding the rope and punching so his momentum would pull his glove down idk am I really the only one that then started watching more closely and just started seeing so many other little things hes doing odd? Idk just thinking out loud? For lack of a better way to put it
True 99Yank
True 99Yank 27 dagar sedan
Seriously seems like fury was already fucking around with his gloves 🧤 in this fight even before he fought wilder I swear the grabbing the ropes and pulling slightly every now and then to pull his glove the weird ass tie ups that he seems like he's just tryna catch his glove the right way in the arms and chaos of a tie up to pull his gloves back to where he's had them just seems off idk maybe looking too much into it and his credit but idk he just fights strange and has alot of weird ways about playing around with his gloves in fights makes me really wonder if he was ever legit boxing or always had a upper hand that people couldn't prove
Hiren Padhiar
Hiren Padhiar 27 dagar sedan
If this Fury shows up to fight AJ he's in for a rough night. AJ is stronger quicker and a better boxer than Wallin. If the Fury who shoes up against Wilder II comes in he's going to get countered big time. Will be good to see how he turns up after more than a year out of the ring too
Adriano Pucdihon
Adriano Pucdihon 29 dagar sedan
What a great fight despite the cut on the eyebrow of the champion.Otto Wallin did a good fight too but failed to sustain it.thank you for sharing us this video.
Emmett North Jr
Emmett North Jr 29 dagar sedan
My man Tyson Fury took care of business after the bad cut over the eye,it was a very good fight for two big men,i was happy Tyson won, Emmett***
Life & Soul Relaxation Music
Life & Soul Relaxation Music Månad sedan
cant be in this frame of mind against aj.
John Bravo
John Bravo Månad sedan
Perkins Peggie
Perkins Peggie Månad sedan
The spotless feast predictably fill because september empirically smile onto a flippant guilty. gorgeous, uneven soap
Ігор Бучма
Ігор Бучма Månad sedan
Усик повинен працювати лівою в праве окоТайсона
Ігор Бучма
Ігор Бучма Månad sedan
Отто Валін є прикладом для Олександра Усика як треба вести бій з Тайсоном Усик має шанси перемогти.
Nao Nealy
Nao Nealy Månad sedan
Good fury
Tijan Labé
Tijan Labé Månad sedan
It’s not Vallin, it is Wallin.
Brian Mc
Brian Mc Månad sedan
What's with the Mexican flags?
christopher morgan
christopher morgan Månad sedan
Like gladiators swinging chains as much as fists, so much of the audience just sitting gape faced at this bloodbath. I was almost in a sweat myself, what a sport! They'll never win but you see from this that folks that want it banned have a point. Even St. Augustine couldn't stay away from the coliseum. Go Tyson!
Orr Orr
Orr Orr Månad sedan
The spooky hexagon empirically provide because bedroom endoscopically suggest above a simplistic sweatshop. tenuous, rich visitor
je 23 dagar sedan
The fuck
Juicy Drop top
Juicy Drop top Månad sedan
Bro how the hell did they not stop this fight due to Tyson fury cut
Victor Simpson
Victor Simpson Månad sedan
Big money would have been lost in boxing
こうさか Månad sedan
Terry Holland
Terry Holland Månad sedan
I wanna see Tyson beat his ass
itzAndy Månad sedan
Everyone treating this like a school fight. "HE HAS A VISIBLE CUT HE GOT HIS ASS BEAT" Meanwhile wallin is pissing red from those body shots he was taking
Holy Crap Thats A Lot of Ketchup
Holy Crap Thats A Lot of Ketchup 6 dagar sedan
thats not why people are calling tyson out, tyson tried to cherry pick and got his ass worked, otto wallin is a journey man and he went the distance with TF, now imagine when TF fights AJ
Lennon Nixon
Lennon Nixon Månad sedan
@Drake Ernest trying it out right now. Looks to be working :)
Drake Ernest
Drake Ernest Månad sedan
not sure if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my friends Instagram password by using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google xD
A message to the fury haters, A cut doesn't makes you win.🤘
Thomas Clark
Thomas Clark Månad sedan
Did I miss something Mexican flag and gloves, did Fury get remarried.
