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Many millionaires live in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the world's poorest countries. This film depicts some of those who have made fortunes amid the chaos, including musicians, mining bosses, entrepreneurs and preachers.
The DRC is rich in raw materials, but only a few profit from its natural resources. While 60% of Congo's inhabitants live on less than $1.25 per day, businessmen, artists, former rebel leaders and evangelists are reaping the rewards of economic growth. In the capital, Kinshasa, these new rich live in safe and luxurious enclaves, while children toil in coltan mines in the eastern part of the country.
Fally Ipupa has made his money with music. Others rely on their business acumen, like Patricia Nzolantima, who founded a taxi company and aims to give more opportunities to women.
With 3,000 mine workers, Cooperamma is the largest employer in North Kivu, in the east of the DRC. Managing director Robert Seninga says his coltan mines are extremely well-run, yet safety standards are poor. Coltan, a globally coveted mineral, is used in cell phones and other devices. It’s both a blessing and a curse for the Congo. It makes some rich, but for others it means death. The region still suffers from ethnic and factional conflicts, with money from illegal coltan smuggling financing new violence. It’s a vicious cycle.
[April 22, 2021: The former president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila, in a letter to DW dated 16 April 2021, has rejected as false an estimate in the (aforementioned) documentary that he had amassed a fortune estimated at some 13 billion euros during his tenure in office. Kabila also claimed no sources had been cited supporting this report. The estimate was first published in “Forbes” magazine by American investigative journalist Richard Miniter in June 2014. The text of that article is currently not available online. Joseph Kabila is considered to be very wealthy, though he has never publicly declared his assets.]
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DW Documentary
DW Documentary 22 timmar sedan
The former president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila, in a letter to DW dated 16 April 2021, has rejected as false an estimate in the (aforementioned) documentary that he had amassed a fortune estimated at some 13 billion euros during his tenure in office. Kabila also claimed no sources had been cited supporting this report. The estimate was first published in “Forbes” magazine by American investigative journalist Richard Miniter in June 2014. The text of that article is currently not available online. Joseph Kabila is considered to be very wealthy, though he has never publicly declared his assets.
JP CARETTAS 14 minuter sedan
And before him Mobutu ! In fact all Africa is ruled by dictators taking advantage of their situation and getting rich, plus their extended family, clan .... All international aid ends up in their pocket with UN officials and so called humanitarian as accomplices ! International aid is a waste, encourage corruption and laziness ! Why would they farm, raise cattle ...when they can't compete against the gangs seizing international aid and selling it cheap ? Take a few pictures of starving kids and lot of flies, publish them via SEcycle et voila ! Why africans enjoying welfare in the West don't go back to help ? Africa is corruption and incompetence. At least slavery and cannibalism has been eliminated by the colonists ! Although it is still rampant in some parts of Africa.
Cognitive_player 12 timmar sedan
you have an update on the magic juice man?
Multi0703 12 timmar sedan
DW's translations from French to English ARE NOT the same. You guy miss a lot when you interpret things into English - please, next time, just add big subtitles and try to include ALL the thoughts speaksers say!
Alam Kokni
Alam Kokni 17 timmar sedan
Timothy Wanjohi
Timothy Wanjohi 11 minuter sedan
But in all honesty foreigners are just as guilty as the locals.
Shirley Owens
Shirley Owens 22 minuter sedan
If the blind lead the blind....
Fuckingenius 23 minuter sedan
Jamani holdin my iPhone 23XR Max Pro in his hands!
Shirley Owens
Shirley Owens 25 minuter sedan
Your beliefs are your biggest problems( There is something about truth that’s different. That prophet is not it.
Timothy Wanjohi
Timothy Wanjohi 32 minuter sedan
What a fucking shame
Rizki Fauzi
Rizki Fauzi 34 minuter sedan
how tf that juice legal? even the ex pm support it? lol this country is hopeless
Rizki Fauzi
Rizki Fauzi 40 minuter sedan
omg I still got hopes for them until i saw they're poisonous beliefs on that fake prophet
shihtzuaki 44 minuter sedan
they dont speak english
Aphelele Sibisi
Aphelele Sibisi 44 minuter sedan
That pastor is the pits.
