The Future Of Reasoning

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This video was created in partnership with Bill Gates and was inspired by his new book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” Find out more here:
my twitter: tweetsauce
my instagram: electricpants
The extended mind thesis:
MinuteEarth video on how greenhouse gasses work:
Molecule animations from
"The Enigma of Reason" by Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber:
"Do You Know Yourself?" Mind Field S1E8
Jonathan Haidt's famous "emotional dog" paper about moral reasoning:
Cognitive Niche:,cause%2Dand%2Deffect%20reasoning%20and
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Son 9 minuter sedan
Thank you Vsauce!! This video is absolutely beautiful. It heightens my optimism for the future knowing that only a week after this was uploaded 3.4 million people have seen it. The ideas portrayed in this video are truly mind expanding, and seem at least to me to hold part of the solution for the unnamed and innumerable problems with modernity. Please everyone who watches this video, show it to others do that they can have these ideas planted in their mind as well!
Scott Norman
Scott Norman 26 minuter sedan
You lost me at “The quality of life is rising”. Maybe it’s just a matter of opinion, but in my nearly sixty years of life I see the quality of life exponentially decreasing. Decreasing at a rate which will eventually lead to no life at all on the planet Earth.
Feed Your Brain
Feed Your Brain 27 minuter sedan
The man’s just appearing from thin air at this point. *Or is he?*
General Harness
General Harness 31 minut sedan
Got up to 26 min. Para phrase you cannot reason with someone who either A does not value things the same as you or B is not thinking that they could be wrong. A, is often seen cross culture. B is often seen in the self righteous
Koalten J
Koalten J 31 minut sedan
Lost me at "the internet gives voices to more perspectives than ever before in our history", This golden age didn't last long. collectively improving reasoning only works if the person/party/group listening wants to hear your voice. They may choose to pretend you never said anything for any number of reasons. Feelings get hurt, they believe they're right no matter what based on a fallacy they don't want you to challenge, could also be that they simply don't want to bother. They can even get so tied up into their own reasoning that they outright reject reality as a whole. Think about how the word delusion recently got rechristened as "personal truth". Having that spiritual base is good, but when reality comes knocking it's really more important to give "the truth" more weight. We can't be apache helicopters even if the majority agrees that that is the truth. That said I would say we're sort of in a dark age where voices still get marginalized, but the marginalized voices sort of flip-flopped, and it doesn't seem like the silencing of the newly marginalized voices is going to let up anytime soon. I don't know about anyone else but I'm not the type to just roll with a narrative that just doesn't address reality. If we look at the court systems, I wouldn't ever want to be that person who knows whats right but chooses not to share it. If you do have your ability to reason in order, and you're facing opposition on an issue important to you, you will stand alone in favor of what's right. Think the Twelve Angry Men movie. Tl;dr: collectivism vs individualism
Attention 36 minuter sedan
Fantastic video
Rubén Labraña
Rubén Labraña 38 minuter sedan
I love his word usage, great classic vsauce
AntiMaskersAreTrash Timme sedan
It's hard to take you seriously when you talk about working with Bill Gates and then immediately follow it up with "Behavioural Inertia" as if the guy who made hundreds of billions off of some of the exact industries destroying the planet wouldn't have a status quo bias?! Where is your reasoning there?
Josiah Lutcher
Josiah Lutcher Timme sedan
double negation
double negation Timme sedan
Funded by Gates, refuses to talk about Capitalism in a video ostensibly trying to grapple with climate disaster. If only there were a word for that....
Anthony DiLemme
Anthony DiLemme Timme sedan
Amazing content. I’m thinking.
fracta1organism Timme sedan
an extended rant leading to nowhere, like the gates foundation itself.
Paul Winnetou
Paul Winnetou Timme sedan
Q U A L I T Y where is quality of our lifes?
Lucy Black
Lucy Black Timme sedan
Ok Michael
First Minuteman
First Minuteman Timme sedan
Our hyperobject is overcoming ourselves.
Me Timme sedan
You consistently make me think more than school
Nota Bozo
Nota Bozo Timme sedan
Uses logic and reasoning to conclude that logic and reasoning is flawed
otobotrecords Timme sedan
@Nerif I concur. Michael has lost his ways.
