Tom Cotton slams LeBron James' tweet as 'revolting' incitement to violence

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Fox News

26 dagar sedan

Arkansas Republican breaks down House Democrats' police reform bill on 'The Ingraham Angle.' #FoxNews #Ingraham
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Robert Lashley
Robert Lashley 4 dagar sedan
lebron james has tattoos bring a led bright light to see them. What a fake not a good example for children but he is a supper star FAKE like all of them.
Robert Lashley
Robert Lashley 4 dagar sedan
america likes words like celebrities supper models they live in marvel comics. Live in fantasy idiots no culture ask them their national dish. Burgers and fries lol hope China and 🇷🇺 deal with them. And keep following them.
Mark Maletic
Mark Maletic 10 dagar sedan
Wait a minute we had our former president got impeached after he left the White House because all the networks and everybody else claimed that he was inciting a riot. But LeBron James being a black man the queen is allowed to incite riots he's allowed to put a police officer's life in danger by putting his face on the internet and saying that he was next LeBron James is nothing but a disgusting human being who's a bigot.
Gregor Renko
Gregor Renko 10 dagar sedan
Laura looks like a Karen on crack
EvaEvan Super Kids Thach
EvaEvan Super Kids Thach 13 dagar sedan
Lebron shut up. And I were never a fan of u. Go get an education and think before you said something. DumbAss
Martin Singleton's
Martin Singleton's 16 dagar sedan
I’ve been a police officer for 34 years in Detroit and I’m willing to come for I agree with LeBron James that cop shot him a shot at four times LeBron James is right I understand what he’s feeling he might’ve overreacted but I understand it’s his concern and his pain contact me and I’ll talk
Lady You Go
Lady You Go 17 dagar sedan
Tom Cotton who cares what you think Republicians Democratics and Independents do not care about you they love Labron because he is helping people..what are you doing NOTHING😡🤬
jackie hinkey
jackie hinkey 17 dagar sedan
what long and hard lebron james in first grade 😆
Factor Mars
Factor Mars 18 dagar sedan
Police officers in usa are heroes. From France. 🇫🇷
Kevin Lennel
Kevin Lennel 18 dagar sedan
Calling a black 15yr old a woman just shows your racism. Fox is 🐕 💩....
CryptoTalk 18 dagar sedan
Should be sent to jail 15 years minimum.
Tin 1978
Tin 1978 18 dagar sedan
Ha! More mad people.
Dewey Johnson
Dewey Johnson 18 dagar sedan
The police causes this problem with there actions
Jack Sayers
Jack Sayers 18 dagar sedan
The utter outrage is that if Tom Brady tweeted something like that (of course he would never stoop to such a moronic level) they would arrest him and mob convict him for inciting racial violence, BUT NOT if your azz is Black!!! You can do ANYTHING you want and not be held accountable! Intellectuals see exactly what this radical wokism is doing to America; it’s causing a greater racial divide and reversed racism has grown rampant causing an equal discriminatory reaction.
Jack Sayers
Jack Sayers 18 dagar sedan
LeBron is a racist idiot. My son tore down his LeBron posters on his own and said his high school friends have done the same! Don’t think these young people won’t have an effect on the future.
jill roe
jill roe 19 dagar sedan
Patriots BOYCOTT! The National Basketball Association, MSM and Major League Baseball have become political action committee's for Biden/Harris and the Democrat party. In addition, the following companies (listed below) worked on Joe Biden's behalf, campaigned for the Biden, fund raised for BLM and other far left activist organizations. Financial Boycott whenever possible. NBA/WNBA, MLB, Modelo Beer, Sonic, Corona Beer, Wendy's, US Bank, Coca-Cola products, State Farm Insurance, The General Insurance, Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robbins ice cream, Best Buy, Wayfair, Kohls, Cigna, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Microsoft, Home Depot, Vivint, Verizon, ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, TNT, TBS, TLC, PBS, OWN, Oxygen, Discovery Channel, Discovery Plus, Bloomberg, Facebook, Twitter. *Boycott any products endorsed by NBA, MLB players, leftist fund raisers Snoop Dogg (who preformed a mock execution of President Trump.), Martha Stewart, Shaquille O'Neal, Earvin "magic" Johnson, LeBron James. *Since Black history month there is an African American on almost every commercial on television. At only 13% of the U.S. population makes you wonder? many of the companies listed above reflect this trend.
