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Stranger Things

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Celina Flower
Celina Flower 5 minuter sedan
when you want to be cast in stranger things but you cant cus youre 11 y/o and your in philippines
TikiTyler9 2 timmar sedan
My car and I are extras on the show. We’re literally still filming this season. I work again on Monday. Sorry guys. They’re not done yet. I’m scheduled out for another few weeks and then I’m not sure if there are any more days on set after that. I keep thinking we’re done but then... 🤷🏻‍♀️
JITHIN KR 3 timmar sedan
Waiting for Stranger things season 4♥️♥️♥️
Wilson Sy
Wilson Sy 3 timmar sedan
i shall wait for another year. My patients are not quite good.
Opal the Goofy Golden
Opal the Goofy Golden 6 timmar sedan
When is soon? My 300th time watching stranger things, 400th time, or my 500th? When is soon!? I need to see it!
Maia Luna
Maia Luna 6 timmar sedan
Esa no es "Ce , jane hopper" porque once es 011 no 11 .
SHARK TURTLES 6 timmar sedan
Kingsley Bridgforth
Kingsley Bridgforth 9 timmar sedan
The two hen complimentarily steer because geography resultspreviously spill lest a waiting flat. useful, sore spark
Sonic 10 timmar sedan
The release date is Spring 2022
daily dose of meme's
daily dose of meme's 10 timmar sedan
yo 004 and 002 must be a hint to WHEN ITS COMIN OUT
Lia Vsp
Lia Vsp 12 timmar sedan
Ajay Kedia
Ajay Kedia 13 timmar sedan
Demogorgon or Demo Dogs?
Macaroni Head
Macaroni Head 13 timmar sedan
So exciteddd, this makes me miss when season 3 came out :(
Alfie Mcginnity
Alfie Mcginnity 13 timmar sedan
How long do u think till there say the release date on Netflix
Lachnet 15 timmar sedan
lgbt ye baglamazlarsa olmaz zaten dizi amk
elise  & zo
elise & zo 15 timmar sedan
if the description is a date and not the episode. I will feel dumb, on my birthday. (feb 4)
Aditya Shelar
Aditya Shelar 16 timmar sedan
Stranger thing 1 - Mike ❤️ Eleven Stranger thing 2 - Lucas ❤️ Max Stranger thing 3 - Dustin ❤️ Suji Stranger thing 4 - Will ❤️ ?😅😅😅 . At the end This is Mine Favourite Series ❤️😍
Bloom xD
Bloom xD 17 timmar sedan
I'm just hoping Steve doesn't have an injured face by the end of s4
Dhruv patel
Dhruv patel 20 timmar sedan
It's not an web series it's an emotion now plz release S4 fast plz 😭😭
OfficialScarletGacha 20 timmar sedan
i like they add the pride flag :>
Dezmond121 22 timmar sedan
This show makes me wish it will never end but the show will be ruined for me seeing them all as adults and not the kids we used to know them as but it has to end someday and I hope we get a ending with everyone alive and not a ending at like a season 11 like TWD
Matt V
Matt V 22 timmar sedan
2 more teasers to go, LETS GO!
Iman Matschigovaa
Iman Matschigovaa 23 timmar sedan
I Love Stranger things and i never want the series to end
antifarterrorist's 23 timmar sedan
good morning children let's begin with antiwhite hatred chapter 1.
Akilonna Robinson
Akilonna Robinson Dag sedan
I've been waiting for the best show ever made to release season 4 already and now I'm more excited
Brandon Farrington
Brandon Farrington Dag sedan
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DeadboyTIMMEH Dag sedan
Fun fact: You can actually hear Brenner saying "Eleven, are you listening?" before this video even came out, its in Season 1, Episode Four. This might be a flashback to where El was trying to find the Russian Soldier Brenner had told her to. Maybe this is some of scenes after.
