Senate candidate slams Warnock: He doesn't represent Georgia values

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U.S. Senate candidate Kelvin King calls to 'un-cancel America' in challenge to Sen. Raphael Warnock.
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Sherry Blanton
Sherry Blanton 5 dagar sedan
Congratulations Georgia ❣️ Here's Your Chance😅
Rob S.
Rob S. 10 dagar sedan
I hope he wins American needs more leaders with conservative values. America is already losing itself with greed, and random foolishness; calling wrong right and right wrong.
Sanders Dooley
Sanders Dooley 10 dagar sedan
Corrections he doesn’t represent Georgia values, this wannabe will only serve the clowns in the republican/ trump cult cowardice party. Georgia has moved forward with positive representation of the entire country.
y mac
y mac 11 dagar sedan
Love this guy!! Real deal!!
sherri burleigh
sherri burleigh 11 dagar sedan
Debra Mendosa
Debra Mendosa 11 dagar sedan
Warlock is bad...not a Christian..habitual Liar. Go get Georgia!
CommanderXevon 12 dagar sedan
Heck yeah I wish we had more veterans in politics
Norman Smith
Norman Smith 14 dagar sedan
From England, we can't do any more than wish him all the best, and Americans vote.
Oscar Poe
Oscar Poe 14 dagar sedan
Mr King seems to be an honorable, very intelligent person! If I lived in Georgia I would vote for him. Warlock is an evil opportunist!
Ricky Daughtry
Ricky Daughtry 14 dagar sedan
Mr. King ; I am a white (not that that should matter) 68 years old male ; born and lived my entire life in the state of Georgia and you will have my vote .
John Pitts
John Pitts 14 dagar sedan
As a Georgian I am thrilled by the prospect that the great state of Georgia could potentially wind up with a black conservative Republican Senator (Senator Kelvin King or Senator Herschell Walker) and a black conservative Republican governor (Governor Vernon Jones.) Leftist eyeballs would pop out of their sockets.
Moshe Heletz
Moshe Heletz 14 dagar sedan
Warnock said "America must repent for the Iraq War," he speaks the truth.
David R. Stone
David R. Stone 14 dagar sedan
Heisman trophy 🏆 winner and Georgia bulldog Herschel Walker will clean Warnock’s clock in the next election 🗳 Herschel gets my vote Warnock is a flaming liberal and wife abuser.
Steve S
Steve S 14 dagar sedan
Warnock is a disgrace ... pretends to be a pastor yet lives in direct contrast to Biblical principles.
Maria Skouras
Maria Skouras 14 dagar sedan
KARMA COMMING, NOT VOTING.. THEY ASK FOR DONATION NOPE. NO SENDING ANY long story short, They ignored my vote, they lied, stole Election, doing NOTHING so I'm sitting back laughing not going to do a darn thing for demon or republican happy year
Norma Smither
Norma Smither 14 dagar sedan
Warnock is a false prophet. Emphasis on FALSE.
Chibi Girl
Chibi Girl 14 dagar sedan
Georgian crossroads never bode well.
maninthemiddle55 14 dagar sedan
Warnock was elected to the Senate. Therefore, he represents Georgia. See how that works?
Marcela Preininger
Marcela Preininger 14 dagar sedan
I'm already excited about this guy and looking forward to hearing more. We need more men and women like him in congress.
Derrick Lopez
Derrick Lopez 14 dagar sedan
I hope this King guy wins...
Joseph Wallis
Joseph Wallis 15 dagar sedan
K & K is a great choice for Republican, hope he wins, he will zero in the so called Race Baiting factor of Raphael Warnock who is a fake American. He talks more about how to WOKE & CANCEL than serving America. We all give support to K & K , shall we ??
Alter Egos
Alter Egos 15 dagar sedan
Wish I could vote for this guy. He has all the qualities of a good senator.
Teri Brooks
Teri Brooks 15 dagar sedan
Goid person ..I thank god theres actually real honest people .
Lydia Kaul
Lydia Kaul 15 dagar sedan
Yes truth is coming and you can't stop it.
mbabist01 15 dagar sedan
Mr. Kevin King - one good man.
Whiskey Tango
Whiskey Tango 15 dagar sedan
Wow. So this guy thinks Georgians should revere the Confederacy's legacy and support the suppression of voting rights for the poor and many POC? The majority of Georgians will tell you to to GTFOH in 2022.
