Stephen Curry: 2008 NCAA tournament highlights, top plays

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March Madness

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Stephen Curry led 10-seed Davidson to the Elite Eight in the 2008 NCAA tournament after scoring 40 points against Gonzaga, 30 against Georgetown, 33 against Wisconsin and 25 against Kansas. Watch all his top shots and plays from the memorable Cinderella run.
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Mark Dwight Tadina
Mark Dwight Tadina Dag sedan
Curry was so hot in 3s since college
Kirby BL
Kirby BL Dag sedan
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Grace marrie
Grace marrie 2 dagar sedan
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William Ahay
William Ahay 5 dagar sedan
Look at curry man , so inspirational
Crying Jordan
Crying Jordan 7 dagar sedan
This guy has a lot of potential. He should go to the nba
darryl williams
darryl williams 11 dagar sedan
Man his point guard was dropping dimes yes curry did his thang but that pg#2 was nasty with the dimes they way he set him up was so nice shout out to buddy
Mike Andresen
Mike Andresen 12 dagar sedan
I love curry but Lebron sonned him each time in the finals. Curry also doesn’t deliver in the clutch a lot - yet ppl think he does
Tevarious Tyner
Tevarious Tyner 7 dagar sedan
Rao Venu
Rao Venu 16 dagar sedan
1:07, isn't it unsafe for the cheerleaders to be sitting so close to the court?
Matt Murphy
Matt Murphy 21 dag sedan
Curry was good, but if you look closely at the end of the Kansas game, you’ll see that curry had an opportunity to pass to a wide open teammate, but instead took a desperate three pointer, still a good run though
Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez 22 dagar sedan
Manz just said Stephon Curry
Brian Taremwa
Brian Taremwa 24 dagar sedan
this young boy will become an nba superstar, mvp watch the space . call him steph
HKim0072 25 dagar sedan
#1 seed UNC and #1 Memphis would have the next games. Davidson gave Kansas the toughest challenge.
Thunderstorm 25 dagar sedan
Imagine the scenes if curry played at KU, Allen field house would go crazy
Kai TheeeGuy
Kai TheeeGuy 29 dagar sedan
Stepoàn curry
jsuss beuh
jsuss beuh Månad sedan
Bron bin recruiting steph curry
Perry Beamer
Perry Beamer Månad sedan
Look at curry man, so inspirational
I'mKydding Månad sedan
And this guy has now Surpassed Wilt Chamberlain in franchise Points a record that stood for 57 Years.
Ricky Kenny
Ricky Kenny Månad sedan
What a run by Steph and Davidson! They knocked off; Gonzaga, Georgetown, and Wisconsin and lost to Kansas in a nail biter!
ShelovesWave Månad sedan
LeBron then this kid pretty good. LeBron now I hate this kid
Mike Ferrer
Mike Ferrer Månad sedan
2:28 add Chris Berman's "WHOOP!' sound lol if you know, you know hahaa
Dav Smiv
Dav Smiv Månad sedan
Guy literally still plays the same way. It was too easy then 😂😂😂😂
Melissa Melissa
Melissa Melissa Månad sedan
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T Dog
T Dog Månad sedan
He is good in college but his game won’t translate at the next level.
Layla Flynn
Layla Flynn Månad sedan
how on earth was curry a last round pick!! he was and still is unstoppable!!!
Saleel Gaidhani
Saleel Gaidhani 5 dagar sedan
He was a first round pick Round 1-Pick 9 or something
Moe Greengrass
Moe Greengrass Månad sedan
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Ez Hertzberg
Ez Hertzberg Månad sedan
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Wavezlol Månad sedan
crazy how curry was so consistent even back then
Barbara Boatright
Barbara Boatright Månad sedan
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Phillip Riles
Phillip Riles Månad sedan
Obviously I didn't think steph would become what he became in the NBA, but one thing for sure, even back in 2008, he was must see TV. He was by far the most intriguing payer to watch in this tournament, and even the next year when he returned to school, every time he was on TV, I was tuning in if I could. I hated that people doubted that he would make it in the NBA, even though I wasn't all the way sure myself.
Dillon Djie
Dillon Djie Månad sedan
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Winder Zhao
Winder Zhao Månad sedan
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caveman riley
caveman riley Månad sedan
Same game I was watching on tv
weakpig Månad sedan
i pity the cheerleaders, who had to get up and cheer everytime Curry scores. XD
Dan Månad sedan
0:47 I didn't know Ben Affleck played with Stephen Curry at Davidson
Michael Hurst
Michael Hurst Månad sedan
Remember when your basketball shorts HAD to go below the knee?