Nerif Timme sedan
A lying shill
Chad Radwell
Chad Radwell 2 timmar sedan
OMG he cant belive this BS he chat
otobotrecords Timme sedan
A new form of succumbing to the all mighty machine.
Mack Power
Mack Power 2 timmar sedan
How do I extra like this video
Kindred Toast
Kindred Toast 2 timmar sedan
“I don't imagine you will dispute the fact that at present the stupid people are in an absolutely overwhelming majority all the world over.” - Henrik Ibsen “The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd; indeed in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widely spread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible.” - Bertrand Russell “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform.” - Mark Twain “Wrong does not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it.” - Leo Tolstoy Please, for the love of all that is good in the world, never resort to a lottocracy. I feel like I need a drink to calm my anxiety after even thinking about the very idea. The masses aren't experts; we simply can't learn everything. We have experts for a reason. We developed job specialization for a reason. Imagine some important political decision falling to a flat-earther, a creationist, an anti-vaxer, a Trump supporter, and a Klan dragon. A lottocracy would literally turn the world into a real-life version of Idiocracy. I would rather be ran by a rogue, super-intelligent, AI, dictator.
Ian Francisco
Ian Francisco 2 timmar sedan
how????? michael is not an elephant????
Noah Cloud
Noah Cloud 2 timmar sedan
The old Bill Gates bait and switch.
jbhewitt12 2 timmar sedan
I hope a small country somewhere actually tries this out so we can see how it goes
Mack Power
Mack Power 2 timmar sedan
It's a crime I didn't see this on my feed sooner
Dewyu Nohmi
Dewyu Nohmi 2 timmar sedan
So... Each one of us is like a neuron? And society a giant brain? O____o
moighonfweeman 2 timmar sedan
Amazing video!
Fabian 2 timmar sedan
W01234567 89101112
W01234567 89101112 2 timmar sedan
The premise that we live on a spinning ball in space is a fun one that’s entirely based on confirmation biases.
Stephanie West
Stephanie West 2 timmar sedan
Never clicked so fast!!!
John Boyd
John Boyd 2 timmar sedan
??? WHY did you make this video?
Derp Derp
Derp Derp Timme sedan
He's working with Bill gates team and the money that comes with them.
Matt D
Matt D 3 timmar sedan
Jesus H. Christ Michael. This was fantastic.
HappyCamper DS99
HappyCamper DS99 3 timmar sedan
I’ve always loved ABC burgers’ specialty V-sauce.
Maccaroney 3 timmar sedan
I actually think about this all the time since i read The Prefect by Alastair Reynolds a couple years ago. In the book there is a world where this is how they make decisions. Really cool.
Yeshuin 3 timmar sedan
I have a way to broaden it I am working on. We are a growing team. We play a variant of chess designed to empower critical thinking in the social action theory space. We have player groups in 4 states and 2 nations participating in out effort so far. We were note ready to share our mission but we have an organization ask to record is and share.
Derp Derp
Derp Derp Timme sedan
Dnbsbshdjxieijwnsnsbxhchcuduisiwiisidi makes about as much sense. Good luck.
NeWArrA 3 timmar sedan
I don’t know but this guy is on to something
Marty McFly
Marty McFly 3 timmar sedan
This is the best video you’ve ever made
Chase Salazar
Chase Salazar 3 timmar sedan
Drinks ayahuasca and starts tearing down the ego.
R6 XboxUser
R6 XboxUser 3 timmar sedan
I probably learned more than school taught me this year.
tj hoff
tj hoff 3 timmar sedan
I thought CO2 makes the earth hearty and bountiful
Asmey 3 timmar sedan
Michael for president
Luis Fernandez
Luis Fernandez 3 timmar sedan
What you are suggesting is the comunist utopia. Policy decisions should be made at the individual level, only then you will be getting the best reasoning ever. Your deductions are totally wrong with the number guessing example...
Luis Fernandez
Luis Fernandez 48 minuter sedan
@otobotrecords exactly, that is why only by defending individual liberties would the human race prevail. When governments and people start turning their heads to democracy for every single decision, entire nations fail…
otobotrecords Timme sedan
@Nerif This sort of "reasoning" is omnipresent currently, because the intellectuals have lost their ways in trying to adapt to the craziness of policies presented to them via the mass control media.