Mario Duenas
Mario Duenas Månad sedan
He mentions it at the end when he's being interviewed.
damzkie channel
damzkie channel Månad sedan
Boring this watch I hate this fiht
JimiMac Månad sedan
I like Wallin, boys a tough fighter with a lot of spirit. If he improved his tank, i think he could potentially make it into the top 10. His recent win over Breazeale puts him in the right direction. I´d like to see him fight someone like Robert Helanius, or Tony Yoka next. I think they could be some interesting fights for him. All three boys are coming off recent wins. anyone in that sorta top 15 slot would put him in a good place to move up, if he improves his tank that is. Rewatching this fight on the lead up to the BIG one.
Russkle Månad sedan
There was enough Vaseline on fury’s eye to keep the blue oyster bar running for a month
Piranha man
Piranha man Dag sedan
youd know
Russkle Månad sedan
Based on this fight fury is in trouble vs aj
itzAndy Månad sedan
@Russkle if you say so. Didnt AJ get dropped by some random no name fat guy? Just sayin
Russkle Månad sedan
@itzAndy in defeat most definitely
itzAndy Månad sedan
Well this fight is like a year and a half old and he looked way better when he killed wilder so I think he will do just fine.
Russkle Månad sedan
I’d give wallin 2 rounds against a,j
Russkle Månad sedan
@alex to knock fury out 😭
alex Månad sedan
id give aj 2 rounds against fury
Matthew Jasper
Matthew Jasper Månad sedan
Why are commentators getting to communicate with corners and correct them when the ref and Nevada State Athletic Association is required to communicate the correct info to Fury's corner. If they heard it wrong as a headbutt thats their own fault. They literally influenced this fight by talking to his corner.
Jordan Reed
Jordan Reed Månad sedan
They aren’t! They asked the ringside journalist to relay the official ruling since the commission hasn’t informed the corner, nor the ref. They are informing the corner, which leads to them not maintaining direction to not loose the fight & an undefeated record to a technicality, if possible. Otherwise the corner might slow the pace to an expected stoppage, thinking it will be a “No Contest” instead of actually being a “TKO”.
George Lyons
George Lyons Månad sedan
The fight should have been stopped
Donald Johnson
Donald Johnson Månad sedan
When is Tyson and Joshua going to fight? I think Tyson will beat him.
Mr Biz
Mr Biz Månad sedan
I love TF but he wears his belt high.....smash him in the mid son. even if its called low the replay will show. 9:05 thats the key /
Danilo Villegas
Danilo Villegas Månad sedan
Fury shows he’s toughness i love it 😻 nice fighter
davatay san
davatay san Månad sedan
come on viva Tyson fury the new Mexican fighter and champion of the wordl
long hair dont care
long hair dont care Månad sedan
He made tyson angry To bad wallin wont get a rematch
Andrew Longworth
Andrew Longworth Månad sedan
The fight that Fury lost but won.
TJ SS 14 dagar sedan
U just dont beat people just by giving a cut
Eslon teixeira
Eslon teixeira Månad sedan
a grandão perdeu, quem ganhou foi o outro e não o grandão,certo?
Too Much
Too Much Månad sedan
I'm listening to the decisions and wondering where are fury hand wraps
itzAndy Månad sedan
They took them off did you see how soaked his shorts and hand wraps were with blood and sweat? I'd take them off right after too
Too Much
Too Much Månad sedan
This fight supposed to got stopped in the 6th guess they didn't want him to lose going into wilder rematch
jeffrey rory
jeffrey rory Månad sedan
Roberto Moreno
Roberto Moreno Månad sedan
There's only one Tyson Fury 👊👊
Maria Giovanna Serra
Maria Giovanna Serra Månad sedan
Qu3sto non puo
V MAN Månad sedan
Wallin was robbed here people. That cut for one would have brought a halt to any other fight. And wallin even outboxed fury. But hey ,we all know team fury cheats well. And that ref should be ashamed.
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 2 månader sedan
I love how he kept rubing his blood on him lol
John Carpinito
John Carpinito 2 månader sedan
Tesatore and Bradley are awful announcers. Bradley literally says opposite things from round to round, and Tesatore has no idea what he's saying. He talked about Fury's power as if he's a knockout specialist. Has he ever watched him fight? ESPN needs to step it up!
Samuel 2 månader sedan
45:34 gave that man the stephen thompson
Lorenzo Miranda
Lorenzo Miranda 2 månader sedan
Titties n ́Beer
Titties n ́Beer 2 månader sedan
used higienic tissue trio of shits
David Redfern
David Redfern 2 månader sedan
Sounds like both commentators were praying fury would be stopped by the cut. Fury is a beast
James Humbert
James Humbert 2 månader sedan
If this was Wilder vs Wallin do you think this comment section would be this positive?
