The Napoleonic Wars - OverSimplified (Part 2)

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Oolong Tea
Oolong Tea 51 minut sedan
Russia about to lose* Russia: call an ambulance. Call an ambulance Shows winter* Russia: but not for me.
Gustaf Göthlin
Gustaf Göthlin Timme sedan
Can we get a oversimplefied Carolus Rex? Who’s with me? :D
Wonu lover
Wonu lover 2 timmar sedan
You know the guy is very powerful and dangerous when he's imprisoned in an isolated island guarded by 2000 soldiers and 2 ships circling around the island 24/7
Gejei Gshsjs
Gejei Gshsjs 4 timmar sedan
Bro make a video on India independence.
Bilim insanı
Bilim insanı 4 timmar sedan
Barış özcanın kanalindan sufi özcan 'ın önermesi ile geldim selamlar @barışozcan
Mario l'idraulico napoletano
Mario l'idraulico napoletano 5 timmar sedan
Make more videos pls
Ayushmaan v
Ayushmaan v 5 timmar sedan
Legend has it that Wilhelm is still pooing in his pants
Luciano Vigil-Sausedo
Luciano Vigil-Sausedo 6 timmar sedan
I don't see Napoleon as a failure or anything less of a great leader. The reason they exiled him to Elba and eventually St. Helena and had the British military guard him was cause they feared him and his power.
Prince David Bentabal
Prince David Bentabal 9 timmar sedan
seriously, these other monarchies who tried to have their way with Napoleon were just jerks. you see, he made France go back on its feet, gone to fight the government that France have installed, and made his own name. it is like bullying but the bully is a total idiota. they dont learn
George Held
George Held 9 timmar sedan
One day...
Reve Cosse
Reve Cosse 9 timmar sedan
Jamiru_Nahi 11 timmar sedan
Duke of Wellington: Mr. Stark I Don't feel so good 26:50
Atin Tripathi
Atin Tripathi 11 timmar sedan
Can you release India war to Pakistan and china
Atin Tripathi
Atin Tripathi 11 timmar sedan
Please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Atin Tripathi
Atin Tripathi 11 timmar sedan
Atin Tripathi
Atin Tripathi 11 timmar sedan
Waffle boy
Waffle boy 11 timmar sedan
Later can you oversimplified philippines??
Nixon Fiser
Nixon Fiser 12 timmar sedan
sub 2 Trampoline Entertainment
just another account
just another account 13 timmar sedan
The devs really need to Nerf Russia's winter, It's too OP
DonglebookPro Max
DonglebookPro Max 11 timmar sedan
Don’t worry, due to player feedback, the devs are releasing a new patch. The anthropocene and climate change should balance Europe in the next update
sad rice
sad rice 12 timmar sedan
Nope. It’s not my first time on youtube.
just another account
just another account 12 timmar sedan
@sad rice this your first day on youtube? Maybe i can show you around
sad rice
sad rice 12 timmar sedan
Why is someone commenting on a 3 month video?
Nicole Navarro
Nicole Navarro 14 timmar sedan
Can you please do a video on The Black Death, Pompeii, or anything about Ancient Rome? (From its rise to its collapse)
Nicole Navarro
Nicole Navarro 14 timmar sedan
One of your best works, Oversimplified!!! Keep it up! Such a big fan!
Internet Pleb
Internet Pleb 16 timmar sedan
Total war but when every faction hates u
Antisocial 18 timmar sedan
Please do the Greek War of Independence next
Rodrigo Rodriguez
Rodrigo Rodriguez 18 timmar sedan
You gotta respect the Spanish guerrillas for their unbreakable spirit during the peninsular war
The Death Star
The Death Star 3 timmar sedan
@Madhavi Reddy Well that was actually the plan, but Spain was occupied by 300,000 troops and the Spanish army was nonexistent, leaving only 53,000 British, 27,000 Portuguese, and 55,000 Spanish to fight them. The best part is that they somehow managed to win.
Madhavi Reddy
Madhavi Reddy 11 timmar sedan
While napolean was going to russia spain and uk should invade france that would be a deadly blow to napolean disturbing supply lines and also getting revenge
The Death Star
The Death Star 17 timmar sedan
Unfortunately most of the Peninsular war was skipped in favor of the invasion of Russia.
