The Weeknd’s FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show

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The Weeknd performs at the Super Bowl LV Pepsi Halftime Show.
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You sus !!!!!
You sus !!!!! 8 minuter sedan
Súper bowl was rigged. Tom brady paid the ref.
Andre Rivera /\/\/\
Andre Rivera /\/\/\ 20 minuter sedan
3:50 after hours
Emma Caroline
Emma Caroline 2 timmar sedan
Pako Sanlu
Pako Sanlu 4 timmar sedan
ilikesmokingalilweezy 6 timmar sedan
second half> first half
Rani Rani
Rani Rani 8 timmar sedan
That crowd is f*****g dumb
Adrian Dominguez
Adrian Dominguez 8 timmar sedan
what did he shout 12:57 ? Can someone tell me
Vimal Kumar
Vimal Kumar 8 timmar sedan
SMPMS8389 8 timmar sedan
Jesus Christ this is so good
Ian Gibran Gonzales romero
Ian Gibran Gonzales romero 8 timmar sedan
Siiii the weeknd
Snehangshu Mallick
Snehangshu Mallick 8 timmar sedan
Seeing XO singing Starboy once more was awesome.. What you say
Top Grande
Top Grande 9 timmar sedan
Blinding lights is the song of the year, it's so powerful.
Chae_ Cherry
Chae_ Cherry 9 timmar sedan
Jacqueline Miranda Benitez
Jacqueline Miranda Benitez 9 timmar sedan
The ad in the middle 🙄
Anna Banana
Anna Banana 13 timmar sedan
So he didn’t botch his face? It was fake?
Moses Reed
Moses Reed 11 timmar sedan
NOVA PRIME 13 timmar sedan
This is so clean 😍
Eduardo Campuzano
Eduardo Campuzano 14 timmar sedan
When you feel stupid remember that 62.718 persons disliked this masterpiece
DavidPlayZzZ 14 timmar sedan
This makes me watch this almost 100 times a day
tamires rodrigues
tamires rodrigues 15 timmar sedan
Angela Miranda
Angela Miranda 16 timmar sedan
S X2poo
AntoineH69 17 timmar sedan
The end shows it clearly. The only one not on the ground is the one without a mask.
Josiely Kelly
Josiely Kelly 17 timmar sedan
King Limitless
King Limitless 17 timmar sedan
Blinding Lights was soooooooo tough
ONDER 17 timmar sedan
Anime Society
Anime Society 17 timmar sedan
Best halftime show EVER
Kevin Brenes
Kevin Brenes 17 timmar sedan
Best halftime show ever!!! Sorry Prince.
Adrián 19 timmar sedan
SHAKIRA For Super Bowl 2022
RIQUELME Cândido 19 timmar sedan
Andrew Youles
Andrew Youles 19 timmar sedan
Was the first time not good enough for you
Kenya Ramirez
Kenya Ramirez 20 timmar sedan
I love your face of happiness all the time😍
Meron Mekonnen
Meron Mekonnen 21 timme sedan
The energy at 11.19 always gave me goosebumps.
lOok At mE
lOok At mE 22 timmar sedan
Anyone xxxtentacion fan
StuntXO 16 timmar sedan
@Andrew Youles these kids don't know
Andrew Youles
Andrew Youles 19 timmar sedan
@lOok At mE ye he said on a live stream that kurt kobain and the weeknd saved his life, specifically the weeknds three earliest mixtapes. they got released as ‘Trilogy’ on Spotify but u can listen to the og version of one of the three (House of Balloons) because it got released for its tenth anniversary. Also X said on Twitter that he loved Kissland (the weeknd’s first studio album)
lOok At mE
lOok At mE 19 timmar sedan
@Andrew Youles WTF!!!
Andrew Youles
Andrew Youles 19 timmar sedan
Fun fact: x was a weeknd fan
Mahadir Mahabub Khan
Mahadir Mahabub Khan 20 timmar sedan
MeX_MaFiA Dag sedan
Just one thing ive gotta say : your a living god !!!
Rosa Guedes
Rosa Guedes Dag sedan
The best performance ever!!
