The Audi Rs5 Looks Like A HOVERCRAFT! Extreme Copart Rebuild!

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Welcome back to a new episode of BackYardBoyz!!! In this video we tear off all the rear suspension components, subframe and more to test and confirm if our 2019 Audi RS5 has any rear frame damage or not. Find out in this video how bad the damage is. Enjoy! Don't forget to comment below and share what you think, I would very much appreciate it.
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Inspired By some of my favorite SEcyclers. Such as goonzquad, alex rebuilds, and b is for build.

mstar501 23 dagar sedan
Any progress guy's?
Radoslav Borisov
Radoslav Borisov 27 dagar sedan
Dudeee, i'm impressed, just not to know how to explain it, literally in 2 days i've watched all of your videos. I'm just amazed of your work, really, really like it. And just if i could come to you and help you with builds, just helping you for the fun , for the idea , i'm so excited to watch, i don'y know if I was helping you. Just go like this, really really enjoy your work and youtube content.
Simon Attard
Simon Attard Månad sedan
Hi Tim What’s the name of that olive colour paint used on inner structure areas Need to get some for my project Thanks
mersbery g
mersbery g Månad sedan
kenzo geduld
kenzo geduld Månad sedan
ZOzzxcxx as x.
حيدر النجفي
حيدر النجفي Månad sedan
Kamran Saleem
Kamran Saleem Månad sedan
The feeble feigned visitor sadly suffer because kohlrabi firstly nod to a sedate example. subsequent, clever blanket
Nico Hagl
Nico Hagl Månad sedan
Imagine searching and replacing this fault on the intake tube when everything is assembled 🤪good job ✌🏼
Roberto Ju
Roberto Ju Månad sedan
Greetings from Vienna 😀 💪! your videos are amazing bro 👌! Roberto ✌✌
العاب كيمنك - jaymank alearab
العاب كيمنك - jaymank alearab Månad sedan
paliyev Månad sedan
бро that exact tube was cracked when i was fixing my b9 s4. Btw they have a sick red one on esc tuning, check it out! idk if itll fit the rs5 but technically should.
Rolo Månad sedan
I love the content bro, very entertaining
mark eggleton
mark eggleton Månad sedan
Just a thought but even if the car looks fine cosmetically after it's finished how would it behave in a future accident, surely its not going to be as safe as all the stretched and repulled metal must be a lot weaker, just wondering if I would want to drive something that had been so severely damaged.
John Mastro
John Mastro Månad sedan
Your videos and builds are great that's why I'm a subscriber can you do a CTS-V or CT5 V or Blackwing maybe you can find one of them.... I love the Vees
János Mezei
János Mezei Månad sedan
Guys i still cant imagine if this car will ever drive.... but, you are good 😀
Andrey Vovk
Andrey Vovk Månad sedan
Saw how you blanked out he Russian language 🤭
AB Adam
AB Adam Månad sedan
This guy is really talented I’ve got the same car. I hope it comes out great bro
Vizir de freitas Joao
Vizir de freitas Joao Månad sedan
pawilson1978 Månad sedan
Nothing like proper surgery! Always super positive which helps no doubt! 👏👍🏆
KARTHIK B Månad sedan
Hi iam waching from india tamil nadu🇮🇳🇮🇳
Fred Jones
Fred Jones Månad sedan
Those rear rotors and calipers look absolutely messed up... you can send them to me 😂😂😂😂😂 great video!!
Dagger Månad sedan
Been loving these videos, keep up the good work😊
ace ace
ace ace Månad sedan
part 10 is it i lost count but superb channel KEEP GOING lol....
Edward Lewis
Edward Lewis Månad sedan
Love to know the exact total in the end.
Roobin1495 Månad sedan
Would like to see a video of the total cost inc. the car and all parts in the end.
Jason Payne
Jason Payne Månad sedan
Awesome content, enjoying this build.
Spotted UK
Spotted UK Månad sedan
Keep them videos Rolling in! 👍 Following you from day 1 from uk
REPZ06 Månad sedan
Great content....... Hard work 💪🏻 🇺🇸
David Sayles
David Sayles Månad sedan
Wow that was a lot of ads, there was one every 3-4 minutes
David Sayles
David Sayles Månad sedan
@Roki Role hahaha I think that video as had the most ads I’ve every seen on here lol
Roki Role
Roki Role Månad sedan
You must watch them all.RS parts are expensive😀
hafidz Månad sedan
24:33 shit looks gnarly
Jeff A
Jeff A Månad sedan
Video wont play...your server must be jammed up. 1st time this has happened, to me, anyway
Joseph T
Joseph T Månad sedan
I always admire your positivity. You’ll list 5, really shitty, things that you have to do and then say “let’s do it, this is exciting.” 👊🏼
Khalifah Jamaluddin
Khalifah Jamaluddin Månad sedan
Awesome job guys. Appreciate that you could tabulate all the cost for this restoration in comparison to buying it brand new/used. Cheers.
