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Snapchat: @sabscarpenter
Directed by Jason Lester
Produced by Laura Burhenn
Production Company: Our Secret Handshake
Starring: Gavin Leatherwood
Creative Director: Sarah Carpenter
Cinematographer: Luis Perez
Colorist: Tyler Roth
Production Designer: Taylor Almodovar
Art Director: Justin Gardner
Gaffer: Hiram Borges
Lighting Designer: Gigi Pedron
Key Grip: Nate Thomson
Assistant Director: Tasha Petty
Line Producer: Siya Bahal
Production Assistant: Brent Assayag
1st AC: Misael Audelo
2nd AC: Brian Callaghan
2nd Lighting Tech: Michael Rosman-Hyman
Asst Lighting Tech: Khoi Nguyen
BBG: Zane Tan
BBG: Ashley Petrie
Set Decorator: Ashley Cripe
Set Dressers: Max Cunnane, Xavier Rodriguez, Sam Rodich
Carpenters: Alen Stubbs, Mike Buckman, Tige Daroff, Dustin Bradley, Gabe Gonzalez, Steven Crowick
Special Effects: Scott Harrison
Stylists: Jason Bolden & John Mumblo
Hair: Scott King
Make-Up: Allan Avendaño with Ruby Vo
Gavin's Groomer: Mayra Godoy
Gavin's Stylist: Chainé Leyendecker
Gavin's Wardrobe Assistant: Jacquelyn Veliz
Tailor: Olga Podymova
Covid Compliance Officer: Jori Teplitzky
Medic: Nick Matosian
Director's Rep: Emily Sanders for Reveur Agency
Commissioner: Tony Corey
#SabrinaCarpenter #Skin
Music video by Sabrina Carpenter performing Skin. © 2021 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

gracelyn luv u
gracelyn luv u 6 minuter sedan
ok ok so i gues skin driverslicinse lie lie lie good 4 u dajavu is like a movie
Piper Spring
Piper Spring 14 minuter sedan
Olivia writing a song about her being sad, Sabrina lets write a song about a girl being sad about a breakup and show off that he is now mine kinda bitchy tbh
merryll alex
merryll alex Timme sedan
am i the only one got the ad with olivia rodrigo's deja vu before playing this music video? lmao
Juliet hall
Juliet hall Timme sedan
Me this entire video: 😳😳😗
Kenny Charfen-Horvath
Kenny Charfen-Horvath Timme sedan
Plot twist HES GAY 🤔🤔
Kaniah Dew
Kaniah Dew 2 timmar sedan
yo your low key being petty rn
Looya Crossing
Looya Crossing 2 timmar sedan
Wow Sabrina attacking a poor teenager how could you even when she called you amazing
Guido R
Guido R 37 minuter sedan
You are so Childish 😂
Isabela Calchera
Isabela Calchera 2 timmar sedan
Anybody notice how this song sounds a lot like an Ariana grande song with the beat?
SkyTangerine :D
SkyTangerine :D 2 timmar sedan
Lol I forgot about this song
Vinayak Vashisht
Vinayak Vashisht 3 timmar sedan
i would like handwritten apology from the haters to sabrina and joshua now that its confirmed that olivia and joshua never dated...
HUMAN CHANNELsè 3 timmar sedan
i got an olivia rodrigo ad
Llouise Tate
Llouise Tate 3 timmar sedan
He’s gay
Ay L
Ay L 3 timmar sedan
Ehhh. I mean. It screams “proud rebound”.
