Perseverance spots sky crane's Mars impact plume after touchdown

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Shortly after touchdown on Mars, Perseverance's right rear hazcam captured 2 images of the sky crane impact site prior to the camera's dust covers being removed. Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter imagery of impact site is show here as well. -- Wow! See the Perseverance rover dangling above Mars in this amazing landing photo:
Credit: | footage courtesy: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Jason Major | produced & edited by Steve Spaleta ( stevespaleta)

Idonthigh5 14 dagar sedan
This is amazing. I can watch it a thousand times. What REALLY bothers me? I haven’t seen a single video of an earthbound test of the sky crane. Is it just me?
P C 20 dagar sedan
I didn’t have anything to with going to Mars, but I am a good citizen of planet earth thank you. Have a look at yourself and stop being such a nice human being. You don’t know me from Adam and don’t judge what you don’t know my fellow human being.
Gum Nut
Gum Nut Månad sedan
The level of intelligence and academic success you have to have to even figure out the calculations for this stuff is amazing, let alone all the work, trial and error, just to build the rover. Just incredible
Mesa Santikant
Mesa Santikant Månad sedan
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Mina Park
Mina Park Månad sedan
skycrane - my job is done friend.. goodbye. rover - ill see you.. partner
aola wili
aola wili Månad sedan
S.T.F.U. keep Fantasizing!!! 🤣 These videos make me laugh!
Adrian Schapendonk
Adrian Schapendonk Månad sedan
It almost looks real
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Månad sedan
Absolutely amazing to see this!! Never thought when I was a kid, that I would be seeing this... I will be turning 50 on March 4th, and I really couldn't ask for anything better....
iceberg789 Månad sedan
too much dust on mars.
John K
John K Månad sedan
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aola wili
aola wili Månad sedan
We've only been landing probes on Mars, for a few years, and we're already trashing the planet.
kıvanç erakçora
kıvanç erakçora Månad sedan
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Månad sedan
Blue sky on Mars?
дмитрий карпов
дмитрий карпов Månad sedan
радуются как саранча.
Jester Realm
Jester Realm Månad sedan
Fake and gay
Thomas Kirkegaard Andersen
Thomas Kirkegaard Andersen Månad sedan
U really need to think this is cool, to think this is cool? What's the fuzz about? That image could be anything or nothing?
Roy blonk
Roy blonk Månad sedan
So who is filming this sky crane from this angle it looks like something from the tunderbirds aahaba
Sonia Oliveira
Sonia Oliveira Månad sedan
A NASA, informa que esse filme da ida a Marte está sendo gravado nos estúdios da Walt Disney Animations Studios.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Månad sedan
Sky crane didn’t land on Mars, Mars landed on sky crane
Flat Out
Flat Out Månad sedan
Bill Nye " the earth is a fixed system people need to understand nobody can leave the earth" well how did they get to the moon then? 😆 Neil DA tyson "the earth is an oblate spheroid. Its wider at the bottom than the top" hmmm well why is every globe photo a perfect circle. we must just be lucky enough to be the only pear as everyother "planet" is a perfect circle. 😆 Buzz Aldrin " we never went there in the first place" guess he couldn't bring himself to tell that little girl the truth. 😆 on msm news. He also got really mad when asked to swear on the Bible that he went to the moon. Nasa trains in pools. We can clealy see air bubbles floating up while they're supposed to be in "space". 😆 Nasa astronots " oh yeah you could see all the stars when we were in space" "no we couldn't see any stars when we were in space" which is it? 😆 There are 50000 satelites but we can't see them and they cant put cameras on any. 😆 every pic of earth is 100% cgi. Also I live in the tri city area where I am surrounded by big cities. Somedays I can't make phone calls or get data on my cell phone. Yet Nixon can call the moon and nasa can send us HD quality pics from Mars. Sometimes yt quality here on earth are worse most days. 😆 Also all internet and cellphone communication is done via landlines and cell towers. Simple research. Nasa launches hundreds of balloons. If they have 50000 satelites and tons of aircraft whats the purpose. So they can give us more cgi pics and vids. 😆 Three astronots went to the moon but when interviewed they looked an acted as if thier dog just died. 😆 The rail gun on military ships can shoot over 100miles. It can only hit targets in line of sight. Simple research. Challenger passengers were all spotted after they blew up on TV. 😆 Nasa "We lost the technology to go back to the moon" hmm guess they forgot to write it down. Cellphones won't be made anymore they forgot to write down how they were made. 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Different Saturner
Different Saturner Månad sedan
So, we're trashing around there as well? Sick! (Fri 05 Mar 2021 11h26)
Jason Månad sedan
So we are already littering Mars
Jason Månad sedan
Very sad for Mars
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Månad sedan
I feel so sorry for the sky crane. It was a very brave contraption. How sad. It died so others may live. RIP SC.
