The Strangest Aircraft Ever Built: The Soviet Union's VVA-14

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As an aircraft designer, physicist, astronomer, philosopher, painter and musician, Robert Bartini is often described as a genius ahead of his time. Throughout his life, he designed over 60 aircraft and made significant contributions to Soviet aviation. Although most of Bartini’s aircraft designs never left the drawing board, many of his aeronautical innovations were incorporated into production aircraft.

In 1965, Bartini was given a rare opportunity to realize the full potential of one of his concepts. With the emergence of American Polaris missile submarines, the Soviet Union needed a new kind of aircraft to respond. Bartini proposed building the ultimate submarine hunter. Designated as the VVA-14, it would be a truly unique and innovative aircraft. With a catamaran-like fuselage it would be optimized to fly within the ground effect (like other ekranoplan of the era), giving it endurance needed to fly long-range missions. It would also have wings so that it could fly like a conventional airplane if needed. Bartini would equip the VVA-14 with both a conventional landing gear for runways and a unique inflatable pontoon system to give it amphibious capabilities. Ten lift jets would allow for vertical take-off and landings (VTOL) from any kind of surface, giving the aircraft the ability to operate from the even most harsh and remote regions of the Soviet Union. Development would stretch nearly a decade, but like Bartini himself, the VVA-14’s design would end up being a little too ahead of it's time.

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postlim Timme sedan
it looks like a thunderbird!
Uthael Kileanea
Uthael Kileanea 20 timmar sedan
Poor guy, died before he could realize his dream. Limited by time and money. His dream wasn't a selfish one and would benefit science and technology in years to come. Truly a shame. OH, WELL! At least B2-Spirit (my profile pic) made it into reality. And was proven so successful they went and re-engineered it for an upgrade. Now imagine an all-altitude amphibious stealth VTOL plane which could use that ground effect for fuel efficiency. It doesn't even have to be a bomber (>20t of payload btw). Make it a passenger plane. Or a cruiser for tourists with pervy things like opening the stealth surface to reveal transparent top and bottom, for watching the sky and sea surface. And even open that when stationary for docking of private aircraft and submarines.
Kaspo 108
Kaspo 108 Dag sedan
Can you make a video about the X-15? Great video BTW
Abhishek Sancheti
Abhishek Sancheti Dag sedan
The burly whorl unsurprisingly blush because kayak prognostically cry before a noxious volleyball. homeless, uppity door
Arch Archer
Arch Archer Dag sedan
I remember back in the day I played Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater on playstation 2 and I learned from that game what a ground effect vehicle was. I learned the concept there and then. Ah...good old times.
Richard Smith
Richard Smith Dag sedan
The genius and creativity of the Russian people is unmatched. It is truely a shame their government is too corrupt and broke for any of it to become reality.
Egor Amaturova
Egor Amaturova Dag sedan
Back when Aircraft industry is creative and outside the box. Now the aircraft industry is extremely lazy, with nothing exotic anymore, just all the same boring jets. I kinda think if the Soviet union didnt fall, there would more exotic stuff for us to see.
Creative Engineer
Creative Engineer Dag sedan
I always wondered what that thing was but I only found on image of it. This video helps alot
FatCatGotHot Dag sedan
YES!! Just Yes! I was aware of the VVA-14 before, but never would have even hoped to find it on your channel. How cool ist that?!
Mac Dag sedan
The carrier version looks like something straight out of Command & Conquer. Very cool.
HK's flight simulations
HK's flight simulations 2 dagar sedan
Love ur content.
Денис Ким
Денис Ким 2 dagar sedan
Where is russian subtitles
Owen Sanderson
Owen Sanderson 2 dagar sedan
Can you do a video about the ilyushin il-76
Wade Anderson
Wade Anderson 2 dagar sedan
Bartini vs Waves... Waves win.
