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Milkman 3 timmar sedan
Hi detective void impersonator
The Wizard
The Wizard 7 dagar sedan
11:12 blind people can't help it ithour
Rosita The Weirdo
Rosita The Weirdo 8 dagar sedan
The design of car lights no being easily accessed is a good thing ment to prevent theft of parts. 4 Toyotas in a parkinglot near me got their lights stolen just last night because there is a way to get the lights without disassembling the car :c people just be like that
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 13 dagar sedan
Bathroom doors like that or with large gaps on the sides are the owner of that establishment's way of saying "I'm required to have a public restroom but I still don't want you pooping here."
the halloween king
the halloween king 16 dagar sedan
Yo Ur OC Km Yw Or Ld = you rock my world
Shadow Ascelin
Shadow Ascelin 16 dagar sedan
The text bar "It amazes me that initiatives like this can be conceived, developed and implemented and at no point does anyone say, wait a minute..." really messed with me. I saw it, it looked like it was tilting, but then also looked stationary. I had to put my cursor on a corner to see if it actually tilted. Still screws with my eyes.
Butterflyhacks666 18 dagar sedan
Is it just me or does their song at the end sound like the Mr King Dice song
NofriendZReject nzr
NofriendZReject nzr 18 dagar sedan
wow her range is amazing! she really sells it when she do her guy voice.
Skymely-chan 19 dagar sedan
That fanart was unfortunately traced from someone else 😔
suzy 19 dagar sedan
"Dur" actually means "stop" in Turkish! I loved your pronunciation, though. It just made everything funnier!
Genetic Wolf
Genetic Wolf 19 dagar sedan
teamwork not krowmaet 9:08 you rock my world
Ronald McDonalds
Ronald McDonalds 19 dagar sedan
0:07 it mean Stop but in turkish and it is funny tosee random turkey stuff
Andy Chai
Andy Chai 20 dagar sedan
9:08 For anyone wondering that spells out You Rock My World :) took me way too long to figure that one out...
Ezy 20 dagar sedan
9:01 After decoding this ancient dialect I have confirmed it says: "You rock my world"
NapstablookZ 20 dagar sedan
the "Dur" is actually "stop" in turkish
Jade Herman
Jade Herman 21 dag sedan
wtf does 9:07 say
Jade Herman
Jade Herman 21 dag sedan
OH it says “you rock my world"
Purple_Chalk 22 dagar sedan
4:27 I GOT IT! I DECIPHERED THE CODE! I think it’s supposed to say “Jayson’s air soft”
Frøg Seffern
Frøg Seffern 22 dagar sedan
When you hear her voice you know it’s gonna be an awesome video
jose gaming20
jose gaming20 22 dagar sedan
For 9:02 your cokmy world
hope entity
hope entity 22 dagar sedan
I want the biohazard drink.
Monomania 22 dagar sedan
8:58, You Rock My World, How to read, You read the first letter, then the letter to the right, then the next letter down left took me a little bit
Maddy K
Maddy K 22 dagar sedan
YAY!!!!!!!!! LEXI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vinay Krishna
Vinay Krishna 22 dagar sedan
Ok is emkay a girl or a boy?
PlumpkinPloof:3 6 dagar sedan
Lexi is a girl and all the other narrators are boys
Ahidepociere Martynov
Ahidepociere Martynov 22 dagar sedan
8:58 I somehow read this, it says "You rock my world"
sergiopablo baguenas rios
sergiopablo baguenas rios 23 dagar sedan
4:02 meant to be zone six or with numbers 5146
sergiopablo baguenas rios
sergiopablo baguenas rios 23 dagar sedan
Youre able to r/wooosh me
Blend-o-Matic 23 dagar sedan
7:37 my matters has this too and it keeps on scaring me
Lucy Brimstone
Lucy Brimstone 23 dagar sedan
Hi Lexi! I got better oil pastels from the art center today! I also got some gel pens!
GLynn42 23 dagar sedan
Frank's red hot? I put that shit on everything!
Kyleigh Kinney
Kyleigh Kinney 24 dagar sedan
1:03 says he’s blind but he read the meme
Supercell ID
Supercell ID 24 dagar sedan
0:04 it means stop in turkish
BlueApqle 24 dagar sedan
8:02 Team Work spelt backwards
PikalaxALT 24 dagar sedan
7:10 - Between Suffern and Nyack NY, interstate highways 87 (N/S) and 287 (E/W) share a right of way. The New York State Thruway also uses that same right of way. The Garden State Parkway intersects with this roadway at exit 13. That said, the signage should instead be a green backdrop with all routes along the top, then one arrow pointing straight to Albany/Mahwah/GCP and another pointing right to NYC/Rye/Cuomo Bridge.