Nahim Suayfeta Castillo
Nahim Suayfeta Castillo 19 timmar sedan
Revolution Mexican
Fahim Foysal Nibir
Fahim Foysal Nibir 19 timmar sedan
First rule for dictators : Never Attack Russia, not at least during winter.
chill 20 timmar sedan
14:29 Who makes horses?!
villain For life
villain For life 20 timmar sedan
You should do the Cuban revolution next since you did the cold war but show more detail on Castro and the mini controversial actually done some good old Oversimplified humor
name 21 timme sedan
Next video : Chimpanezee war Oversimplified That actualy happend
Big Gargantuar
Big Gargantuar 21 timme sedan
You should make a video about the cartel wars in Columbia with Pablo Escobar and stuff. Would take off cuz of Narcos
TheMemeOG897 21 timme sedan
Kosovo war next please
Mehdi Guizani
Mehdi Guizani 22 timmar sedan
Can you make one of Alexander the Great? @oversimplified
Nikos_para 232
Nikos_para 232 22 timmar sedan
I really want to see a video about Alexander's the grate campaign on persia
ghjjb potato
ghjjb potato 22 timmar sedan
Um i think vikings would be a great video
Sports Perfect
Sports Perfect 22 timmar sedan
Can you doThe Trojan War?
Jonas Tranberg Hansen
Jonas Tranberg Hansen 22 timmar sedan
Am i the only one wishing that one of the next few uploads will be wars of the roses?
Vanreis 23 timmar sedan
If you think about it Napoleon was not defeated by his ambition, pride, the mistake of invading Russia or unchanging tactics long after other nations learned to counter them. No, what defeated Napoleon was the fact that his actual worst enemy (Britain) was untouchable due being an island nation, focusing primarily on navy and having a huge colonial empire filling their coffers. Everything else was just a result of that fact. If anything this showed me that is the British Isles were a peninsula we'd probably learn in school about the eventual fracture of the de-facto French Empire post-Napoleon and not about his failure.
Madhavi Reddy
Madhavi Reddy Dag sedan
29:12 i know that Genghis Khan will never be no 1 but not even in top 10 is wrong He will not be no 1 becz he is asian and europeans dont want a tribal boy to be treated greatest military general
Exciton 16 timmar sedan
I mean he put Takeda Shingen and Khalid ibn al-Walid who's not an european, but i agree that Genghis Khan should've been higher
Kpa6uK_ApKaLLIa Dag sedan
Who the fuck told you that Napoleon win Borodino? it was his biggest defeat.
The Death Star
The Death Star 12 timmar sedan
@Kpa6uK_ApKaLLIa Kutuzov’s plan was to destroy Napoleon in a war of attrition, but the Tsar forced him to commit to battle, he lost that battle. The Russian army was beaten, though not decisively like at Austerlitz or Friedland. There are two different types of victories: Tactical and Strategic, Borodino was a tactical victory for the French as they achieved their short term goals of beating the Russian army and capturing Moscow, but it was a strategic victory for the Russians as the Russian army wasn’t decisively beaten and retreated in good order to fight another day, this combined with the fact that Tsar Alexander refused to make peace meant that Kutuzov’s plans changed little. And the Russians wouldn’t have had to burn Moscow in the first place if it wasn’t for them losing at Borodino. What came after Borodino was his biggest defeat, not Borodino itself, and that too was on the campaign scale, not battle scale.
Kpa6uK_ApKaLLIa 13 timmar sedan
@The Death Star yeah yeah, typical western way of thinking. Did it helped Napoleon? No. He lost way to much men and supplies, Kutuzovs plan was to weaken Napoleon, not defeat him in combat. Russian army wasnt beaten, it retreated in order, and start to recieve reinforcements. The battle winner is not who stays on the field, but those who reaches hes goal. Goal of Napoleon was to beat the russian army, russian army wasnt beaten. Russian goal was to weaken Napoleon cause winter is coming =). And this goal was reached. Napoleon takes Moscow after this battle, but ooops. It Burns to hell with all supplies.
The Death Star
The Death Star 13 timmar sedan
@Kpa6uK_ApKaLLIa Borodino was a costly victory, but a victory nonetheless. France inflicted more casualties on the Russians and the Russians had to retreat and abandon Moscow. Leipzig was his actual worst defeat.
Kpa6uK_ApKaLLIa 13 timmar sedan
@The Death Star at leipzig he was already defeated, it was an agony. At borodino he loses way to much men, and supplies being shitlot kilometers war from his homeland. It was colossal defeat. Russian army wasnt beaten, and it was home so it has shorter supply line. The fate of Napoleon was decided at borodino. Everything that was after was just kicking of dead Napoleons body.
