Stayed up all night and Built something Crazy

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I stay up till 6am in the morning to convert a fibreglass shark head in into a fencepost brick smashing beast..............funny life I have.
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colinfurze Månad sedan
What a world, I did a few instagram lives while building this, so go check me out on there incase I do it again (I've saved the lives from the Shark Build so if you wanna see mega tired Colin check them out) See you in the next one internet.
Sovietic Dark D-c 142.
Sovietic Dark D-c 142. Månad sedan
Build a battlebot
Simon 4
Simon 4 Månad sedan
love your crazy video's, but i certainly love the video's with a bit of action, xD like... trebuchet... or launching 1000 fireworks or whatever xD
Kieran Weir
Kieran Weir Månad sedan
Have you ever thought of doing a mechanical stone skipper? Shark made me think of obscure devices to save someone from a shark attack.
biker jake
biker jake Månad sedan
Colin I have the very good invention idea I feel like you could make a four wheeled push bike that looks like a car
TheSpecialPoptart7 Månad sedan
Hay man love your channel and I have an idea for you I was wondering if you could make a bike where you have to pedal backwards to move forward and please see this
Luke Woodside
Luke Woodside 4 timmar sedan
You should really get a networking engineer in to get rid of the sd card method of using the cnc machines :P
Chris K
Chris K 6 timmar sedan
8:00 Looks like he got a cigar in his mouth:)
Dan E
Dan E 18 timmar sedan
Hydrolic boots
H 20 timmar sedan
The descent in to madness is real 😂😂
Skermit Dag sedan
easier way to dispose the bodies
Kanashibari 2 dagar sedan
bitey bin
DLOW666p 3 dagar sedan
Whut the hell?
Doctor Cookie
Doctor Cookie 4 dagar sedan
Where was the coffee and tea?
krnekipac1 4 dagar sedan
AttendantGrain Gaming
AttendantGrain Gaming 5 dagar sedan
1:42 That hello bit is a piece of my nightmares
Slash 5 dagar sedan
Me at my friends His parents: are you hungry Me: 2:42 His parents are you sure Me: umm ok then Me 5 mins later: 7:38
The fishing dimensions 2021
The fishing dimensions 2021 5 dagar sedan
Make hot dog gun
ALR 1 7 dagar sedan
“It’s alright people we’ve got cheese! Eheheh” ~Colinfurze
Kitulous Gamedev Channel
Kitulous Gamedev Channel 11 dagar sedan
it has two sets of teeth just like nightmare animatronics from fnaf 4
Idiaz_ed 13 dagar sedan
Dylan Hawksey
Dylan Hawksey 13 dagar sedan
when he said sattlite recever i was like SKY BOX
Carol and Neil
Carol and Neil 13 dagar sedan
Next level of your letter box shredder
Pigeon Will
Pigeon Will 14 dagar sedan
So much quicker and easier 😂
Callun Thiart
Callun Thiart 15 dagar sedan
Insane British man feeds gifts and old electronics to a hydraulic shark on a Tuesday afternoon
Stephen Scott
Stephen Scott 15 dagar sedan
I think you are my brother and my parents didn't tell me. Come on they must have known.
mercedes Forza thing
mercedes Forza thing 16 dagar sedan
God bless him he's a different guy because of lockdown
myth cafe
myth cafe 16 dagar sedan
How does he empty it
Gummi Baum
Gummi Baum 16 dagar sedan
It is so usefull
Thomas Knowles
Thomas Knowles 16 dagar sedan
It's official... Colin has officially finally lost the plot 😂😂
Laura mccaffery
Laura mccaffery 17 dagar sedan
How are you not verified
Vitinho legal
Vitinho legal 17 dagar sedan
very cool
Martin E Castro
Martin E Castro 17 dagar sedan
Hear me out... shark tank...
