The UK's last aerial ropeway uses no power, moves 300 tonnes a day, and will be gone by 2036.

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Tom Scott

20 dagar sedan

In Claughton, Lancashire, the Forterra brickworks produces 50 million bricks a year, from shale that's quarried a mile and a half away. To get that shale to the brickworks: the last aerial ropeway in the country. These used to be common: but now, the last one will be gone by 2036.

Thanks to all the team at Forterra:
Thanks to Dave Martin for the idea!

Edited by Michelle Martin (@mrsmmartin)

Filmed safely:

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Tom Scott
Tom Scott 22 dagar sedan
It'd have been an obvious choice to put a camera on a bucket. And I did! But as you can see from the video, we were battling intermittent rainstorms all day, and unfortunately the shots didn't work here. However, I hope you'll enjoy next week's 18-minute-long video, "An Unedited, Rain-Soaked Ride on Claughton's Aerial Ropeway".
Barry Wilson
Barry Wilson Dag sedan
@MrKnocik we used to ride the buckets at a local pit, (Wombwell Main) when we were kids and jump off at the tipping point at the top of the slag heap. Great fun but bloody daft and dangerous!
Esteban Mainardi
Esteban Mainardi Dag sedan
Tom Scott is to planet Earth what FitMC is to 2B2T.
Andrew Dobbs
Andrew Dobbs 4 dagar sedan
i love you Tom
Miu Miu Koo
Miu Miu Koo 4 dagar sedan
Jolly good 🤗👍
izukiss !!
izukiss !! 5 dagar sedan
ACO productions, AKA TSAR
ACO productions, AKA TSAR 2 timmar sedan
Space man
Space man 3 timmar sedan
Martin you could’ve spoken a little louder!
Matthew James Montgomery
Matthew James Montgomery 9 timmar sedan
Shale. Is there oil in it? New business model for the future.
raven P
raven P 9 timmar sedan
This is actually what we need for rural areas throughout the world. Even as urban as Alaska has gotten compared to our old days, the cost of shipping cars and starting the investment for transport was still backbreaking and we still struggle with their safe storage along the coastlines. Whereas a set of windmills that were stopped 40 years ago still stand tall and solid with only the complicated moving parts damaged
KraliMishev 16 timmar sedan
Every Englishman past 50 sounds like a professional football caster.
Scorpion 17 timmar sedan
Blubbel Nator
Blubbel Nator 19 timmar sedan
Am I the only one who really loves the dialect?
Simon Watson
Simon Watson Dag sedan
Such a shame it could be repurposed in some way !
Zach Dag sedan
There you go SEcycle ive watched the video you can stop recommending it to me now!
Expired Dag sedan
I used to drive under that almost everyday, weird to see Tom making a video about a place I used to go so commonly. I never knew any of this about it though, great video Scott!
Nacho Cheese
Nacho Cheese Dag sedan
Who else wants to go hide in a bucket and enjoy the ride
RyRy Wags
RyRy Wags Dag sedan
That's so neat to see! Sad that in time it will be taken down.
Max Caulfield
Max Caulfield Dag sedan
who's watching it in 2036
The Russian Mafia
The Russian Mafia Dag sedan
I bloody live half an hour from there. Last thing I expected to see on SEcycle
Jock McBile
Jock McBile Dag sedan
Cool. I like the quirky different stories. I hope they keep the wall, sign and bucket you were standing in front of. That way the rest can be taken down, but there's something standing to tell show what was there.
Cthulhu 2 dagar sedan
Peter McFadden
Peter McFadden 2 dagar sedan
Great report, very interesting.
123TeeMee 2 dagar sedan
Disappointed the phrase “kick the bucket” wasn’t used
Akbar Sayed
Akbar Sayed 2 dagar sedan
Ava 2 dagar sedan
~We flew a kite in a public place -Tom Scott, 2020
DRDIMBOB 2 dagar sedan
I live near this amd drive past it frequently.
SuicideBunny6 2 dagar sedan
Does that mean the aerial ropeway will … kick the bucket too?
TheMightyKinkle 2 dagar sedan
How do you restart it if it stops?
Geoffrey Lee
Geoffrey Lee 2 dagar sedan
Interesting cableway.
Geoffrey Lee
Geoffrey Lee 2 dagar sedan
Shale is a rock …
Killer Wolf
Killer Wolf 2 dagar sedan
Right now this video has 2,794,507 views
E 2 dagar sedan
csil 2 dagar sedan
How much is their gravity bill?
Luke_CO 2 dagar sedan
I think I've never heard the word "bucket" being said so many times in my previous life as I did during this video
Barney The purple dinosaur with Internet access
Barney The purple dinosaur with Internet access 3 dagar sedan
They should make a museum about this when it’s time to take it down
Kobizarre 3 dagar sedan
I was gonna say its not the last one bc there's one near where I live, and then I realised that the video is that ropeway lmao.
Francis 11
Francis 11 3 dagar sedan
Perpetual motion doesn’t exists! I get that when it goes downhill it doesn’t use fuel but what about uphill?
Foggy Nerd
