Tucker: Political leaders took advantage of George Floyd's death

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'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host argues Derek Chauvin jury was subjected to intimidation. #FoxNews #Tucker
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Casey Fitzgeraldp
Casey Fitzgeraldp Dag sedan
even the ones I feed and cloth,steal from me,threaten me.even give them a roof.they always think they can take what they didn’t work for.
Casey Fitzgeraldp
Casey Fitzgeraldp Dag sedan
I was held hostage at my girls and robed, and cut ,beat, and stabbed,lost an origin I’ll have have the health I did before that day.and the guy was let go on Monday for a grand because because Black Lives Matter.I’m white,it doesn’t matter he’s a murderer
Baseplate 3 dagar sedan
The teens were not having a knife fight. An unarmed teen was being attacked by another armed with a knife. That's not a "knife fight."
Enuf Ots
Enuf Ots 11 dagar sedan
Can't believe that some people actually believes a word of Tucker!
Keith Eads
Keith Eads 13 dagar sedan
Tucker you are old enough now to know that almost no Americans listen to anything a Canadian says!
maggie and jim
maggie and jim 15 dagar sedan
let me see a lifetime criminal high on meth with a heart condition resisting arrest....all i can say is oh well dont fight with the police.........
Unga Bowa
Unga Bowa 15 dagar sedan
Duh, ya think.
Richard Ahern - LifeLine Media
Richard Ahern - LifeLine Media 17 dagar sedan
Who misses Trump now?? haha 😂🤣🇺🇸
watrgrl2 18 dagar sedan
You guys must just love to be sued! Because I can see a whole lot of lawsuits coming your way because of Tucker Carlson. His latest insane call out to his crazy followers to harass people who wear masks in public as well as calling the police and child protective services if they see kids wearing masks is beyond nuts and into inciting violence against people practicing lawful and intelligent behavior. It’s also instructing people to harass children and burden our law enforcement and child welfare workers who are already overwhelmed with work from burgeoning caseloads. You at Fox news are responsible for this pile of human waste and the garbage that spills from his mouth. You are responsible for what happens because of his deranged and irresponsible comments. I must say, you are looking so much less like a conservative family friendly, Christian news agency and more like an evil worthless tabloid. I once respected you way before Trump ruined you. Now, you are no better- and likely much worse- than the news agencies you pit yourself against as being unreliable.
Manuel Acosta
Manuel Acosta 18 dagar sedan
Drugs dealers got a brake....go to er..then you ll point of view will change on this case
meme meee
meme meee 18 dagar sedan
"We could have won had the video not been popular" lol
mighty white
mighty white 18 dagar sedan
Biden: Nobody is above the law... Except for me, my son, my friends and my supporters.
Luke Goodwill
Luke Goodwill 18 dagar sedan
Rafael Perez Marquez
Rafael Perez Marquez 18 dagar sedan
What BS from these two fake phony political so called leaders.
Rafael Perez Marquez
Rafael Perez Marquez 18 dagar sedan
NO Hispanic should support the black live matter group or organization, there issues are not our issues. Do not be fooled by their attempt to recruit us to push there agenda at our expense.
felixcoqui 18 dagar sedan
I say show all public and official videos in police stops that are under investigation. What are we afraid of, the truth? Let me see and hear with my own eyes and ears. Don't tell me I didn't see and hear what I did. For too long we relied only on police reports. Transparency is good. Let the chips fall where they may.
VA 0
VA 0 18 dagar sedan
The Fox News legal team is defending against a slander lawsuit by claiming that (a) what Carlson says isn’t news; (b) he doesn’t necessarily do any research; and (c) what he says isn’t necessarily true.
Jack C
Jack C 18 dagar sedan
You are a horrible person. 98% of child molesters are a family member, and every year 400k kids are born that will one day be molested. Instead of raising awareness about REAL child abuse, you instead tell your viewers to call, until someone responds, and waste the resources of first responders and child protective services, to respond to parents that have their kids wear masks while outside... What is WRONG with you? I hope you take a hard look at yourself and APOLOGIZE to the millions of people who are actually victims of child abuse, and then report you are quitting show business. Shame on you.
Jonathan James
Jonathan James 18 dagar sedan
Here's an idea.. impeach and imprison biden and harris for treason, dereliction of duties, and inciting riots along with Maxine Walters.
boom in your face.
boom in your face. 18 dagar sedan
Why, I did not see them call All Democrats to the Capital.