Judith Mais
Judith Mais 19 dagar sedan
You idiots at Fox News have nothing else to talk about but LeBron James!!!! Find a new subject! Look into Derek record, that should occupy you all for a while. I guarantee you George Floyd was not the only victim!!!!!!
Tussilar Centrum
Tussilar Centrum 19 dagar sedan
I’ll just say this once lebron is an idiot
Jason Waller
Jason Waller 20 dagar sedan
Trying to find someone who actually cares about black folks on here.
broGOTit DjKaotic the Musical Architect
broGOTit DjKaotic the Musical Architect 20 dagar sedan
Bruh ya last name cotton ... this whole interview is a conflict of interest to Black people 😂😂 I really Love Laura .. I really thinks she has a black boyfriend and all on the low ... she’s just here to make money off of all of you coward racists. Laura call me!! Once you go black you’ll never go back.
augusto martinez
augusto martinez 20 dagar sedan
117 / 5000 what lebron james did was stupid but it's stupid to threaten not to buy sneakers for fighting over an idea
cliff hill
cliff hill 20 dagar sedan
NIKE...Just changed from ..Just Do It to..Ask LeBron
Jeff Cox
Jeff Cox 21 dag sedan
You could not fill a thimble w/James' knowledge of current events or social issues. Demonstrates how the left has no bench & must go to a sports personality to carry their water?! Just one reason why millions of thinking Americans conclude the left is so unserious.
Steve 21 dag sedan
Race baiting at its worst
Christopher King
Christopher King 21 dag sedan
Squat Down And Lick The Hand Of Your Master. The UN Dung Idol.Wanna Be God's!
Kevin Dickerson
Kevin Dickerson 21 dag sedan
Lebron James im sick of black men being killed by the white man well lebron what bout black on black lebron response that dont fit my narrative I live in a 100 million dollar home in Bel air California surrounded by rich white people
Mike Seymour
Mike Seymour 21 dag sedan
When LeBron James house got vandalized the first people he called was the police he's such a hypocrite
Black Online Global Economics B.O.G.E
Black Online Global Economics B.O.G.E 21 dag sedan
What if she was defending herself?
TAMSIR HAMA BA 21 dag sedan
Laura Ingram you are 🗑
Wayne Keith
Wayne Keith 21 dag sedan
When you're a racist like LEBRON JAMES. You cant stop race baiting
Alan 21 dag sedan
Sure the criminals dont want cops, for they can keep burning looting and killing anybody that is not like them.
Florida Magill
Florida Magill 21 dag sedan
I don't think soooooo America is going bananas. Nobody is telling the truth.
Triumphalism Est 69
Triumphalism Est 69 21 dag sedan
Tom Cotton, The same guy that says slavery was necessary? Foh. He has no credibility whatsoever. You right wing bootlickers just fear accountability. Right wingers sure can twist things up to fit their propaganda.
marmon chua
marmon chua 21 dag sedan
EDUCATE more Black to be a POLICE . If you have enough education you don’t feel discriminated . IGNORANCE is RAcism..
Duane Sifuentes
Duane Sifuentes 21 dag sedan
He slanders on Americans meanwhile China killing protesters and handing out life sentences. Lebron: crickets.....
Michael Lee
Michael Lee 21 dag sedan
Did anyone notice from the officer's camera video that a black male on scene kicked the girl on the ground in the face as she was trying to get up? Charges?
Rick Flanagan
Rick Flanagan 21 dag sedan
Put lepussy in batters box with Nolan Ryan throwing heat at his ignorant head
Grzelsonable 21 dag sedan
Hey, this guy should cut the king some slack. Tom Cotton is just picking on LeBron James. And LeBron would never pick on Cotton ;-)
Anthony Sears
Anthony Sears 21 dag sedan
Le Bron James is a overpaid athlete. So who cares. We are doomed. Evident because people listen to this moron. Build walls around all liberal cities. Take away all support and police protection behind these walled cities. Few short days and these liberal idiots will get rid of each other with no help. Problem solved!!!!
Nick Donovan
Nick Donovan 22 dagar sedan
LeBron # biggest racist out there James
Ancient Tiger
Ancient Tiger 22 dagar sedan
Elizabetta 22 dagar sedan
Let's stop going to LeBron James games...that will send a signal to this idiotic rich, who lives in white neighborhood
Chester jade
Chester jade 22 dagar sedan
Why didn't ya'll get so enraged about that twice impeached, pathological LUNATIC LIAR and hate spreader and who incited on January 6th, a March of his MAGA SUPPORTERS to the Capital Building to seize it. These Republicans are full of it and their motto is do as I say, not as I do.