BIG KIDZ SHOW 15 dagar sedan
I'd vote for this guy..........if I lived in Georgia
Deegal76 15 dagar sedan
He’s running against a wife abuser
adaonetube 15 dagar sedan
Yes, please run and get that scumbag piece of human garbage Warnock outta there!!!! I really like Kelvin King. He represents true American values.
Judy ClounchMiyakawa
Judy ClounchMiyakawa 15 dagar sedan
He has to be better than “Rev” Warnock who pushes abortion as a form of birth control! You Go Captain!
Edna Olson
Edna Olson 15 dagar sedan
God Bless you ! Praying you take that seat ,we take back our country 🙏🇺🇸
Jessica Mai
Jessica Mai 15 dagar sedan
Nothing says republican defeat like going out & finding a black republican to run. I guess you finally accepted demographics have shift. Next will be NC.
carryon jeeves
carryon jeeves 15 dagar sedan
I am so grateful to see my black fellow Americans standing up agains racial division and speaking truth.
Dave Morey
Dave Morey 15 dagar sedan
Fox News keep up the good work.
Jeffrey Marley
Jeffrey Marley 15 dagar sedan
Someone with uncommon sense! Yaaay!
Right News
Right News 15 dagar sedan
Good luck Mr King, the country needs you.
Fwee Dom
Fwee Dom 15 dagar sedan
Good luck - too little too late
DJ Pomare
DJ Pomare 15 dagar sedan
Congratulations, Biden's Voting Access Bill will ensure republicans cannot create vote suppression. The US world series with no other country competing means New Zealand can have a Galaxy series with no aliens from other planets. The US is the pandemic winner because it has the highest fatalities while New Zealand and Taiwan are the losers from having the lowest. Teasing and laughing at MAGATs feels like laughing at the disabled. When was America great?
Ken McCarver
Ken McCarver 15 dagar sedan
So the Democrats plan is...... * Open the Borders and flood the country (with more arriving every day) soon all of South America will be in Texas. * Eliminate identification to vote. * Citizenship. * Unemployment just got a lot worse for citizens. * Homeless crisis in this country just got worse allowing thousands of unskilled migrants into the country. * Hotel vouchers for migrants is costing millions. How about Hotel vouchers for homeless veterans? * Millions are being spent on airplane flights for migrants delivering them all over the United States. *Cost of educating migrants is staggering. From K-12 it costs taxpayers an average of $122,000 for EACH migrant students. This does not include the millions spent on bilingual ED, instructors, & daycare. School class sizes are negatively impacted and our students suffer as a result. *Crime increasing already in Border cities. Who's coming in? * Emergency services for city & states increase with migrant immigration. Taxpayers pay for every police, fire, paramedic service call for migrants in their city's. Taxpayers pay for all hospital emergency room treatments, ambulances, medications. Hospital wait times for citizens are negatively impacted for citizens. *Every childbirth by migrants in the US is paid for with tax dollars. In the US, the average cost to have a baby without complications during delivery is $10,808, which can increase to $30,000 when factoring in the care provided before and after pregnancy (July 9, 2018 google.)
JOn ZAHN 15 dagar sedan
Patriots BOYCOTT! The National Basketball Association, MSM, Major League Baseball and numerous compainies have become political action committee's for Biden/Harris and the Democrat party. The following companies (listed below) worked on Joe Biden's behalf, campaigned for the Biden, fund raised for BLM and other far left activist organizations. Financial Boycott whenever possible. Thank you. Nike. NBA / WNBA. MLB. Home Depot. Modelo Beer. Corona Beer. Baskin Robbins. Blaze Pizza. Dunkin Donuts. Sonic. Kia Motors. Wendy's. US Bank. Coca-Cola products. State Farm Insurance. Progressive Insurance. The General Insurance. Best Buy. Wayfair. Kohls. Cigna. Beats Electronics. Delta Airlines. United Airlines. Microsoft. Vivint. Verizon. ESPN. CNN. MSNBC. NBC. ABC. CBS. TNT. TBS. TLC. PBS. OWN. Discovery Channel. Discovery Plus. Bloomberg. Facebook. Twitter. *Boycott any products endorsed by NBA, MLB players, leftist fund raisers Snoop Dogg (who preformed a mock execution of President Trump.), Martha Stewart, Shaquille O'Neal, Earvin "magic" Johnson, LeBron James. Pass this along.
Dan Dwun
Dan Dwun 15 dagar sedan
Best of luck Kelvin!!! Keep at it. America needs more representatives like you. I’ll be praying for you!
