Pelosi, House Democrats hold press conference ahead of DC Statehood vote

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Fox News

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House Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats hold press conference ahead of DC Statehood vote. #FoxNews
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Ronnie Pridgett jr
Ronnie Pridgett jr 8 dagar sedan
Claudia Strelow
Claudia Strelow 9 dagar sedan
Very disturbing 😕power grabbing continues wrapped up in the equality these people listen to NOONE PEOPLE YOUALL ARE BEING USED
Tsar Boris III
Tsar Boris III 13 dagar sedan
Every county a state!
CIVIL DEFENSE: P.S.A. 14 dagar sedan
What a slap in the face to all those Republicans that gave their lives to free the people that the Democratic party had in bondage.
Steve lee
Steve lee 15 dagar sedan
Its time .. Civil war liberals no more
Denise Thomson
Denise Thomson 15 dagar sedan
They can't deal with domestic terrorists,and condone mob rule courts . Village idiot's at the helm of US and Canada.
M P 15 dagar sedan
Why is everyone panicking? If DC becomes a state, there are 18 months ahead of the next election to get California to split into 4 states, texas to become 8 states, new york to become 4 states, maine could be three, alaska could be like 8 states, Florida could be 3 states. I dont like that eastern oregon would become part of Idaho. Eastern oregon should be it's own state.
j b
j b 15 dagar sedan
If you want to see what else the democrats are planning on doing next just rewatch the 2020 presidential race
Steve's Place
Steve's Place 15 dagar sedan
The house, the senate and the president should just push through legislation mandating and guaranteeing at least 1 democrat electoral vote per state and a majority of vast left wing Supreme Court Justices. And, if you make more than fifty thousand dollars, the balance will go to the democrat national committee. That should do it.
Stewart Pearson
Stewart Pearson 15 dagar sedan
You and the people whom work in Washington are there for the people of the states you represent. Those that live in your district choose to do so. When you make your choice to live in a district set up to be the ruling body of these united states you are living for and serving the people of these united states and are residents of the states you come from. Not the district you live in because of your public service. Those that might live there that are not in Public service should be either considered Marylands or Virginian. End of story....
Thoughtsurfer Zone
Thoughtsurfer Zone 15 dagar sedan
Puerto Rico and Guam deserve it, too.
TheBallsKicker 15 dagar sedan
Simple. Democrats want to control the Senate, House and White House. Typical power hungry.
Joe Tee
Joe Tee 15 dagar sedan
The louisiana rep Scalise 🤥says DC has too many murders for statehood!🤔 Louisiana leads the nation in murders per capita!!!😳 Another said🤥 they don't have a big enough population to have 2 senators. It's population is more than Wyoming and vermont!!😳SO those 3 states..LOUISIANA, WYOMING AND VERMONT SHOULD LOSE THEY'RE STATEHOODS!!👍 DUMB ASSES ABOUND IN GOVERNMENT!👏👏
Key Note
Key Note 15 dagar sedan
If DC residents were mostly Republican, then this argument would be just the reverse.
Babylauncher3000 15 dagar sedan
Not really. Puerto Rico is politically conservative, the main issue for Republicans that don’t want it to be a state is that Puerto Ricans tend to speak Spanish and have a brown complexion. Conservative voters back home are scared of having Spanish speaking granbabies.
Valerie Johnson
Valerie Johnson 15 dagar sedan
We need term limits! Most of these people are 30-40 yr veteran politicians and need to retire. They have proven their desire to protect their income and pension, not to mention power, is so much more important than our country.
Larry Ness
Larry Ness 15 dagar sedan
Ship of fools on display....
Robert Sprafke
Robert Sprafke 15 dagar sedan
I expect %100 of Democrats to vote for this. Yep %100 stooges, listen to this poor old white man to get you equal treatment? Foolish nonsense. Big government run amuck.
Jett Rink
Jett Rink 15 dagar sedan
I'm Don Kirshner and this is Rock Concert In 68 A&M Records in conjunction with Morrie Franklin and with the assistant of Sam Levi discovered a singing group
Concerned Human
Concerned Human 16 dagar sedan
I'm sorry but wow! What an embarrassment for America. What was that mixup? Personal stories? So much BS... God please 🙏🏻 help America. Amen
Leech 16 dagar sedan
If DC can become a state, other areas in the country should be allowed to form their own states like Greater Idaho [Cascadia] (merge Idaho with parts of Oregon and Northern California) as well then.
3HA Bot
3HA Bot 15 dagar sedan
The difference is, those places have votes already, DC doesnt
Rina Brown
Rina Brown 16 dagar sedan
She’s nuts
Rina Brown
Rina Brown 16 dagar sedan
That woman is nuts and should be behind bars
Justen Farnsworth
Justen Farnsworth 16 dagar sedan
If they go through with this the Constitution is null and void
That Guy
That Guy 16 dagar sedan
If DC was a red city the dems would not be proposing this unconstitutional bill.