Crace Auguy
Crace Auguy Timme sedan
"Gasoline *🤢😧
Crace Auguy
Crace Auguy Timme sedan
These days churches are like a personal business for some pastors
Mohamed Kore
Mohamed Kore Timme sedan
The biggest problem in Africa is the African culture.
Vikash Sahu
Vikash Sahu Timme sedan
i was feeling suffocated even by watching them going down the mine. Absolutely Horrendous!!
Sadityy Brie
Sadityy Brie Timme sedan
The thought of that man being a millionaire but he won’t fix the roads is unbelievable. This video has humbled me and it breaks my heart to see people living in those conditions. What we Americans consider poor can be very shallow considering living conditions in this video.I want to help! Here I was trying to make more money to be able to afford more designer. I’m embarrassed to even think that that is true luxury instead of being able to turn on hot water when I go in my kitchen. God bless these people 💙.
Raquel Reid
Raquel Reid Timme sedan
In the Bible it says that there will be false prophets and people should be careful. This man is exploiting the people desire to be healed and their wants so that they can buy whatever juice that is and slapping God's name in it as a brand. These people need to go back to the olden days were people pray, read their bible , fast and ask God for what they want but most of all they need to be patient. In the Bible it said ask and he shall receive but they also need to keep in mind that God does not give you what you want but what you need and that everything does not happens before its time.
Chithra Unni
Chithra Unni 2 timmar sedan
Christian churches making a fool of people in every country.
Rad m
Rad m 2 timmar sedan
At 18:20 Ive never imagined Africa would be this beautiful ❤️
Rad m
Rad m 2 timmar sedan
At 11:35 could she say and think only of her kids ????
Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman 2 timmar sedan
So a whole docu to tell us that greedy, lying "officials" are a problem in the Congo... More like those kind of people are a huge issue for the entire world!
Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman 3 timmar sedan
Fally wants to be Samy Deluxe... Respect
RN ONLINE TUTORIALS 4 timmar sedan
chemical analysis of juice done or not? if we do that we can find what exactly he feeding people with?
Luc Desprets
Luc Desprets 4 timmar sedan
You drive a Lamborghini and yet you gave out JUST $50 for 6 people to share???? Woooooooow.......The rich TRULY are STINGY.
Issra 4 timmar sedan
i haven't finished watching the documentary yet, but i would like to point out for other fellow viewers and hopefully the channel managers that right off the bat using the term "failed state", though used in political spheres, is quite problematic. i know someone who thinks they're smarter than they actually are is going to think or comment "they're using an "objective/formal" definition", but the thing is there is no such thing as objectivity (natural laws are a different story so don't even think about going there). the term "failed state" is often used by the west to further the idea that "Africa" (which is a huge and diverse continent btw!) is somehow "undeveloped", "uncivilized", etc... it is a way to divert the blame of conflict and exploitation onto "Africans". this brings me to my second point: it is EXTREMELY problematic to completely gloss over the role colonialism, neo-imperialism and the west has played in the country's current situation. western governments and corporations alike have exploited, incentivized and made business with militias that exploit people (especially children) to mine for minerals, and thus fuel conflicts in the region (to know more: google coltan DRC). i hope this is mentioned later on at least, but if not DW (a german broadcast service) needs to do better because this just further perpetuates colonial ideology and stigma towards "Africa".
John Labacasch
John Labacasch 4 timmar sedan
Eric, I feel, is the most genuine of all these millionaires. I just bursted out laughing at Kipay Energy though. Kipay means pussy in our language so that's basically pussy energy.
Bruce Jackson
Bruce Jackson 4 timmar sedan
This singer 🚘drives fast cars but can't afford a good power generator!!!