Nerif Timme sedan
He also is telling you that logical reasoning isn't good anymore.
redsox Patriots
redsox Patriots 3 timmar sedan
When u started saying filter . all my life iv thinking that our mind and what we see is filter.
otobotrecords 4 timmar sedan
You had me until 05:22. I'm not supporting promotion of misanthropist, fascist technocrats like Gates and his cronies.
Denis Einzbern
Denis Einzbern 4 timmar sedan
Josh Peterson
Josh Peterson 4 timmar sedan
The bit around 13 minutes about effortlessly making rational justifications for our intuition reminds me a lot of Jonathan Haidt's book the Righteous Mind. He has this analogy of an elephant (human intuition) and its only-somewhat-in-control rider (human reason). The analogy (and whole book) is fascinating, and tracks really well with this video.
PowerfullPillow 4 timmar sedan
I get Kant vibes form this one
Kevin bueno
Kevin bueno 4 timmar sedan
OMG Bill Gates is a liar I grew looking up to it's Sad; everyone knows you can use bioinformatics to hash a working vaccine then just do a 1:1 test on the vac pipeline similar to how they test for copyrighted media audio or video it's literally that easy; just hash the vaccine then use blockchain technology for verification on the output of the pipeline; Oxford should do this & open-source the vaccine & denounce Bill Gates otherwise they culpable for eugenics. This is all about Royalties & IP; they're waiting for market demand to max out so they can sell well above market equilibrium then, license when it bottoms out & equalize later as a Public Relations stunt; they want to double-dip on the stock.
The Raging Platypus
The Raging Platypus 4 timmar sedan
I was actually in a class where we did the jelly bean experiment. I "guessed" the exact right number, so the average was not better than me. I actually didn't guess. I did math and figured it out really close ta dah, I was exactly right. The point was to prove the group was better than any one person but I buggered up the professor's class.
DMHGROSSO 4 timmar sedan
Sounds like globalist propaganda
brindlebriar 4 timmar sedan
When really smart people try to sell to the middling-high intelligent people the idea that rule should be by the average intelligence people, it's because those smart people feel they can control the minds of the average intelligent people more easily. There's so much flawed, and convoluted reasoning in this video that, by the time he gets to his conclusion, it's so many unjustified logical leaps from the starting axioms, many of which are false anyway, that it amounts to a Ponzi scheme. They always make them like this, so that nobody will bother taking the time to debunk the endless and hilarious convolutions. It would take hours of writing which would not fit in the allotted comment size.
Herr Vorragend
Herr Vorragend 4 timmar sedan
16:25 ... " we aren't sharp, or venomous" ... feminists: "Are we a joke to you?"
Herr Vorragend
Herr Vorragend 4 timmar sedan
11:35 .. "No .. I am not an Elephant ..... OR AM I?"
George Grogee
George Grogee 4 timmar sedan
5:40 - you find out this video was commissioned by one of the richest men on the planet
Steveross2851 4 timmar sedan
Behind all the interesting social theorizing here, there is a simple message: There's no need to explain or even question whether and why Earth must get down to net zero carbon emissions because geniuses like Bill Gates have already done that for us. Our job as social reasoners is to simply agree and conform. But if you want to talk about "hyperobjects" to use Timothy Morton's term, the biggest hyperobject we face is the cancel culture which tolerates no dissent whatsoever.
Some One
Some One 2 timmar sedan
Please do correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the message of the video to throw all our flawed reasoning at each other and average it out to come to a more logical conclusion, because someone's single reasoning can and will be flawed based on their intuition, which is made up of their core values and experiences, and we use our intuitions as automatic conclusions (answers) subconsciously and work backward from that to create reasoning, which in turn will create something akin to confirmation bias. Reasoning was made as a social thing to do, to justify our intuitions, however, everyone has their unique intuitions that aren't the same as others, which in turn allow ourselves as a collective to iron out and come to a better answer, as long as we challenge each other's reasoning, and being able to average them out will come to a more cohesive and logical answer. Leaving it to the few people with a reason to do so, even if they are highly intelligent, gaps will be made in their reasoning, because humans make mistakes because of their intuitions and might get tunnel vision and confirmation bias, and you need other humans to iron out said mistakes to come to a better answer overall, and a small number of people who were highly educated, wouldn't be as effective as a large number of educated people when it comes to finding and figuring out ways around that. So the message of the video is: to educate yourself and reason with everyone, so you can all come to a better conclusion. But that's just my reasoning based on what I could gather from the video, along with my intuition, if you could tell your reasoning, I could further understand your point, and you might challenge my reasoning, so we might both get a better understanding of this video.
