Reverse Sweep! | KIA Mic Check | 2021 LEC Spring Finals

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An incredible weekend of games. Check out the best comms from Semifinals and Finals of the #LEC​​ Spring.

Fenrisulv987 29 dagar sedan
If Carzy 'actually' said "Reverse sweep these biitches" as they were blasting the 3rd Nexus to win it all, he is straight up gangster.
Alexander Månad sedan
Kaiser's reaction have to be one of the best ever for a winning team in competitive league. He was completely stunned.
AAA WA Månad sedan
Carzzy and Kaiser got carried so hard this series
Noctilucent Månad sedan
od:"look wukong look wukong" ins:"Yeah kill wukong" tryn:"try to kill wukong" wise man
Konrad Kowalski
Konrad Kowalski Månad sedan
Jesse John
Jesse John Månad sedan
Carzzy: "guys look at the trophy......we will never lift that shit xD" Armut: " and i took that personally"
Agil Suswanto
Agil Suswanto Månad sedan
Bro saying "last game" is curse 😂
ble ble
ble ble Månad sedan
So that's how they decided to pick wukong "I'm done wwith Gnar. Gnar is shit"
Nom prénom
Nom prénom Månad sedan
Gg lec for this insane prod. So sad for rogue but gg mad !
charliethewizz Månad sedan
Did Elyoya really called Larssen a "GINGER GOD" ? hahahah
Alex Barranco
Alex Barranco Månad sedan
Armut is just super M A S S I V E
Mr. Arrow
Mr. Arrow Månad sedan
I like it that Mad is always making Jokes, so you think they take it not at all serious, but then Wukong Armut comes and sets everything in the rightful Place. Long live the "Good in the Meta Wukong" 😂
Nathan Warden
Nathan Warden Månad sedan
Kaiser's "OH MY GOD" at 5:16 is too pure for this world man.
100 paciência
100 paciência Månad sedan
Everyone screaming and Humanoid and Elyoya just chilling hahaha
Tomáš Královský
Tomáš Královský Månad sedan
REVERSE SWEEP THOSE BI*CHES, Carzzy hafo swagger
MrValgard Månad sedan
Wa kung for the win :D
Alex Vitan
Alex Vitan Månad sedan
Gamblying mafia hit again!
Yur3te Månad sedan
5:02, he said multiple times "ryze", not "nice" xD
김선우 Månad sedan
the legendary seires
laugh away
laugh away Månad sedan
Hans Sama got a soft voice.
Solo Lane
Solo Lane Månad sedan
Im so excited to watch LEC. I mean is kinda meh if the final is always G2 and Fnatic tbh. Now, LEC is more competitive than ever before. I believe theres no fear to fight G2 anymore.
Q Månad sedan
The more I listen to this, the more happy I am for GLAD Lions. Hope you do well in MSI!
N N Månad sedan
We are gona get stomped on this MSI. Don't @ me. EU fun here i just know it.
szeghy benedek
szeghy benedek Månad sedan
There was like 5 seconds of chat from a whole game of the finals wtf
Usokka Månad sedan
I feel so sad for rogue :(
LTMS _ Månad sedan
Ian Leguizamon
Ian Leguizamon Månad sedan
How tall is Kaisar actually? 0_0 hahaha
john lopez
john lopez Månad sedan
0:03 Thought they would never lift the trophy. And then 5:34 happened
john lopez
john lopez Månad sedan
3:35 After that, it went shit. they were reverse swept. So sad for rge
David Nitchman
David Nitchman Månad sedan
Imagine hearing “reverse sweep those bitches” from across the stage. Fucking rough to be Rogue man... Sadge
Giuli Guerriero
Giuli Guerriero Månad sedan
Thanks to grabbz and mikyx, you did it guys 💪
nathalia nóbrega
nathalia nóbrega Månad sedan
"i'm chasing jankos, it's personal" XDDDDDD
Stefan Mandić
Stefan Mandić Månad sedan
If rogue were just a bit better at closing games eu would have good representative on msi. Unfortunatly WAKUNG happened...
dutchdude1985 Månad sedan
How could you leave out Armut staring into the camera after being 0-2 down and mimicing 3-2 in hand gestures. MAD were on fire and damn that was hype, Odoamne though oh wow. For me it was like wanting it most for Odo but 2nd and 3rd were both MAD in Elyoya and Armut so it kind of was going to be a double edged outcome regardless.
dutchdude1985 27 dagar sedan
@5TA1KR I missed the last games from the LCS due to work the next day but did watch the entire LEC series, both of them were surely well worth it =) In anycase i noticed IWDominate does use the clip im talking about in his review of the game, you will see Armut sign the 3-2 as they are getting up from the desks immediately after their defeat. To be fair i missed the 2nd time he did it upon the live viewing and didnt see the version down the hallways untill this clip :D
5TA1KR 29 dagar sedan
@dutchdude1985 ah okay. Didn't watch the whole series.
dutchdude1985 29 dagar sedan
@5TA1KR I was referring to the moment right after the 0-2 loss while he was still sitting on the corner of the desk that cam shot. I guess youre right though in that picking both moments might be overkill just for me watching it live its the deskmoment that was powerful and stuck in mind.