Ron Krikorian
Ron Krikorian 22 dagar sedan
He’s a complete disgrace to yer country! Greetings from Australia 🇦🇺
Ed killnightlinger
Ed killnightlinger 22 dagar sedan
to bad they all just QUIT being a cop and let everyone fend for themselves.
TOM HANKS 22 dagar sedan
The 1st 23 black congressmen were Republicans
TOM HANKS 22 dagar sedan
lebron is a no nothing idiot. who should people in poor communities call? he is a lowrent DFN
Alan Newhart
Alan Newhart 22 dagar sedan
Fox news just shut them DOWN OPEN UP SHOP DMX R.I.P.
Kevin Gavert
Kevin Gavert 22 dagar sedan
LeBron lives in heaven now, but he has a special place in hell later
Eugene B Dotson
Eugene B Dotson 22 dagar sedan
So Tom what are you going to do about LeBron James ?
Dirty Mike And The Boyz
Dirty Mike And The Boyz 22 dagar sedan
There needs to be a blue flue... Give it a day or two and see how it would change their perspective
Patje Yashara
Patje Yashara 22 dagar sedan
The righteousness that come for black people is from god revelation 18: 8
Jeff Dunstan
Jeff Dunstan 22 dagar sedan
I am done ✅ with PRO sports!! Saving $$$ going on vacation!!!
joe blow
joe blow 22 dagar sedan
I'm going to give ignorant and uneducated racist Lebron a pass on one thing. I'm going to assume what he meant by "you're next" is that like Derek Chauvin that officer will be convicted in court.
George Stone
George Stone 22 dagar sedan
So left wing lunatics and failed politicians are telling criminals, it is ok to commit crimes, because police are going to be blamed for stopping them, just because LeBron James knows more than anyone, NOT.
Toby Long
Toby Long 22 dagar sedan
Lebron needs to retire saying things like your next hmmmm not good
Valerie 22 dagar sedan
lebron is a racist....pure and simple..And yes, people, it's time somebody named the soul-less, elephant in the room, "lebron".
Reality Troll
Reality Troll 22 dagar sedan
Why do professional athletes think people care what they have to say- if we wanted advice from someone who chases balls, we'd ask our dogs.
Shelia Jones
Shelia Jones 22 dagar sedan
I just listened Ms. Demings scream and shout at Mr. Jordan. She appears to be a very angry woman and need some manners. Shouting as if she was talking to I don't know who. Disrespectful if yoy asked me. I can't listen to her.
e Wise
e Wise 22 dagar sedan
Lebron and Waters need to be arrested for incitement of a riot!!
e Wise
e Wise 22 dagar sedan
The officer did not recieve a fair trail! Floyd took a lethal dose of Fentanyl, he would be alive to day if he hadnt of tried to conceal the drugs by ingesting!! The mob rules our govenment and laws!!!
S Beresford
S Beresford 22 dagar sedan
more than it take in....,
S Beresford
S Beresford 22 dagar sedan
Tommy comes from a state that about $2.6 billion in funding in
S Beresford
S Beresford 22 dagar sedan
Tommy comes from a state that it is illegal to have Yoga in schools. He thinks downward dog is only for interbreeding
S Beresford
S Beresford 22 dagar sedan
Tommy doesnt think there is enough people in prison and that we have a under-incarceration problem
S Beresford
S Beresford 22 dagar sedan
Yep Tommy and slavery was a necessary evil NEXT
B Chavante
B Chavante 22 dagar sedan
til lebonbon daughter need one.... most america fine w police...
BADNEWZ BROWN 22 dagar sedan
That means keep your white cops in white communities and put black cops in the black community
Levi thomas
Levi thomas 22 dagar sedan
Guilty or innocent Spare me this mockery of justice.
Oliver Margetin
Oliver Margetin 22 dagar sedan
Lebron, youre next!
anschiful 22 dagar sedan
Let the trash take each other out cops go on strike or quit nobody being true American would hold it against you guys!
TAB !!!
TAB !!! 22 dagar sedan
Couldn't find a more ignorant pack of toddlers who still need their diapers changed.
C Rodriguez
C Rodriguez 22 dagar sedan
til its bonbons daughter need one
Willy F
Willy F 22 dagar sedan
Why isn’t his Twitter shut down? Hypocrite.