gi 4 timmar sedan
os 19 milhões chegouuuuu agora é os 20
Sugar Bomb
Sugar Bomb 4 timmar sedan
Man can y’all just both not like him and get over it pls
Jessica C
Jessica C 4 timmar sedan
This song just made me rethink my entire love life and wanna cry
Gabrielle Fernandez
Gabrielle Fernandez 4 timmar sedan
How did you do that Sabrina your so ugly, Olivia is the beautiful than you!!!!!😠 How dare you 😼😼 Olivia is 😢😟 Please Break up with Joshua now please 🥺 I'm worry about Olivia 😟
Guido R
Guido R 36 minuter sedan
You are so Childish omg
Vinayak Vashisht
Vinayak Vashisht 3 timmar sedan
are u out of your mind?? its not ur life ...LET THEM LIVE...olivia and joshua were never in relationship they said themselves...those were just assumptions...and even if joshua and sabrina are together its also joshua's choice to be with her so stfu
William Stanton
William Stanton 5 timmar sedan
opportunities to get with me: never. ( you are welcome to laugh to yourself )
Trương Băng Băng
Trương Băng Băng 5 timmar sedan
Actually her song is pretty gud tho
Paula andrea Avalos condori
Paula andrea Avalos condori 5 timmar sedan
Perdón pero no me cae muy bien q digamos Sabrina perdón solo doy mí opinión espero no ser la única en realidad te odio Sabrina losiento 😭😭
Maeve Parker
Maeve Parker 5 timmar sedan
I totally agree with sabrina, its not her fault she got with her ex
GoblinsRBLXGaming 6 timmar sedan
Why didn’t she use josh in this video
Karim Ponce
Karim Ponce 7 timmar sedan
Brooke Lazaruk
Brooke Lazaruk 7 timmar sedan
She made the auto tune louder then the drama
Vinayak Vashisht
Vinayak Vashisht 3 timmar sedan
not louder than olivia's autotune
swæg 5 timmar sedan
y’all say that like all other singers don’t use autotune, bet you don’t even know how it works 😕
Daisy Chavez
Daisy Chavez 7 timmar sedan
She doesn’t deserve all the hate she got 😕
Carol Melo
Carol Melo 8 timmar sedan
Josh is gay or bi?
Michelle H.
Michelle H. 8 timmar sedan
I’m forever mad about how y’all try so hard to pit women against each other. Olivia wrote a song expressing her feelings and unfortunately involved Sabrina with the blonde line. Which resulted in Sabrina getting death threats left and right, so here she is responding and expressing her feelings and y’all are mad at her for that too. I love Olivia and Sabrina and it sucks that the fandoms are so toxic that they’ve made the drama a thousand times worse. Maybe before fans blew the drama up Olivia and Sabrina could’ve still gotten along, but it’s probably impossible now since Sabrina has had to face so much backlash for dating someone. Can you imagine how horrible it would be if your boyfriends ex pitted everyone against you. I’m also tired of everyone saying that Sabrina should’ve been more mature since she was an adult, because Olivia was 17 almost 18 when she released the song, the least Olivia could’ve done was to tell fans not to send hate and death threats. I was genuinely disappointed in Olivias silence. If she truly is over Josh and doesn’t have bad blood with Sabrina then she would’ve spoken up and stopped her fans. In fact if Olivia had just told her fans to back off then Sabrina probably wouldn’t have resulted in releasing this song. Also I like how the symbolism in this video, because you see the couple going through all these natural disasters and surviving, but in the end Sabrina is still alone in the middle of the storm
Michelle H.
Michelle H. 26 minuter sedan
@Bruna Karyne exactly. My theory is that Olivia had a crush on him and maybe he liked her back and they flirted but in the end he knew he would have to wait a couple years before he and Olivia could together. So he moved on with Sabrina. In which case the hate (which there should be none of) should be directed towards Josh who is an adult and was leading on an underage girl, and if they did date then that’s even more reason to get mad at Josh. I’m so tired of everyone placing the blame on the women when it’s so clear that a man was at fault. Men aren’t kids they should know better and shouldn’t be defended better then teen girls.