God is Real
God is Real 15 dagar sedan
He seems happy about it not obligated
God is Real
God is Real 15 dagar sedan
💯💯💯 he’s a fighter and is going to do it. He seems real and that’s what we need. He said my mother was 15 years old when he was born. He doesn’t forget where he comes from. He keeps it real just as I do not embarrassed to bring up my history especially my struggles and down falls. Keeping it real is the one’s you can trust.
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor 15 dagar sedan
Stupid shows, politicians a bunch of stupid politicians haven’t thought about the people, I follow the money to hell with citizens.
Jennifer Pierce
Jennifer Pierce 15 dagar sedan
I hope Kelvin King wins election. Sounds like a great patriot.
Annette Smith
Annette Smith 15 dagar sedan
Wishing you good luck! From Utah
Farangutan 15 dagar sedan
This gentleman has had the right values instilled in him and as he said , he is here to fight for the rest of us . All power to him .
mikean1123 15 dagar sedan
This guy has " A black man's chance in a traffic stop ".
Darren Cunniff
Darren Cunniff 15 dagar sedan
Twitter you want banning from going on site I can't stand your money based business swings and round abouts don't ban some one for saying pig then you let people stay on calling for a riot you set of wankers
Denise von Arx
Denise von Arx 15 dagar sedan
Tough luck, Warnok WON 👏 Cancel culture for educated people means simple ACCOUNTABILITY😁
Jackie Groark
Jackie Groark 15 dagar sedan
Thank you for your service! I will be supporting you.
paenchenlama 15 dagar sedan
And who defines *Georgia values*?
William Marsh
William Marsh 15 dagar sedan
Calvin, you definitely beat the odds with a 15 year old mother. So glad you’re mom did not go the abortion route. You both are to be commended. Glad that you know how to see reality clearly. Thank you for your service. Good luck in your election.
Terry McGuire
Terry McGuire 15 dagar sedan
Praise God! 🙏🏻
superbee1969 15 dagar sedan
Unfortunately if they keep the voting machines they have now a Republican won’t win anything anywhere again
PrimeMac Studio
PrimeMac Studio 15 dagar sedan
Yep. If I was in Georga I would vote for him.
Nouna E
Nouna E 15 dagar sedan
Thank you for these gentlemen that are smart and educated, who absolutely reject the leftist narrative of systemic racism . No one could do it better than a black individual. I pray that he wins!!!!
Davyla Alvarez
Davyla Alvarez 15 dagar sedan
Flush that "reverend Fakeyfuck" back down that Georgia sewer system from where he came!
Denise 15 dagar sedan
Warnock is a false teacher and a communist sympathizer. They moved him right in.
Johnathan Shell
Johnathan Shell 15 dagar sedan
Get him king make georgia great again.
Jen Serrano
Jen Serrano 15 dagar sedan
Yollie Glatfelter
Yollie Glatfelter 15 dagar sedan
They have this Heritage action announces a 1mil campaignto tell the truth. Socialist Demicrats still spreading lies about GA Electiion. Biden got 4 Pincchio nose lied@ American people that GA election Bill is Jim Crow 2.0 or Voter suppression .Right now those Co. are getting bullied. Left trying to muddy up Georgia.Pres. made announcement intront of Televisions Enough, Enough,Enough , this was after Chauvin got the verdict But look @Ohio , Portland , That JamesLeBarone tweeted yourthe next referring to other police officer involved.
Dee Wells
Dee Wells 15 dagar sedan
Is Warnock Sharpton's twin Brother?
Cynthia Gill
Cynthia Gill 15 dagar sedan
fireflyrn 15 dagar sedan
There is definitely no voting integrity but right now I don't know how you get it back when you can't trust the counting of votes
John proffitt
John proffitt 15 dagar sedan
I would vote for him. Free America
Mikey troutt
Mikey troutt 15 dagar sedan
Come on GA you have a great republican running put that man in office and you will see the change your looking for
frances raybould
frances raybould 15 dagar sedan
I live in U.K. now ,but still have my vote in GA you will get my vote .
Favour Bridgette
Favour Bridgette 15 dagar sedan
KELVIN KING, you will never make it to the SENATE.......
Bonnie Kirker
Bonnie Kirker 15 dagar sedan
Thank goodness for speaking up, that SWAMP has never been DIRTIER, WE NEED TO VOT RED IN NOV, 2021 REDDER IN 2022, N THE REDDEST IN 2024
Yollie Glatfelter
Yollie Glatfelter 15 dagar sedan
SB202 is being adopted now by most states accross the. nation Mr King hope u join Pres Trump America First , he's still most popular among the Republican Warnock is under investigations , he's socialist . Wished & pray u guys together w/ 84 mil people who supported PresTrump get this great beautiful country back the envy of the world is now being destroyed & tearing it apart by the Socialist Republican .