reemaster420 9 timmar sedan
Smart person
Mayur Jagtap
Mayur Jagtap Dag sedan
What is the release date of Stranger Things Season 4? Please tell me
Chris Brochu
Chris Brochu 7 timmar sedan
Probably early 2022
Blossom Plays
Blossom Plays 23 timmar sedan
Spring 2022 most likely march 2022
winterblxssom Dag sedan
My goal is to watch the series 11 times at least before season 4 comes out. I’m on rewatch 8 so shouldn’t take that long lol
winterblxssom Dag sedan
“Will eleven get her powers back this season?” “Signs Point To Yes”
Aaron Christopher -Moneyes
Aaron Christopher -Moneyes Dag sedan
Its been like 713 days waiting for Season 4
Chris Brochu
Chris Brochu 7 timmar sedan
Teh virus delayed things for like 7 months
xpeachflavorx_ Dag sedan
I’m guaranteed to stay up for 8 hours without sleep again to finish the 4th season
Chris Brochu
Chris Brochu 7 timmar sedan
Actually 9 episodes
LT News
LT News Dag sedan
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JAYHD Dag sedan
Chris Brochu
Chris Brochu 7 timmar sedan
Thy won’t be finished filming til august
Drywal123 Dag sedan
Oh yeah yeah
Theparadise Dag sedan
I remember the 3 season those was good times🤗
McKenna Camplin
McKenna Camplin Dag sedan
Hold up I thought poppa got killed by the demegorgon
Chris Brochu
Chris Brochu 7 timmar sedan
This a flashback. Since el is back at the lab
No one wanna talk about a probability of Kali's(8) return?
Jacob’s and Isaac
Jacob’s and Isaac Dag sedan
I'm like 11 right now when soon day 20 day 50 day 90 day day 1009 day 100000?
Gracie Mae Ross
Gracie Mae Ross Dag sedan
kamil raza
kamil raza Dag sedan
Can't wait anymore 😭
LuLuplayz76 Dag sedan
I cannot wait for season 4, I'm so excited!!!
Munera Dag sedan
شيبي ذا الشااايب
There are more Winter Soldiers?
Millie Boby brown
Millie Boby brown Dag sedan
Always lokes
Anwesa Sarkar XII A2 6
Anwesa Sarkar XII A2 6 Dag sedan
Am I the only one who wanted to watch more of KALI's part too.
Gatlin Blair
Gatlin Blair Dag sedan
The week before it comes out: What a surprise, there is a brand new plague that will last twice as long as coronavirus and you can't go seeing movies, also Netflix, Hulu, hbo max have gone brank rupt.
Likely Nicole
Likely Nicole Dag sedan
This is our teaser!? 😒
ali baba
ali baba Dag sedan
When coming
Hamad & Pumkin
Hamad & Pumkin Dag sedan
I don’t know how they got her
Hamad & Pumkin
Hamad & Pumkin Dag sedan
When he said ELEVEN are u listening? My heart stoped 💔
Neupro Gaming
Neupro Gaming Dag sedan
I think everyone forgot *THE LOST SISTER* 😳💀
Hiba Yacobi
Hiba Yacobi Dag sedan
No one can forget kali you idiot
FBI Dag sedan
papas back :/
AOW🙎🏻 Dag sedan
حماس الففففف
Kj !,!.
Kj !,!. Dag sedan
Why is there seven of everything
Vɩɳɛɛʈɧ Dag sedan
Plot twist : Hope Trapped in upside down during explosion and he will coming back as new host..😂
Shoaib 2 dagar sedan
What if eleven die in season 4 😭
spicypiscesxo 2 dagar sedan
When the fuck is the 3rd one my hair is now white
joshuajgp 2 dagar sedan
At least put 1 episode of season 4🥺🥺😭
Drawing Freak
Drawing Freak 2 dagar sedan
Low key said tpn with a papa not mama
josh ralph p notarte
josh ralph p notarte 2 dagar sedan
002/004? i cant wait :v
AirloxsD 18
AirloxsD 18 2 dagar sedan
no aporta informacion.
veeeveeeveeeveeev 2 dagar sedan
Obamiam MOnke yes
S0LDIER C00KIE 2 dagar sedan
Me hearing everyone complain about S4 not out yet Me:still on S1 who here is with me if so ✋
Omran khamees
Omran khamees 2 dagar sedan
Wow Eleven 11
Motorcycle kids
Motorcycle kids 2 dagar sedan
I wonder how there all going to look like? there going up so fast😭❤
Akash Tibriwal
Akash Tibriwal 2 dagar sedan
It's been a month and you guys haven't released the trailer yet
Vaidehi Ghotkar
Vaidehi Ghotkar 2 dagar sedan
I'm literally waiting here, sitting with my eggos, cmon Netflix and Stranger Things, JUST RELEASE IT ALREADY
face_grey_gray 2 dagar sedan
I'm bored of life.