KaydenPlays 24 dagar sedan
9:05 OMG IT LOOKS LIKE IT SAYS "your cok my world"
Krekker Recer
Krekker Recer 24 dagar sedan
"looks like the way to summon demons and I don't want to do that AGAIN" Hmmm pleasecontinue
Who Am I
Who Am I 24 dagar sedan
9:07 when i read it my brain thought it say your cok my world
BitterJoy Xx
BitterJoy Xx 24 dagar sedan
Ngl, lexi has a great voice! Don't get me wrong the others are funny but, it's lowkey calming listening to her voice Edit: spelt voice wrong, smh it's like 3am
GreenAppelPie 24 dagar sedan
5:30 the wooden spoon are wrapped in cellophane, a material made from plant cells. This it’s a harmless material.
Addy 25 dagar sedan
0:07 That's stop in turkish
Amazinglynn 25 dagar sedan
0:45 I have that shirt 😂
Lt F
Lt F 25 dagar sedan
9:09 [ You Rock My World ]
The Loser
The Loser 25 dagar sedan
Omg I have a apple box and the remote is so stupid to be made out of glass it cracks to easily
Shadowhenge 25 dagar sedan
That number on the building is basically the number FU
Beerad2009 25 dagar sedan
Your a boy right?
PlumpkinPloof:3 6 dagar sedan
@BigSaggyNutsack oh ok
BigSaggyNutsack 6 dagar sedan
@PlumpkinPloof:3 thatswhat i mean
PlumpkinPloof:3 6 dagar sedan
@BigSaggyNutsack you're talking about her sex, not gender
BigSaggyNutsack 6 dagar sedan
@PlumpkinPloof:3 physically no
PlumpkinPloof:3 6 dagar sedan
@BigSaggyNutsack no she isn't a boy that identifies as a girl. She is a girl that identifies as a girl
Crystal Winkle
Crystal Winkle 25 dagar sedan
That one sign says "You Rock My World" it was just.... very poorly put together
Memez_R_ Life
Memez_R_ Life 25 dagar sedan
I somehow immediately guessed that this video was Lexie before Lexie started talking.
Sir Lamb Chops
Sir Lamb Chops 25 dagar sedan
Caption: Urinal Post: FARD
alex c.
alex c. 25 dagar sedan
Hey there, Lexi. I'm sexy.
thewarpotato Ofc
thewarpotato Ofc 25 dagar sedan
I love how that the people who want to stop plastic wrapped the wooden spoons in plastic.
David Martin
David Martin 25 dagar sedan
Sorry it's too late Lexi....the demon has allready been summoned
Christian kathryn Grimes
Christian kathryn Grimes 25 dagar sedan
you got my world is what that 1 thing says but i agree horrible done
Alexa Litton
Alexa Litton 25 dagar sedan
we belive in krewwmat we belive in crewmate we belive in IMPOSTER
Pamela Littlejohn
Pamela Littlejohn 25 dagar sedan
Jason's Airsoft 4:25
Charon Dusk
Charon Dusk 25 dagar sedan
That one with the half-door bathroom stalls reminds me of a "camp" I stayed at as part of a biology course during my sixth form years. The girl's shower room door had a vent on it, which seems logical because moisture....except the slats on the vent were fucking huge (I was able to get two fingers in and still had room on either side), looked right into the cubicles (which also had barely any doors), was at floor level AND the door was at the top of the staircase. So basically a lawsuit waiting to happen. Needless to say, none of the girls, myself included, felt comfortable using them but ended up having to do so because it was a weekend trip. Unfortunately for me, I ended up at the place twice because it turned out to also be part of my geography course. Yay.
Gacha Wolf
Gacha Wolf 25 dagar sedan
You rock my world 9:10
Vera Fiyanti
Vera Fiyanti 25 dagar sedan
Its backwards
Vera Fiyanti
Vera Fiyanti 25 dagar sedan
First its not krowmate its TEAMWORK
Dennis Hårdén
Dennis Hårdén 25 dagar sedan
It scares me the festival urinals have more privacy than american public restrooms
Luke Dykstra
Luke Dykstra 25 dagar sedan
Notice he said he didn’t want to summon a demon again. Again
Nintadso 25 dagar sedan
8:02 Amogus
MegaAstroFan18 26 dagar sedan
9:09 sign appears to say "You rock my world" which took me too long to work out.
Jack Deveney
Jack Deveney 26 dagar sedan
6:30....wait, Jamaica Plain isn't just a fallout 4 thing??? 😅
Daddy Steel
Daddy Steel 26 dagar sedan
That fanart was downright amazing!