Bruna Karyne
Bruna Karyne 2 timmar sedan
It’s also quite amazing how (once again) the WOMAN is getting all the hate and the negative attention instead of the ex boyfriend who hurt Olivia (allegedly). He’s the direct target of all her songs, the person she’s really criticising, but yeah, let’s hate on the new girlfriend over one fucking line (Not that anyone should send hate)
shyanne price
shyanne price 9 timmar sedan
Ahh it’s Gavin Leatherwood 🥰🥰🥰🥰
matheus Costaa
matheus Costaa 10 timmar sedan
Katelyn Beebe
Katelyn Beebe 10 timmar sedan
This is a song to Olivia Rodrigo obviously bc blonde is the only rhyme like what the she saying to Olivia that Joshua is mine
Vinayak Vashisht
Vinayak Vashisht 3 timmar sedan
it was related to her song but it was for haters ...sabrina is saying so what if olivia was mentioning her ...this is a message to haters like u
Ellie McClure
Ellie McClure 10 timmar sedan
I hate the drama between Sabrina and Olivia but I mean... y’all can’t deny that we’re getting some great bops out of it
jessica sandoval
jessica sandoval 10 timmar sedan
This is a fine song .
L B G 11 timmar sedan
Sabrina in this song is litterelly my country's current state (I'm from Israel)
Sadrxsey 11 timmar sedan
Stop being so fake ugly🥰
Edith Jacobo
Edith Jacobo 12 timmar sedan
this is really good. her voice sounds so soft
Andrew López R
Andrew López R 12 timmar sedan
✨✨ Joya de canción y Joya de vídeo 💎💎💎
A 12 timmar sedan
Ommmg so talented
groovy malfoy
groovy malfoy 12 timmar sedan
i really love both sabrina and olivia, there shouldn’t be sides at all. joshua broke up with them just like how normal everyday people do, there is no reason to be sending death threats to nice people who just want the drama to end.
crescent a
crescent a 12 timmar sedan
I don't usually like anything easily but I like this song. Good job girl!
Helena Śliwińska
Helena Śliwińska 13 timmar sedan
This song is beautiful, I could listen to it over and over again. You can see that you tried. When I first heard it (4 months ago), my jaw dropped in awe. I love your every song because they're beautiful, they make sense and because you put a lot of work into writing those songs.
Ashlee 13 timmar sedan
Her: “Maybe blonde was the only rhyme..” Me: that’s like a 5% chance😭✨ No hate🤍
Calli-anne Rowlands
Calli-anne Rowlands 13 timmar sedan
Thats a bit hateful but i still like the song
Jessica Craw
Jessica Craw 13 timmar sedan
Guys stop feeling bad for her- she’s legit fine. Nobody feels bad for Olivia Rodrigo. Blonde was not the only rhyme, Sabrina and Joshua are dating. Sorry if this sounds harsh.
Vinayak Vashisht
Vinayak Vashisht 3 timmar sedan
she's been getting death threats after that and u r saying dont feel bad for her..what r we supposed to do???//send more hatee??? //cuz people like u r doing that
Kaitlynn Garza
Kaitlynn Garza 14 timmar sedan
This is definitely something a homewrecker would write idc idc
Celine Terra
Celine Terra 4 timmar sedan
Stop believing everything you read on the internet lol omg
simplymagix3 13 timmar sedan
It’s never been confirmed that Josh and Olivia even dated, so I don’t get why she’s a “homewrecker”. Plus, she’s mainly directing the song towards the haters, you know, the ones sending her d threats and s shaming her for no reason.
Star Gaming
Star Gaming 14 timmar sedan
XD this video took 3 months to get 18 million views and Olivia's good for u passed that in 2 days 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️
Vinayak Vashisht
Vinayak Vashisht 2 timmar sedan
@Star Gaming so what if she is...good for her....dont mention sabrina in all this...leave her out of this...go celebrate in her comment section not here
Star Gaming
Star Gaming 2 timmar sedan
@Vinayak Vashisht I didnt hate her LMAO i just said that Olivia is getting more famous than Sabrina in the beginning of her career ....