5TA1KR Månad sedan
Leave out? 3:40
Tarranon Til' illan
Tarranon Til' illan Månad sedan
How can I be so Happy and sad at the same moment?
theKRAKEN Månad sedan
That was a hell of a series.
Tiny Mike
Tiny Mike Månad sedan
Seeing Madlions so happy
Damola Månad sedan
G2 fan but genuinely got goosebumps seeing how happy MAD were realizing they won
Szene 1907
Szene 1907 Månad sedan
MAD just had the mental edge i feel like. When rogue started to worry all MAD did all series long is joke about them selves whilest rogue started to tilt and didnt really know what to do when shit went sideways
Moritz Wiehler
Moritz Wiehler Månad sedan
In the Moment I was just praying for MAD and so happy when it happened. But there are always the “other people”. If you are taken for a job, there are always people who didn’t make it and if you win the contest, there are always people that lose against you. This + the mathematical odds is something that really helps me feel grateful when I win and feel better when I lost.
Ramazan Månad sedan
Ramazan Månad sedan
Aferin İRFAN
Oskar Staudte
Oskar Staudte Månad sedan
I'm so sad for rogue, especially Hans and Odo. GG MAD, I hope Rogue can make it next split!
Yes Yea Yep No Nope
Yes Yea Yep No Nope Månad sedan
Idk why but rogue is like the only team I can’t like. I feel so sad they took out G2 :(
Bricky's #1 Fan
Bricky's #1 Fan Månad sedan
The team who plays the Karma Top always loses
Jedie Villanueva
Jedie Villanueva Månad sedan
Jankos- this is our actually our comfort zone against rge rge- hold our beers🤣🤣
Ker1 Månad sedan
3:39 Three Two, the rest is history..
Nico Moreno
Nico Moreno Månad sedan
Alien Observer
Alien Observer Månad sedan
funny as always
Jimmy Anderson
Jimmy Anderson Månad sedan
Can't believe a wildcard team won LEC.
Mubu Mubu
Mubu Mubu Månad sedan
2:49 weird flex but okay, go on Inspired
Nicklas Soko
Nicklas Soko Månad sedan
Didnt know Rouge just Signed Kermit the Frog Kappa 1:54
Anthony Calura
Anthony Calura Månad sedan
1:20 TRYMBI such a good human being
Chromodar Månad sedan
I wasn't even sure what team I was cheering for when the first game of the finals started, so used to G2 and FNC. By the end all I wanted was for Odo to finally get a trophy :( Well done to MAD tho, they really kept it together.
Deny Thomas
Deny Thomas Månad sedan
Jankos: Perfect like my support player Miky: Ill just int every game that i can.
Jet G. Eighty-seven
Jet G. Eighty-seven Månad sedan
People would have been crying if they watched Game 5 live. Either way, they definitely would have been tears.
Bartosz Wacławiak
Bartosz Wacławiak Månad sedan
ut now imagine all this expieriece that Mad will get after MSI and scims, even if they lose all of it
gravediggershenpai Månad sedan
Julio Amador
Julio Amador Månad sedan
esteban parra
esteban parra Månad sedan
3:40 holyyy
Ixonian Månad sedan
I feel so bad for Odo :(
Ananta Månad sedan
that brutal, seeing it from rogue perspective
DisagioDaCompetizione Månad sedan
Alexander Bažík
Alexander Bažík Månad sedan
,,chase jankos chase jankos its personal,,
ezlyfe Månad sedan
RGE were the better team except for the Wukong pick. They were NOT prepared for that one. I kinda feel bad that we wont see them at MSI. At the same time im happy we'll still have a very strong showing, since MAD *should* be even better. PS: Perkz is there anyway so it's kinda like G2 is too.
One does not simply
One does not simply Månad sedan
3:35 he really got ahead of himself there
Alkahest Månad sedan
3:40 this is most legend thing i ever see. 0-2 to 3-2
Anthony Durette
Anthony Durette Månad sedan
Rogue's mental got destroyed game 5 wow, feels bad
Chris This
Chris This Månad sedan
Rogue griefing a 6k gold lead was depressing. Damn
Alexis Maquaire
Alexis Maquaire Månad sedan
As a RGE fan, it is...
Faiyy Månad sedan
5:02 Carzzy says Nice once and after the Gnar ult actually yells "Ryze" and not "Nice" multiple times lol
Marten K
Marten K Månad sedan
No, he means that everyone should focus Ryze.
Łukasz Skrzypa
Łukasz Skrzypa Månad sedan
But why Carzzy has to insult every one? Like he calls everyone b*tches or so.. That's unprofessional and I think RIot should fine him somehow...