malk chatters
malk chatters Månad sedan
Lol. Only the very gullible or the very retarded would believe this garbage.
stalker Linux
stalker Linux Månad sedan
Apollo scam bullshit lol no 1 landed on moon apollo program failed
Chris P. Coff33
Chris P. Coff33 Månad sedan
It does seem like magic to the feeble minded.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Månad sedan
That was an amazing way to land a space craft, heatshield, parachute, retrorockets, wires. Just amazing!
dean woolston
dean woolston Månad sedan
We've only been landing probes on Mars, for a few years, and we're already trashing the planet.
aspenrebel Månad sedan
oh I thought the rocket thing that lowered the rover down by cable, went back up into space, back to main ship. So it just crashed 1/2 mile away?
zbdot73 Månad sedan
Blue sky on Mars?
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Månad sedan
Matt Damon is late again.
Twod Wozzle
Twod Wozzle Månad sedan
They're just earth clouds... idiots.
Chris P. Coff33
Chris P. Coff33 Månad sedan
Clouds? Where?
C Dagcote
C Dagcote Månad sedan
You can always tell where humans have been just follow the trash.
Martin Banicz Olsson
Martin Banicz Olsson Månad sedan
CGI, Btw how is the signals transferred 700 million km without losing any bits? Impossible! Don't believe their lies!
Chris P. Coff33
Chris P. Coff33 Månad sedan
Nope, not impossible. Error correction is a thing. No wireless transmission medium is perfect, and error checking is something that is very well understood and pretty robust these days.
exxodas Månad sedan
Sky crane didn’t land on Mars, Mars landed on sky crane
FGV Gravity ꪜ
FGV Gravity ꪜ Månad sedan
Anyone know the music in the background?
Arnie Bowie
Arnie Bowie Månad sedan
If it was real it would be really cool, don’t get me wrong this is some great animation and so so special effects.... you guys should be making movies not fanboy clips on SEcycle... but hey if it makes ya happy do it!! What planet is next for your project???? How about Titan!!
Paal Muruganantham
Paal Muruganantham Månad sedan
Al Boleone
Al Boleone Månad sedan
I feel so sorry for the sky crane. It was a very brave contraption. How sad. It died so others may live. RIP SC.
Michael Cordero
Michael Cordero Månad sedan
So FAKE! All CGI, not real at all. Wake up, and seek the truth! This is 100% a hoax!
Chris P. Coff33
Chris P. Coff33 Månad sedan
Let me guess - the 'truth' is the earth is flat? 🤪🤣
Pemdes Rengel Official
Pemdes Rengel Official Månad sedan
ACME4FUN Månad sedan
CGI all day long.....
yan Balboa
yan Balboa Månad sedan
Billion for petrol
Da Os
Da Os Månad sedan
have to wonder how much more complicated it would have been to have the sky crane just land, instead of littering the place with more crashed hardware. first proper residents of mars - if we get that far - will be doing a lot of cleaning up. and instead of useful resources it'll just be smashed up debris.
Jack Worcester
Jack Worcester Månad sedan
It would have been quite a bit more complicated for it to land, for no real gain. And Mars is a planet. The amount of rubbish we’ve left on its surface really doesn’t add up to much.
Dog Drivers Love for Dogs
Dog Drivers Love for Dogs Månad sedan
Matt Damon is late again.
Kiss of the Labrador
Kiss of the Labrador Månad sedan
That was an amazing way to land a space craft, heatshield, parachute, retrorockets, wires. Just amazing!
Carlo Jones
Carlo Jones Månad sedan
Photoshop and i can be on any planet. Snippets of the lander... the cables and cameras.. The wind the fact the pics are so clear to show the landers. No turbulence super steady clips show wind dust.. just on good shot show the rover going thur the wind . Skydivers tell you ... No steady cameras on such a thing. Spinners. 🥤🤥🤥🤥🤡🧠🧠🐑🐑
Roby &14
Roby &14 Månad sedan
It would be ridiculous if they took some good real pictures and made them unclear to make them seem more ... real.