macsnafu 4 timmar sedan
Darn, it's a climate change video. OR IS IT? ;-)
Max 4 timmar sedan
“The” Song always hits hard with Micheal.
Darius Berdahl
Darius Berdahl 4 timmar sedan
Yo, so this documentary series is a perfect add on to this video if you're interested Side note, I personally believe we as a species need to find a priority, and then work towards that goal. I think the best one, that appeals to a fairly broad range of morality, is that the continuation of the human species is of the utmost importance. Not individual gain, not service to the state, not (ugh) the continuation of your 'race' or whatever. Ensuring a sustainable future for the species, that we wont go quiet into that good night, should be the bedrock of our reasoning. Idk, that's my personal take.
Some Mad Random Person
Some Mad Random Person 4 timmar sedan
Such an amazing video, the last bit about choosing people at random and having them learn about stuff then deliberate to come to a conclusion or at least a recommendation is a brilliant idea 😎👍🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Xandersson 5 timmar sedan
Thank you, Michael, for teaching me these valuable wisdoms
SharpestBulb 5 timmar sedan
Only 9 more years vsauce. Bill Gates doesn't give a shit about people.
Hayan Imadi
Hayan Imadi 5 timmar sedan
Atmos Sanguine
Atmos Sanguine 5 timmar sedan
What if, in order for nature to function, any and all organisms are built with a default self destruct at its Every limit. So that, No organism be it intellectual or not are ultimately limited in the effect over nature. Such as some creatures who find themselves in a "utopia" are destined to bring about their own predators for eradication or balance. Like how we talk about "invasive" species are actually just more radically free from these constraints..but its only EVER temporary. Therefore, there does not need to be "Great Filters" at any point bc they have already been passed, but also, never achieved at the same time. I feel like comprehending this concept is why I yearn to minecraft myself without much explanation or reasoning......Reasoning?
Some One
Some One 2 timmar sedan
Loukas Pastras
Loukas Pastras 5 timmar sedan
The Ayahuasca worked
littleBear 5 timmar sedan
Sarah 5 timmar sedan
i love vsauce but as soon as i heard bill gates 😣😣😣😣😣😞🔫
G Kv
G Kv 5 timmar sedan
I got goosebumps when he said "we will all be ancients". Always love his videos.
Gary Cook
Gary Cook 5 timmar sedan
The selfish Globalists like Bill Gates use the word "Science" (their meaning- social science), and disguise it as natural science. They speak of science, reasoning, and logic in an effort to con the world into believing that they are masters of these discussions. The truth is that they want to eliminate 3/4 of the world's population and take everything for themselves. They are the "mad scientists" of the old science fiction books and movies, who always fail miserably because their "reasoning" is flawed; don't be fooled by their money, lavish lifestyles and fancy speech. In the end, they are no better than selfish schoolyard bullies with very evil intentions. Bill Gates and his kind need to be locked away in prisons for the global genocide they are perpetrating with their experimental gene modification injections (Wuhan flu vaccinations). The "vaccine" is taking lives faster today than the Wuhan flu did in 2020. This is why they are doing everything possible to censor all information about the dangers of the "Emergency Use Only" poison, and the deaths it's causing.
Gary Cook
Gary Cook Timme sedan
@SharpestBulb For most, it is hopeless. There are those who are looking for information beyond what they're hearing from the masses; those are who my comments are aimed. I have no concern for the mindless zombies who just go along with the mob.
SharpestBulb 2 timmar sedan
@Gary Cook I just feel hopeless that so many are not capable of doing the slightest bit of their own research.
Gary Cook
Gary Cook 3 timmar sedan
@SharpestBulb You're right, but I wear insults of the ignorant like a badge of honor.
SharpestBulb 5 timmar sedan
It's rough when you read too much and everyone who is too stupid to investigate for themselves calls you a crackpot.