Jason Lynch
Jason Lynch 2 dagar sedan
big dummy, turbo jets you say? it says turbo fans on the drawing
Plug berth Oiyuver
Plug berth Oiyuver 2 dagar sedan
Ithula 5 6 kuutali
Plug berth Oiyuver
Plug berth Oiyuver 2 dagar sedan
Plug berth Oiyuver
Plug berth Oiyuver 2 dagar sedan
Ulla thuki
Plug berth Oiyuver
Plug berth Oiyuver 2 dagar sedan
Plug berth Oiyuver
Plug berth Oiyuver 2 dagar sedan
OrangeLeaf36 3 dagar sedan
Hey umm i just saw a video about United having supersonic planes on their fleet
Iron Cross
Iron Cross 3 dagar sedan
Good plane Comrade Bartini.
Red 3 dagar sedan
Lookin like an x wing
The Mэoиg
The Mэoиg 3 dagar sedan
Edgar Joseph G. Laudencia
Edgar Joseph G. Laudencia 6 timmar sedan
Because they don't want you know that that's the truth. It is made by aliens lol.
NightCoder 3 dagar sedan
It looks abandoned because they found alien eggs inside.
Vince Abbott
Vince Abbott 3 dagar sedan
Stunning documentary and awesome graphics, never even knew this plane existed, thanks for bringing it to my attention.
Markus Puschert
Markus Puschert 3 dagar sedan
Oh that´s where the plans for the Serenity are coming from ;) (And the Avengers giant flying thingy as well i guess gg)
Matthew Trabue
Matthew Trabue 3 dagar sedan
Love this aircraft! #1 for me!
Christopher Sabo
Christopher Sabo 4 dagar sedan
a version of this was designed for military use in the USSR some converted for civilian use. And a bunch are designed solely for civilian use. These vehicles are called ekranoplan. Some were literally designed to be super fast high speed armored troop carriers
Massimo Anzon
Massimo Anzon 4 dagar sedan
Roberto Oros di Bartini was an Italian Engineer from noble origin. He studied at the University "Regio Politecnico" in Milan, than escaped to the Soviet Union beacuse of his political persuasions.
thousand points of light
thousand points of light 4 dagar sedan
reminds me of planet Jupiter, Glory to King Zeus!
Zenovarse 4 dagar sedan
Kirov reporting
Avraham Baruch
Avraham Baruch 4 dagar sedan
Unfortunately, genocidal thermonuclear WW3 is not too far away, please follow the latest news at "Countdown World News" page of RKK Book website. Humankind has been playing with nuclear fire since 1945, and the bottom line is, if we continue doing so, this fire will consume us one day. Now is the time to turn to God-given wisdom and make the only right step as it might be too late to do so tomorrow. We have responsibility to take a good care of our children and ensure they have a future.
Lin Kuei Dragon
Lin Kuei Dragon 4 dagar sedan
So no one is going to talk about how the channel name is literally 'Mustard'?
control 4 dagar sedan
وليد الشواف
وليد الشواف 4 dagar sedan
لا تضعوا الموسيقى لأنها حرام قال الله تعالى ((( ومن الناس من يشتري لهوا الحديث ليضل عن سبيل الله ))) .الأية. وقال النبي محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم: (ليكونن من أمتي أقوام يستحلون الحِر والحرير والخمر والمعازف ). رواه البخاري معلقاً بصيغة الجزم . الواجب عدم وضعها
6インチ 4 dagar sedan
Looks like something out of halo
T i
T i 4 dagar sedan
not sure if someone else has made this correction but the word for crossing oceans is "traverse" not "transverse"
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 4 dagar sedan
-Do you want to engineer an airplane, an helicopter or a hovercraft? -DA.
Max DZaster
Max DZaster 4 dagar sedan
how can this plane be in METAL GEAR SOLID 3 finale escape .. kojima is f***king genius
Gankatron 5000
Gankatron 5000 4 dagar sedan
This video does highlight the double standards present in world politics, such as how the US took a hard line in 1962 against the Russian deployment of nuclear missiles in Cuba within striking distance of the mainland, and yet what often gets left out of the bigger picture is that by 1961 the US not only had submarines armed with nuclear missiles surrounding their coastlines, but also deployed nuclear missiles in Turkey and Italy completely encircling Russia with nuclear strike capabilities.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 4 dagar sedan
Ground effect: exists Soviet Union: it's free real estate
Burak Kartoflany
Burak Kartoflany 4 dagar sedan
Happy Feet
Happy Feet 4 dagar sedan
There is the rest of one of them at Monino museum in Moscow
Rico Andrade
Rico Andrade 5 dagar sedan
Incredible video. Production value is top!!