Nicholas Charnley
Nicholas Charnley Månad sedan
why does the sky crane "IMPACT"? Was it not designed to gently lower its self to the surface? Hahahaha
NonPlayer Character
NonPlayer Character Månad sedan
Why bother? It would be like saving used tinfoil. No need to save fuel to land it or design landing software, and since there aren't any trash bins on Mars yet, they just tossed it aside; like the packaging on a new computer, there's no use for it anymore.
Ijeoma Kingsley
Ijeoma Kingsley Månad sedan
Was am soooooooo happppppy
Bits Of Everything
Bits Of Everything Månad sedan
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Månad sedan
Martian teenagers will cover it with graffiti as soon as they discover it.
lilviking3 Månad sedan
724 people are never impressed, with anything.
Eamon Dwyer
Eamon Dwyer Månad sedan
Cartoons for adults.utter nonsense.
Revtune Månad sedan
Seriously bizarre they couldn't have attempted to land it, then put some kind of long passive experiment on it. I guess they had just enough fuel to drop and go.
James Bond
James Bond Månad sedan
Did anyone else see that 7-11 big gulp cup?
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Månad sedan
Let’s pollute another planet
Victor J. Cano
Victor J. Cano Månad sedan
Now we’re littering mars
Preston Britto
Preston Britto Månad sedan
The deserted galley ultrascructurally hate because beard neurologically listen apud a hallowed cymbal. abounding, aboard prison
TeeBall Robertson
TeeBall Robertson Månad sedan
Nothing is on Mars. Especially any rover sent from Earth. Why would they shut off the live feed after launch and before entering space? Cuz it's Lies. Mars cheering is of them landing something on Greenland. That's why Trump wants to buy it. That's why they are trying to and failing to destroy him. Wake up peeps
JuniorMorin72 Månad sedan
Enough rovers already. Spend the millions of money improving conditions on earth instead. We will NEVER EVER live on any planet other than earth. How do I know that? Because YHWH that's how. We can EXPLORE space and the planets doing so carefully but we will never live elsewhere so it is futile to try and terra form other planets.
djduuhfhf jdjj
djduuhfhf jdjj Månad sedan
ahhh no kardashians
Captain South
Captain South Månad sedan
Great. We are littering on other planets now!!!
gerard figuera
gerard figuera Månad sedan
Biggest bullshit ever seen
David D
David D Månad sedan
🚀🌌🌌🌌🌌🤑🤑🤑🤑 All those who know this is fake and came here to troll the brainwashed and try to wake em up. Like and comment below!!
Pam Nay
Pam Nay Månad sedan
👽👾 welcome.
JAMES BOND0077 Månad sedan
More wasted money to go along with the continuous lies and coverup by NASA. Is there a legitimate reason for not landing where the pyramids and the "Face on Mars" are?
Chris P. Coff33
Chris P. Coff33 Månad sedan
Pyramids. Right. Pareidolia is a thing.
Martin Jones
Martin Jones Månad sedan
I wonder if NASA used the sky crane crash as a crude means of making an excavation Perseverance can later examine?
oujda TV1 Ville
oujda TV1 Ville Månad sedan
I do not think that there is a person who possesses a genetic sense and a space intuition who does not feel that the atoms that make up his body and person are from this soil .. There is a call, longing and longing for the homeland, the homeland of the first ancestors .. We came from there millions of years ago to settle the earth after we were deserted by wars, and perhaps our children will return Back home I am sure that my country is calling me, but will I live to be sure of the moment?
Geocaching with gsmX2 - scottinojaivideos
Geocaching with gsmX2 - scottinojaivideos Månad sedan
RIP sky crane. You had one job to do and you did it well.
Antonio Blanco
Antonio Blanco Månad sedan
Let’s pollute another planet
nikolai belinski
nikolai belinski Månad sedan
Perserversnce: SKY CRANE!!!!!!
Yeshua Hamashiach
Yeshua Hamashiach Månad sedan
Paul Bryan
Paul Bryan Månad sedan
JAMES BOND0077 Månad sedan
Your truthful statement of B.S. hurt the feelings of a snowflake head in the sand 🐏🐑
Kitchguy Månad sedan
Why are we dumping garbage on another planet. Don’t we do enough of that on earth? NASA needs to figure out a way to not allow debris from landing on Mars just clutter up the planet
Robert Hunt
Robert Hunt Månad sedan
That crying Indian was some Italian dude.
Jose Rosario
Jose Rosario Månad sedan
Yo no sé que le buscan a Marte, es un planeta muerto no hay nada ,estamos solos en el planeta tierra el único más privilegiado,de tener oxígeno carbono y vida. Todos los demás están muertos.y a la tierra ya la matamos nos vamos a exterminar nosotros mismos pero no hay remedio ,es inevitable.