Antony O
Antony O Månad sedan
I just got a Sony Experia 1 ii and now I can really appreciate the quality of your camera.
Antony O
Antony O Månad sedan
Crashedy Kawasaki zx6r going 60mph so gonna be doing a rebuild soon myself once my collar bone heals.
Egzon Meta
Egzon Meta Månad sedan
Respekt man Good Videos 👍👍
colmart1973 Månad sedan
Some serious impact disassembly there guys!, it’s coming along nicely now though👍🇮🇪
Don R
Don R Månad sedan
When you bleed the rear brakes. Your going to need computer to activate the abs system
Don R
Don R Månad sedan
When you bleed the rear brakes. Your going to need computer to activate the abs system
Wagner Hehrke
Wagner Hehrke Månad sedan
Will Pittenger
Will Pittenger Månad sedan
Looks like you need a lift or something.
John Peplow
John Peplow Månad sedan
I don’t know how you remember where all of the bolts and wire connections fit but one thing I do know is that it will be like a brand new car when you finish.
Junior T
Junior T Månad sedan
Lots of work ahead!
Ben Berg
Ben Berg Månad sedan
germanJ Månad sedan
Huge project..i love it
Miki83 S.
Miki83 S. Månad sedan
Greetings from Serbia💪
Tarık Kömürcü
Tarık Kömürcü Månad sedan
this car is like my gf
Mikael Jonsson
Mikael Jonsson Månad sedan
A loooot of work.... 😬 But you will get it perfect as always! ☺👍
Hani Beleid
Hani Beleid Månad sedan
I think you should take the rs5 and since your brother has a C36 it's going to be a great squad of course with some races 💪Imagine that you darken them will be like a Russian gang 😂
BMSmouthers Månad sedan
One of the biggest projects you guys have taken on! Mad props! Love the content, keep it coming for us! 👊🏼
cossied01 Månad sedan
I just spent two hours just trying to fix my exhaust tips !
Dominik7T Månad sedan
23:00 CLOSE CALL!!! 😂
King Artur
King Artur Månad sedan
If you have all factory parts just fixed like factory, this is very good car and episode by episode you are gething bether and bether😏
Nick M.C
Nick M.C Månad sedan
Great job, keep up the good work!!!
Frantisek Balaz
Frantisek Balaz Månad sedan
30 mins. Just perfect. Thanks for longer video.
dave wallbank
dave wallbank Månad sedan
Another stunning video Tim ,defo my no.1 channel
jiwan dhaliwal
jiwan dhaliwal Månad sedan
When using the pulling tower, please put a towel/blanket on the chain and not your hands. Just being cautious cause ive seen outcomes. Otherwise keep doing your thing ! 🔥🙌🏽
adriann charles
adriann charles Månad sedan
Great work guys love your content
John Moeleker
John Moeleker Månad sedan
Sick content brother! You got some serious skills! Much love from the Netherlands
Esteban Campano
Esteban Campano Månad sedan
Quality jump on editing and videos also, credits for your camera man!
Henry Jr
Henry Jr Månad sedan
Honestly , the only two guys I've seen work on such huge projects are vtuned and BYB Tim ....Huge respect to you guys , I'm surprised at how calm you are seeing that entire skeleton of the car ...
Kenneth Omale
Kenneth Omale Månad sedan
Initially the C63 build had me thinking "this DIY guy has too much equipment,..." now I realise I was grossly mistaken. The skills and content is way beyond beyond! I'm proposing a BYBTIM anthem! Backyard Boyz for the win! 👊🏽
Kenneth Omale
Kenneth Omale Månad sedan
Oh, I forgot,... Back to the video! 😁
Erik Doce
Erik Doce Månad sedan
The question is: is it worth it 🤨🤨🤨🤨
Phil Tucker
Phil Tucker Månad sedan
Tim, you are truly the Man when it comes to repairing these “impossibly” damaged cars that end up as good as new. You (and V Tuned) have so much skill so young that if you continue in this business I can imagine you both owning multi million dollar businesses before you are 40! Live long and prosper buddy! 😊👍🇬🇧
Izharuddin Raees
Izharuddin Raees Månad sedan
Raf Games
Raf Games Månad sedan
Yeeeeah new awesome video
Izharuddin Raees
Izharuddin Raees Månad sedan
Wow just from the intro 😱 the amount of work needed (but we can count on tim)😉
Junaid Ali
Junaid Ali Månad sedan
Since last few videos Tim stop saying his pet word... "Yada Yada.." :D :D
Kenny Stobbs
Kenny Stobbs Månad sedan
Scary amounts of work!! But really enjoying the rebuild 😁👍
Emir Bal
Emir Bal Månad sedan
Translation French please. Good job and video !!
ray bignell
ray bignell Månad sedan
Impressive video. True craftsmanship.