Kev Red
Kev Red 22 dagar sedan
Tom Cotton is irrelevant what he says holds no weight nor does it change anything he is just yapping
Keith Hunt
Keith Hunt 22 dagar sedan
Let's see if sponsors will drop him as fast as they normally do for white sport and tv people that make silly statements.
Mike Presto
Mike Presto 22 dagar sedan
Lebron 🖕🏻
Kevin Le
Kevin Le 22 dagar sedan
James is an idiot and a cry baby better stay in sport and stay out of politics. Lost my taste in sports when athletes try to overstep their role and goes in bad direction.
Warrior Soul
Warrior Soul 22 dagar sedan
This journalis sounds horrible and tired.
Smokey Mafia
Smokey Mafia 22 dagar sedan
Lebron should be held accountable. He’s throwing accusations around like he is a educated man. Fact is he is not. Ask him about the Malcom X book that he toated around to “look cool”. A person who is ok with what happens China like he is, just goes to show the level of smarts he has.
Paris Annan
Paris Annan 22 dagar sedan
So silly, pretty sure he meant the guy is next to go to jail. Karens always pretending black men have bad intentions, because they themselves are wicked.
THE UNKNOWN TRUCKER 22 dagar sedan
I grew up on the Lakers, Norm Nixon-Michael Cooper-Jamal Wilks-Magic Johnson-Kareem-Shaq and Kobe. Now every time I see that Beautiful Purple and Gold Jersey all I can think about is How one man ruined my memories all with one tweet. I don't think I can ever look at that Beautiful Purple and Gold Jersey the same ever again. How dare him take that away from me. That man needs to lose his job Period. Rest in peace little girl, when I see a Lakers Jersey I will remember you, whether I like it or not.
whitexchina 22 dagar sedan
Why don't these people "In Charge" knoe any statistics? It's all about the grift & playing on emotions.
Jeff Saint
Jeff Saint 23 dagar sedan
Yeah. LeBran needs to lead not act like a foo.
MC TRADING 23 dagar sedan
Police officer are now planning mass resignation....
Upgrayedd Mc Macken
Upgrayedd Mc Macken 23 dagar sedan
Victim billionaires are hilarious. He should call Oprah for emotional support.
Quipson 23 dagar sedan
NBA on TNT? Oops I just turned the channel!
Romane Ingram
Romane Ingram 23 dagar sedan
LeBron ,....I'm sorry bruh but this time you should apologize to that officer. Black lives do matter, but the innocent victim's even more even more
Nathan Slagter
Nathan Slagter 23 dagar sedan
Yeah ok.......
mtns 23 dagar sedan
Mr. James. Play basketball, be a role model for millions of children through your actions. Don't be a spokesperson for idiotic thugs.
Corn Pop
Corn Pop 23 dagar sedan
Tom cotton is a racist homophobe he always was
Brian 23 dagar sedan
Well lebron knows that it was all those white folk that use to spend all that money to watch him play, but he ruined that all.last year and he knows that he on his way out of that good life. Lebron is a racist puke. When is someone going to sue him for insighting violence.
Brian 23 dagar sedan
A G 23 dagar sedan
I smell a lawsuit..
Marcus Twainum
Marcus Twainum 23 dagar sedan
*Michael Jordan is the GOAT...* who is LeBron?
Robert Wood
Robert Wood 23 dagar sedan
Every congressman congresswoman in DC and in their states. If they want police reform they need to go to the police training. They need to know what a cop goes through every single day. They should know what the police how fast they have to make a decision to save their asses, salt.
Angry Lion
Angry Lion 23 dagar sedan
Is it just me or am I seeing things? The majority of these interactions with cops are with people of color. Does that not tell you something? Maybe if people of color weren't so prone to commit crimes, there wouldn't be all of these shootings. Also, notice that during the riots when looting occurs, what is the color of the majority of the looters? Need I say more?
JY P 23 dagar sedan
What Lebron and Maxine was doing was way more inciteful than Trump And big tech still didn't censor them
Afi James
Afi James 23 dagar sedan
I know
Opinionated Conversations With Bernie G.
Opinionated Conversations With Bernie G. 23 dagar sedan
Go back and do your research and come back ad tell us the statics on how many INNOCENT people the police have killed . . . I'll wait!
Opinionated Conversations With Bernie G.
Opinionated Conversations With Bernie G. 23 dagar sedan
Wait, you people SLANDER victims of POLICE VIOLENCE EVERY DAY!
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