Don Williamson
Don Williamson Månad sedan
Space is Fake
jean-paul lejeune
jean-paul lejeune Månad sedan
what about the helicoptere fly ???
Liza May
Liza May Månad sedan
Should not these people have intelligent minds??? Guess why I believe they are as stupid as most of the humans on this planet
Guardian of Justice
Guardian of Justice Månad sedan
Cool 😎👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Ken Word
Ken Word Månad sedan
I am skeptical About anything NASA says to the world I don’t believe they even went to the moon back in the 70s they never had the technology like they do today I believe the Moonlanding was taken at area 51 and if they are on Mars why so much machinery sent to Mars what does NASA know that we don’t could it be that alien life was once on Mars out of all the galaxies all these planets around distance stars that there’s not some sort of alien life out there
Chris P. Coff33
Chris P. Coff33 Månad sedan
@Ken Word no it doesn't. Have you been there? All you've seen is fake. It does not exist - it's government propoganda to divert your attention from real issues. The key is in what you say - you 'believe' it exists, but have no proof. Faith is all you have.
Ken Word
Ken Word Månad sedan
@Chris P. Coff33 That’s what you think area 51 does exist and I do believe they have a crashed spacecraft with three aliens until they go back to the Moon then I’ll believe
Chris P. Coff33
Chris P. Coff33 Månad sedan
@Ken Word it's fine to be skeptical about governments, but to make a hare brained claim that we did not have the tech to land on the moon in the 60's and 70's is just laughable, and borne purely out of ignorance. Btw - Area 51 is a myth. It doesn't exist in the way you think it does.
Ken Word
Ken Word Månad sedan
Would be great if there was Intelligent life on the moon or Mars with all these planets and other galaxies we are not alone I believe the area 51 has a craft UFO with aliens
Ken Word
Ken Word Månad sedan
@Chris P. Coff33 I’m just skeptical about the Moonlanding the government let you see what they want you to see I’m just Saying in the 70s they did not have the technology Hell we trashed our planet now we’re on another planet trashing it with all the space junk
Deconstructing The Game
Deconstructing The Game Månad sedan
I'm surprised they couldn't land the sky crane and keep it in one piece serving as a possible emergency charge platform if they had solar panels fitted. Or just a stationary camera or probe. Seems like they could have saved it if they wanted to.
Robert Minnicks
Robert Minnicks Månad sedan
ceddie Månad sedan
The first human waste on mars😥
Robert Hunt
Robert Hunt Månad sedan
Easy there, WALL-E.
Jobe 420
Jobe 420 Månad sedan
Shit fake like trumps hair lol
Andrew Rose
Andrew Rose Månad sedan
Why can’t the sky crane be utilized beyond its primary use? Is it necessary to crash it into the ground, could it not serve a dual purpose? Not to mention the space junk that’s been dumped there.
Charles Umerie
Charles Umerie Månad sedan
I don't think there's much they can do with it. It took rocket and 7 months for Perseverance to reach Mars. Do you expect them to fly the Skycrane out of Mars and return it to earth?
bill hanna
bill hanna Månad sedan
Hey its only a billion or two we got plenty
Daniel M Connolly
Daniel M Connolly Månad sedan
Canada looks just like Mars... 🤔
Phil 650
Phil 650 Månad sedan
as a child watching the first maned moon landing i was scared for the astronauts as I had seen first man in the moon at the movies.they used anti gravity paint on their ship to get them to the moon. giant ants lived below the surface, very scary stuff. now it just seems stupid.