Jonathon Osborn
Jonathon Osborn 16 dagar sedan
Who ever loves this country message me
Mike P
Mike P 16 dagar sedan
Maryland needs to take back its land from DC. Washington DC does not own that land. Virginia already took their piece back. Democrats, give them an inch and they think they're a ruler.
johnny hensley
johnny hensley 16 dagar sedan
all these anti americans right here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Henry Annis
Henry Annis 16 dagar sedan
DC should break off the mall then recede it back to Maryland as was done in 1847 I believe when they recede Virginia’s part back, problem solved simple solution. But no congress needs to make a big deal out of nothing as always to avoid doing their job. Have a great day while you can.
DONALD JESUS TRUMP 16 dagar sedan
wire shark
wire shark 16 dagar sedan
All the Democrats look miserable since Trump left.
Ninja Genjin
Ninja Genjin 16 dagar sedan
They wear mask to hide there lying starting to become sick of seeing them around my American flag.
American patriot
American patriot 16 dagar sedan
Dead communists coming to a city near you.
Herb Whitmore
Herb Whitmore 16 dagar sedan
This stinks of corruption
Herb Whitmore
Herb Whitmore 16 dagar sedan
Nice to see they are all wearing their muzzles
Big Daddy Cool
Big Daddy Cool 16 dagar sedan
Their entire agenda is predicated on keeping America divided and consolidating more power through gov't expansion.
Herb Whitmore
Herb Whitmore 16 dagar sedan
District of Columbia is the only territory that the federal government is supposed to be in control of . So what are or where are the feds going to go ? There is a reason DC is not a state .. ask yourself why .. and then look at the constitution for your answer
Arne Jahr
Arne Jahr 16 dagar sedan
Then stop the rioters you pampas fool
Bonny Simon
Bonny Simon 16 dagar sedan
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Allison James
Allison James 16 dagar sedan
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Aaron Hernandez
Aaron Hernandez 16 dagar sedan
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Diane Nathan
Diane Nathan 16 dagar sedan
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Sophia Jude
Sophia Jude 16 dagar sedan
Text hm on What's app👆👆👆
Sophia Jude
Sophia Jude 16 dagar sedan
PixxZ 16 dagar sedan
Saying you worked there for 40 years shows its long overdue for you to retire!
KritterKracker 16 dagar sedan
I don't believe there's one Republican who can sit & listen to a Democrat anymore. Your kind of politics aren't rubbing off on us. You talk trash...
jdtcskate 16 dagar sedan
Is there a SINGLE Democrat politician in DC that follows the constitution? I really doubt it.
Ben G Heinrich
Ben G Heinrich 16 dagar sedan
If D.C was filled with Republicans the Democrats will be against statehood and the Republicans will be for it
Debra 007
Debra 007 16 dagar sedan
Tony Pitsacota
Tony Pitsacota 16 dagar sedan
I have a hard time believing that Pelosi's California 12th District has been screaming at her: "Make D.C. a state!" She's as corrupt as the Biden's.
skipjack johnson
skipjack johnson 16 dagar sedan
They need to install one of those powerlift chairs onto Air Force One.
Jesse Greaves
Jesse Greaves 16 dagar sedan
It is literally about 25 square miles . Just add it to Maryland.
Jesse Greaves
Jesse Greaves 16 dagar sedan
Just pull DC into Maryland....Duh!
E MAL 16 dagar sedan
One state cannot govern another state.
Chris P
Chris P 16 dagar sedan
Thanks Republicans.
Ironically Vague
Ironically Vague 16 dagar sedan
R.I.P. U.S.A.
Sim Nope
Sim Nope 16 dagar sedan
I don't have a brother or sister in washington, if I did I would disown the crook..............
Brian D
Brian D 16 dagar sedan
Dc statehood, HR1, packing the Supreme Court...... etc. All the while belittling actual patriotic Americans so the democrats can retain power absolutely. Power corrupts..... absolute power corrupts absolutely.
suzy catipiller
suzy catipiller 16 dagar sedan
Why all of a sudden this a violation of human rights? Because the Democrats are evil and are corrupt
Len Ovo
Len Ovo 16 dagar sedan
What is the real reason they are doing this ? Is it maybe because most of the states are now passing voter id laws, which will prevent them from cheating in an election the next time around ? Hmmmmm, just wondering. Anyone else thinking the same ?