Mimes 5 timmar sedan
aaaaaaaaa my man using GAMESS(us) on me 3:00
JhonnyBoy 5 timmar sedan
I love these new type of videos 😍
Saiky 5 timmar sedan
Nasty Cupid
Nasty Cupid 5 timmar sedan
10:32 , but what if Mary is a horse? she can't be married because she is a horse, but also not unmarried, because 'unmarried' would imply she could get married. I don't think there is enough information to say yes or no.
LoveOptimistic 5 timmar sedan
Admittedly, you almost lost me at "Bill Gates", thoughts were to unsubscribe & never watch again. Unfortunately, current times, questioning everything is the only way to err on the side of caution (exhausting). Especially so, if you actually want to live life too. Truly wanting to understand the biggest picture of all, I suppose this is the price I am choose to pay. Not that the research isn't interesting, I'm can just take over. I used to be all or nothing. Now I want to know as much as possible to keep my babies safe and will consider beyond well beyond black & white. After watching this video, I WANT to think that this ideation could save the heart of humanity, but it conflicts with my gut feeling that Gates is the devil himself. Now I'm wondering how this could play into the biggest picture in various ways. And how/if it is going to influence thoughts/feelings. Obviously, I need a little more time to process. Overall, great video, it makes me think & it challenges my mind. I like it 😉🌿🌻🌿
Crypt 5 timmar sedan
I don’t need a eugenicist billionaire to teach me about empathy.
Hayan Imadi
Hayan Imadi 5 timmar sedan
Fuck Bill Gates! 🙂
Irvine Grant
Irvine Grant 5 timmar sedan
You have become a mouthpiece for bill influencing the most dangerous of people’s the lazy self proclaimed intellectuals such a shame
Winston Knowitall
Winston Knowitall 5 timmar sedan
And as always... thanks for giving us an existential crisis. ;-)
Max Eberle
Max Eberle 5 timmar sedan
The earth is still flat amigo...
Pirate's Piggy
Pirate's Piggy 5 timmar sedan
14:47 Autism: Allow me to introduce myself.
Gemin3ye 5 timmar sedan
LaDonna Young
LaDonna Young 5 timmar sedan
Michael, That Greek example of juror deliberation was based on jurors who all owned property. It is not the pure egalitarian model you and others so commonly present. Always in the implementation of the models the rich or the powerful find ways to over represent themselves for the sake of self preservation and propogation of their own kind. Mankind is sufficiently more devil than angel and therein lays the rub of the undoing of every good idea for governance.
Thomas Neal
Thomas Neal 6 timmar sedan
based on what I have seen in this current century, your vid should show nothing but a giant pile of burning tires.
Maciej Bolanowski
Maciej Bolanowski 6 timmar sedan
I think this was your best video.
Meeself 6 timmar sedan
Please talk about space in your next video
retrosashia 6 timmar sedan
video is interesting and i’ve been watching vsauce for years but i don’t think bill gates has the best ideas especially since he said to not give vaccines to poorer countries. he’s just a capitalist who got into philanthropy so he looked better
Max Adrover Redondo Aré
Max Adrover Redondo Aré 6 timmar sedan
As we get to collaborate with more countries and the world becomes more technological we harm de planet for the worse. We have to un-walk the steps that got us to this"god-like" behavior, this trend of absolutization of power. Companies like Gates' want us to buy tones of unuseful things that deteriorate rapidly to keep society under control, the consumist is as docile as a little lamb. Population is already deacreasing fast in western countries, the real problem is consumption and capitalism. Be aware of who you listen to. In Spain we use to say "better the known bad than the worst to know", when something is not working that well dont try to go further.
Batur Gercekcioglu
Batur Gercekcioglu 6 timmar sedan
he lost me at bill gates, and seems like many more people because this vid doesn't get the usual views
Kévin Moutoussamy
Kévin Moutoussamy 6 timmar sedan
What if Mary is engaged ?
Kévin Moutoussamy
Kévin Moutoussamy Timme sedan
I wondered about this case too. But either way the answer would still be yes actually
Some One
Some One 2 timmar sedan
What if she is dating?