Bee 5 timmar sedan
This is why education is very important. It shapes the way of thinking and teach us what's our rights. It is befuddling that the nation worship a scammer.
Hoops 5 timmar sedan
Corruption corruption corruption. It’s never ending in Africa. Makes me so angry 😡
Reverence Blade
Reverence Blade 5 timmar sedan
Rebel leader turned millionaire it's people like him that get rich off the poor
Ankit Gupta
Ankit Gupta 6 timmar sedan
"Everyone in Congo dreams of becoming rich" That is a thing in all countries, thanks for the obvious clarification.
Abhimanyu Injeti
Abhimanyu Injeti 6 timmar sedan
Do they even know about covid?
Muhammed Shabeer
Muhammed Shabeer 6 timmar sedan
As expected, not a single mention about the root cause of Congo's' misery...European colonialism... no mention of the Patrice Lumumba; first Prime Minister of the independent Democratic Republic of the Congo, who was killed by his rivals on behalf of the European powers....shame
Gilgamesch Sarwari
Gilgamesch Sarwari 6 timmar sedan
Bingo Bongo from Congo
Meoli55 6 timmar sedan
there is science behind the juice though, it's called the placebo effect and it actually means that people do heal through the belief in the "medicine". Taking the faith from the people might even be a cruel thing to do...
Naomi Nzilani
Naomi Nzilani 7 timmar sedan
With all the minerals and natural resources in congo..its a shame!
Nando 7 timmar sedan
Shout-out to the camera guy that kept his hands still in that mine
kayz 7 timmar sedan
Whata a business model from prophet Khonde. Khonde: are you taking the juice? Guy : yes Khonde : keep taking it 😂😂😂 And the juice costs 3 times the guy's salary
Nuwan gajanayake
Nuwan gajanayake 8 timmar sedan
I wish one day DRC will be a prosperous and happier place and all its people will spend beautiful lives.
Tshirt 8 timmar sedan
Ok but if you listen to the news apparently only white people have money and don’t give away all their wealth
ALP 8 timmar sedan
Damn iam tired to see self proclaimed prophet telling sick people to buy their product instead going to doctor. Damn and that lady who lost weight of course you will lose weight when u buy a gasoline compuond for 14$.
Njau Inuka
Njau Inuka 9 timmar sedan
THEY make business deals... WE catch fish. Deeply sad.
BIINGI NELSON 9 timmar sedan
I love Congo because it's Africa's origin of music, best guitarist and drummers Come from Congo regardless of the state of the country. I will always love Congolese for knowing music 🎶 🎤🎸🎹
Pascal Matadi
Pascal Matadi 9 timmar sedan
Prophet khonde is the real man of God it sad our people change and lie the story about him 😔 is written in the book of esaiah 65:8 God bless africa and God bless you prophet Khonde we will always pray for u...peace and love
I love Cupcakes
I love Cupcakes 9 timmar sedan
The last guy is absolutely disgusting he should be on the most wanted criminal list 🤬
MyRealin 9 timmar sedan
Here the greatest ever business idea - sell the Jus online!
Richard Suku
Richard Suku 10 timmar sedan
You won't find me in that gold mines, especially going deep down underground, where those walls can easily collapse
GIGI 10 timmar sedan
I’m a black American I couldn’t live there too much for me. The Africans here are low key mean af
瑠衣美丹 Lou
瑠衣美丹 Lou 10 timmar sedan
Wanna try some of that juice
Sydney Ashiona
Sydney Ashiona 10 timmar sedan
Keep fighting fellow Africans✊🏽 someday
Salman Salahuddin
Salman Salahuddin 10 timmar sedan
My life is truly blessed.
Savannahthickness 11 timmar sedan
What's in the juice?
Bruna Vilasboas
Bruna Vilasboas 11 timmar sedan
Well, if it isn’t the consequences of capitalism and imperialism 💔
Ignoble Surfer
Ignoble Surfer 11 timmar sedan
Does anyone know where I can get some of the juice?