Foggy Nerd 11 timmar sedan
The buckets latch onto the rope. Downhill buckets are heavier and their weight keeps the rope moving. I would like to see a closeup of the latching mechanism.
Daxxon Jabiru
Daxxon Jabiru 3 dagar sedan
I want a ride.
Michael Ciotta
Michael Ciotta 3 dagar sedan
I bet people would pay money to ride it back and forth lmfao.
Jupiter Jaeden
Jupiter Jaeden Dag sedan
You could only ride it one way, it’s gravity operated so the returning buckets have to be lighter than the arriving ones.
hellodavey1902 3 dagar sedan
mllop aeet
mllop aeet 3 dagar sedan
Soooooo turn into a tourist attraction. This whole video ive been thinking “I soooo wanna ride in those buckets”. Bucket ride Nature tours
WZPlasticBling 4 dagar sedan
Can you answer why humans fear death?
chru cas
chru cas 4 dagar sedan
👍👌👏 Simply fantastic! Nowadays unfortunately trucks everywhere. Not even the railway is used properly.
Erez Ben Lulu
Erez Ben Lulu 4 dagar sedan
RemindMe! 15 years
AndyfromWrexham 4 dagar sedan
Places like this should be preserved forever. I'd pay for a ride in the bucket.
Macht 4 dagar sedan
Love this booket content
Bean 4 dagar sedan
Why doesn't it use any power? I don't get it.
Johan Bruintjes
Johan Bruintjes 4 dagar sedan
Because it is so old and Unique isnt possible to make it part of british national heritage or even list it for Unesco?
Barath Raj
Barath Raj 5 dagar sedan
I guess you could say..the ropeway is gonna kick the bucket in 2036! I'm sorry, I'll leave
jacklikesjuggling 5 dagar sedan
I don't understand how the empty bins come back uphill without power. Is the potential energy of the full bins somehow being converted into driving them back up?
OctoNova 5 dagar sedan
Ian Wright
Ian Wright 5 dagar sedan
There's one in the Pyrénées that generates electricity from the weight of the rock going down.
Blackrepublicanusa 5 dagar sedan
Brilliant, simply brilliant
Kilo Meter
Kilo Meter 5 dagar sedan
Because it doesn’t use anything it doesn’t make anyone any money that’s why they are changing it.
notyours 6 dagar sedan
This was a super feel good video and I couldn't tell you why
PoshMurder 6 dagar sedan
Honestly you're probably my favourite SEcycler. I was born here in SW London, going to be 33 next month, and I'm still learning a LOT about the country I love - all through your videos! I hope you have all your videos backed up, in case SEcycle ever has issues in the future, so we can put them in an archive!
Lost Space
Lost Space 6 dagar sedan
Bruv explain how it works with a Diagram or something. The gravity of the weight going down pulls the lighter empty bucket up? With breaks on?
swer 6 dagar sedan
i wouldve loved a more in depth explanation on how this thing works, it makes absolutely no sense to me
chooch1995 5 dagar sedan
The raw material comes from up above, a quarried hilltop. It’s sent downhill to the brick factory via the rope way. Gravity. The weight of the loaded buckets on the down side pull the empty buckets back up the hill...are you following? Pick something up...drop it. It went down. Gravity!
Graysonkhaskins 3
Graysonkhaskins 3 6 dagar sedan
Hi Tom I was wondering if u could do a vid about how some people Do and Dont have a voice inside of there brain and some people just see pictures? I dont know if this fits with your channel but you explain stuff well so thanks if you do :)
ProtoBoi5 6 dagar sedan
We need more instead of less of these
Lydia 6 dagar sedan
Ethan Bennett
Ethan Bennett 5 dagar sedan
the many accents of northern england are one of a kind
Sam Cyanide
Sam Cyanide 6 dagar sedan
nice hole
Mia Petersen
Mia Petersen 6 dagar sedan
I wonder if it could become some kind of live museum the day that the mine closes
lyricalcarpenter 6 dagar sedan
how do the empty buckets go back up the line?
My_Name_Is_ Chef
My_Name_Is_ Chef 6 dagar sedan
Seems like you shouldn’t change it. Just add another one
Your Dad
Your Dad 6 dagar sedan
if this thing can run with just gravity why aren't there more of them? It seems strange to go out of your way to construct underground conveyor belts or use trucks to haul shale for anything other than a special scenario where one of these wouldn't be viable. Is it just because they take too much skill to operate or something? Or does it have to do with maybe the ropes being too expensive and/or time consuming to replace every few years?
Ludovic Douay
Ludovic Douay 6 dagar sedan
I just realized how ski lift were invented
Justin Erickson
Justin Erickson 6 dagar sedan
Why would they engineer something that requires less energy if they aren't getting subsidies for it? I'm confused. Politicians and professors and Greta have made me believe that humans won't do good and smart things unless they are forced and incentivized to comply with politicians, professors, and Greta.
Peter Müller