David Gamber
David Gamber 17 dagar sedan
What if instead of the ram powerd crushing jaws you did a shredder like you made for junk mail and mounted that on the base plate. Itd still be the same "story line". Shark eats it and it comes out shredder into the bin
The Russian bear
The Russian bear 17 dagar sedan
Not many people you can say this to but Colin has had weirder ideas
joseph jackson
joseph jackson 18 dagar sedan
Only a british person could invent somthing that just makes the original taks more difficult then again it would be fun to see what would break it
Apocalypticable 18 dagar sedan
Say no to meth, kids.
Dällenbach Lena
Dällenbach Lena 19 dagar sedan
you sir, are amazing xD the world needs more people like you xD
Mars' Gaming
Mars' Gaming 20 dagar sedan
Chris Sugg
Chris Sugg 21 dag sedan
Watching him stick his hand in there whilst holding the switch in the other made my toes curl.
Jordan Morley
Jordan Morley 23 dagar sedan
Who thinks he should build a self restoring firebin for the garden?
Sebastian Gamboa
Sebastian Gamboa 23 dagar sedan
“AearEraeRrEararE, sharkee sharky!”-Colin Furze
Domonkos Baranyák
Domonkos Baranyák 24 dagar sedan
You built a shredder.
Keith Watson
Keith Watson 24 dagar sedan
I just laugh at you nuttyness.... love it
skaltura 25 dagar sedan
lol Fun to see it's not so easy always even when you sorta know what you doing :D
Noah_tea 25 dagar sedan
8:25 the "ah!" Got me 😂😂😂
Kev Green
Kev Green 26 dagar sedan
Gerçeğe Çağrı
Gerçeğe Çağrı 26 dagar sedan
1:51 also expected something different from the vacuum cleaner 😂. It is very primitive among these creations, it could be inspiring to improve it too 💡
Pepe Gunda
Pepe Gunda 26 dagar sedan
Everything what hi made no working ! But so funny!
Colleen Ackert
Colleen Ackert 27 dagar sedan
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David Tyrell
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Josh Jermyn
Josh Jermyn 27 dagar sedan
Can you feed some steel to the shark?
Finest Clips
Finest Clips 27 dagar sedan
Anyone else flinch when that tooth flew off
madden ramsey
madden ramsey 27 dagar sedan
The kind uzbekistan metrically guarantee because washer naturally save of a polite lawyer. panicky, useless frost
D Donawan
D Donawan 27 dagar sedan
Colin where’s our TV gone? erm long story
delimiter 28 dagar sedan
Yep Sounds like a 1am idea to me
Nathon Dalton
Nathon Dalton 28 dagar sedan
I love CF videos, but I am so happy to finally see one where the music isn't at 10x the volume of the rest of the video. I watch early in the morning. You should see me jump when the music comes on and I scramble for the volume control before waking the whole house. :-)
Matthew Morrison
Matthew Morrison 28 dagar sedan
anyone else lose it at the tooth flying🤣🤣
Wyatt Richard
Wyatt Richard 28 dagar sedan
Colin's really working on his night cheese
Daniel Earl
Daniel Earl 28 dagar sedan
Hella nostalgic old style colin furze video! I forgot how much your videos changed in the past like 8 yeara
dreamburn1 28 dagar sedan
You and Simone Giertz need to spend several months together just building stupid funny cool things.
Lane P
Lane P 28 dagar sedan
Honestly this is pretty cool
Vistallion 28 dagar sedan
Its alright he has the CHEEESE! RUN
Badea Antonio
Badea Antonio 28 dagar sedan
Add a mustache to the shark to cover the punch hole and joker scars to cover the marks from cutting it in half
Unsqeakable8989 28 dagar sedan
Is it just me, or do cool British people always wear a tie? I had a teacher from England in Canada and he always wore a tie. It was in middle school.