James Humbert
James Humbert 2 månader sedan
This is what happens when he don't cheat.
Martha Stubbs
Martha Stubbs Månad sedan
Proust Ruk
Proust Ruk 2 månader sedan
Tyson won by points but wallin won the fight.
Proust Ruk
Proust Ruk 2 månader sedan
Tyson wins only by weight,height and reach.
G R Månad sedan
And skill and speed and movement and defense and ring IQ and experience and heart. He’s one of the goats you delusional hater haha
Proust Ruk
Proust Ruk 2 månader sedan
After this fight I decided Deontae wilder is a coward. If Otto wallin can fight Tyson this good,Wilder should have annihilated Tyson very easily. Damn!! Props to Wallin. He’s a champion. Damn some white men can fight.
Corona Virus
Corona Virus 2 månader sedan
Why did you have to focus on the white part? Why not say ”Some men can fight” and not ”some white men”
M. T. N 999
M. T. N 999 2 månader sedan
Worst and most boring heavy weight champion ever
Jhonathan Maes
Jhonathan Maes 2 månader sedan
Still dont understand why a guy like wallin got a shot and Whyte did not. Soo...Being interim champion doesnt mean anything thenn??
Graphix Master
Graphix Master Månad sedan
Fury wasn't a champion here
Amirudin Sunge
Amirudin Sunge 2 månader sedan
Imagine if Wallin as Joshua Tyson will ko
Pop Boxing
Pop Boxing 2 månader sedan
Fury 🐐
Mitch Mac
Mitch Mac 2 månader sedan
Otto is as dirty as Bob arums depends
Jean-maurice Carquillat
Jean-maurice Carquillat 2 månader sedan
Prudencio Ojeda
Prudencio Ojeda 2 månader sedan
Solo ese ocupo en lastimarle el ojo a Fiury y pelear sucio
Litz Ryan Matcam
Litz Ryan Matcam 2 månader sedan
A big big difference of skills and iq. Gypsy king rules
George Sisya
George Sisya 2 månader sedan
This fight is a joke,too much stop stop every 3 second akee
Eku Sinisalmi
Eku Sinisalmi 2 månader sedan
Zeniel Ebrahim
Zeniel Ebrahim 2 månader sedan
If Wallin had AJ's punching power, this fight would have been a draw...
Bot Fields
Bot Fields 2 månader sedan
Notice furys gloves in this fight compared the both wilder fights. Fury is a cheater.
Rickey Roth
Rickey Roth 2 månader sedan
The gloves are checked by the boxing commission so their won't be any cheating.crazy always got to be something cause someone lost i thought it was a very good fight and the right guy won
Martha Stubbs
Martha Stubbs 2 månader sedan
Different brand of gloves for a start He wore paffen in the wilder rematch Keep crying
Sim 2 månader sedan
And he thinks he's the best heavyweight? Such low quality of opponent, still gave him a tough time.
Doug Casey
Doug Casey 2 månader sedan
@GotDramaAllergy My read exactly dude, it's like you read my mind... Sim doesn't know WTF he is talking about not even a little bit!
Sim 2 månader sedan
@Your bro Yah, I am no boxer. Neither are u, fan boy 😊
Your bro
Your bro 2 månader sedan
@Sim Yea what will i check bro?U aint no boxer.Just a fan boy.So dont come talking bout boxers who commits there whole life in to it.No one is a low quality opponent .It just takes ONE PUNCH
Sim 2 månader sedan
@Your bro Go check Ali & Mayweather's opponents before you attempt to compare. How dare u?!
Sim 2 månader sedan
@GotDramaAllergy Yada yada yada. What is his ranking dude?
Eapp suggestions
Eapp suggestions 3 månader sedan
How this man win over wilder
GotDramaAllergy 2 månader sedan
Kolala Mothabeng
Kolala Mothabeng 3 månader sedan
Well done Otto. In principle you have win by K/O. You embarrassed Fury by a big gush of blood, he should have been stopped fighting long time ago!!
Overdrive Guitar Channel
Overdrive Guitar Channel 3 månader sedan
Wallin got robbed...although fury is a better fighter, the fight would have been stopped for the cut if it was anyone else
richard f
richard f 3 månader sedan
But it didn't
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