The Pat McAfee Show | Monday February 8th, 2021

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The Pat McAfee Show

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Veasna Samreth
Veasna Samreth Månad sedan
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Nikhil Clinton Francis
Nikhil Clinton Francis Månad sedan
Pat behaves like he is really insecure. It just stands out so much.
Sneak Attack
Sneak Attack Månad sedan
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Travis Dempster
Travis Dempster Månad sedan
Only 10 Teams have held a opponent to single Digits in the Super bowl Only 4 Teams have held their opponent without a TD in the Super Bowl Of those teams, the Bucs won by the Largest Point Differential 22pts. Only 6 Wild Card Teams have won the Super Bowl Only 4 have won 3 Road Games. Again none of those teams close to 22 Point Differential. If the Bucs can bring back their Core, crazy to think they will be even better. Crazy
Chris Alleyne
Chris Alleyne Månad sedan
Hey pat would you not transition tag dak let him go and get a first trade up for a new qb save cap
zeke zhen
zeke zhen Månad sedan
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Holden Tudix
Holden Tudix Månad sedan
Pat I can prove it with slips I had Blue Gatorade and Gronk 1St TD :-)
Go Getter
Go Getter Månad sedan
ESPN need to make a 30 For 30 on Tom seven rings Brady! 🐏
Go Getter
Go Getter Månad sedan
Hat off to the entire Tampa Bay Bucs team for a heck of a season!!!!!
Kevin Blake
Kevin Blake 2 månader sedan
Ben relied on physical abilities/running/taking hits OUTSIDE the pocket- SAME with most top NFL QB's like; Mahomes, Wilson, Rogers, Watson, Allen, Jackson, Herbert, Murry, and more. Brady was never that fast and has relied on movement in the pocket and avoiding big hits, extending his career. The league is littered with washed up QB's that did not move in the pocket as well and HAD to retire. That is why no one, including Mahomes, will EVER break Brady's SB record- they simply cannot last 20 years playing outside the pocket and taking hits when they SLOW down physically- which they ALL do with "Father time"
Jeremy Waters
Jeremy Waters 2 månader sedan
Is this what civilization has devolved into in the past year? Betting on Gatorade color. God help us.
Sylvia Ingram
Sylvia Ingram 2 månader sedan
My humble prediction - Tom Brady retires. Afterwards, Tom Brady becomes an NFL coach. Tom becomes the GOAT coach.!
Jimbo Son
Jimbo Son 2 månader sedan
Little late but.......let it be known....Tampa Bay vs New England Super Bowl next season.
Monroe 2 månader sedan
Let’s go! Offseason bout to bang
Gwenda Page
Gwenda Page 2 månader sedan
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Chloe Manchestor
Chloe Manchestor 2 månader sedan
*Based on love alone. God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die in our place. Then on the third day rose Him from the dead.* *Now, though Jesus Christ alone. God has granted us the free gift of eternal life. He will save and heal you, if you ask Him.*
d Ledge
d Ledge 2 månader sedan
Anyone who listened to this live heard the QB coach say AB went the opposite route of what he supposed to for that TD. Somehow at about 26:48 theres a jump cut...Thats super not cool. Kinda makes me question this show.
keion bob
keion bob 2 månader sedan
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carl moreno
carl moreno 2 månader sedan
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Benny White
Benny White 2 månader sedan
The Source cough cough Mathieu's agent.
Benny White
Benny White 2 månader sedan
Jesus, enough already with lil Emo Rodgers. It's getting pathetic at this point.
yi chen
yi chen 2 månader sedan
Patttty paaaaty cakyyyyyyy!!’nnn
Plazik 2 månader sedan
Kind of crazy that Tom won't be entering the Hall of Fame until like 50 years old lol
Charles Comeaux jr
Charles Comeaux jr 2 månader sedan
Bill Russell won a few with less teams in the league.
MISTER PADILLA 2 månader sedan
Did we always think it was just one guy?? Lol everyone thinks it’s just Tom so yes, technically. Everyone just thinks it’s Tom and not Bill.
MISTER PADILLA 2 månader sedan
😂😂😂I love that you guys get so many coaches and players on your guys show. It’s amazing and I feel like I’ve learned more about football this year then any other year in my life.
Scott Hall
Scott Hall 2 månader sedan
The Tesla is not "a better car in every facet." Andrew Luck didn't live up to the hype. Do people sleep with a shirt on? Ummm... yeah, a lot of people.
Mac Attack
Mac Attack 2 månader sedan
Let's be honest if you bet over Brady you shouldn't gamble.
Blake Moree
Blake Moree 2 månader sedan
that defense they played on sunday would make the 2002 bucks proud.
Blake Moree
Blake Moree 2 månader sedan
@Mac Attack and the middle line backers
Mac Attack
Mac Attack 2 månader sedan
The d line was amazing to see
Jobo Mcfakeaf
Jobo Mcfakeaf 2 månader sedan
AJ lezride
Paul Zaiger
Paul Zaiger 2 månader sedan
Situations are situations 🤣
MISTER PADILLA 2 månader sedan
Brady only apologized because he won lol
Jobo Mcfakeaf
Jobo Mcfakeaf 2 månader sedan
Devin White
Melancholy Puppy
Melancholy Puppy 2 månader sedan
Britt Reid might go on another high speed chase lol
Alex Peeters
Alex Peeters 2 månader sedan
AJ HAWK!! Glad to hear you’re staying. Important member of the show!!