CN Ern
CN Ern 12 timmar sedan
'In the country of the blind the one eyed man is king'. Only legends will understand this.
James Lizomba
James Lizomba 12 timmar sedan
Once Congo is free! Africa is free. Love from Tanzania.
Sylvester The Cat
Sylvester The Cat 12 timmar sedan
Safet Begic
Safet Begic 12 timmar sedan
I wd like to help these people, can anyone tell me which organization is reliable in Kogo who really helps and improve lifes ? Thanks in advance
Multi0703 12 timmar sedan
36:40 - as a devout traditional Christian ( non-liberal) myself, I can guarantee you that this stupid fake individualistic Calvinist Prosperity Gospel Theology has greatly contributed to the horrific pollution and natural disasters that have been taken place around the world over the past 300 years. - It's a long span of the time that separates the first Roman Christian congregations, once found in the catacombs and which widely preached poverty, simplicity, humility and charity as being the ONLY virtues that could take you to heaven well into this fake and distorted beliefs that millions of people are taught worldwide and which just do the opposite, i.e. it brings them further away from God and from Jesus Christ's original messages and teachings!
Ryan D
Ryan D 12 timmar sedan
so weird to see so many black people lol. must be the norm.
Tony Walton
Tony Walton 13 timmar sedan
No one is social distancing! (cuz corona is bull s%^t)
Ryan Opher
Ryan Opher 13 timmar sedan
Scamming them people 😭😭
The M Network
The M Network 14 timmar sedan
I just finished watching this. And because I know about Africa I can say this. If something works they are going o use it. We all know drinking gasoline is bad but to these people, it has healed them and saved them. That is the way that it is over there. What this guy is doing he is a herbalist. So this is why. If they feel that they are healed and whatever they will take the bread out of their children's mouths just to buy this. that is how they are over there
The M Network
The M Network 14 timmar sedan
I keep telling people Africa is very wealthy. Yes there are some places that are poor but these guys are wealthy and smart
jay bee
jay bee 14 timmar sedan
Dominique Khonde is a modern day Jim Jones. He will rott for his actions.
Tru Religion
Tru Religion 14 timmar sedan
So the rich niggas are like are middle class? And if you broke you gotta drink dirty water n shit ain’t no way🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️I’m sorry but us as black people down terrible over there
Kayla J'Nae
Kayla J'Nae 15 timmar sedan
gasoline and lemon juice ???!! Excuse me ? My heart goes out to the people of Congo
Jay Kay
Jay Kay 15 timmar sedan
James Andrews
James Andrews 15 timmar sedan
i thought Liberia was bàd.
Omar Pineda
Omar Pineda 16 timmar sedan
Omar Pineda
Omar Pineda 16 timmar sedan
Klara Jakob
Klara Jakob 16 timmar sedan
they could do drugs, would bring more help
Levan Walker
Levan Walker 16 timmar sedan
The narrator says people of Congo break they neck Hustle for jobs. My investment bread Quadrillions so why is people not at least receiving a $ 2000.00 to a month a family and $1,000.00 a single for contributing to marketing my ideas out of emergency money with a set budget of a Trillion of Quadrillions. I would have been happy and not care. They rest go back to me Levan A Walker ( AKA known as the spirit of Levante
opentrunks 16 timmar sedan
People who spend their lives pissing & moaning about how horrible America is, need to watch this for a dose of reality.
NicoleM2108 6 timmar sedan
The scale is the same though. When the pandemic hit, for example, the millionaires and billionaires went into their bunkers and within 2 weeks of no paychecks, 50 million Americans were in the breadlines. The inequity is just sugar coated by the fact that the "poor" can get a loan to pay for a decent car that hides the fact they never really own anything (like a mouse on a wheel) - same as the DRC and everywhere else with few exception.
