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25 dagar sedan

How many pounds do you guys think you would get?!

Ra Shi
Ra Shi 27 minuter sedan
*Hanayama has joined the chat*
Нацу Драгнил
Нацу Драгнил Timme sedan
Так а где Сарычев который вообще своей силой сломал этот динамометр?))
Ghost Templar
Ghost Templar 2 timmar sedan
Everyone seems to missing the point you lift if so them of course your grip strength is going to be high.
DAT BOI 2 timmar sedan
They all get paid thousands of dollars to live in a house
k3r0 b0b
k3r0 b0b 7 timmar sedan
Weak kanata can break the device with her gorilla grip m8
Ismayıl HDTV
Ismayıl HDTV 8 timmar sedan
what is the name of that thing and where can I find it
Rastachimp3282 8 timmar sedan
Hold up he’s called champagne
RekyuMusic 9 timmar sedan
They using they meat beating hands.
Alex Ravenclaw
Alex Ravenclaw 11 timmar sedan
Mauricio Arroyo
Mauricio Arroyo 12 timmar sedan
You all live in the same house??
Tony Blake
Tony Blake 14 timmar sedan
People talking about him using leg leverage at the end. My question is since we see it set to 0 for everyone else but he had to skip a scene to drink his water we didn't see his set to 0. How do we know he didn't use both hands to get that, turn the camera on, and pretend to do it with 1 hand?
Tnebris 15 timmar sedan
El ultimo hizo trampa
Ramiro Lopez
Ramiro Lopez 17 timmar sedan
Grip strengjt
Karti Cash
Karti Cash 18 timmar sedan
how are white girls this weak
angel Gonzalez
angel Gonzalez 18 timmar sedan
I’m 16 and I got 189
WhyYouSalty? 18 timmar sedan
Im glad others noticed the leverage. I was about to say that this is shitty. Because it is. At least other already did that for me
MrInfinitrix 20 timmar sedan
Plotnippltwist: Abel broke it
ThenamesCactus 21 timme sedan
Does anyone else think Jacob kinda looks like KryozGaming?
Bear 08
Bear 08 21 timme sedan
Hahaha you used leverage 😅
Just some guy with a glass
Just some guy with a glass 21 timme sedan
Bruh My hand is itching to try that thing out
Shawn 23 timmar sedan
Wait a minute…this dudes parents actually named him champagne? They musta been drunk as hell.
Magic X 43
Magic X 43 Dag sedan
We all know why the girls are getting involved. Its just to see who can grip a tiny d
Rosinante Dag sedan
does anyone know the name of the second girl?
Dead Singers
Dead Singers Dag sedan
But you cheated! 😝 Laying it against your leg is going to improve the reading.
GizOrGlock Dag sedan
I’ll beat all they a$$ tho
achiando raymond
achiando raymond Dag sedan
They've got clairo measuring her grip 😂
Josh Finley
Josh Finley Dag sedan
Squeeze it infront of you like everyone else insted of leveraging it on your leg.
ItzJayGames Dag sedan
Not gonna lie, I read this as strongest drip challenge
Joshua MacDonald
Joshua MacDonald Dag sedan
We did this in high school. 190 something was mine.
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Dag sedan
I've been drinking blk water for years I dnt even lift, grip so strong I crush the bar every Time!
Nick Englehart
Nick Englehart Dag sedan
Don't they legally have to announce if this was an ad like can't they into HUGE trouble if they don't. They don't say it in the video of the title. Which by law for content creators they have to every if we know 100% it is they still have to declare it was
Yurei Unbound
Yurei Unbound Dag sedan
Bruh only like 3 of them actually tried.
Rabbit Rabbit
Rabbit Rabbit Dag sedan
These people make me nauseous
gothangxlsinner Dag sedan
Yo wtf imma need some mf black water..😳😳
Libré Dag sedan
There is literally never a time when Ace DOESN'T have headphones on
That random kid with the bag
That random kid with the bag Dag sedan
That was fake he hade it at 160 already bc he did’t look at it I hate people like this
WMV Gaming
WMV Gaming Dag sedan
Who tf calls a kid champagne?
Veronica De La Cruz
Veronica De La Cruz Dag sedan
I wish I was strong 💪
Mark A
Mark A Dag sedan
Lol how many tries bro
Kasper Andreasen
Kasper Andreasen Dag sedan
It’s just cheatin if you push it into your arm like that
kiki kiki
kiki kiki Dag sedan
Oryips Dag sedan
He sure have a lot of siblings
Reilly Chambers
Reilly Chambers Dag sedan
That’s what she said
Steven Hannah
Steven Hannah Dag sedan
I figured out who was the slowest too
Evan Willis
Evan Willis Dag sedan
I bet mine will reach above 200
peanut butter
peanut butter Dag sedan
I bet i could hit 200.....but only with a right hand tho for some reason.
Raj Mahal
Raj Mahal Dag sedan
Obviously sponsored by blk water.