StuntXO 16 timmar sedan
@Cas Van Leeuwen yes ever
Cas Van Leeuwen
Cas Van Leeuwen Dag sedan
Not ever but it's good
Induwara Thththawella
Induwara Thththawella Dag sedan
this is cool
Iron Disciple
Iron Disciple Dag sedan
if the weeknd learned to dance he would be this generations MJ. but since he doesnt dance he is his own MJ
unknown 56
unknown 56 22 timmar sedan
No HE is his own Weeknd. We have already an Artist called Michael Jackson.
アリン - ありんAline
アリン - ありんAline Dag sedan
So call out My name 🎶🎶
あいうえお Dag sedan
Isabelle Latour
Isabelle Latour Dag sedan
😂🤣 genious !! The Best is yet to Come
ʚïɞ Dag sedan
i'm here wayyy to often 😫
softech fcld
softech fcld Dag sedan
aMs_NINJA Dag sedan
Best half time show in history
StuntXO 16 timmar sedan
Brady McCoy
Brady McCoy Dag sedan
6:05 He missteps, you can see him look down
Gunaro Oliveira
Gunaro Oliveira Dag sedan
his voice .. insane pop vocals
Black_ICE 4
Black_ICE 4 Dag sedan
The Michael Jackson of our Time
StuntXO 16 timmar sedan
yo bitch jess
yo bitch jess Dag sedan
i remember this performance being a lot shorter ...
Sahar Asgar
Sahar Asgar Dag sedan
The nfl thanks you for watching this me: no thank you for posting this
Sahar Asgar
Sahar Asgar Dag sedan
in house o balloons and blindin lights so satisfying to see the glooves ore everywhere in sync
Hunting,fishing,and gaming For life
Hunting,fishing,and gaming For life Dag sedan
He should have signed smile for juice wrld
Andrew Youles
Andrew Youles 19 timmar sedan
What does that mean
꧁༺ TM UNKNOWN ༻꧂ Dag sedan
He doesn't needs grammy Grammy needs him
Esther Sophia
Esther Sophia Dag sedan
Danni Quiroga
Danni Quiroga Dag sedan
Blinding ligths epico 👍
jAck mierZai
jAck mierZai Dag sedan
yieldinhiding Dag sedan
I agree this was a great show, but some of you must not have seen Prince's performance.
Andrew Youles
Andrew Youles 19 timmar sedan
People just exaggerate things to make their point get across. Like people saying it was the worst ever, so people have to say it was the best ever to compensate
Gabrielly Tavares
Gabrielly Tavares Dag sedan
Abel is art
Gabrielly Tavares
Gabrielly Tavares Dag sedan
apex predator
apex predator Dag sedan
I watched this 100 times
Maija Dag sedan
anyone else bothered by that one light strip thats stuck on being blue
M 2 dagar sedan
10:52 looks like Scar's solo of 'Be Prepared' in the Lion King with all the marching and red 😂 Abel killed it 👏
emanuel jackson
emanuel jackson 2 dagar sedan
Owned 2020 now ppl wanna drop music in 2021 🤣
rahul M
rahul M 2 dagar sedan
Is this sport or some kind of music concert ?? What a mess American sports are instead of playing they sing
Elizabeth DM
Elizabeth DM 2 dagar sedan
my marching band heart is singing
kamila nurul
kamila nurul 2 dagar sedan
keren bgt..
journofay 2 dagar sedan
This is why China will rule over America with an Iron fist for embracing atheism.
Andrew Youles
Andrew Youles Dag sedan
Bro what
Iris Yessilth
Iris Yessilth 2 dagar sedan
Not one single nomination and he just told a whole story with his album
Iris Yessilth
Iris Yessilth 2 dagar sedan
Will im just waiting for Friday :)
Karla Vanessa Robles Suarez
Karla Vanessa Robles Suarez 2 dagar sedan
Jennifer Bartlett
Jennifer Bartlett 2 dagar sedan
He amazing to all the Justin bever fans your boy has no super bowl lol no comparison xoxo 🤔🥰
ConmanTheArtist 2 dagar sedan
Where daft punk
Nahuel Knuttsen
Nahuel Knuttsen 2 dagar sedan
Anto Zaf
Anto Zaf 2 dagar sedan
At 10:14 Happy House -Siouxsie and the Banshees. Great taste Mr. Tesfaye!