Vinayak Vashisht
Vinayak Vashisht 2 timmar sedan
@Star Gaming well then sabrina also just wanted to let her feelings out....dont hate her for same thing olivia's doing....dont u have any else work or u r that free that u r hating on a person who's been getting death threats for months from people like u
Star Gaming
Star Gaming 3 timmar sedan
@Vinayak Vashisht she didnt thought it would be this big... She just wanted to let her pain out ... And for her unique style and her voice people loved her
Vinayak Vashisht
Vinayak Vashisht 3 timmar sedan
@Star Gaming why would olivia write the song thenn???/ to make her famous and create a drama
Naylani Faith
Naylani Faith 14 timmar sedan
She sucks she broke Olivia's heart
Celine Terra
Celine Terra 6 timmar sedan
You sound ridiculous Life Life 8 timmar sedan
It’s not Sabrina fault if josh has feelings for Sabrina
Edith Jacobo
Edith Jacobo 12 timmar sedan
Joshua and Olivia didn't date ...
Yvonne Lewis
Yvonne Lewis 12 timmar sedan
Joshua finally comfirmed that he and Olivia never dated. So Sabrina wasn't "The blonde girl."
Puii Renthlei
Puii Renthlei 14 timmar sedan
Promptly saying that i can see how sabrina wanted PEACE and FRIENDSHIP from her lyrics, she wished both the girls could laugh about it👀 good intentions i sense! Wishing both the girls a fairytale love story better than one from disney❤️
Solo para aclarar, la canción original de Liv decía "Brunette girl" -lo pueden ver en un video en instagram en el que toca su canción por primera vez en piano-, lo que lleva a pensar que todo esto es publicidad, su productor le debe haber recomendado cambiar la letra para que "rime" y Sabrina hace esto por la misma razón, así que no se coman cuentos que no son jeje
MaFe Del Prado
MaFe Del Prado 11 timmar sedan
Lo sé! Yo soy fan de Sabrina desde el 2014 y ver los comentarios negativos hacia ella en este video y en redes sociales me da coraje.
Lequisha Boo
Lequisha Boo 14 timmar sedan
Just a reminder that Jesus Christ loves you all so,so much. He wants you all to know that he died on the cross, out of love. He sacrificed himself, for the punishment of our sins. All that he asks, is that you turn to him, accept him as your Lord and Saviour, confess your sins, and live for him. That’s all! Jesus is the way, and the ONLY way, what he did was love, he is Love. May you all be blessed and just to say that you will definitely not regret turning to Jesus! To be a child of God is the best! God bless to all 💗💗💗
Eliza Salvatore
Eliza Salvatore 14 timmar sedan
i feel reallly bad for sabrina and josh i think they shoukd have a happpy life
Vidya Shedge
Vidya Shedge 15 timmar sedan
Dude she's already getting in get over it Olivia is gonna be the next superstar
Celine Terra
Celine Terra 15 timmar sedan
Talking to yourself eh
yo 15 timmar sedan
Sabrina debería tener más reconocimiento, su voz es hermosaaa
Asteri Ti
Asteri Ti 15 timmar sedan
Ok, I’m going through all the videos that mention this “maybe even not existing” drama. People get your own life and let others live their own, what rights do you have to intervene in someone’s private life? You don’t even relate to the people you’re talking about, so just keep all your complexes inside and shut up
keel Hapuque
keel Hapuque 16 timmar sedan
It’s really a good song. So it doesn’t matter if it’s a response.
Lyrix Love
Lyrix Love 17 timmar sedan
Nope her and Olivia team up to make a song about his new boy
Hwang Yeji
Hwang Yeji 17 timmar sedan
Te amo
Carrie Bundy
Carrie Bundy 17 timmar sedan
Since Josh confirmed that he and Olivia NEVER dated, you haters need to apologize for shitting on Sabrina for a non-existent love triangle!!
Jessica C
Jessica C 4 timmar sedan
They won’t.... most of them are like 12 and don’t realize it was probably staged and the triangle wasn’t ever a triangle. It’s not the first time this exact thing happened before but apparently everyone forgot about the Selena x Justin Bieber x Miley Cyrus triangle or the other one before it with I think like Demi lovato or something.