Michael Sanders
Michael Sanders 16 dagar sedan
Pretty sure this is an abuse of power
Anthony D
Anthony D 16 dagar sedan
Most paper clips are variations of the Gem type introduced in the 1890s or earlier, characterized by the almost two full loops made by the wire. Common to paper clips proper is their utilization of torsion and elasticity in the wire, and friction between wire and paper.
lee ann thompson
lee ann thompson 16 dagar sedan
Do these people not realize the DC's make up is mandated by the constitution????? It will take a Contitutional ammendment to make DC a state???
Shaun Thornton
Shaun Thornton 16 dagar sedan
DemoRATS are a joke. Pelosi sounds like she might have a 3rd grade education
Michael Gass
Michael Gass 16 dagar sedan
You can't become a state you idiots. That land belongs to Maryland
Len Ovo
Len Ovo 16 dagar sedan
This is all theatre - the constitution forbids this from happening. It cannot happen without an amendment. Why don't they explain why it was put there in the first place? It hasn't been this way for 200 years, for no reason. 50 is a good number. We're not packing the states, we're unpacking them. Also, most people in the United States are against changing the flag.
Skip Johnson
Skip Johnson 16 dagar sedan
Oh look! Fox allowed comments for democrats. 🤔
Scam Assassin
Scam Assassin 16 dagar sedan
It says right in the Constitution!! DC was NEVER MEANT TO BE A STATE!! We need to CANCEL the democRAT Party!!
Larry Johnson
Larry Johnson 16 dagar sedan
The Democratics just made it about party and politics.
Bert Ernie
Bert Ernie 16 dagar sedan
Nothing but rats
nancy heck
nancy heck 16 dagar sedan
They want to make it a state so they can get two more Democrats seats. They are taking over our country. There will never be another Republican again. They our continuing to change our constitution the right to bear, arms freedom of speech, turning our election laws to federal laws the states will not have control of their own elections. They are continuing to make this into a communist country. And the thing I'm sick about the most is dividing us by using the race card and we continue to let them do it.
Coni Watson
Coni Watson 16 dagar sedan
The founders didnt want DC to be political.
A Team
A Team 16 dagar sedan
something is very wrong here, they claim its for you, but we all know this is not how democrats operate, and just what 54% want this, have you seen all the down votes on the white house channel?
Elisa Nevins
Elisa Nevins 16 dagar sedan
these evil people are going to be in one big meeting activating a volcano that does not exist in America right under their feet
Elisa Nevins
Elisa Nevins 16 dagar sedan
All I’m doing is popping in and out looking form the rest of the Democrats
lazarus hearthstone
lazarus hearthstone 16 dagar sedan
make DC part of Maryland
Daniel Kosciuszko
Daniel Kosciuszko 16 dagar sedan
Man, she’s ruthless!
lazarus hearthstone
lazarus hearthstone 16 dagar sedan
United States Virgin Islands for statehood
A Team
A Team 16 dagar sedan
he lies, its all about democrats gaining more seats,
Thomas Woodby
Thomas Woodby 16 dagar sedan
Our forefathers put it this way for a reason to keep DC separate from all other states
Thomas Woodby
Thomas Woodby 14 dagar sedan
If the Dems get DC to become a state they will have more control, Iam not a lawyer but ask one to see WHY IT MATTERS......
Joe Swanson
Joe Swanson 15 dagar sedan
They also never expected women to vote what is your point
RACIST BANDWAGON 16 dagar sedan
How does DC not being a state take away voters rights. Next they will want to take away the filibuster then pack the supreme court. Such a grab for power.
Robert Blake
Robert Blake 16 dagar sedan
Blah blah blah. Again
Scott Belanger
Scott Belanger 16 dagar sedan
If we can make DC a state.... then other states can go there own way... Let's gooooo...
Lethal Mouse
Lethal Mouse 16 dagar sedan
Apparently these people don't think the constitution means anything. If they did they would see that DC statehood is illegal in every way. But, understanding who these people really are and who the shadowy figures are behind them I know exactly what they are doing and what their end game is. Too bad God has a different plan than they do. They think they can actually win against God. Makes me feel weakness and sadness for these people. They are being lied to by the very principalities they worship and they are probably being promised some kind of title or safety or something. But they themselves (the principalities) can't even save themselves from what God is going to do when He comes down. Gear up (armor of God), get your plane ticket ready (worship and prayer), our flight leaves real shortly (Marriage supper of the Lamb). To God it's a matter of minutes, to us, it may be a couple years or maybe a few, but Jesus is never late.
Dilly Weiz
Dilly Weiz 16 dagar sedan
If the republicans stand by and do nothing, why vote for them?
loboalamo 16 dagar sedan
josh vorhes
josh vorhes 16 dagar sedan
as long as the state of DC has a 98% tax rate, now you can pay the bill for the bills you pass :)
Daniel McCalister
Daniel McCalister 16 dagar sedan
Didn't thesr politicians swear an oath to the Constitution when elected did they have their fingers crossed behind their backs or what.