Nicky Ladue
Nicky Ladue 26 dagar sedan
0:44 Ha ha ha i want that shirt but in English
Tohru Kobayashi
Tohru Kobayashi 26 dagar sedan
Haha krowmaet sounds like crewmate sus hahahah really funny. Amogus hahahah *WhyIsThisReality?*
Liam Davis
Liam Davis 26 dagar sedan
That HP laptop is my old one before it decided to just give up and no longer work
Lord Zaneu
Lord Zaneu 26 dagar sedan
I can’t wait to read the hate comments because of the kromate bit
Munkhtulga 26 dagar sedan
At 9:10 does that say "Your cok my world" hahahah
Darren Yilmaz
Darren Yilmaz 26 dagar sedan
"Dur" is stop in Turkish
Ramen, Literally Ramen
Ramen, Literally Ramen 26 dagar sedan
8:22 I have the same laptop... I use it for my secondary server, it's a piece of garbage.
Yuchao Guo
Yuchao Guo 26 dagar sedan
0:53 as a Chinese, I can confirm Edit: I just want to add that this wording of "I don't care" is understood as "let loose your inner beast" or something along those lines
Karol Bała
Karol Bała 26 dagar sedan
Why did y’all foreshadow the urinal like that? LOL
loud_ bait
loud_ bait 26 dagar sedan
1:45 the toilet as well
Moe M
Moe M 26 dagar sedan
I'm from NY and I know EXACTLY the sign mess that is shown at 7:07
MiniGemini 26 dagar sedan
Conquer bed wetting and wake up feeling...NINJAWESOME with Ninjamas nighttime underwear
GothicSlytherin 26 dagar sedan
K9officerft 25 dagar sedan
It’s amasing
The void
The void 26 dagar sedan
Speaking of crappy design in my neighborhood there is upside down stop sign
Lavendeer 201
Lavendeer 201 26 dagar sedan
Wait where's the urinal one? Also can someone get me up to par on Lexi's blindness lol I'm just a little confused
Bennett Waddell
Bennett Waddell 26 dagar sedan
I formally apologize for making bean puns in the comments of a Tweet.
Yukey_Corruption 26 dagar sedan
7:15 my dad would go to the house of the people who made this and set it on fire
W.D Gaster
W.D Gaster 26 dagar sedan
FNaF Maniac
FNaF Maniac 26 dagar sedan
0:05 Yoo thats Turkish 😅🇹🇷 Its says DUR it means STOP in Turkish Yea thats kinda dumb object to show kids to LOL Türküm 😅
A A 26 dagar sedan
That's Turkish at the beginning, I'm Turkish too. I cringe so hard help.
the nowegian girl
the nowegian girl 26 dagar sedan
The I'm not a chef so I don't know spises
Karis The Kitty
Karis The Kitty 26 dagar sedan
8:59 I figured out what that says! It says “you rock my world”
paula brill
paula brill 26 dagar sedan
I am a wallpaper hanger and I just want to say that wallpapered switchplate was epic. It's incredibly difficult to get it to match like that. Maybe the homeowner wanted it that way.
Amine Ben attia
Amine Ben attia 26 dagar sedan
Fun fact:dur in turkish means stop
Mr Random Stuff
Mr Random Stuff 26 dagar sedan
Ghost Tag
Ghost Tag 26 dagar sedan
Btw Dur means Stop in Turkish
CEO of the Avocados From Grubhub dicko mode
CEO of the Avocados From Grubhub dicko mode 26 dagar sedan
DUR means "stop" in turkish language . Thats their stop sign i guess.
Ford Earle
Ford Earle 26 dagar sedan
it says teamwork, not krowmaet. sorry lixian.
L0ST 26 dagar sedan
dur means stop btw lmnajflfpfşfpf
Squarity 26 dagar sedan
8:01 when the design is sus Not sorry
Darkwater Deep
Darkwater Deep 26 dagar sedan
Where's that face to face urinal? I must get a horse mask and go there and just stare at anyone who goes there.
Dulainey 94
Dulainey 94 26 dagar sedan
"You rock my world" I had to pause and get glasses on
ege türkyılmaz
ege türkyılmaz 26 dagar sedan
the sign is turkish. we don't say stop, we yell each other like "DURRRRR" in here
Matsune Hiku
Matsune Hiku 26 dagar sedan
LMAO, I GOT AN AD SAYING "What!? Bro you got katzaku" And then u said "yep thats definitely a hexagon"
Lauma Lapsa 6.d
Lauma Lapsa 6.d 26 dagar sedan
Every single time I watch EKay and Lexi Shows up with her "Whats up sexy, I'm Lexi" puts a smile on my face Lexi if you"re seeing this, you're my comfort nerrator, but other narrators don't take this personal lol
BruhScoped ✔
BruhScoped ✔ 26 dagar sedan
Petition to make stop signs rhombichosidodecahedrons instead of octagons Sign here ⬇️
Kai Sörensen
Kai Sörensen 26 dagar sedan
HEXA 26 dagar sedan
0:09 dur means stop in turkish
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