RaDK012 5 dagar sedan
Bruh the american osprey could have done the same mission than this big thing
Judd Hack
Judd Hack 5 dagar sedan
Arghhh- metal gear....
KingOfJustice 5 dagar sedan
Dang it I missed two episodes i really gotta sub
Joachim Paulsen
Joachim Paulsen 5 dagar sedan
The X-15 next
Joachim Paulsen
Joachim Paulsen 5 dagar sedan
Make a video about the XB-70 maybe?
MrRickillo 5 dagar sedan
Good Lord! Why can I push the like button only once!?
Mashiro Shiina
Mashiro Shiina 5 dagar sedan
He was Just borned in a Wrong Country....
Ranko Orović
Ranko Orović 5 dagar sedan
He was born in Italy.
Tha R
Tha R 5 dagar sedan
I didn't watch , just disliked video
taln0reich 5 dagar sedan
I'm more interested in the civilian application mentioned, the cargo-ground-effect vehicle that has the load of a conventional cargo-ship and the speed of an aircraft. Just imagine what could be done with something like that.
Gnomezonbacon 5 dagar sedan
This will put a smile on the faces of the enemy. They will think it's a huge robot dildo flying towards them.
Sean D.G
Sean D.G 5 dagar sedan
When the video starts and you mistake a pair of pontoons for a screw drive...
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 5 dagar sedan
Ground effect: exists Soviet Union: it's free real estate
NRG 5 dagar sedan
Is this nile red? 🤔
John Thomas
John Thomas 5 dagar sedan
10/10 for pronouncing ‘Moscow’ correctly. 999999 Americans in 1000000 can’t do what you just did. Moss-🐄 indeed! There’s no wonder that the entire world thinks that folks from the US are slack-jawed knuckle-draggers.
mags dunkl
mags dunkl 5 dagar sedan
A comparison between the VVA-14 and the Ekranoplan would be nice
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 5 dagar sedan
jet fighter
Chese broger
Chese broger 5 dagar sedan
looks like a metal slug boss tbh
John B
John B 5 dagar sedan
The first iteration of the hercules star lifter c2....
Ian Graves
Ian Graves 5 dagar sedan
He was of the same generation as Kelly Johnson who designed the Blackbird. Both these guys were so ahead of their time, that their designs still look futuristic some 60 years later.
whiteandnerdytuba 5 dagar sedan
The second time you said spacecraft my eyes fell out since they couldn’t roll any further back. It looks like an airplane and flies like an airplane
Mister sandwich
Mister sandwich 6 dagar sedan
Captain rogers put it down
Lynn O
Lynn O 6 dagar sedan
Ekranoplan is the Leviathan and Bartini is the Chimera
Vibing Cat
Vibing Cat 6 dagar sedan
dat production quality tho
thousand miles
thousand miles 6 dagar sedan
Crash into the sea!
Павел Федотов
Павел Федотов 6 dagar sedan
Teh Wever
Teh Wever 6 dagar sedan
Those visualisations required a bit of effort, bravo to the artists involved :)
AqpleTV 6 dagar sedan
Aww, Mustard. Come on, man!
gkool 6 dagar sedan
The only stat that counts about this bird... it did in fact do the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs ✨🌠
paul sharp
paul sharp 4 dagar sedan
@gkool I love to educate. Thank you for giving me the opportunity :)
gkool 5 dagar sedan
@paul sharp thank you Sheldon
paul sharp
paul sharp 5 dagar sedan
A parsec is a measure of distance not of time :)
blind fredy
blind fredy 6 dagar sedan
A man ahead of his time.