Łukasz Skrzypa
Łukasz Skrzypa Månad sedan
@Jimmy Well I don't like Rogue. Inspired is the same as Carzzy and I liked Vander moree than Trymbi. I actually cheer for MAD since they got into LEC
Jimmy Månad sedan
Yo if u want to hate on Carzzy just bc ur polish players got reverse swept, use a better excuse pls.
Gastón Zumbo
Gastón Zumbo Månad sedan
jesus don't be such a pussy, it was Riot's decision to post this so evidently they're fine with it...
Hououin Kyouma
Hououin Kyouma Månad sedan
That's just how czech people talk, he doesn't mean it in a bad way.
Paul Ocampo
Paul Ocampo Månad sedan
MAD has guts to click the trigger first even tho they are behind 8k down deficit or just Rouge didnt expect/underestimate their engage
Nervarien Månad sedan
3:38 he knew
Faranfa Muggles
Faranfa Muggles Månad sedan
"Ge Nar Ge Nar Ge Nar"
Yash Mishra
Yash Mishra Månad sedan
MAD just got lucky feel bad for hans rouge g2 will comeback stronger
Efe Aydınlı
Efe Aydınlı Månad sedan
mac: Do u want wukong? ARMUT: TURN BACK I WANT TO BE MONKE
Tiago Marques
Tiago Marques Månad sedan
Mateusz Górski
Mateusz Górski Månad sedan
I loved FNC vs G2 Finals it was always something amazing. But now I hope we entered the new era, and MAD vs RGE will bring us emotions in the future as G2 and FNC did in the past. Great finals. GG
Alberto Pareja García
Alberto Pareja García Månad sedan
Man its so sad for odo... The man is still a legend but he has a curse or something on him
Emre Albayrak
Emre Albayrak Månad sedan
Armut has a really big champion pool for a top in LEC. He can play Astronaut Gnar, Dino Gnar, Snow day Gnar, Gentleman Gnar and much more Gnars
Çağrı Karakaya
Çağrı Karakaya Månad sedan
Armut says 3-2 when 0-2 and we know what happend later bro wtf what a self-confidence
Zottach Drrban
Zottach Drrban Månad sedan
5:35 is kaiser really that tall or is everyone else just below average height?? He looks like a giant there lmao
MrLowbob Månad sedan
this must feel fhe worst, to get reverse swept in the finals. but as a viewer it was SO MUCH FUN TO WATCH
Becksdown Månad sedan
Norbert Linczer
Norbert Linczer Månad sedan
This episode was soooo short. I am very happy that MAD win but i feel really bad for rge, especially Inspired.
d3lver of secrats
d3lver of secrats Månad sedan
Wahkung diff
Josh Suh
Josh Suh Månad sedan
Nicko Tamallana
Nicko Tamallana Månad sedan
5:12 was that elyoya or carzzy with the squeal hahahaha You made mad lions proud boizzzz
Hahaha its carzzy
Jakub Boczniewicz
Jakub Boczniewicz Månad sedan
5:31 Sadge
muhsin dündar
muhsin dündar Månad sedan
armut yeniden dünya finallerinde bu bir tesadüfmü yoksa ?
RaYz Månad sedan
I'm still trying to understand the point of the useless censorship of the swearwords. Just why? We all know what they are saying and this just providing audio discomfort. This is not NA, HELLO
Jakub Tlamsa
Jakub Tlamsa Månad sedan
Daniel Neil
Daniel Neil Månad sedan
respect for Inspired saying "We" lost it and not blame anyone team mate
Last One
Last One Månad sedan
Epic final !!! So sad for Rouge... Game 5 complete domination and one bad teamfight... Ahhh mistakes only make us stronger... Ofc huge respect for MAD ... Just wow . Europe best teamfighting team this split. Great performance by Rogue and MAD !!! Sometimes you win- sometimes you lose 😌 keep working hard and show us at the END of summer split that this final was just intro to the new great era.
Felipe Baggioto
Felipe Baggioto Månad sedan
the view from rogue side with mad celebrating is brutal :( but both teams played so well, congrats mad lions!
GSC player
GSC player Månad sedan
both team diff #g2army only
Dollt28 Månad sedan
Legendary series
Alden chin
Alden chin Månad sedan
Note that most of mad lions were rookies
Alden chin
Alden chin Månad sedan
@Julia Nymwhen exactly, thats like 3/5 of madlions and they were against lec legends! amazing
Julia Nymwhen
Julia Nymwhen Månad sedan
Only elyoya was a real rookie but armut was new to lec and carzzy is second year i think. So all very young!
Ogulcan Erdogan
Ogulcan Erdogan Månad sedan
lol how tall is kaiser
Diogo Leonardo
Diogo Leonardo Månad sedan
I feel bad for Hans Sama and Odoamne, but MAD looked so happy... I'm a G2 fan, but I think I'm happier that MAD won spring... Really deserved... On the other hand, Im not a huge Inspired fan... He is good, but too cocky... Hope that feeling about him changes
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