Radu Malica
Radu Malica Månad sedan
the beauty of aluminum bolts and parts. they bent they crack but they absorb the tension and hits without transferring to rails or other structural pieces. that's why you pay big bucks for these cars.
Mantas D
Mantas D Månad sedan
BackYardBoyz yeaaahhh 😁👍👍
Lucas Peta
Lucas Peta Månad sedan
What ever happens happens,🤣🤣🤣. Dude we use that in my native Land South Africa. "Se se iragalang sa iragala"
Stewart Logan
Stewart Logan Månad sedan
Outstanding work Tim, can’t wait for the next video 👍
Gold Coast Rob
Gold Coast Rob Månad sedan
Good morning from Australia wow Tim lots of work but going to be so satisfying in the end your a awesome body guy 👍👍👍👍👍 keep safe
Bernd Berberich
Bernd Berberich Månad sedan
Herzlichen Glückwunsch
Dj OTH Månad sedan
Hello good luck for your work. Bolts have a GEOMETISE treatment.
Viktor Fischer
Viktor Fischer Månad sedan
Steven Powell
Steven Powell Månad sedan
If had to put this car back together you could forget ever driving it again. I don't know how you keep up with everything and where it goes.
Neo M
Neo M Månad sedan
I know you gotta make cash for parts but damn that's a lot of ads on this vid. Still love it though, your work is scary impressive which makes up for all those ad interruptions. ❤️🔥🇿🇦✌🏾
Marc Beiderbeck
Marc Beiderbeck Månad sedan
Hey, greetings from Germany 😉 Replace the wheel arch along the seam sealer. The Audi factory doesn’t do it any other way 😌 And lots of respect for this project!!
rusl_lebendorf Månad sedan
Tim, greetings from Russia! What you do with these cars is simply unreal and very cool, I look with great pleasure, I show my friends and we are awesome))))) Good luck to you and your team in your projects) In the last video when you drove the Audi rs5 on the slipway you spoke funny Russian when you started the tractor))))) Do you have relatives in Russia/Belarus or Ukraine?
Johan Stoltz
Johan Stoltz Månad sedan
Nice job guys. Just a quick question, can't you put the control arm bolts in from the other side bcause to take that out in the future would be much easier. Just a thought.
Michael Chung
Michael Chung Månad sedan
So much work 💪, have to give you mad props bybtim, you're the man, looking fwd to seeing this done
marco moorthaemer
marco moorthaemer Månad sedan
glory guy
glory guy Månad sedan
At 14:59 they audio got muted. We know what happend .
Josip Perković
Josip Perković Månad sedan
Production side of your videos are getting better and better. 14:44 - 14:55 excellent.
Albert Timmer
Albert Timmer Månad sedan
Super video !!! Glad that the subframe fit very well and save you a ton off cost and labour !!!
Donatas Litvinas
Donatas Litvinas Månad sedan
That poor wooden handle still broken from GTR work 😁
Mick sharpe
Mick sharpe Månad sedan
nufff respect
Lorenzo Dematté
Lorenzo Dematté Månad sedan
Hi Tim, great work as usual! Maybe you could reuse some of the control arms? Could you test if they are straight (or better, in shape) and use them? What about hubs and rotors etc? It could be a good saving!
Pablo the Dublinjackel
Pablo the Dublinjackel Månad sedan
Very impressive work, well done on the destruction of the mangled parts, can't wait to see all the new goodies that have to go back to make this audi a brand new car once again, well done, I take my cap of to you all.
Ali AlSaeedi
Ali AlSaeedi Månad sedan
I would recommend you get a replacement procedure from the dealer when you get the part. Great job
DA744_ YT
DA744_ YT Månad sedan
*automatically likes the video before the video even loads*
Voodoo one
Voodoo one Månad sedan
Dam son, that is one serious project you got there. Best of luck 🤞
Fernando Villar
Fernando Villar Månad sedan
Dude, that's work is amazing!!
Roman Rebisz
Roman Rebisz Månad sedan
Very impressed by your work
Aaron okoni-ukiwah
Aaron okoni-ukiwah Månad sedan
Yessir BackYardBoyz live and direct. Keep up the awesome work you detesve to have more subscribers. You guys have dedicatuon for your build an you never give up you guys are lengend it an honour to be a subscriber to you honestly it really is. You guys ard turly blessed!!!!
KevyD77 Månad sedan
My mind boggles as to how you put this back together eventually! Great content!
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