Michelle H.
Michelle H. 8 timmar sedan
Where’d he confirm it? I’m asking cause I’m genuinely curious not to hate or anything.
Rubens 17 timmar sedan
Vinayak Vashisht
Vinayak Vashisht 3 timmar sedan
we all know that u r
MaFe Del Prado
MaFe Del Prado 11 timmar sedan
underrated is the word, bye
Natalie W
Natalie W 17 timmar sedan
wait is that gavin leatherwood
baby reé
baby reé 18 timmar sedan
now it’s time for y’all to apologize to sabrina for a non existent love triangle.
Lena Lulu
Lena Lulu 18 timmar sedan
Celine Terra
Celine Terra 18 timmar sedan
I like how she sang this song and moved on with her life lmao 😂👑 unbothered queen
Looya Crossing
Looya Crossing 2 timmar sedan
Ik it’s so rude
Tehilla Shalom
Tehilla Shalom 19 timmar sedan
Come on Oliva song is way better
Yvonne Lewis
Yvonne Lewis 5 timmar sedan
@The Aesthetic Sorry about that. They're both great singers. Talented in their own way.❤
The Aesthetic
The Aesthetic 5 timmar sedan
@Yvonne Lewis ok sis, you can't compare with these two beautiful artists, Miley Cyrus has so many experiences as a singer, Olivia just start her artist career don't compare with a young woman to a senior woman, they are a different generation.
The Aesthetic
The Aesthetic 5 timmar sedan
These comments... It's out of the mind.
MaFe Del Prado
MaFe Del Prado 11 timmar sedan
​@Yvonne Lewis That's true!
Yvonne Lewis
Yvonne Lewis 11 timmar sedan
@MaFe Del Prado Olivia Rodrigo.
ItsMeClaudet 20 timmar sedan
Stop hating sabrina even if the issue is real or not Sabrina is still innocent. She just met and dated a man and she didn't steal him, olivia and joshua already broke up before they dated each other. And it was Joshua's choice and life. We can't blame olivia she's just expressing her feelings but if you were on Sabrina's place what would you feel? She’s living her life like you are. Does she deserve to be judged and hated from afar? Ofcourse not. Does she deserve love and happiness just as much as you do? Ofcourse. sometimes things don't work out the way you thought they would and the way we want them to be Just be happy and support them.
Mamello Mkhize
Mamello Mkhize 20 timmar sedan
First 0:19 seconds i get who this song is about No shame but there is shame
Susan H
Susan H 21 timme sedan
After justin beiber and selena and hailey nd here you come a new drama between ..olivia joshua sabrina
Tyrus 14 timmar sedan
The difference here is that Selena was mature and told fans to not send hate but Olivia-
The Stranger Artist
The Stranger Artist 21 timme sedan
This is the comment talking about the fact that Gavin Leatherwood is on this and the singer's name is Sabrina you were looking for :)
Shiloh Owen
Shiloh Owen 21 timme sedan
I’m so jealous of Sabrina. She’s so pretty
CallMehRoxi! 22 timmar sedan
Wow, I love this song! :O
Galo Long
Galo Long 23 timmar sedan
to bad josh gay
The Aesthetic
The Aesthetic 5 timmar sedan
@MaFe Del Prado hater
Kai 8 timmar sedan
@MaFe Del Prado y’all wonder why nobody like sabrina’s fans 💀 y’all say shit like this and then cry about olivia’s fans attacking sabrina .. how hypocritical LMAO Life Life 8 timmar sedan
He never really said he is gay
MaFe Del Prado
MaFe Del Prado 11 timmar sedan
too bad for olive oil too 😂
Celvia Klaaste
Celvia Klaaste Dag sedan
it sounds good👌
Hùng Trần Mạnh
Hùng Trần Mạnh Dag sedan
I love this song so much 🏆
Athena Grant
Athena Grant Dag sedan
its rlly sad bc i feel like this song is just sabrina putting on a brave face while receiving all that hate, i rlly admire it
PixieBunni 30 minuter sedan
@Looya Crossing there's legit a 3-4yrs diff and Olivia is almost an adult, so like uhm
Looya Crossing
Looya Crossing 2 timmar sedan
Not for me she’s attacking a teenager that called her amazing like bruh
yeetflix .