Peter Müller 6 dagar sedan
This is truly environmental friendly. stupid to close it down.
Ethan Bennett
Ethan Bennett 5 dagar sedan
that isn't why they're closing it down
Naidu VGA
Naidu VGA 7 dagar sedan
this is the most basic difference between modern and ancient methods of doing many things. the reason for our dumping the old ones and always coming up with even the most absurd ways is simply on an economic scale. if it dont fit in it goes out, even if it is the best one
NoClassic 7 dagar sedan
so if it has brakes it could be making power as well?
KURT M. DELOS ANGELES 7 dagar sedan
Sometimes i watch your video even i don't understand it
Waterbird 4222
Waterbird 4222 7 dagar sedan
Very Cool
Deepa Rana
Deepa Rana 7 dagar sedan
in nepal still in rural areas its normal to have this ropeway
deDatdus 7 dagar sedan
I has boohket
Mark Shenton
Mark Shenton 7 dagar sedan
Weird, I drove past this yesterday and wondered what it was for, today, it was on my home page to watch. At least I now know what it is.
Philippe Larcher
Philippe Larcher 7 dagar sedan
How does it grab the cable? Just friction from weight? No pinching?
Celtic2Realms 7 dagar sedan
Very good
Chicken yes
Chicken yes 7 dagar sedan
Someone please put gropro on that bucket
Dylan BB
Dylan BB 7 dagar sedan
Tom is such a classic SEcycle channel
Matthew Harvey
Matthew Harvey 7 dagar sedan
wait.. lets go back to the point where it uses Gravity to power this thing....
extonville 7 dagar sedan
It’s pronounced Claw tun. Not Claff tun
Sky Luke
Sky Luke 7 dagar sedan
This would be the dopest ride ever!
Nico Kelly
Nico Kelly 7 dagar sedan
This is so cool, you always find the good ones.
C Teal
C Teal 7 dagar sedan
Our forefathers were in someways sooo much smarter than we are.
Tomsouz17 7 dagar sedan
Idk how hard itd be but just one segment of the towers with 2 carts to show how it used to be would be nice to keep for the years
Remo Peter
Remo Peter 7 dagar sedan
If it has a Transport Heritage Site plaque, why isn't that a guarantee that it will be preserved and maintained as a museum piece?
Emily An
Emily An 7 dagar sedan
Ropeway - most energy efficient transport available until now.
David Dou
David Dou 6 dagar sedan
Not when you need an engine because it is transporting material uphill.
JosiexJosie 7 dagar sedan
Wow, something reducing our impact on the climate? Good thing we don’t use those anymore.
mal x
mal x 7 dagar sedan
How tf are tou going to improve on that
Emily An
Emily An 7 dagar sedan
Poggy 7 dagar sedan
So this is why the earth keeps slowing down. They're stealing all the gravity. Good. Shut it down.
Pedro Folloni Pesserl
Pedro Folloni Pesserl 7 dagar sedan
sorry if I'm being stupid, how do the empty buckets come back to the top if there's no energy?
David Dou
David Dou 6 dagar sedan
You are being stupid, go back watch and listen.
FW911 7 dagar sedan
2:47 Even though there's no known cases of a bucket falling off the lines onto the road they went and put a safety bridge over the road anyways? Wow, that's very courteous!
Carlton Banks
Carlton Banks 8 dagar sedan
The ropeway uses power, just doesn't use electricity or fuel.
Davis Peterson
Davis Peterson 8 dagar sedan
Have they considered relocating/reinstalling the ropeway somewhere else once the shale runs out? I know it would probably be cheaper and easier to just build a new one, but if we're talking about preserving it for it's historical value, wouldn't it make sense to find another site that needs something similar, possibly one better situated for tourism?
Adam K
Adam K 8 dagar sedan
Similar technology can be seen in an episode of _Thomas the Tank Engine_ . The only difference is that the gravity cable was hooked up to rail cars; heavy cars, going down, pulled up empty cars.
Graeme Guthrie
Graeme Guthrie 8 dagar sedan
Literally every chairlift ever made.
george waite
george waite 8 dagar sedan
A system designed by intelligent people about to be closed by clowns.
nick ford
nick ford 8 dagar sedan
Energy storage anyone
M Godinho
M Godinho 8 dagar sedan
Congratulations, thank you very much for your video
1967AJB 8 dagar sedan
Fantastic, I’ve ridden my motorbike under it many times and always wanted to know more.
Peter Miller
Peter Miller 8 dagar sedan
Does it run all night?
Ethan Bennett
Ethan Bennett 5 dagar sedan
probably not knowing that it requires people to do it
fart sneed
fart sneed 8 dagar sedan
"Diversity is our strength" "Whoops, we can't maintain this vital infrastructure, we no longer have the [old technology]"
Ruri Rotaru
Ruri Rotaru 8 dagar sedan
I get why when the quarry is done this has to come down. Why not still save this heritage by putting parts of it on display in a museum. Maybe one of engineering or science. To me this was and is an engineering marvel.
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