Andrew Youles
Andrew Youles Dag sedan
Originally sampled in his 2011 song House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls. You should listen to it
Alcudía valenzuela Edgar
Alcudía valenzuela Edgar 2 dagar sedan
Hace uuuuuuuuu
Éder Santos
Éder Santos 2 dagar sedan
Não canso de ver esse video nunca... The weeknd lenda viva
Master Pinini
Master Pinini 2 dagar sedan
People was saying this super bowl was bad but it was actually good the beat and the music. We got to see the Weeknd live on tv and that's what matters
Come on Now
Come on Now 2 dagar sedan
62k hillbillies gathered round at the local broke down bar to dislike this video.
Tobi 2 dagar sedan
I watched this about 20 times now and 8:48 is by far my favorite part. The way he performs - it conveys so much pride and joy. A pleasure to watch
Carlos Subero
Carlos Subero 2 dagar sedan
His voice on stage sounds exactly like on his music videos, so talented
Oresti Demiraj
Oresti Demiraj 2 dagar sedan
director: how many people with red suit do you need? The Weeknd: yes!
Patrizio Vega
Patrizio Vega 2 dagar sedan
Grammys without public, but NFL more public.
RK KILLER 3 dagar sedan
11:20 goosbumb start from here
Gean Paulo Francois
Gean Paulo Francois 3 dagar sedan
This is incredible performance!
Arjuna Molligoda
Arjuna Molligoda 3 dagar sedan
Omg.... just pure energy and talent....
Arjuna Molligoda
Arjuna Molligoda 3 dagar sedan
I just love him...
Arjuna Molligoda
Arjuna Molligoda 3 dagar sedan
I just love him...
NICOLO GRASSANO 3 dagar sedan
Vale Pérez Peralta
Vale Pérez Peralta 3 dagar sedan
I don't think I'll ever get over that transition between House of Balloons and Blinding Lights
Anthony Salerno
Anthony Salerno 3 dagar sedan
They don't just give the Weeknd a grammy the Weeknd gives the Grammy a Weeknd but they didn't earn it yet... Maybe next year
Atharv Ranjan
Atharv Ranjan 3 dagar sedan
this man cant make bad songss
1:16 and 5:15 I'm glad they put on the star boy cansion and feel coming so there is a little daft punk spark :)
Bri T.
Bri T. 3 dagar sedan
not ashamed by the amount of times i’ve watched this
diya nayar
diya nayar 3 dagar sedan
Now we know why the Grammys were horrible
MarioRandom 3 dagar sedan
Seagull 3 dagar sedan
This halftime show sucked. I’m sorry but it did. Super bow 50 (Coldplay) and super bowl 51 (lady Gaga) were a billion times better
StuntXO 3 dagar sedan
And u r still here after 2 months.Lmao
Emanuel Zena
Emanuel Zena 3 dagar sedan
STRONGLY disagree, the Audio sucked in the live but sounds so good her
Felipe Alves
Felipe Alves 3 dagar sedan
He is a king
naty 3 dagar sedan
does anyone else hear a part of house of balloons at 7:13 or just me 😂
naty 9 timmar sedan
@Duda yeahh
Duda 3 dagar sedan
Yes it's a part of the beat, kinda snippet of what was coming
Chubby Little Cub'E
Chubby Little Cub'E 3 dagar sedan
So good! SMH.
DARLING Skyfxll 3 dagar sedan
The Grammy did with The Weeknd, the same thing that the Oscar did with the Joker, who deserved all the awards, but received only one, The Weeknd was not even nominated, shows that this crazy clown theme, only makes the character be harmed. (But the majority of society likes it) what makes prizes a minority, what really counts is if the target audience liked it.
Jayce Harding
Jayce Harding 3 dagar sedan
this is my favourite haiftime show!!
Grant sucks Grantsucks
Grant sucks Grantsucks 3 dagar sedan
3:59 where’s my car
Rohan Prasanth
Rohan Prasanth 3 dagar sedan
Fun Fact: Weeknd = 0% Autotune 🔥
Hela Chu
Hela Chu 3 dagar sedan
This is insane! Grammy u fvcking b!tch, you just become cooking show
Ján Pavlík
Ján Pavlík 3 dagar sedan
Pro player ben Ben
Pro player ben Ben 3 dagar sedan
Anis Don Demina
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