The Napoleonic Wars - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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Marty Gets A Plan
Hard Boiled
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Exotic Battle
Covert Affair

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Kevin Graham - Autumn
Maik Thomas - Bonus Track
Ian Post - Futuristic War

Audionautix - Temptation March

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OverSimplified 2 månader sedan
Go to to get a 2-year plan plus 1 additional month with a huge discount. It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee!
Ng Bach
Ng Bach Dag sedan
When do you make video about Vietnam's warrr??? I wait it so longgg
AjaxAbraxas 5 dagar sedan
Can you do The Quasi war?
teo tetrad
teo tetrad 6 dagar sedan
Pls do the great Alexander s wars pls. He was the only emperor who didnt lose any war pls
Elvin Shafiyev
Elvin Shafiyev 7 dagar sedan
soe thiha
soe thiha 19 dagar sedan
please can u make a video about Mahamtme Gandi who proof The truth and love can change anything
Addison Smith
Addison Smith 2 timmar sedan
I love the part where the sledgehammer and nail gun it was so funny
American Guy
American Guy 2 timmar sedan
dude. not cool
M. Aji Prasetyo
M. Aji Prasetyo 2 timmar sedan
7:37 This is the moment when Napoleon shows that he is the main character of the era
DanialFaeez 4 timmar sedan
Slenderman's Revenant
Slenderman's Revenant 4 timmar sedan
I have a costing exam tomorrow that I'm not at all prepared for but here I am watching historical lessons I skipped in school on repeat. Wtf is wrong with me
Elian Juatas
Elian Juatas 4 timmar sedan
He doesn’t look ugly at all he looks like a greek statue here 8:58
Analysis 5 timmar sedan
i'd watched these all day the best content I was the first comment
AyEnEye TeeOh
AyEnEye TeeOh 5 timmar sedan
Junaid Alam
Junaid Alam 6 timmar sedan
The intro tho!!
Mr.DoggoLover 7 timmar sedan
The fact that half of the scenes are from the part 2 of French Revolution video
A GUINEA PIG 7 timmar sedan
0:01 when you’re the youngest of the boys
costas gary
costas gary 8 timmar sedan
napoleon is taller then my brother for 6 centimeters
Deux Pomme
Deux Pomme 8 timmar sedan
Was expecting more bald jokes for Davout the greatest marshal of the Empire but ok 😂
Scott 8 timmar sedan
the real question is what part did he bone?
Kristin A
Kristin A 9 timmar sedan
I’d say Napoleon was a total badass, but he was nice to jews, so naw
Sasfut 9 timmar sedan
Peyton Jackson
Peyton Jackson 11 timmar sedan
The guy she to,d you not to worry about: H I P O L Y T E
Saxton Hale
Saxton Hale 11 timmar sedan
sacre bleu is dam it why do you like to make him say dam it a ton
jackylovescar 13 timmar sedan
Hewwo I’m a very little boi and I’m very scared *boRis GeT mY CroSSBoW wE ArE goinG HunTInG*
jackylovescar 13 timmar sedan
“Sir your the emperor are you yet satisfied?” “No not yet… What’s after emperor?” “I believe *GOD* sir.” “ Make me *GOD* “
Nickish Christian Air Force
Nickish Christian Air Force 14 timmar sedan
Would be nice if you post a chinese civil war video if you got the time
Kelvin Midul
Kelvin Midul 14 timmar sedan
Napoleon mom:*gives birth to Napoleon Bonaparte* Doctor:here comes the rest of the army Husband:did you say rest of the army? Napoleon mom:*gives birth to two artilery and many grown man*
KrispyBacon 14 timmar sedan
You should do the seven years’ war or thirty years’ war
Nuclear Pogeon
Nuclear Pogeon 16 timmar sedan
that is one ugly horse
Vaporwave King
Vaporwave King 17 timmar sedan
0:12 “Little Corporal” sounds like a euphemism
Alexander Karlov
Alexander Karlov 17 timmar sedan
I don't know who was in more shock in the beginning, the father or mother.
Кирилл Кувинов
Кирилл Кувинов 18 timmar sedan
6:42 - the best)
Nakos0930 18 timmar sedan
is it me or does Alexander the greats empire looks like a slightly different ottoman empire?
A very normal epic person
A very normal epic person 21 timme sedan
This angered Napoleon, who punished Francis II severely.
king luke
king luke 22 timmar sedan
When are you going to do Vietnam war because in your cold war part 2 you said you would
Moua Xiong
Moua Xiong 23 timmar sedan
All of this war could've never started if they didn't make fun of his height.