Glen Hopkins
Glen Hopkins 6 timmar sedan
Allows for the intrinsic uneventful mind having reason. Result of looking at our narcissistic selves for too long and not at the real Reason we exist. The magnetic CME the sun has planned for us is reasonably reasonable to predict but what reason has the sun got? Because TRUTH needs no Reason.
Hikari Hitomi
Hikari Hitomi 6 timmar sedan
I'm all for protecting the environment, but the idea that we need to reduce emissions to absolute zero of substances that nature releases in copious amounts is absolutely ridiculous. We just need to keep our output small enough to be insignificant, and the more nature releases, the more we can release while remaining insignificant. Further, there are times when doing something that is generally bad, may still be a good idea during special occasions, such as the major power issues in Texas earlier this year, when turning on a few of the old coal power plants would have been really reasonable.
Santino Demaría
Santino Demaría 6 timmar sedan
23:24 that background music reminded me of: How To Count Past Infinity, minute 19:02
Francisco Cansanello
Francisco Cansanello 6 timmar sedan
My sister walked on me watching this and legit thought I was in class
Szilveszter Sáfár
Szilveszter Sáfár 6 timmar sedan
We're in... deepSauce! :)
Chris Hector
Chris Hector 6 timmar sedan
Anirudh Kashikar
Anirudh Kashikar 7 timmar sedan
This reasoning will never be implemented. A lower population is only the solution.
Arkthul 7 timmar sedan
Funny that this is in partnership with Bill Gates, an unaccountable feudal dragon holding back the decentralization, democratization & open-source future. He could literally create a modern completely decentralized democracy by politically taking over (winning elections) in a country like Greenland or other small ones, and start a revolution similar to the Renaissance, to spread across the world. Also, latocracy sounds stupid, its still incredibly centralized and up to the whims of random people. Decentralization is the answer (an anarchist true democracy state). Clearly decentralization has proven to work better (modern feudal democracies > feudal monarchies in terms of economics, tech, science, social freedoms & rights, etc.); works very well in tech (open-source stuff like Blender, Linux; Shenhzen) even when held back and not supported by anyone in the actual industry (Linux for example). The answer is patents being owned by all people who created them (so for example George Lucas wont be the only one holding Star Wars but all those who worked on it would); workplace democracy to the fullest and every person in the company being a shareholder equal to (or at least close to) the value of work they provide for the company; the removal of capital and the promotion of actual value-generating work (science, tech, labor, etc.) instead of shareholding, investing & other forms of leeching off of the labor of others without doing anything; Thursday & Friday being voting days for all sorts of local (Thursday) & global/countrywide (Friday) issues, where people might decide on sentences for local criminals (still given the evidence for and against by the prosecution & defence, essentially only removing the judge & juries centralized & biased system), where people might decide what to do with local funds, how their local communities should be governed, etc. The answers are really simple. Bill Gates is in direct opposition to most of these systems and has actively worked against them. Fuck that asshole & his book. He's either an idiot and unknowing or he knows these things and is just evil. Same with Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, political leaders, etc. I'd say hopefully there's a Hell waiting for the tyrants but then God, the creator of this evil & stupid world, would be the biggest tyrant ever so I'm not sure there being a Hell would be a good idea... I guess there won't be justice in the end and the Smaugs won't die. But at least we'll all rot in the ground equally. Cool vid though, despite all my ramblings against Gates.
Jessi Cat
Jessi Cat 7 timmar sedan
Wow he rambles... what a distractor / or a little schemer - The real source of the problem of the world is pollution/poisons and greed, and hey no laws are put in place to stop companies producing harmful stuff to the environment and humans.... but ho´ that topic was not the topic. Manipulative
irenickth 7 timmar sedan
I cannot begin to explain how much I'm thankful that this video has been made
David T de Castro
David T de Castro 7 timmar sedan
Michael you are a genius.
ClumClam 7 timmar sedan
have you ever wondered that somewhere in the galaxy there’s other colours but no one can imagine what they look like
Some One
Some One 2 timmar sedan
@ClumClam Hey, ad least your self-aware
ClumClam 7 timmar sedan
Shrey Saini
Shrey Saini 7 timmar sedan
Ma boy Michael comforting Bill after his divorce by saying prime numbers for 3 hrs behind the scenes
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