Mohamed rvv
Mohamed rvv 16 timmar sedan
Are you taking the juice? Yes Keep taking it 😂😂😂😂😂
Ghjmla jjaauua
Ghjmla jjaauua 17 timmar sedan
That juice gotta work
lihdeeya ar
lihdeeya ar 17 timmar sedan
Why is there no mention of the toll colonization on the DRC? France literally owes billions in reparations
Ghjmla jjaauua
Ghjmla jjaauua 17 timmar sedan
This video is awesome an I love africa 🌍 ❤
MandrilPR 18 timmar sedan
Dude has no problem confirming theres gasoline in the juice...ok then.
Jens Alaska
Jens Alaska 18 timmar sedan
Are you taking the juice ?you need to take the juice 😅 At the end of the day africans are brave fighters
Williteverbethesameagain 18 timmar sedan
Informative. Thanks.
Doreatha Ann Highsmith
Doreatha Ann Highsmith 18 timmar sedan
Aint this a load of crap. Have you bern taking the juice? Yes. Then continue taking it. But yet these poor souls are still in desperate measures. This prophet along with other false prophets are going to have to stand and face God for their lies.
Doreatha Ann Highsmith
Doreatha Ann Highsmith 18 timmar sedan
Typo been
Gold Roses
Gold Roses 18 timmar sedan
Who is they in the preachers summon?sad reality,Africa perishes in the hands of able men elected by the poor
foggy wet dog
foggy wet dog 18 timmar sedan
Super rich? Anyone has $2 in Africa is super rich.
anele makhubalo
anele makhubalo 19 timmar sedan
There's nothing worse than a black man conning his fellow black people. These fake prophets are just evil
Stand andDeliver
Stand andDeliver 19 timmar sedan
The future of Melbourne.
Marie Adonis
Marie Adonis 19 timmar sedan
I wonder if there's a good medicinal plant in that concoction in addition to the "Gasoline" ! Why mix it with Gasoline ! I don't believe in him ; having divine power or else he would use the money to help relieve some of that poverty . Some people might have got some relief from the juice , if not , why so many people continue to flock to buy that juice ? Wouldn't the word would have gone out that the darn thing doesn't work !
Jayesh Kurdekar
Jayesh Kurdekar 19 timmar sedan
@2:31 Me personally : I really don't like being here... Trashy lake
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman 19 timmar sedan
Selling a drink with gasoline? That's worser than drink bleach to kill covid.
Rachel 20 timmar sedan
I have a problem with these "prophets" peddling the faith. These guys are snake oil salesmen...and these people truly want something to believe in so their desperation is being used against them...this is sad. Fill up their pockets with the hard earned funds of the poor who truly are ignorant
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman 20 timmar sedan
A former rebel leader, now a politician? Like he's not corrupt.
SatrioSaz 20 timmar sedan
There is always someone that breaks the mold, props to her man
Luna 20 timmar sedan
She makes more money as a taxi driver than she does as a NURSE.... t least I know Americas wage priorities arent the only ones that arent straight. what is really going on here
SmityBoy 21
SmityBoy 21 20 timmar sedan
Working Class Heroes those miners are God bless them
SHUBH SAMAY 20 timmar sedan
Really prophet treating 😡 What the hell with people who are taking his advice for treatment
Velocity Launch systems
Velocity Launch systems 21 timme sedan
The juice guy is a total fraud, I feel so bad for those who truly have faith in him and his juice
jonathan77ize 21 timme sedan
Does he ship that juice to Europe?
Dirty D
Dirty D 21 timme sedan
When you get more money being a taxi instead of a nurse wtf is wrong with this world
Dirty D
Dirty D 21 timme sedan
I make 230 a day welding pfft do a trade
Dirty D
Dirty D 21 timme sedan
Never heard of this guy “internationally known” sit your ass down
Zoobie Loobie
Zoobie Loobie 21 timme sedan
It's the exact same in South Africa, except the government steal all the money.
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