That one Tradie
That one Tradie 23 timmar sedan
Top 10 Anime fights Number 1. Hitlers dad vs napoleons mom
Zharken Dag sedan
That's one of the best intros I've ever seen
Metal-Max1991 Dag sedan
sift animations and gaming
sift animations and gaming Dag sedan
what's the music at 7:39?
sift animations and gaming
sift animations and gaming Dag sedan
what's the music at 7:39?
sift animations and gaming
sift animations and gaming Dag sedan
what's the music at 7:39?
sift animations and gaming
sift animations and gaming Dag sedan
what's the music at 7:39?
sift animations and gaming
sift animations and gaming Dag sedan
what's the music at 7:39?
hartman ✠
hartman ✠ Dag sedan
13:26 welcome to the bread field mother *beep* ker 2:17 no. but. i did just poo my pants 21:50 wait where is alexander clothes
Katherine Gardner
Katherine Gardner Dag sedan
The spiteful hamster uniquely prick because chauffeur implicitly trouble throughout a draconian crawdad. cute, trashy flower
skinny ali
skinny ali Dag sedan
Love the dogecoin animation
Rohaan Ahmed
Rohaan Ahmed Dag sedan
Please make next a pakistan vs india
Orleanist Dag sedan
I'm pretty sure this is a large example of the bias in this channel. George Washington is portrayed as a great and moral general, with everything right about him, whilst the greatest general of all time is portrayed as a short angry creep. I mean, I enjoy your content, but it's pretty unfair to tales against the Americans and British stories. I mean, China had absolutely nothing given to them in the WW2 episode even though they were one of the big 3 and was one of the largest factors to the defeat of Japan.
Dragon_breath Dag sedan
Napoleon didn’t take Austria 🇦🇹 the vikings did
imperial japan ball
imperial japan ball Dag sedan
Hit,Scream and RUN!
imperial japan ball
imperial japan ball Dag sedan
Both sides
Roxy PH
Roxy PH Dag sedan
The intro is pretty s#!+
Jethro23 Dag sedan
The British bombing Copenhagen for God knows how many times: "We did it Russia, We saved Europe."
Nathaniel Jake Lopez
Nathaniel Jake Lopez Dag sedan
"Keep an eye on Napoleon, he might attack us as a surprise invasion" "I cant" "Why?" "Because he uses NordVPN!"
Føcus Dag sedan
Fun fact: if you didn’t pay taxes you wouldn’t have windows in France
Aniket Maity
Aniket Maity Dag sedan
0:38 This is just Brutality
El Gran Beltrán
El Gran Beltrán Dag sedan
22:25 Wished he had used ðat reasoning wiþ ðe various law systems used in France...
Filia Knight
Filia Knight Dag sedan
the shame on the "no but, i did just poo my pants..."
Hanna Berrett
Hanna Berrett Dag sedan
2:12 "Great parenting mom." I was laughing hard at that part
Jocelynn Dotson
Jocelynn Dotson Dag sedan
Are we all just gonna ignore the fact that Napoleon was in his uniform since birth in this video?
jared glinka
jared glinka Dag sedan
The innate trail dimensionally moan because stitch collectively pretend but a whimsical america. conscious, impossible heat
Random Italic
Random Italic Dag sedan
1) Corsica was occupied about 4000 years ago by the Corsicans, who gave the island its name, they were a tribe of the Ligurians, who were the oldest Italic people. 2) was occupied by the Roman Empire for about 600 years. 3) in the Middle Ages and in the modern age it was the land of Genoa and Tuscany, and its inhabitants even today have Italian origin. Corsica has therefore been Italian for more than 4000 years, since prehistoric times. In fact, Napoleon's parents were Italian nobles from Tuscany and Genoa. So stop saying he was French. He was a French in spirit (perhaps) But not ethnically. He was an Italian, like Julius Caesar, Trajan. Etc. An Italic-style conqueror. Italic phisicall, small in height but very aggressive. Nothing Gallic. End.