David Colley
David Colley 18 dagar sedan
What a clown Tucker is, but he is a right wing American, so no surprise at all
Trevor Stackhouse
Trevor Stackhouse 19 dagar sedan
The world would be easier if more people listened to Tucker and not CNN etc
boom in your face.
boom in your face. 18 dagar sedan
No it would not, millions on non white people would be killed.
Ed Cox
Ed Cox 19 dagar sedan
You know I just don't understand all the news guys that are out there why don't you get your lawyers together Kool-Aid with other lawyers and other states and what you got to do is go after Maxine Waters and sue her and sue her and sue her soon she'll be gone and we don't have to ever look at that ugly wig she wears because people don't know about her being a running a district that she doesn't live in she lives rich white people that she uses her coalition and a lot of people don't know she's actually bald
Ed Cox
Ed Cox 19 dagar sedan
Why you figure this how many jurors were biracial how many jurors were black compared to White he was convicted before he ever walked into that courtroom paid for did you not see where George Floyd died and they were throwing cash out to show how much money they actually spent to get a conviction not to the attorneys but to any witnesses money will buy you anything in this world just ask the clintons
Antonio Luzotonio
Antonio Luzotonio 19 dagar sedan
Floyd was a bad dude
boom in your face.
boom in your face. 18 dagar sedan
Derek Chauvin was the murderer, he is the bad dude.
Mathias Müller
Mathias Müller 19 dagar sedan
Keep in mind: according to his own lawyers Mr. Carlson is not stating facts. He is just doing entertainment that no thinking person would believe to be true.
boom in your face.
boom in your face. 18 dagar sedan
accept for the racist people.
Greg Wren
Greg Wren 19 dagar sedan
Tucker took advantage of Floyd’s deathas well as anything else that happens in the world. He has created divisiveness in this country by Scaring the ignorant in believing what he says.
Gary Sawyer
Gary Sawyer 19 dagar sedan
How many law suites does Trump have against him right now?
boom in your face.
boom in your face. 18 dagar sedan
stop counting.
Isa GYL 19 dagar sedan
There would be no trail if that video never existed and there for he deserves to rot in jail i’m confused what the problem here is.
Nautigal 724
Nautigal 724 20 dagar sedan
One Juror said she was terrorized. She didn't feel safe to vote the way she felt. This is a mistrial. Maxine Waters should be ejected from office on her ear.
boom in your face.
boom in your face. 18 dagar sedan
@Nautigal 724 Its a what ever. Before the trial, the world would not let a guilty verdict happen, no matter who the Jury is. Any Juror would be scared for their lives. The world would be on fire right now, and I mean real fire, fighting killing, world Chaos, nobody would be safe. And yes because a black man was killed by a cop, and the world saw it. Now when George was killed, the world went crazy. So just imagine if he was found not guilty. So Guilty was a must. Nobody was going to let this go. I just do not think you understand the magnitude of this. Yah Yah he was just some black man who cares so what. Not this time Black people, and billions of other people were not going to let this go. But people rather have world Chaos than some type of peace.
Nautigal 724
Nautigal 724 18 dagar sedan
@boom in your face. no. Retry. Without the big mouth jeopardizing the verdict!
boom in your face.
boom in your face. 18 dagar sedan
So, let the killer cop back on the streets.
Joseph Shrum
Joseph Shrum 20 dagar sedan
Noone talked like that in public before Trump.
John Schrachta
John Schrachta 20 dagar sedan
Whar if these protesters form for the purpose of President Trump's never paid bills for his rallies. The protesters would be civic leaders for local cities debt.
DanielPlays 34
DanielPlays 34 20 dagar sedan
“This is a picture of a country moving back word in a high-speed”
Robin Martin
Robin Martin 19 dagar sedan
Awe did he forget to put motion in front of it?