David Dickson Jr.
David Dickson Jr. 2 månader sedan
Clyde Christensen is freaking awesome! That was a great interview with him. I laughed so much I shed a tear. I'll finish the show later when I get a chance but he set the bar high early!
Benny White
Benny White 2 månader sedan
Word is Goodell and 31 other franchises are calling for an investigation into Brady insider betting.
Shawn Walker
Shawn Walker 2 månader sedan
I would love if u went to Tampa and got a ring
Matt Heagerty
Matt Heagerty 2 månader sedan
I’m surprised Romo even had time to complain about Winfield Jr. when he spent the whole broadcast blowing Patrick Mahomes.
Peck Peckahson
Peck Peckahson 2 månader sedan
2:19:44 Still drunk from the night before Super Bowl champion player/coach AQ Shipley: "COVID is real"
Red 2 månader sedan
Aq got rone
Mikey Bets
Mikey Bets 2 månader sedan
send the link for Discord
John Ta
John Ta 2 månader sedan
who is devin smith? its devin white
Dominic Toscano
Dominic Toscano 2 månader sedan
“It’s sleep ware! You want to be Tom Brady or not?” Fine quote of the show
Paul Balcomb
Paul Balcomb 2 månader sedan
For a team game, we only mention one player all the time
MISTER PADILLA 2 månader sedan
15 minutes into this show and you guys haven’t talked about the defense shutting down Mahomes....
Marko Nikolic
Marko Nikolic 2 månader sedan
Eric Horner
Eric Horner 2 månader sedan
Btw guys, I love the pivot from NFL to movies. Funny content!
Ernesto A
Ernesto A 2 månader sedan
when I saw your parlay, I literally said there is no way that happens 💀💀
Dawson Smith
Dawson Smith 2 månader sedan
Love Pat, the boys, and this show, but this isn’t a “sports” show. It’s a football show ;)
Danimal m
Danimal m 2 månader sedan
I want to see the live that you guys did during the superbowl i watched the coin toss part and the touchback . But i had to watch the game and couldn’t watch on my phone because i was watching my bets.... FanDuel needs to expand .. you can bet draft kings in nh but not fanduel ... i still do they fantasy version of it but it be nice to make some of those cool bets .
G 237
G 237 2 månader sedan
Tony Romo time is over... painful to listen to on broadcast...
Dakota Hutchinson
Dakota Hutchinson 2 månader sedan
Turn into a Hockey Show when NFL is over for the year so we still get some shows from you fools!
Miguel mendoza
Miguel mendoza 2 månader sedan
Damn AaronThat was deep
Paul Cagna
Paul Cagna 2 månader sedan
That promo at 54min is solid gold. Pat: "Ain't that right Tone." Diggs: "Absolutely pal." XD
hustin jale
hustin jale 2 månader sedan
You need to get brady on!!
Drew Pocernich
Drew Pocernich 2 månader sedan
I miss Tuesdays. This Tuesday (today) is actually my 20th birthday.
theking1085 2 månader sedan
You and the boyzzz killed it in your pre and post Super Bowl shows! Niice job! Love the show
Michael Munson
Michael Munson 2 månader sedan
Hall of fame is a bout dominance! The best of the best . If you don't think Calvin Johnson is the best of the best your crazy
Jaylee Clough
Jaylee Clough 2 månader sedan
Shipley looks like the big show lost weight
Lovebiota 2 månader sedan
Other sports channels have not yet made it thru their 5 stages of grief missing THE STORY about the friggin champions, how and why they won. Thanks to the Mac Team for keeping it real and covering all angles while breaking down facts and insights about THE BIG STORY that should actually be a topic which others can't seem to bring themselves to discuss (beer tears) lol
jeff fung
jeff fung 2 månader sedan
The loutish bank antenatally gather because stocking genetically deliver upon a lean hedge. large, low farmer
Jaylee Clough
Jaylee Clough 2 månader sedan
Bring on the impractical jokers crew. They would have good goofy chemistry there.
Kevin Raughton
Kevin Raughton 2 månader sedan
Chris called Devon White Devon Smith twice lol.
Jaylee Clough
Jaylee Clough 2 månader sedan
Austin was wasted half his matches.
Jaylee Clough
Jaylee Clough 2 månader sedan
Called him carpet muncher lol.
Caleb Johnson
Caleb Johnson 2 månader sedan
Marshawn Mondays needs to be a thing. MAKE 👏 IT 👏 HAPPEN 👏👏👏👏!!!!!!!!!!!
Dillon D
Dillon D 2 månader sedan
Sterling sharpe
Luke Parker
Luke Parker 2 månader sedan
Jimmy G still the man at 49ers they ain’t leaving him took us too a SB last year we should of one
Michael Munson
Michael Munson 2 månader sedan
I'm disappointed in you Luke, very disappointed
Kyle Tucker
Kyle Tucker 2 månader sedan
Does anyone know if Cris Carter has some sort of podcast or show? I've missed hearing him talk about the NFL ever since he left First Things First.