David D
David D Månad sedan
I'm against FAKE SPACE EXPLORATION. The mars lander was proven to show pictures from Greenland with orange hew . The exact landscape with a NASA van with NASA LOGO ON IT and others present. Moon landings proven hoax and the images of the planet Pluto that they claim that they took in space actually have the outline of Pluto the dog from Disney on it. Look up on SEcycle Pluto the dog on Pluto the planet. You can clearly see the dogs head with just a little bit of an outline with a pencil. Because they're mocking you. Everything they show you is CGI. I was a space fanatic. Until reality opened my eyes. There's no such thing as space. You cannot create gas pressure without a container with any scientific method experiment on Earth especially not in a vacuum A gas giant is a gigantic ball of gas. Flying through An infinite vacuum 10 times the strength of one man is capable of making and supposedly surrounds the planets. These gigantic balls of gas aren't dissipating at all and five billion years inside of a vacuum. Not just any vacuum. The vacuums that are man-made can implode a steel railroad car made to carry oil. The railroad car it has four inch thick steel walls. How does this supposed gravity manage to hold on to all the air molecules around the planet? We are traveling at 66,600 miles per hour around the sun. The Earth's axis is on a 23.4° tilt but subtract 90° or do it backwards it's 66.6° and we are barreling through the universe at 66 million miles an hour. The space shuttle Challenger astronauts are all alive and teaching in universities. There are two that claim they're identical twins of their dead space men twins. "Earth is pear-shaped" says Neil the grass Tyson. The Michaelson Morley experiment and Airys failure scientific method experiment proved that the Earth is not in motion. The eclipse of the sun only these are 70 mile wide shadow on the Earth. This is the only shadow in the history of mankind that could be made when it is smaller than the object casting The Shadow!!??? It can't be done in a laboratory or anywhere else the object casting the shadow has to be at least the same size as the shadow or smaller then the shadow. The moon spins around the earth and Earth spins around the sun yet they both appear to be the same size in the sky and they travel the same exact path? It's just a coincidence that one is 400 times larger in diameter than the other one and exactly 400 times further away!!?? LMAO!! I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.
David D
David D Månad sedan
@Robert Hunt I don't have the time to educate people and use the proper pronunciation/punctuation/ syntax after the phone can't understand what I'm saying exactly.
David D
David D Månad sedan
@Robert Hunt that's right I was talking to da phone and it still needs to be edited
Robert Hunt
Robert Hunt Månad sedan
Someone "edited" this?
Siberian Prince
Siberian Prince Månad sedan
I want to see the rest of the footage from the sky crane up until it crashed.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Månad sedan
I was wondering where skycrane was headed off to next. Should have figured we were just throwing our trash on mars now.
Jackobt Thoronn
Jackobt Thoronn Månad sedan
I hope not Head-choppers around there...!! ... supported by American Government... 🐫 Comel town...
OmahaTom Månad sedan
Interesting how NASA utilizes these "skycranes" so flawlessly on Mars, but when they try to use the same technique on earth, they fail and crash almost 100% of the time. I'm no conspiracy nut, but I dont believe a single thing NASA ever claims to be the truth. I WISH I could believe it... but it's just so clearly a fake facade covering up the REAL space program that the public doesnt get to know about....
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Månad sedan
BS. Why only video of the landing... but going forward.. only pictures? U ppl got dooped.
Man in White
Man in White Månad sedan
Imagine the size of a project to land in a planet beyond Mars
Control Room Show
Control Room Show Månad sedan
And we have already begun polluting the atmosphere of another planet.
Barry Scarbrough
Barry Scarbrough Månad sedan
Just what I was thinking... and now there's trash on Mars... nice work
Phat Le
Phat Le Månad sedan
space is fake
Tony K.
Tony K. Månad sedan
An uninhabitable planet of rusted rock. That's what awaits us if we continue to destroy the Earth's environment, folks. Take a good look, because that's what most planets in the universe probably resemble. Uninhabitable balls of nothingness. We would likely have to travel a very long way through the cosmos to reach any habitable planet resembling the Earth's environment, and ideally one that an existing alien civilization doesn't already call home. In short, the Earth is all we have, folks. Protect it. Watch and learn.
Robert Hunt
Robert Hunt Månad sedan
Are you available for birthday parties over Zoom?
Ninja Tortoise
Ninja Tortoise Månad sedan
So where should Martians send the litter citation?
Country strong
Country strong Månad sedan
If you believe this stuff is real you are crazy
shannon newman
shannon newman Månad sedan
Nice 1 !
Ed Axeman
Ed Axeman Månad sedan
Well it was pristine until we started littering the landscape! Junkyard Mars? 👀
Barney Rubble
Barney Rubble Månad sedan
okay prepare a place to send fat cells,(human beings) they just sit around anyway, waiting for a meteorite or something,Mars atmosphere can't stop, GO FOR IT FREE RIDE THERE TOO! (I I HAVE COMPASSION I JUST CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Månad sedan
Mars the Dusty Planet.
Benjamin Chavez de la O
Benjamin Chavez de la O Månad sedan
HotHashBrown Månad sedan
When I grow up, I wanna be a sky crane.
mitchellkarera Månad sedan
Sky Crane, we hardly knew ye.
Pickle Ball
Pickle Ball Månad sedan
BS. Why only video of the landing... but going forward.. only pictures? U ppl got dooped.
Pickle Ball
Pickle Ball Månad sedan
@Graham Watson great answer.
Graham Watson
Graham Watson Månad sedan
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