Mad Mike
Mad Mike 20 dagar sedan
No took advantage of anything. You're an idiot Tucker
Elmer Fuddrucker
Elmer Fuddrucker 20 dagar sedan
They like convicted career criminals and drug addicts.
julian dobbin
julian dobbin 20 dagar sedan
The huge amount of media attention meant that Derek Chauvin would never, ever, ever have a fair trial. He was going to be found guilty regardless.
open minded sometimes
open minded sometimes 19 dagar sedan
@julian dobbin I really think IF the MEDIA REALLY had ALL the POWER...our criminal justice system would be more FAIR...and less RACISM and HATE.. because many of the media/social media outlets speak against these things!!!.
julian dobbin
julian dobbin 19 dagar sedan
@open minded sometimes Chauvin was indeed found guilty, but would have been found guilty regardless. The trial was about quelling potential social unrest, in the same way the oj Simpson verdict was about quelling social unrest (the right verdict to produce the desired outcome, nothing to do with guilt or innocence) America is teatering on the brink of socio- economic collapse, there are states where dangerous criminals have been allowed back into the community regardless of the threat they pose, there are blue States so rife with social unrest, that just one incendiary act or inflammatory remark could ignite the powder Cake into utter chaos. Standing in the centre of this mire is a legal / judicial system that is being systemically dismantled and politicized. The current administration is doing everything possible to ensure that the judiciary and legislature become an extension of executive power, totally removing the separation of powers premise from US politics. Now if you want to go around and argue that justice is routinely served by the legal structure in place, and that the guilty are duly punished s d the innocent are exonerated, and that the media are unbiased, uninfluencial and are paragons of virtue and free speech, then that's your choice. But don't be fooled into thinking that the Chauvin case wasn't anything other than a farce, a media spectacle, with an outcome that was decided the day Chauvin killed George Floyd. The outcome was guaranteed before the jury was sworn in, FACT! That's the power of media.
open minded sometimes
open minded sometimes 19 dagar sedan
@julian dobbin the media has an impact on many stories.BUT.I think the claim is baseless that he was convicted because of the media...he was convicted because he was GUILTY!!!
julian dobbin
julian dobbin 19 dagar sedan
@open minded sometimes A great comparison! The media attention surrounding Simpson was massive, greater infact than Chauvin, and yes Simpson walked. But that doesn't mean to say that media attention didn't have some impact on proceedings. If Simpson had been found guilty, than its reasonable to argue that the verdict would have lead to social unrest greater than that seem in the LA riots following the Rodney King incident. Likewise, if Derek Chauvin had been found not guilty, riots and social unrest would have undoubtedly followed. As these cases / trials are media highlighted, and beamed into every home the media as a conduit can ,(whether intentionally or unintentionally) fuel public reaction, that's why in some jurisdictions like my own, high profile cases ain't televised. Juries are sheided from media exposure, and verdicts are reached after heavy and furious deliberations. Trials like Chauvin and Simpson,are media circuses, acts of theatre, designed to enthrall, and entertain, regardless of the outcome. In both cases, the real threat of civil unrest swayed the juries and the judge into making the decisions they did. And the media did it's part broadcasting these events, knowing full to well that the 'wrong' decision would be incendiary, and they would be their to broadcast it in its entirety into every American home.
open minded sometimes
open minded sometimes 19 dagar sedan
This is a strange argument...oj simpson trial had more attention than this and he was found not guilty....soooo that argument doesn't hold water...odd
Ralph Padilla
Ralph Padilla 20 dagar sedan
Jan 6th tuckhead! Your Arian brother's did that!
JackDunbar 20 dagar sedan
Tucker...... Enough on the masks... here is my solution.... 10% of the US population (32 million) have been diagnosed with Covid as of today. Another 94.8 Million US Citizens are now fully vaccinated totaling 28.9% of the US population... Add the totals together and we have 38.9% of the populations theoretically immune. My suggestion, we open restaurants, ball parks, college football stadiums, but limit capacity to 38.9% of occupancy.... As the totals above increase we increase the occupancy rates. No need for vaccine passports or anything that would cause some to be advantaged and others to be disadvantaged.... Those that don't want the vaccine ... maybe they get a blood test to determine if they have had Covid. I don't really care.... But we have to open this country using some logical measurement of overall risk and everyone needs to participate in resolving this problem, without threat of punishment but incrementally eliminating the risk in a statistically intelligent way.
Mama Me
Mama Me 20 dagar sedan
Here will be south Africa in the future.
HaloDieHard 20 dagar sedan
Seeing mobs trying to influence something should shock you... Oh do you mean like the mob that stormed the capital? Shut up Tucker you're more crooked than a lightning bolt.