Porg Hub
Porg Hub 2 månader sedan
I felt exactly like AJ at the end of the show. It sounded like someone had died or something. It's all good, Pat. There's more of us out here watching your show that don't give the slightest damn about football than you think.
no name
no name 2 månader sedan
Just sign with the friggin Bucs already pat. Tickin me off pal
moonglow630 2 månader sedan
Yesterday was the 11 year anniversary of AJ winning a Super Bowl in the last time the Packers won the Super Bowl
moonglow630 2 månader sedan
And the reason why Aaron Rodgers announced his engagement at the NFL honors is so his parents could know. Because he’s not speaking to them because he’s an asshole.
moonglow630 2 månader sedan
Rogers could never be on a team like that because he insists on having a large contract. Brady doesn’t need a large contract and always make sure the large contracts go to other players. That’s why the Pats are so good for so long. Aaron Rodgers is a selfish asshole.
Tucker Williams
Tucker Williams 2 månader sedan
NASCAR News during the off season!!! Next Sunday’s Daytona 500!
eldiego68 2 månader sedan
Lol the Vitaly streaker propaganda is insane, first the World Cup and now the super bowl 🤣
Evan Chong
Evan Chong 2 månader sedan
No one gonna talk about his coin toss bet?
David J
David J 2 månader sedan
"im glad you all wore masks at the after party" lol
ROACH 2 månader sedan
Love the show but Pat's boys gotta check their ego every now and then.
moonglow630 2 månader sedan
Tiger Woods has won 83 Championships. Let that sink in. Yes, what Brady & Jordan have done is amazing, cause they’re team sports. Though Jordan could control most of the game himself.
Sean Moir
Sean Moir 2 månader sedan
Hope the boys still held on to their timeshare vacation home! Perfect for rotation😅
Zach H
Zach H 2 månader sedan
Grade A dumpouts!!
TheRealDunham 2 månader sedan
Ben Tubbs
Ben Tubbs 2 månader sedan
When you have to compare Serena to Tom you are grabbing at straws no one cares about female or make tennis
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith 2 månader sedan
That’s true. That’s why she’s worth over 200+ million and is a part owner of the one ever watched her play tennis
Zach H
Zach H 2 månader sedan
If mahomes keeps playing how he has and they never go to another super bowl again, his legacy would be exactly what Aaron Rodgers is at this moment.
Samuel Kolb
Samuel Kolb 2 månader sedan
Well he would have to win 2 more MVPs potentially but yeah
Lawrence Yap
Lawrence Yap 2 månader sedan
Devin White!
Royce James
Royce James 2 månader sedan
Dislike so Pat has to come back👌😂😂
Ashton H
Ashton H 2 månader sedan
Pat Mcafee for the hall of fame
Ryan Hickey
Ryan Hickey 2 månader sedan
Where's all the Greenbay Aaron Rodgers boys? TB12 the fckn GOAT
chris 2 månader sedan
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson 2 månader sedan
can we get the hawk some decent cameras and a god damn cloud lifter for his mic? this aint the Busch leagues
Rico 2 månader sedan
aj wants to be in studio so bad
Captain Coffee Cake
Captain Coffee Cake 2 månader sedan
@23:02 Love how he said the Packers woulda put up more of a fight.... Well he is not wrong , last time they went to tampa Green Bay scored 10 points to Tampa bays 38 lol Soooooo I guess they scored 1 more point then the chiefs....
Captain Coffee Cake
Captain Coffee Cake 2 månader sedan
@Michael Holthaus Yup ... AT LAMBO .... Their home field, In the dead of winter .... Without AB on the Bucs... against a florida team .... AND STILL LOST ! . Packers are overhype , if rodgers is so good why does he lose all the time when it matters ? the guys a hack who can only perform when the game doesnt matter.
Michael Holthaus
Michael Holthaus 2 månader sedan
Packers just scored a bit more than 10 a couple weeks ago
Kieran Gregan
Kieran Gregan 2 månader sedan
AJ hark is getting feisty and I love it
Luke 2 månader sedan
AQ is awesome
Josh Davies
Josh Davies 2 månader sedan
Did Tom Brady make a crossroads deal at some point 20 years ago? 🤣
Chris Badgett
Chris Badgett 2 månader sedan
The Blue print is out for KC. I remember when Russell Wilson won his 1st ring and was playing for his 2nd while everyone thought he was the up and coming goat.
Arthur Rahman
Arthur Rahman 2 månader sedan
Offseason, here we go. This is where the show really helps me get through the boring ass months without football.
You do you
You do you 2 månader sedan
Great show, it took all of us.
Lembardi 2 månader sedan
Can't get enough of Clyde. Need him on the show more
Fight Thoughts
Fight Thoughts 2 månader sedan
Pat tried to sell us Raycon whilst he was using AirPods? “Sell Aht” lol respect the hustle tho
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