The Death Star
The Death Star 18 timmar sedan
1. Napoleon did win at Borodino. 2. His biggest defeat was Leipzig.
Larry Ziazo
Larry Ziazo Dag sedan
perfect !
Jinit Dag sedan
Who's watching this like 2 months later?
Opik Dag sedan
vietnam war pls
Ryan Setiadi
Ryan Setiadi Dag sedan
Oversimplified video is so good, the advertisement is not irritating at all
جاسم الكويت
جاسم الكويت Dag sedan
Iraq War Erye
PowerVipper_ Playz
PowerVipper_ Playz Dag sedan
BandanaPete Dag sedan
I'd love to see a video on Genghis Khan and the Mongol empire. It seems something really fit for this channel.
Mitchell Hunt
Mitchell Hunt Dag sedan
do 2020
Mitchell Hunt
Mitchell Hunt Dag sedan
Ples do face reveal
_𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪_ Dag sedan
Can you just imagine how fucking good that level of badass must feel?
The Death Star
The Death Star 18 timmar sedan
Still nothing on Alexander
Akshat Goel
Akshat Goel Dag sedan
@OverSimplified please make a video on seven year war
Rid Vesalius
Rid Vesalius Dag sedan
Unification of Japan next plssss.
OJAS NAWAR Dag sedan
Please post more videos soon
R.I.P Mr. Michael?
R.I.P Mr. Michael? Dag sedan
We Need Winston Churchill Oversimplified
《EpicAva》 Dag sedan
:praying hands:
raymen Dag sedan
Why they didn't just kill him instead of locking him on a remote island?
The Death Star
The Death Star 18 timmar sedan
That would’ve made him a martyr, and the last thing the coalition wanted after already losing over 2 Million of their soldiers was France up in arms again.
Ferventwriter8 • 14 years ago
Ferventwriter8 • 14 years ago Dag sedan
I hope oversimplified does the crusades
Kazi Mohammad Zilani
Kazi Mohammad Zilani Dag sedan
7:50 Henry The Wife Slayer
Andrew Ramirez
Andrew Ramirez Dag sedan
I vote for Cuban Missile Crisis for next video!
Kevmando1 Dag sedan
i need more videos post anything please
-X- Gaming
-X- Gaming Dag sedan
congrats on 5m subs
Luka Lovric
Luka Lovric Dag sedan
A oversimplified video about the mongol empire
Cyanideee Dag sedan
I’d love hearing about the armies and the decisions the generals make. I’d really love to hear more about them in the next video! This one is amazing and I think I’ve watched it about 16 times now.
The Death Star
The Death Star 18 timmar sedan
@Cyanideee No problem
Cyanideee 18 timmar sedan
@The Death Star thank you so much!
The Death Star
The Death Star 18 timmar sedan
British Army: Small but professional, had probably the most success in the Napoleonic Wars without suffering a single major defeat. French Army: The largest army led by some of the most talented generals of the time, composed of hardened veterans from 1804-1807 but began to decline near 1808, relying more and more on numbers rather than quality. Russian Army: Large and very well disciplined led by good generals, probably the most instrumental in defeating Napoleon after the Royal Navy. Austrian Army: Large but outdated and led by poor officers with a few exceptions. Overall a mediocre Army. Prussian Army: The 2nd smallest army here after the British led by the most talented generals of the time. Unfortunately the quality of the army itself wasn’t as good as that of the others.
The Seaton’s
The Seaton’s Dag sedan
Do the boxer rebellion
Khalid AlGhuraibi
Khalid AlGhuraibi Dag sedan
Please do genghis khan
Tylly Dag sedan
I would like to see a video about the one and only Josef Wissarionowitsch Stalin!
ThiswinAinturs Dag sedan
This whole Napoleon gets everything in his life then loosing it because of his greed reminds me of Walter White.
GkickTor Dag sedan
Wow, you over simplified the shit out of that......well done!
Austin James
Austin James 2 dagar sedan
Please do a TEXAS HISTORY related video!!! Love your animations and humor!
Brenton Tarrant
Brenton Tarrant 2 dagar sedan
29:40 what song is this?
Edgar OnWheels
Edgar OnWheels 2 dagar sedan
make one about the Vikings (Norse)!