Savage gearoid 2
Savage gearoid 2 Dag sedan
His brother/dad is called shampane
He cheated he put the handle on his leg for leverage. 😂
Diego Gonzales
Diego Gonzales Dag sedan
I drank some blk water, I wasnt conviced it of enough evidence that is was super helpful, however there should be legimate studies of it to see if it isbhelpful and if it is, then I shall drink it all the time, but until then, naw
WNY JERSEY Dag sedan
All of yous have girl grip strength
ian wood
ian wood Dag sedan
Blk product placement and boring af
Oppai God
Oppai God Dag sedan
Black water came in clutch for 🤡
MrCoolSmoovie Dag sedan
I feel like all shitty SEcyclers/clout chaser do the EXACT SAME hand motions in their intros 😂😂
Preani19 2 dagar sedan
Girl with blue shirt was soo cuteeeee
Preani19 Dag sedan
@Rosinante nope
Rosinante Dag sedan
Do you know her instagram acc?
Rudraksh Chatterjee
Rudraksh Chatterjee 2 dagar sedan
It reminded me of slay point
ryan green
ryan green 2 dagar sedan
Black water must have steroids in it. Steriods shrink your balls. Black water will shrink your balls then, terrible product. Wont buy
Obscura 2 dagar sedan
Lol blackwater! In sanitation context, it means toilet or sewage water.
Adolf Emmanuel Esparas
Adolf Emmanuel Esparas 2 dagar sedan
You just handed that shit into unsuspecting people then brag about your grip.. I know people loves breaking egos as fragile as yours..
Lock'n Loaded
Lock'n Loaded 2 dagar sedan
Hanayama: hold my sake Machine: explodes
I Sniff kettles
I Sniff kettles 2 dagar sedan
I'd do good on that I death grip alot
Heanly 2 dagar sedan
Black water? Niggahz got water on their color now as well?
OG Hokage
OG Hokage 2 dagar sedan
Video is cursed
Bob Dog
Bob Dog 2 dagar sedan
Yo don’t use your leg to get a higher grip strength
El que se escapo
El que se escapo 2 dagar sedan
How many guys live in that house? All I can think about It is that non of them can afford the rent.
Celeste Colt
Celeste Colt 2 dagar sedan
We have the same name 💕
Loke Greppi
Loke Greppi 2 dagar sedan
1st girl could get it
Sabian Torbit
Sabian Torbit 2 dagar sedan
Black water, can’t wait to find out how that kills you
no112358 2 dagar sedan
Thats an ad
KeremOz 2 dagar sedan
grip.. or squeeze.. 🤦🏽‍♂️
Kanchan Sarker
Kanchan Sarker 2 dagar sedan
Very strong grip.
bbq seitan
bbq seitan 2 dagar sedan
I’ve only done this one time I was 12 and my grandma worked at a hospital For Halloween there was a thing for kids and one of the guys had this at his booth(for arthritis education) I did it and got 99 and he said I had gorilla strength lol The ironic think is I was diagnosed with arthritis at 24 lol
Tommy BRO
Tommy BRO 2 dagar sedan
I never thought I was watching an advertisement this whole time…
hward7magic 2 dagar sedan
That second girl cheated
Helsreach ,
Helsreach , 2 dagar sedan
Oh it's in American
Friendly Friends
Friendly Friends 2 dagar sedan
The girl who said "like this" made me want to die
On Trail Off Trail
On Trail Off Trail 2 dagar sedan
Why so many people living in one place? I'd go crazy
John Dc2
John Dc2 2 dagar sedan
TRASH video
Jeyaram Sathees
Jeyaram Sathees 2 dagar sedan
I was waiting for my turn :(
Clifton Ferguson
Clifton Ferguson 2 dagar sedan
What’s it called and where do I purchase one
ThatOneGuyKillzz 2 dagar sedan
Trigumm 2 dagar sedan
“Is that good?” no, no its not
Cuckoo 2 dagar sedan
Too easy
LexxTSK 2 dagar sedan
That mans was pushing it against his leg he not valid
Scooter Gaming
Scooter Gaming 2 dagar sedan
Notice how the boys did better
AsbestosTub _
AsbestosTub _ 2 dagar sedan
Do that with Granite Fabricators
Noah Noh
Noah Noh 2 dagar sedan
“Interesting Username”
“Interesting Username” 2 dagar sedan
Jacob looks like the type of guy to get an 87 on this test
Isaiah Hernandez-Rector
Isaiah Hernandez-Rector 2 dagar sedan
Mine was 185
Clash Of Youtube
Clash Of Youtube 2 dagar sedan
Hanayama Karou join the chat
Duck Man
Duck Man 2 dagar sedan
I didn’t know people drank diarrhea now…
zbk_zay 2 dagar sedan
U was kinda out of pocket at the end
the weebboi
the weebboi 2 dagar sedan
Able looks like an escaped convict
Rick Bond
Rick Bond 2 dagar sedan
Used his leg for extra grip, and there's a dial which changes the restriction, probably made it easier for himself 😑
Mr. Monitor
Mr. Monitor 2 dagar sedan
87.6 your can hear a knuckle pop
Anthony Calderone
Anthony Calderone 2 dagar sedan
Bruh u pushed it against your arm
Ariel Isai
Ariel Isai 2 dagar sedan
My friend managed to throw the ball and it got stuck in the hoop, it was obvious that the hoop was smaller than the ball Everyone in there looked at the owner His face was a poem
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