yeetflix . 3 timmar sedan
Exactly, I don’t think she deserves the hate, she is just expressing how she feels and I dint see the problem
Fortnite Girl Yonka2009
Fortnite Girl Yonka2009 Dag sedan
Your song sucks Sabrina by the way
Spot & Spoister
Spot & Spoister 19 timmar sedan
You can have an opinion by leaving criticism. But if all you can say is that it "sucks" then don't even bother commenting.
sabby brown
sabby brown 23 timmar sedan
simplymagix3 23 timmar sedan
then why are you here?
Berryx iix
Berryx iix Dag sedan
Sucks? Are you sure that isn’t you?
MOVIE hUB Dag sedan
Tbh...this is 10000X better than driver's license
Fikri Hkl
Fikri Hkl 2 timmar sedan
@Pandora Cluff keep barking hun
Fikri Hkl
Fikri Hkl 2 timmar sedan
@Looya Crossing omg keep barking lmao
Pandora Cluff
Pandora Cluff 2 timmar sedan
Driver's license, deja vu soo much better than this
Looya Crossing
Looya Crossing 2 timmar sedan
Bet ur just trying to hate on Olivia this song is like so eehhh weird vibes de javu, drivers license, and good 4 u is way better than this trash song
yeetflix .
yeetflix . 3 timmar sedan
I think they both are great!
Adriana Rojas
Adriana Rojas Dag sedan
love u
june lee
june lee Dag sedan
We have to stop any hate this second
blink army
blink army Dag sedan
This is not about the drama she even said that she made this song before Olivia made driver license and the meaning of skin is that she is talking about the haters and how they can not get under her skin so I don't even know why everyone is talking about Olivia when this amazing song is not even about her.
yeetflix .
yeetflix . 3 timmar sedan
@Kamarie Mitchell Yea duh, but still there are some lyrics on there that are also pointing out to her haters
yeetflix .
yeetflix . 3 timmar sedan
Thank you blink army someone who finally understands
Kamarie Mitchell
Kamarie Mitchell 6 timmar sedan
then why did she say blonde was the only word that rhymes?? and why is she talking about how Joshua is hers now?? i’m not really into all the drama but the hints are super obvious
Jomela Dag sedan
What ever skin
Jisoo M. Okaye
Jisoo M. Okaye Dag sedan
Wrong sabrina gavin 😂
Tadar Bagang
Tadar Bagang Dag sedan
Lone Note
Lone Note Dag sedan
Lyrics wise I prefer this song than all 3 of Olivia's singles so far as for vocal ability for now I'll give it to Sabrina because I still don't know Olivia's full vocal range
Kristin Billington
Kristin Billington Dag sedan
i just was just fast fording then i saw a deju vu part....but when i tried to find it it i going nuts or something...........
sabby brown
sabby brown Dag sedan
Eliza Fakaruzi
Eliza Fakaruzi Dag sedan
Sabrina look not here to uhm.. listen to this whatever or harass but. Stop this madness PLS!? U obv didnt understand that olivia still loved joshua and u went for lunch with him. pls just stop your ridiculousness..dont u feel bad for her? :/
Eliza Fakaruzi
Eliza Fakaruzi 3 timmar sedan
@Spot & Spoister Oh ok make sense
Spot & Spoister
Spot & Spoister 7 timmar sedan Life From what I heard, he never said he did but they were Life Life 8 timmar sedan
@Spot & Spoister josh never dated Olivia
Spot & Spoister
Spot & Spoister 17 timmar sedan
@Eliza Fakaruzi I'm assuming she was singing about the boy because that's the reason fans are attacking her. Olivia is hurt because Josh left her for Sabrina I think
Berryx iix
Berryx iix 19 timmar sedan
@UCXYlnIKJadmWvD8Ixi3CV8Q what abt you? You shouldnt have sent hate to Sabrina in the first place.