Vaidehi Ghotkar
Vaidehi Ghotkar 2 dagar sedan
Guys, imagine if the 3rd teaser came around Mid - Late July, the 4th teaser came around September or October, and then the official trailer came on Stranger Things Day, which is November 6th, which will allow Stranger Things 4 to come out in Early 2022, like expected.
jk 2 dagar sedan
Waiting ♥️♥️
Auxerre 2 dagar sedan
finally season 4
VK 2 dagar sedan
Just finished Season 3... 😂
Shagun 2 dagar sedan
in the time we are waiting for s4 alexi and joyce would have communicated 2 full sentences
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 3 dagar sedan
People who disliked. Be aware demogorgon is coming for you⚠️⚠️
thegarbageplatform 3 dagar sedan
Will miss you HOP!!🖤
MIX. GAMES 3 dagar sedan
أمتي هينزل الترايلر التالت والرابع
F A T I M A. -
F A T I M A. - 3 dagar sedan
لو عرفت قول لي
Preet Maan Badla
Preet Maan Badla 3 dagar sedan
Preet Maan Badla
Preet Maan Badla 3 dagar sedan
@eioshen boboi I wish you dream complete will be soon.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 3 dagar sedan
My only dream was to act in this serial
Stephen Carey
Stephen Carey 3 dagar sedan
CANT wait!! 🦖😁🤪
STAN FOR LOVE 3 dagar sedan
the center of stranger things story is not Will but Eleven from the beginning: season 1 : eleven open the gate seoson 2 : eleven close the gate season 3 : eleven close the door and not open it 3 inch
Eggster Dag sedan
Maybe the gate was the friend we made along
sheri smith
sheri smith 3 dagar sedan
ive been stranger things since day 1 i waited for all the seasons to come out and i will continue waiting
Michachi Jordan
Michachi Jordan 22 timmar sedan
R u sure? It’s coming out spring 2022. One of the official cast members confirmed it.
Setyati Ayu Ahmadi
Setyati Ayu Ahmadi 3 dagar sedan
Lamaaaaa bangetttttt aku kangennnnnn
Toxic 2
Toxic 2 3 dagar sedan
Im ready with my popcorns
Bts7_got7_crackfandom 3 dagar sedan
Idk if they will put the whole friends gang ...but I will miss them Dustin will Lucas max And what about her sister Omgg Im waiting....
Bts7_got7_crackfandom 3 dagar sedan
I just finished season three yesterday It was awesome and waiting for season 4 letss goo
gølden_Aftøn 3 dagar sedan
I can't wait to watch season 4
S t r a n g e r    T h i n g s
S t r a n g e r T h i n g s 4 dagar sedan
Season 1:finding Will Season 2:Will wants to play dnd Season 3: ignoring will Season 4: Will is gay
ji chan
ji chan 4 dagar sedan
Waiting for 003/004 teaser...
J Jonah Jamieson
J Jonah Jamieson 4 dagar sedan
I hope this season is good
THE BLOOB 4 dagar sedan
My only dream was to act in this serial
MIX. GAMES 4 dagar sedan
I thought that it was written in the description (001/004), which means that there are two other teaser clips. Will their show be close to the second clip or not?
Francia Pierre
Francia Pierre 4 dagar sedan
I can't wait for season 4
Janeth Detomal
Janeth Detomal 4 dagar sedan
was it El's eyes? Looks different tho. I think it's another Eleven this time
A8hnaa _
A8hnaa _ 4 dagar sedan
Does anyone know when it will be streaming
Anna Balogová
Anna Balogová 4 dagar sedan
waw 4
Pluto 4 dagar sedan
Those dislikes are from Mouthbreathers.
ÖDCSFC AŞİRETİ 4 dagar sedan
When is season 4?
Brianna Lowery
Brianna Lowery 4 dagar sedan
I feel like we are gonna see more of Eleven’s past. UGHHH I CAN’T WAIT
steve harrington being a dad.
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