Ryan Crawford
Ryan Crawford 16 dagar sedan
They want there constitution there America
Mr Cane
Mr Cane 16 dagar sedan
It will not pass.
Joshua Rodriguez
Joshua Rodriguez 16 dagar sedan
54% of who? I wasn’t polled.
Jeannine Evans
Jeannine Evans 16 dagar sedan
In Jesus name, take a hold of these evil doers. District of Columbia is a foreign state with in a country. You people are sick and power hungry over the welfare of the American people and gods coming fir ya
Chuck Cox
Chuck Cox 16 dagar sedan
I salute the democrats 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Mizz Mia
Mizz Mia 16 dagar sedan
Garbage 🗑
jj ss
jj ss 16 dagar sedan
Hmmmm look on her face...looks like she is still thanking Floyd for dying ...or flatulence
Larry Funk
Larry Funk 16 dagar sedan
"No taxation without representation"? Fine. Don't tax them. DC is not a state because it's not supposed to be one. By design. Did you fools sleep through American History?
Nona Fot
Nona Fot 16 dagar sedan
LaRouche Pac.. Check them good for America
Austin 16 dagar sedan
This is an unconstitutional attack against voters to change the demographics in favor of the democratic party and nothing more
texasgranny555 16 dagar sedan
We do not need another demon state.
Thomas Cecora
Thomas Cecora 16 dagar sedan
Time to go back to the Capital and put an end to this.
Ryan Crawford
Ryan Crawford 16 dagar sedan
Will this lead to war?
Bill Comer
Bill Comer 16 dagar sedan
Chairman Bei g Den in the Name of Jesus I Command you to step down because you have stolen from God's anointed President Trump.
Russell O'Day
Russell O'Day 16 dagar sedan
All they talk about themselves and how great they are
S S 16 dagar sedan
dc is not and should be not a state.... cuz dc is member of NWO... making dc a state,,, makes an state of AMERICA an steeping stone for WORLD ORDER... f-that
Krisztián Takács
Krisztián Takács 16 dagar sedan
I would recommend an amendment to this bill, to give it any remotely faint hope to succeed. As I mentioned earlier, D.C. should be a city-state (just like the Vatican), and not a regular state, but with the same rights as any other U.S. state. Why? First of all, because it would be much closer to what Washington D.C. actually is, as it basically is a city. And also because it is too easy to argue that this is nothing but a Democratic seat-grab in the Senate as everyone knows that there will be no Republican Senator in D.C. probably ever. Now naturally it doesn't matter that even after those two additional Senators the Democrats would be at a disadvantage in the Senate per capita (per the number of Democratic voters), but the Republicans pretty much like it as it is. As a city-state, Washington D.C. would join the very exclusive club of modern or historical city-states, what the conservatives might even grow to like. Washington D.C. as a state, they will never. I actually guess that the only way to declare the U.S. capital a city-state is to gain the necessary majority in the Senate before the vote. I understand that the Democrats are trying to appeal to the better angels of Republicans but I predict that this time it will be just as futile as ever. But Democrats like to challenge the impossible, even if it eventually is just a sheer wasting of time. If you think about it Democrat, if you were in their situation, you would never vote for that bill ever, just to weaken yourself. And the plan to get rid of the filibuster is a two-edged sword in the current American political climate. Think about it that you would lose your majority in the midterms just by only one, then Washington D.C. would immediately cease to be a city-state, or state, or whatever again. And so every law you ever made, until you gain back one majority and then turn all your 'Democratic laws' back again, and so on. The filibuster can only be safely abolished when this current American civil war has been won by one side. After I checked the polls on D.C. statehood it is perfectly split at party lines, therefore makes no sense to take it into any kind of consideration. This is unfortunately true to anything any party has ever said or will say. So if I were a Democrat I would put aside my overly ideological thinking and try to gain the necessary majority to finally be able to make laws. However, to gain the necessary majority the Democrats must think with the minds of their "enemies" as well, as usually who can do this will win the war eventually. I could argue this issue in many ways, but I don't stretch it too long since as I already mentioned it will probably be just another failure by the Democrats. I wish them the best of luck but if this succeeds then it must be declared a miracle. P.S.: As I said, to give this effort any chance I would go for the city-state. Nevertheless, the Democrats probably won't do that, thereby proving me right i.e. my prediction about their failure. Democrats only like to do things that are impossible.
bioboost12 16 dagar sedan
We just need to break the states apart
V N 16 dagar sedan
EVERYTHING is on the table!
DC Statehood: Constitutional or Not?
The Federalist Society
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