AVIS2288 Dag sedan
Stop flexing on Olivia what is going in ur mind lol u Dumb sometimes
Spot & Spoister
Spot & Spoister 19 timmar sedan
The song has nothing to do with flexing. It's about fans being dumb and hating on her, from what I know. You literally prove her point
Berryx iix
Berryx iix 20 timmar sedan
@lin grande LMAO
lin grande
lin grande 20 timmar sedan
give ur mom her phone back.
Berryx iix
Berryx iix Dag sedan
Girly she just made a music video.
Genesis Abigail
Genesis Abigail Dag sedan
Hello sobrina carpenter soy tu fan nahomy💜💛😊🎹🎤🎸
Lucía R Cely
Lucía R Cely Dag sedan
Perfección!!! Arte!!! Majestuosa!!!
Lucía R Cely
Lucía R Cely Dag sedan
Mi canción favorita
Lucía R Cely
Lucía R Cely Dag sedan
I love You
Eziah Aurum
Eziah Aurum Dag sedan
She's gorgeous.
Ianna Frare
Ianna Frare Dag sedan
eh... she coulda done better ngl
Berryx iix
Berryx iix Dag sedan
@Ianna Frare if you wanna say smthn about her, what about your own singing?
Ianna Frare
Ianna Frare Dag sedan
@vxnnilce just keeping it real
vxnnilce Dag sedan
as if u could do it better
Delayne Tadema
Delayne Tadema Dag sedan
Tenzing Tsepel Bhutia
Tenzing Tsepel Bhutia 4 timmar sedan
Spot & Spoister
Spot & Spoister 19 timmar sedan
Sorry but what? If you hate the song for no reason (at least you didn't give one) then leave. Like if you didn't ask for the song, don't watch the song? Where is the *common sense*
lin grande
lin grande 20 timmar sedan
are u ...... okay????
Berryx iix
Berryx iix Dag sedan
And who the fuck asked for drivers license?
Antonio Gilbert
Antonio Gilbert Dag sedan
huh? Lol
Chad Chadington
Chad Chadington Dag sedan
ok here me out sabrina and josh break up and sabrina and olivia do a remake of all these songs but together
Sofia Lopez
Sofia Lopez Dag sedan
I do think that this is about Olivia but she should not get all this hate
Marc Jharrigel C. Lima
Marc Jharrigel C. Lima Dag sedan
Did you fail music class because your music is trash
lin grande
lin grande 20 timmar sedan
record a song and a video for it and post in on youtube ASAP.
Berryx iix
Berryx iix Dag sedan
So is yours. Did YOU even get into music class in the first place 😀
Antonio Gilbert
Antonio Gilbert Dag sedan
Marc Jharrigel C. Lima
Marc Jharrigel C. Lima Dag sedan
What the heck Sabrina why would you do this to olivia rodrigo in the song drivers license olivia still love her ex boyfriend Life Life 8 timmar sedan
Olivias and Josh never dated
Berryx iix
Berryx iix Dag sedan
And? Olivia just pretended everything was Joshua’s and Sabrina’s fault. So what if Olivia loves her ex? That doesn’t have to do with Sabrina and Joshua’s relationship. Let’s get real here.
Antonio Gilbert
Antonio Gilbert Dag sedan
Pfffff your comments are so hilarious 😂
Ching Miranda
Ching Miranda Dag sedan
Youre hating this song but you are ok with dejavu that just basically makes the new girl insecure. No hate to any artists but all your double standard is really showing.
Tenzing Tsepel Bhutia
Tenzing Tsepel Bhutia 4 timmar sedan
Amijitsinh Chudasama
Amijitsinh Chudasama Dag sedan
Superb song 👍👏👌
Lexi Smith
Lexi Smith Dag sedan
I think that they make a cute couple.
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