HaloDieHard 20 dagar sedan
Everyone in the comment section are the REAL brainwashed masses🤣🤣
Matt Tumey
Matt Tumey 20 dagar sedan
FYI, VERIFIABLE....TUCKER WORKED FOR CNN 2000-2005, and MSNBC!! 2005-2008, he is not principled he had different opinions on there then he has on Fox. I BELIEVE HE WILL DI ANYTHING MONEY AND FAME, I AM SORRY TO HAVE TO SAY IT. IN COURT WHEN HE WAS SUED THE ADMITTED IT WASNT REAL NEWS AND THE POINT OF SCEWING THE INFO WAS TO JUST MAKE AS MAD AND PAY ATTENTION EVEN IF NOT ACCURATE...and he was realised from the libel payments bc specifically they said it's just "Entertainment" not was. CROSS MY HEART THIS IS THE HONEST TRUHT
Mark Rodriguez
Mark Rodriguez 20 dagar sedan
Tucker, say it again. “I have no idea what that man was talking about”.
Justin So
Justin So 20 dagar sedan
Nice job Tucker!
Dude of way back when
Dude of way back when 20 dagar sedan
the one who took advantage of george floyd was derek chauvin. no knee on neck and mr floyd lives. end of story.
OKAMI468 20 dagar sedan
...and instead handed it [our power as citizens] to the most violent, unreasonable, and least productive people in the country." TRUTH! 8:55
Kapt’N Pee
Kapt’N Pee 20 dagar sedan
As an Australian I think I have the expertise to say... *thats NOT a knife fight...*
Dark_Khan 223
Dark_Khan 223 20 dagar sedan
Hope you guys are stacking ammo and guns. Might wanna start getting some camping gear and learning some outdoor survival. Dark days loom over this once great UNITED nation.
Oreste Torres
Oreste Torres 20 dagar sedan
This is what happens when you vote Democrat, they keep you down, broke, useless, desperate, dependent, unproductive citizens and paint you as the victims while in reality you are a criminal in the eyes of law enforcement officers who are doing their jobs. It's almost like they are setting up these people who live in poor neighborhoods as baits and when they get in trouble, these phonies step in to save the day and act as if they care. People of all color, wake up. We are all being played by these impostors and phonies dresses as politicians. Besides their many heinous crimes in the past, their bs love for all bais hypocrisy is enough to make any sane normal person puke. Their symbol drscribes them and fits these frauds and deceivers to the T. What a bunch of Jackasses. Bravo!
Hiking Mom
Hiking Mom 20 dagar sedan
Tucker is psychologically abusing his viewers. He is manipulating and serving the purpose of making them doubt the validity of their thoughts, feelings, perception of reality, memories, or even their sanity.
Kathryn Smith
Kathryn Smith 20 dagar sedan
Soon there will be none to fill the job of police. Why would anyone want a job that you can go to jail for doing it! This is sad for our nation. Soon there will be no protection available. Just think about that for a minute. Picture a nation with no protection from evil doing. Because if guilty dies in the process the innocent doing their job is convicted and goes to prison. Who in their right mind would want that job!!
Mr. Pig
Mr. Pig 20 dagar sedan
My city is safer without George Floyd in it. Facts!
Kathryn Smith
Kathryn Smith 20 dagar sedan
More people will be leaving the cities for peaceful life in the county where people can still live like it’s the 50’s. You can’t restore the cities to there former greatness because people with the mental ability to do so have been cast aside as bigots. Yes believing in law and order makes you a bigot now. Look up all; who believe in Jesus Christ, for His return is drawing near. Our troubles and trials will soon be over!
Derrick Whittaker
Derrick Whittaker 20 dagar sedan
When are you going to put a disclaimer before your show that it is just political satire? Make people aware your show it's just for entertainment or you are spreading lies.
Tamika Mayes
Tamika Mayes 20 dagar sedan
I'm tired of white men complaining about racism.... y'all have been racist for the last 1,000 years.... you're no longer at the top of the food chain. Tucker I like your show but stop saying people of color are racist because they finally say something about white people.
Philip Amell
Philip Amell 21 dag sedan
NOW before you watch, and listen to this. Please understand that FOX, just like CNN, is actively trying to manipulate you and mislead you into feeling emotion that supports their agenda. That is simple fear mongering. Fox was literally just sued 1.2 billion dollars for this crap. PLEASE. Show America that we do not want this divisive bias, and that such manipulation will result in you just finding another news source. This crap needs to change. Please, this is not republican or democrat, this is for us, as Americans.
Joseph Cohen
Joseph Cohen 21 dag sedan
I wish they would link the Campbell study in the description. Easier to trust summaries of studies when people cite their sources.
Jeff M
Jeff M 21 dag sedan
Those two knew each other before the 'event'.
