Parents & Kids Look Through Each Other's Phones | Cut

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Parents & Kids Look Through Each Other's Phones | Cut

Məmə Pįlls
Məmə Pįlls 33 minuter sedan
Bruh my black dad would murder me if I stole his money 💀 💀
Neo Crackhead Technology
Neo Crackhead Technology 41 minut sedan
Amelia is just looking for more reasons to have a misunderstanding with her sister than seeking a way to settle it. She's childish.
Akhil 6 timmar sedan
6:37 When you just have to say FINE but you actually isn't fine.
its maddin
its maddin 10 timmar sedan
Hes got caught watching phub why
Just A Microwave
Just A Microwave 10 timmar sedan
All i got from this is that some people need to learn that incognito exists.
xs 11 timmar sedan
Why dudes dad really ruined his chances like that
Kira J
Kira J 11 timmar sedan
Do this again 😂😂😂
xs 11 timmar sedan
I literally don't have anything on my phone, but if my parents looked through it something questionable would randomly appear
fluffy ricky2
fluffy ricky2 11 timmar sedan
7:53 My guy got rejected on video 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Xander 4k
Xander 4k 11 timmar sedan
An updated version of Russian roulette XD
My Girl Toga-_-
My Girl Toga-_- 12 timmar sedan
SEcycle: this is fine 5:10 SEcyclers: when they say damn it SEcycle: nah fammmmmmmm sike I lied that money is mine
Min Yoonji
Min Yoonji 12 timmar sedan
Oh lord if this was any Spanish/Hispanic or anywhere eastern/south, i know for a fact that: The belt, The stick, The chankleta (shoe), The spoon, the ruler, AND the News paper is all coming to haunt us-
ITZ_ICY_GAMING 13 timmar sedan
Have these kids ever heard of the clear search history button?
nico.2x 13 timmar sedan
Someone slide me Emilia’s @ 😭
Its Me
Its Me 14 timmar sedan
"you laughing too hard now" me bro you know you gon die
Its Me
Its Me 14 timmar sedan
lol i dont even keep pictures from my gc deadass i have nothing to hide lol
Barbaraawr 15 timmar sedan
4:30 "Should be at the bottom" Damn I- 😩 his voice-
Carrel Ann
Carrel Ann 15 timmar sedan
Emilia has such a cool mom
Starri night
Starri night 17 timmar sedan
i would never did this to my mom i respect her privacy
Rei Tillet
Rei Tillet 19 timmar sedan
What is the point of censoring the video if you're not going to censor out the sound too?
LAzy Lazy
LAzy Lazy 19 timmar sedan
I'm sorry but I rather die than let my parents see my wattpad library
Elios 19 timmar sedan
Bro I would deep clean my phone before my parents got anywhere near it XD
Fatifat Fat
Fatifat Fat 19 timmar sedan
“He doesn’t go to incognito mode?” “What is that?” 😂 LOL
Dax Graham
Dax Graham 20 timmar sedan
So no ones gonna talk about how that guy had 125 emails
Leena 21 timme sedan
Death doesn't scare me but my parents going through my phone does...
Patrick Fenton
Patrick Fenton Dag sedan
Dam teenage girls why they have to do like that especially in the start
Sara Isabella
Sara Isabella Dag sedan
Gonna be honest my fave was Evelia lol
I dont care about you
I dont care about you Dag sedan
Emilia has so many issues.
John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy Dag sedan
My dad: “Day 3942, still the memes are not over. I am scrolling fast, but it’s infinite”
Malky Russ
Malky Russ Dag sedan
My phone would just be full of bts memes and funny stuff 😅
Gowrinandhana .H
Gowrinandhana .H Dag sedan
"𝙌𝙪𝙞𝙩 𝙬𝙖𝙩𝙘𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙥𝙧𝙣 𝙈𝙞𝙠𝙚! " Lmao🤣
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Dag sedan
The kids going to Amazon and Cashapp are me af 💀
Bhrugu The Potato
Bhrugu The Potato Dag sedan
imagine actually having nothing to hide
Dae Dae
Dae Dae Dag sedan
askavee Dag sedan
But why, Why would you do that?