God Has A Plan For You Trust the process
God Has A Plan For You Trust the process Månad sedan
Would’ve loved to see him make NBA Historical season
Adriana DiNobile
Adriana DiNobile Månad sedan
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cato rayn
cato rayn Månad sedan
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Tang Swee Ching
Tang Swee Ching Månad sedan
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ryan hannigan
ryan hannigan Månad sedan
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Razvan Kirchoff
Razvan Kirchoff Månad sedan
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Riley Reid
Riley Reid Månad sedan
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Shaunta Marketta
Shaunta Marketta Månad sedan
vHe is risen
Jonathon Daniels
Jonathon Daniels Månad sedan
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Temporality_ Månad sedan
He dont look a day over 12
fesjobu gogetge
fesjobu gogetge Månad sedan
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Bella Yo MaMa
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Tim Wheat
Tim Wheat Månad sedan
That memphis team that year was crazy. They didn’t win - but may have been the best college team I’ve ever seen.
Hugh Tran
Hugh Tran Månad sedan
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rayane kacha
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Kol Andy
Kol Andy Månad sedan
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Kris Deyoe
Kris Deyoe Månad sedan
Look at Georgetowns body language when Steph hits that first one. It looks like they get deflated.
Mohamed ibrahim
Mohamed ibrahim Månad sedan
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Godmaster Månad sedan
Look at Curry man... Ya'll know the rest
Amad Mak
Amad Mak Månad sedan
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Rufus Swenson
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John Roehsler
John Roehsler Månad sedan
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MVRTS Månad sedan
What a special guy
Francesco La Torre
Francesco La Torre Månad sedan
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Lucas Sizemore
Lucas Sizemore Månad sedan
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Kellen Tyler
Kellen Tyler Månad sedan
But nobody talkin bout Jason richards
TheBurningChicken1 Månad sedan
2:26 was absolutely nasty
Alex Aaron
Alex Aaron Månad sedan
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Serina Greenfield
Serina Greenfield Månad sedan
vKevin Durant messages
Trever Foreman
Trever Foreman Månad sedan
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Zared Kramp
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Shaunta Shea
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vRege Jean Page
Daniel Logan
Daniel Logan Månad sedan
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Mario Arvayo
Mario Arvayo Månad sedan
At 4:20. The play Davidson uses to get him open... *chefs kiss*
育成001 Månad sedan
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Dondre Johnson
Dondre Johnson Månad sedan
Chef curry with the shot
Daisy Hodzen
Daisy Hodzen Månad sedan
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Nathaniel riesterer
Nathaniel riesterer Månad sedan
He was always special.
Lia Yang
Lia Yang Månad sedan
Gotta give the Warriors credit. They must've rewatched this in 2011 or something and realized that for the offense to reach its max potential, the offense had to be 100% run through Steph and not shared with Monta.
다알어 Månad sedan
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John Roehsler
John Roehsler Månad sedan
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Monty Aldokhl
Monty Aldokhl Månad sedan
Still surprised he wasn't the 1st pick!!
vcght dfge
vcght dfge Månad sedan
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Deniz Culha
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Piko Van
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Wendy Wendy
Wendy Wendy Månad sedan
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Jack Spade
Jack Spade Månad sedan
This Stephen kid seemed to had had a chance making it big in the NBA, but decided follow his father's footsteps after graduation. I would how did that pan out for him?
jerry cai
jerry cai Månad sedan
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Ateeq Miah
Ateeq Miah Månad sedan
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Dillon Noster
Dillon Noster Månad sedan
Best shooter in basketball history hands down
Petter Tran
Petter Tran Månad sedan
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M Bot5
M Bot5 Månad sedan
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Izabella braylon Månad sedan
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Serina Greenfield
Serina Greenfield Månad sedan
v76ers vs Nuggets
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Månad sedan
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Dom Skillet
Dom Skillet Månad sedan
The crazy part is that even though they only made the elite 8, Kansas demolished every team they faced en route to a championship.... except Davidson, who they barely held on against
HueyLewisFan22 Månad sedan
All time run
Gjulio Vucaj
Gjulio Vucaj Månad sedan
What's crazier about this... Is he wasn't even the primary ballhandler LoL... Imagine if he was .
John Guerrero
John Guerrero Månad sedan
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Arvin Cornejo
Arvin Cornejo Månad sedan
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Kansas vs. Davidson: 2008 Elite Eight | FULL GAME
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