Throtmorton 21 dag sedan
Hard to tell who's the biggest racist - Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, or Donald Trump.
Ann Boyle
Ann Boyle 21 dag sedan
omg this guy is out to lunch
K S 21 dag sedan
So, you're arguing against news coverage? Or only news coverage that shows police officers killing people? Rotfl
NeuKids 21 dag sedan
So Tucker, you feel Derek C was 'a sacrifice for the ransom by BLM' Wow..! Impressive
Kevin Gass
Kevin Gass 21 dag sedan
Kevin McCarthy and the socialist collaborator republicans just threw our brave policemen under the bus. Might as well just replace McCarthy's last name with Pelosi.
Sean Brown
Sean Brown 21 dag sedan
The macabre and dangerous results of the virtue signaling on the Left is that it follows the Marxist and communist manifestos so that the major virtue is atheism and hatred of your country as taught by teachers and professors to our weak and gullible youth.
Political Spanglish
Political Spanglish 21 dag sedan
We are here writing on SEcycle... what are we really going to do about it?????
Throtmorton 20 dagar sedan
Nothing. That's what you're going to do about it. Whiny little punk. Doing nothing is what's customary when a guilty man goes to prison.
Political Spanglish
Political Spanglish 21 dag sedan
Our laws went away with Derek Chauvin Mob Trial... check data how much people are buying guns and ammo because we are teaching our police to not do something if you are about to be stabbed... Those who “voted” Democrats will taste the result first hand from their own choices 🤦🏼‍♂️
Just Sayin
Just Sayin 21 dag sedan
Dude said “We don’t want your taquerias” bro I’m black and I’m definitely not repeating after him on that one 😂😂
zCilas 21 dag sedan
What has joe biden done that makes you think he's above the law?
Johannes.Jacobus Kruger
Johannes.Jacobus Kruger 21 dag sedan
The reason democrats are dividing black and white and stir hatred is: They saw that black people were starting to see through their oppression and segregationist attitudes and was starting to join the conservative movement.
Joke Biden
Joke Biden 21 dag sedan
I just deleted all my black music from iTunes I can cancel culture too
Throtmorton 20 dagar sedan
Wow. If you could only cancel your ignorant racism that would be a start.
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 21 dag sedan
Not sending them all back to Africa was a huge mistake. All other minorities such as my own live here peacefully.
James Steele
James Steele 21 dag sedan
Why do so many Americans look at this drivel produced by such a buffoon of a man
Cliff Edward
Cliff Edward 21 dag sedan
What's the end game? What will it take to satisfy those in the black community who live as professional victims? Say we gave reparations would it be enough? Say white police stopped policing black neighborhoods would it be enough? Say we did everything in our power to give the mob what they want will it be enough? No it won't, because the old saying is true. You give someone and inch and they'll take a mile!!!!
Cliff Edward
Cliff Edward 21 dag sedan
I feel like Chauvin was guilty and the jury got it right, but I also believe what President Biden and Maxine Waters said tainted that case and they tried to spark a civil war. The lady of Justice holding the scales has a blindfold on for a reason. Making this case racial was inept and a jab at all white people. As a white man I protect myself and my family so the first time Im targeted for being white someone's gonna be made famous. When you allow mob rule to succeed you then live in Mogadishu!!!!!
COMXP- 2k 21 dag sedan
Black Lives Matters Don’t forget it!!!!!!!!!!!
Funanya Okeke
Funanya Okeke 21 dag sedan
Conservatives: ThE dErEk ChAuVin VeRdIcT iS a rEsulT oF MOB RULE! Also conservatives: *Capitol riots*
Chris McMurran
Chris McMurran 22 dagar sedan
Such a dumbass!! I am so glad the Republican party is on it's way out.
A w
A w 22 dagar sedan
He was railroaded. The u s is turning into a racist hell hole
martin palm
martin palm 22 dagar sedan
One less criminal off the street. I feel for Chauvin.
Maggie 22 dagar sedan
Anyone with eyes can see that. They don’t really care about black lives. They just take advantage of that.
galina architector
galina architector 22 dagar sedan
Sliding doors security
Tex Johnson
Tex Johnson 22 dagar sedan
Remember Tucker Carlson admitted in Court that everything he says on Fox News IS A LIE!