MrPrajitura 6 dagar sedan
Hey Mustard. I got randomly suggested one of your videos and I've enjoyed pretty much all of them. Any chance you could do one on the Harrier? Probably the most iconic VTOL jet fighter
dog guy
dog guy 6 dagar sedan
Looks like fictional James Bond "moonraker 007"
Jeroen Derks
Jeroen Derks 6 dagar sedan
why 1 wing is longer then the other?
Koharumi 6 dagar sedan
If this became real then we could of had speed carriers
Фёдор Сусанин
Фёдор Сусанин 6 dagar sedan
некоторые Советские руководители, сами обгадились от страха, что они могут создать. Поэтому и валили концепцию на корню.
slkjvlkfsvnls dfhgdght
slkjvlkfsvnls dfhgdght 6 dagar sedan
if this aircraft design that takes advantage of the ground effect is so good, why haven't they become widespread for civilian transportation and such?
slkjvlkfsvnls dfhgdght
slkjvlkfsvnls dfhgdght 6 dagar sedan
@Ranko Orović well, yeah. otherwise I would not have asked. however, I only want a short list of the major problems. not all of the problems. and it would also be nice if you can post a link with to a detailed article
Ranko Orović
Ranko Orović 6 dagar sedan
@slkjvlkfsvnls dfhgdght Are you really interested?
slkjvlkfsvnls dfhgdght
slkjvlkfsvnls dfhgdght 6 dagar sedan
@Ranko Orović ok, what are their problems?
Ranko Orović
Ranko Orović 6 dagar sedan
Because they look good only on the drawing board,simulations and animations.The number off problems they have is incredible.
Jack Nguyen
Jack Nguyen 6 dagar sedan
It’s look like Virgin Galactic Spaceship
Dalek 2150
Dalek 2150 6 dagar sedan
Perhaps this man was inspiration for Gerry Anderson aircraft.
Utkarsh Satish
Utkarsh Satish 6 dagar sedan
Could you use ground effect on the clouds?
NiLpIL 6 dagar sedan
Soviets goal in aircraft was single handedly functionality and not beauty
NiLpIL 6 dagar sedan
This channel is a good example of what a real quality looks like. Amazing
Apurva Mishra
Apurva Mishra 6 dagar sedan
Where do you find this cool shit. Kudos !!
Pit Fiend AOW
Pit Fiend AOW 6 dagar sedan
Suit Banter
Suit Banter 6 dagar sedan
I've never ben so happy and proud to see a video go viral. Godspeed Mustard
German Roldán
German Roldán 6 dagar sedan
I'm amazed by the beautiful and realistic graphics. Great work!
Big Boss Heisenberg
Big Boss Heisenberg 6 dagar sedan
Metal Gear Solid 3 anyone????
Josef Gordon
Josef Gordon 6 dagar sedan
Love these Cold War megaprojects. Forget about pushing the the envelope, everyone was trying to blow it up with a railgun.
bluegreen voyager
bluegreen voyager 6 dagar sedan
All I know is Eva flies Snake out of Tselinoyarsk in one of these WiGs just as the MiGs receive the RTB command. Then it was off to party all night... "Eva I need you!" -Snake
SantaFe19484 6 dagar sedan
The Soviets really had wild imaginations!
evilturnip 6 dagar sedan
Does anyone else think that the aircraft carrier looks like Thunderbird 2?
LordAxe 6 dagar sedan
Bloody hell . Those Rooskies were aeronautical meisters. Love the grfx on these videos - amazing .
Basic Player
Basic Player 6 dagar sedan
This machine looks amazing! But it's kind of sad he died before he could make these..
Basic Player
Basic Player 6 dagar sedan
But that might be a good thing.. Time does get messy if stuff does happen when it's not supposed to..
EnergeticWaves 6 dagar sedan
looks like a sea turtle
TELTOS 6 dagar sedan
это экраноплан. Какай нахер аиркрафт?
Lanciarules 6 dagar sedan
Bartini was italian
Panzer Of The Lake
Panzer Of The Lake 6 dagar sedan
I rlly want to see a real one doe
lekarz plagi
lekarz plagi 6 dagar sedan
that is not that stupid
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