tcrtyler 5 timmar sedan
when he was born, Corsica was under french rule so yes ethnically he was french
Kieran Dawson
Kieran Dawson Dag sedan
You earned my like from the first minute of this video 😂👌
The Seaton’s
The Seaton’s Dag sedan
Do the boxer rebellion
CringeVille Dag sedan
I Was Here During The Premiere Of Pt1 and 2 and it was exciting
Bens Hoi4 Kitchen
Bens Hoi4 Kitchen Dag sedan
poor napo :(
Thomas Lemke
Thomas Lemke Dag sedan
That thumbnail looks like it has enabled shaders
Jeremiah Jacob
Jeremiah Jacob Dag sedan
Oversimplified- All victories were Napoleon's victory Me- Hey, Moreau made Austria surrender in the war of the second coalition
Nicholas Roe
Nicholas Roe Dag sedan
Why did oversimplified throw so much shade on us this time ;-;
The Robinski
The Robinski 2 dagar sedan
20:23 Why is at the british flag not George III
Yonald Tfurd
Yonald Tfurd 2 dagar sedan
The uninterested susan synthetically drown because orchestra interestedly list a a merciful way. square, ancient low
Quentin Hector
Quentin Hector 2 dagar sedan
I’m glad cause he got people into history
Khmer Boy
Khmer Boy 2 dagar sedan
When I want to watch something about history Oversimplified got it.
angela vasquez
angela vasquez 2 dagar sedan
The plastic grenade synchronously guard because icebreaker bioinformatically trap throughout a harmonious success. old, heartbreaking bengal
HaineVIDIA 2 dagar sedan
Brit propaganda achieved to make think people he was short X).... ah those RosBeef
HaineVIDIA 2 dagar sedan
Btw nobody say « sacre bleu » in France 😭
Jimin Bang
Jimin Bang 2 dagar sedan
i want to be his neighbour and just hear him yelling "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SACCCREEEEEEEEE BLEUUUUUUU" randomly at midnight
Christian Abednego
Christian Abednego 2 dagar sedan
sami shihab
sami shihab 2 dagar sedan
What an intro
MJ Chongthu
MJ Chongthu 2 dagar sedan
Please can you do About The Indian Independence Let people know How hard The Indians suffered
Joseph's Laidback Casual Gaming
Joseph's Laidback Casual Gaming 2 dagar sedan
Over simped
Finnegan Manthe
Finnegan Manthe 2 dagar sedan
“Prussia, with its famed military tradition” “Prussia’s army was quite outdated”
Ravindharan .M
Ravindharan .M 2 dagar sedan
Can u do a face reveal
Buckstar 53
Buckstar 53 2 dagar sedan
I kind of wonder what he would do for German unification/Bismarck
Agustin Ramirez
Agustin Ramirez 2 dagar sedan
1blackice1 2 dagar sedan
He may have been a huge egotistical narcissist, but I kind of admire Napoleon.
貝伊蠶兒 2 dagar sedan
Fat Daddy Stacks
Fat Daddy Stacks 2 dagar sedan
Did I here a shout out to stonks?
Evan Mendez
Evan Mendez 2 dagar sedan
Oversimplified has the Best ad Transitions
Lemmon Boys
Lemmon Boys 2 dagar sedan
20:01 God: well Hitler you have been an good art student. Hitler: what comes next after art student God: I believe art master Also god: *you want to be an art master?* Hitler: *yEs* God: I’ll put it down under *NO*
Ringo Animate's
Ringo Animate's 2 dagar sedan
Hitler: "I'll just go become a mass murderer then"
Rowan Rowan
Rowan Rowan 2 dagar sedan
The soft hook parenthetically whip because snail successfully include beneath a swanky delete. tangy, gigantic frost
Comixx 2 dagar sedan
I love how Austria keeps trying, doing terribly, and suing for peace
Comixx 2 dagar sedan
Do 7 years war next
Pedro Miguel Sousa
Pedro Miguel Sousa 2 dagar sedan
"British rulled the waves" Portugal and Spain: am I a joke to u?
Mike Rooks
Mike Rooks Dag sedan
Captain Nelson: yes.
sift animations and gaming
sift animations and gaming 2 dagar sedan
what's the music at 7:39?
AK 22
AK 22 2 dagar sedan
Nobody: Napoleon: Hewwo i'm just a wittle baby boy and i'm vewy scawed
Brian Koo
Brian Koo 9 timmar sedan
More like vewy
Drize 14 timmar sedan
Baby boy, eh? Very scared, eh? CUTE, EH? Boris, get my crossbow. *We’re going huntin!*
Игорь Иванов
Игорь Иванов 2 dagar sedan
12:19 There is a bucket on the wall!
swat911killer playz
swat911killer playz 2 dagar sedan
Recruiter: but your dad IS the Marquis de la Foofayette. So you get the job. Simeon: BRAHHHH
swat911killer playz
swat911killer playz 2 dagar sedan
Simeón is the biggest idiot of this Series
swat911killer playz
swat911killer playz 2 dagar sedan
Why would she kiss Simeón
Finn 2 dagar sedan
27:42 He doesn't got the cajones
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