Brad Thompson
Brad Thompson 22 dagar sedan
With all due respect Tucker, Derek Chauvin earned it he wasn't exactly a stellar cop (17 prior complaints) as to how he was able to keep his job after all that still amazes me but it finally caught up with him when his actions were caught on tape this time
Brad Thompson
Brad Thompson 20 dagar sedan
@Kampakala of course he did because your a doctor and all of those medical experts who went to medical school and have years of experience lied on the stand when they said he died of cardio pulmonary arrest which was due to asphyxiation
Kampakala 20 dagar sedan
Floyd died of fentanyl overdose.
Kalani AKI
Kalani AKI 22 dagar sedan
tucker carlson reminds me of Dana Cavey's SNL Hilarious Character, The Church Lady! Watch him, listen to his voice raise just Like the Church Lady's...and I'm waiting for him to say, "Well isn't that Special"....OMG I'm cracking up thinking about that!
Throtmorton 21 dag sedan
@Cliff Edward You mean right wing racist.
Kalani AKI
Kalani AKI 21 dag sedan
@Cliff Edward Hahahahahahahaha OMG hahahahaha
Cliff Edward
Cliff Edward 21 dag sedan
I don't hear that, but everything he says is right.
Skyler McBride
Skyler McBride 22 dagar sedan
I thought it was a joke that democrats were trying to turn tucker into the new trump but now I can't go 5 minutes on the internet without finding hate against tucker.
MAGA MAN 22 dagar sedan
Democrats aren't americans.
Mr.Face2 kick
Mr.Face2 kick 22 dagar sedan
Escape from new york was a documentary.
S Beresford
S Beresford 22 dagar sedan
Tucker took advantage of the trial to stoke up his racist viewers NEXT
Libby Hicks
Libby Hicks 22 dagar sedan
Oh yeah, we are all celebrating this loser going away for a long time.
Libby Hicks
Libby Hicks 22 dagar sedan
Nah, Chauvin's reign of terror on the streets of Minneapolis is over. One down. Where is the next dirtbag cop? Get him on the stand.
Anime King
Anime King 22 dagar sedan
Everyone already knew the trial was just for show and it was never gonna be fair it’s sad the fact that because a bunch of terrorists threaten people we decide to throw logic and justice out the window it’s pathetic and it’s disgusting
Adan Druego
Adan Druego 22 dagar sedan
I've been saying for a while now, that we, the people, could easily put down these childish little groups like blm and antifa if we actually desired to. Would it be messy, yes. Would those groups be wiped out entirely, yes. Would some people within the US and around the world view this action as criminal, yes. Does any of that actually matter, no. The ordinary citizens could arm themselves, form into militias and put a stop to the chaos, looting and crime, by putting those groups are their various allies down in the streets as they gather to cause trouble. Obviously, after that we'd have to hunt them down and rid our society of them as if they were a rodent infestation, which they technically are, by the way. These troublesome lowlifes need to realize that the only reason they even exist is that we, civilized human beings, allow them to exist. They owe us all a great debt of gratitude for our ongoing patience and tolerance. We simply tolerate their disgusting existence and humor their idiotic cause. They should know their place.
MrDelorean3 22 dagar sedan
That’s why I’ve armed myself. Trust me if Antifa or BLM ever showed at my doorsteps threatening violence they would be met with hot lead. These people will learn to leave others in peace and to live with people they don’t agree with or we will put them in bodybags. The right to self defense will not be abridged.
Jimi Hixx
Jimi Hixx 22 dagar sedan
Kangeroo Court, his fate was sealed before he even set foot in that courtroom.
Craig Cuthbert
Craig Cuthbert 22 dagar sedan
BLM shares similarities to the movement that happened in china in the 1980's.
Throtmorton 20 dagar sedan
And MAGA has direct echoes of Germany in the 30's.
Craig Cuthbert
Craig Cuthbert 22 dagar sedan
Kim jong un is above the law.
Craig Cuthbert
Craig Cuthbert 22 dagar sedan
Joe biden is above the law. He has diplomatic immunity.
mehmet tayar
mehmet tayar 22 dagar sedan
America has been dividing and shattering countries in the middle east and soon we will see America divided and shattered irrevocably .
TomSuntotheMax 22 dagar sedan
I won't call the cops any more. Why call a ticking time bomb to my house. You call them if you feel lucky.
Linda Hibberd
Linda Hibberd 22 dagar sedan
scott hoens
scott hoens 22 dagar sedan
He wants a race war. He's just bolstering the white side with sellouts like candace owens. Just because she's black doesn't mean her opinion is valid.
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