K R 15 dagar sedan
Warnock is going straight to hell if he does not repent of his evil ways. He is running out of time and he is now one day closer to that eternal reality.
tyler wood
tyler wood 15 dagar sedan
Not going to win good luck though lol.
Naomi Fannin
Naomi Fannin 15 dagar sedan
Democrats are NOT progressives. They are DIGRESSIVES
Lois Gilchrist
Lois Gilchrist 15 dagar sedan
Mr. King, as a georgia voter I will go to the polls one more time. You've got my vote!
George Henderson
George Henderson 15 dagar sedan
"He doesn't represent Georgia values" Well maybe he'll get voted out in 2024 if the elections haven't been completely compromised
Sabine Jones
Sabine Jones 15 dagar sedan
Don't know you but you have my void
Tramaine Mason
Tramaine Mason 15 dagar sedan
I like this Guy. Pulling for him
Jimmy Kassman
Jimmy Kassman 15 dagar sedan
Let's please stop the cancel culture. Let's flip the table on these folks.
Gail Watson
Gail Watson 15 dagar sedan
Good luck Kelvin King.
c d Grady
c d Grady 15 dagar sedan
Yes sir and we will vote for you Calvin King
Anthony D
Anthony D 15 dagar sedan
Dalek returning home from work, crashing about, mentioning how it exterminated some commuters on the train, shoots the family dog, commands his wife to put it in the curry which happens with mother-in-law and a budgie.
Birch White
Birch White 15 dagar sedan
Mr king, ty for taking on the wife beater warnock, bring pride back to Georgia
maninthemiddle55 15 dagar sedan
WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)-In what might be the boldest initiative of his Presidency, Joe Biden announced that he would strive to cut Carlson emissions by as much as ninety per cent by 2025. Underscoring the urgency of his proposal, Biden observed that Carlson emissions, even when compared to other notorious polluters like Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, were especially toxic. The President’s ambitious plan, which includes retrofitting the nation’s televisions to automatically change the channel when Carlson appears, is unlikely to garner Republican support, but Biden remained undaunted. “We owe it to our children and grandchildren to do this,” he said.
Tina C
Tina C 15 dagar sedan
TeamKing! 🇺🇸
Ordinary Mo
Ordinary Mo 15 dagar sedan
The Biden Regime and their supporters are a Global embarrassment to Humanity.
Kelley Grimm
Kelley Grimm 15 dagar sedan
Mr. King will have my vote !
Greg Porras
Greg Porras 15 dagar sedan
You go Captain King you got my vote vet2vet Sweep cancel culture under the rug
King-Kore Studio
King-Kore Studio 15 dagar sedan
Well good luck, they will just steal the election again and again and again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brent Wooden
Brent Wooden 15 dagar sedan
Mr.King, God bless you and be with you, Protect you from these evil men.Forever brothers
Brien O'Doyle
Brien O'Doyle 15 dagar sedan
Wait since the 80's Conservatives have been using cancel culture. Hell they even try to cancel their own members in the House for voting to hold Trump accountable. And Foxnews you are one to talk about cancel culture.
Torrey Brown
Torrey Brown 15 dagar sedan
2022dems think there going to have seats to sit in,but before they sit down the seat is not going to be there and there going to fall on there azz
Keith Cindy Panama
Keith Cindy Panama 15 dagar sedan
Kevin King 2024!!!!!!
mlang52 15 dagar sedan
Bet Biden does not say he is clean and eloquent!?
Helen Thomas
Helen Thomas 15 dagar sedan
Warnock is a warlock.
JAMES CROSBY 15 dagar sedan
What did Fox Lawyers strongly assert: " NO reasonable person would take ANYTHING (these Rectal Leeches) say Seriously " They are confessing to Fox's Misinformation because the hivedrones have grazed on B. uzz S. pue for so long that their heads are full of Propaganda Rot. Fox knows their brainwashed are not able to recognize The TRUTH
strawberry helicopter
strawberry helicopter 15 dagar sedan
He was asked repeatedly "What are you going to do?" ... But he just waffled.
Lynn Lynn
Lynn Lynn 15 dagar sedan
You got my vote sir ! And God Bless you and your family ! We need more honest and Godly men and women like you ! Glory Be To God ! Hallelujah !
John Glue
John Glue 15 dagar sedan
Got my vote.
Esther Heming
Esther Heming 15 dagar sedan
Yes, go sir...
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