Charles Lathrop
Charles Lathrop 2 dagar sedan
Also, allowing him to keep the title of Emperor has a lot more significance during the time period than it would today.
Emma Hopkins
Emma Hopkins 2 dagar sedan
Hey do you think you could make a video on the situation in venezuela? A lot of people display it badly either to back up their socioeconomic ideology (and not caring what happened to us citizens) or just being silent. As someone who lives in venezuela currently, I trust you to accurately tell our story :) to spread the word of what’s happening. Also It would be more digestible for a lot of people and they’d be more keen to listen.
Charles Lathrop
Charles Lathrop 2 dagar sedan
You keep using the word tactics when you should be using the word strategy.
n g
n g 2 dagar sedan
Punic wars maybe?
Niru Patel
Niru Patel 2 dagar sedan
[_deleted_] 2 dagar sedan
A bunch of ideas for u: More Viking things Mongol Invasion of Japan or Russia The War of 1812 The Afghan War Rise and fall of Cyrus the Great (aka the Achaemenid Empire) Really any Roman siege Athens vs. Sparta Persia Vs. Greece Macedon Empire Korean War Decolonization Tsars of Russia (u kinda did this) Fall of Prussia Mini wars: USAs conquest for Oil
usman hafiz
usman hafiz 2 dagar sedan
This is the reason there should be skill-based matchmaking
USSR countryballs
USSR countryballs 2 dagar sedan
I really feel sorry for Moscow, but not for Alexandr 1 😒
Muhammad Areeb
Muhammad Areeb 2 dagar sedan
The respect for nepolean is huge right now
Kajammer 2 dagar sedan
Would love a Ghenghis Khan video from you
Tutorial's Camp
Tutorial's Camp 2 dagar sedan
Is oversimplified dead? 2 months oh no!!
prodevil honour
prodevil honour 2 dagar sedan
Please can you make video on India
GeoVoluntarizm 2 dagar sedan
Holy shit, that was so hilarious to see Henry VIII smiling through the window at 7:52 🤣
Marika Kiran
Marika Kiran 2 dagar sedan
What is it with Oversimplified and punishing people severely?
Tejas Buchiatulya Pulugurta
Tejas Buchiatulya Pulugurta 2 dagar sedan
Can the next plsssss be about indian history 😰
Ravindharan .M
Ravindharan .M 2 dagar sedan
Can u do a face reveal
Sal Dav
Sal Dav 2 dagar sedan
29:48 where can I find the full image of that picture?
A 2 dagar sedan
29:19 I was very surprised to see Khalid ibn Al-Walid there - I was certainly not expecting it.
Carcharodon 2 dagar sedan
My history class is cancelled, my first choice is to binge-watch this channel
Christopher Baladez
Christopher Baladez 2 dagar sedan
Do the Texas revolution next!!!
貝伊蠶兒 2 dagar sedan
Bradley Cochran
Bradley Cochran 2 dagar sedan
You should do an episode on Lord Thomas Cochrane
Kevin West
Kevin West 2 dagar sedan
"When a daddy horse and a mommy horse..." Ha,Ha,Ha...
Cindy Foster
Cindy Foster 2 dagar sedan
AAAHHHH!! It's been 2 months I'm ready for another excellent video!!
Yunis Alhakim
Yunis Alhakim 2 dagar sedan
19:25 the way he does that laugh lmfao
fastbear adventures
fastbear adventures 2 dagar sedan
do mexico🇲🇽 5 de mayo
Lynx Ace
Lynx Ace 2 dagar sedan
You know you're a one-of-a-kind dude when your ex (IE France) couldn't stop thinking and dreaming about getting you back for the next 2 centuries, even going as far as to take a shot with some distant relative of yours hoping to recapture the magic of what they once had with you xP
Quadrilazor 2 dagar sedan
The fact that his videos are so fuc*ing good it takes 1-5 months to make them
Mandalorian Productions x
Mandalorian Productions x 2 dagar sedan
You should do the war of 1812
Asllan Zogaj
Asllan Zogaj 2 dagar sedan
balkan wars (2053) ?
Kelly Shea
Kelly Shea 2 dagar sedan
I walk to work and back on my own free will
Nathaniel Eller
Nathaniel Eller 2 dagar sedan
Make a mini wars video on the opium wars!
Nathan Hackler
Nathan Hackler 2 dagar sedan
you’re next one should be about the texas revolution
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