The Demo man class From tf2
The Demo man class From tf2 28 dagar sedan
Freddy furz bears
James Bradford
James Bradford 28 dagar sedan
I have an idea a giant fire extinguisher For the huge fires you create
burke The boss
burke The boss 29 dagar sedan
Love the camera angles. Can wait for part 2 of the james bond car
spacecat6416 29 dagar sedan
7:21 this looks rong
The legend 27
The legend 27 29 dagar sedan
7:07 put that wood on the beach and leav it
mogsey 29 dagar sedan
Rubits 29 dagar sedan
That intro perfectly describes my love life
Ptk Shafiullah
Ptk Shafiullah Månad sedan
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf Månad sedan
Colin is like HackSmith Meets the Crocodile Hunter just the right amount of genius mixed with the right amount of mad scientist mixed with a smidgen of cocaine
Scratch built Farm Models
Scratch built Farm Models Månad sedan
"Im going to stay up all night and make something" you neighbours must love you amazing stuff
e h
e h 26 dagar sedan
Haha don't think they would hear him, he's underground in a bunker.
Beni Katsa
Beni Katsa Månad sedan
Don't put a Nokia in there the machine will brake 😂
Jesse Sizemore
Jesse Sizemore Månad sedan
He's slowly losing his mind in his shed due to being stuck inside for so long
Tom Cope
Tom Cope Månad sedan
Me watching this at 131 am ahahaha
smiley satanson
smiley satanson Månad sedan
tired Colin is where i've been mentally since corona
Sameer Shah
Sameer Shah Månad sedan
Mr. Bean working in his garage all night to make his inventions
Josephine Camacho
Josephine Camacho Månad sedan
That looks scary
Jamie Frenett
Jamie Frenett Månad sedan
So funny as usual. The bucket was hilarious 🤣 😂
Adrian Pardini
Adrian Pardini Månad sedan
My last divorce was triggered by staying up late welding. Just saying...
Eric Willis
Eric Willis Månad sedan
He's gone even more insane! 😄
Pist 'N' Broke
Pist 'N' Broke Månad sedan
Where do you get this energy lol
paw101 Månad sedan
How is the anchor of the hydraulic ram supported?! That's crazy
Shiro Amada
Shiro Amada Månad sedan
If nothing else. It will destroy a hard drive.
DJ_PaulTUK Månad sedan
Bet your neighbours were well impressed as usual !.
Cj Bromley
Cj Bromley Månad sedan
Well 1 bad build out of several hindered isn’t too bad 🤣
Jake SCOTT Månad sedan
You should get a slightly smaller shark head and put it at the bottom of the wheely bin and make it so it jumps out at you when the lid is opened 😂
Powerdater Månad sedan
Robert Sheldon
Robert Sheldon Månad sedan
But does it even eat politicians bro?
Cosmic Wafflezzz
Cosmic Wafflezzz Månad sedan
“It’s alright people, I got some cheese.”
Ft Plays
Ft Plays Månad sedan
megalondon have 250 tons jaw
gacha neko
gacha neko Månad sedan
Femboy friday
Paulo M Santos
Paulo M Santos Månad sedan
Sharky Sharky. Grande maluco 😅
Michael Lindsay
Michael Lindsay Månad sedan
Colins hair looks like it’s perpetually definitely maybe needing a haircut
Ashraf Rifi
Ashraf Rifi Månad sedan
This has a bite force of 22,000 ponds 😱😱🤯🤯😮😮
Stefan Haar
Stefan Haar Månad sedan
Decrease te radius of the upper teeth, so they slide behind the under teeth for half an inch.
HyperLazerr Månad sedan
Hungry shark
Lucas_Mulligan75 Månad sedan
I think he forgot about the shredder
Jon B
Jon B Månad sedan
Cocaine: I'll take all your money Colin: hold my straw...
David Fernandez
David Fernandez Månad sedan
8:03 "this is my job" 💀💀💀
mrdevonscook Månad sedan
Anyone else notice that this is just an elaborate scheme to get rid of the shark head?
SupraNatural Månad sedan
Colin, you need to build an airship. I mean like real steampunk airship. Rig that thing with a hot air balloon, propellers and sails and you’re set! Impossible? Maybe. But not for you! 😂
Big boy bob
Big boy bob Månad sedan
I love all of your videos
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