Diana Ebba Blanco
Diana Ebba Blanco Dag sedan
Guys these are Americans Put Latinos, Asians, African, Arabians, and Indians here. Its not an argument, "It's a slaughter"
Bunny Dag sedan
6:24 His Dad's a low key playa...
jayden mcmahon
jayden mcmahon Dag sedan
i think no
Bunny Dag sedan
2:08 perfect parent... I love him instantly 2:39 he OG
Isabella O'Connell
Isabella O'Connell Dag sedan
Did anyone else think Emilia talks like Long Island mediums daughter?
Chloe Dag sedan
Tbh the first pair reminds me of the Kardashians 🤣🤣
What the Truth
What the Truth Dag sedan
I would love to do this, I have literally nothing on my phone
Tiara Cowins
Tiara Cowins Dag sedan
The kids going to Amazon and Cashapp are me af 💀
Mando Adon
Mando Adon Dag sedan
That Amelia girl seems super toxic.
Dax Graham
Dax Graham 20 timmar sedan
I agree
Benny Gleeson
Benny Gleeson Dag sedan
anyone got that emilia’s socials?
Justin Shaffer
Justin Shaffer 2 dagar sedan
Did anybody else have see a red flag go up when she said her sister blocked her??🧐
Tycho der Kommentator
Tycho der Kommentator 2 dagar sedan
What is wrong with Emilias family?
Rock girl
Rock girl 2 dagar sedan
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet 2 dagar sedan
Bruh if i go through my mom's phone all i would see is hundred million tabs
Erik Campos
Erik Campos 2 dagar sedan
Dude emilia looks around 20 but acts like a 13 year old 💀
Megan R
Megan R 2 dagar sedan
This is trust issues
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood 2 dagar sedan
Your telling me that’s not Katy perry 🤨
d34d m0th
d34d m0th 2 dagar sedan
my mom once went through my gallery but im just glad she didnt go through my search history
Winking Miata
Winking Miata 2 dagar sedan
emelia ig?
Don Anz
Don Anz 2 dagar sedan
Love the series keep it up please
Fur Ball
Fur Ball 2 dagar sedan
I'm kinda jealous. They were looks close each other 😣
The amount of times that women said AMELIA ROSE
Mel Tapia
Mel Tapia 2 dagar sedan
My parents would laugh so much at my phone
Kylie Civil
Kylie Civil 2 dagar sedan
Their parents are so chill my mom would’ve beat the color out of me
Red Blue
Red Blue 2 dagar sedan
Can someone plz find Amelia’s IG
Miraculously Krystal Rose
Miraculously Krystal Rose 2 dagar sedan
Kourtney get back to your kids 😂
Asude 2 dagar sedan
I would rather jump off a cliff... I can never NEVER
Haley Mingo
Haley Mingo 2 dagar sedan
Ivie Aiwuyo
Ivie Aiwuyo 2 dagar sedan
This video was absolute gold yall chose the right people
Darren 2 dagar sedan
Damn, Emilia a freak, what's her @?
Systoutio 2 dagar sedan
Unbackable is a word?
Alex 3 dagar sedan
Bro can someone tell me emilia insta shes cute
Moody Music
Moody Music 3 dagar sedan
People watching this like: - in bed - not in a full screen - reading comments.....
Twanyy 3 dagar sedan
Probably not Asians cuz we at least kno how to cover our tracks
Lucia Isdale
Lucia Isdale 3 dagar sedan
LOL Kyle gives himself 50 bucks Girl gets stuff on amazon
2xh8t3rs 360
2xh8t3rs 360 3 dagar sedan
Him:He doesn't have incognito mode Dad:what is that? Bro i died their
Cameran Johnson
Cameran Johnson 3 dagar sedan
The dude editing this lowkey lucky
Peter Jones
Peter Jones 3 dagar sedan
I would literally rather die
Queen_kj 3 dagar sedan
Did her crop top come
GamingWithDavey 3 dagar sedan
that man in the back is starting stuff
Aracely Meza
Aracely Meza 3 dagar sedan
This was hilarious
Gun Slinger
Gun Slinger 3 dagar sedan
That poor dad
Sebastian Skora
Sebastian Skora 3 dagar sedan
Kyle's dad should have sent himself 100 bucks back first thing when he took the phone.
Y. King
Y. King 3 dagar sedan
At least put her ig🙄😑😑
Rombo Loyo
Rombo Loyo 4 dagar sedan
No body: Animal print lady: Emilia Rose!
NASEEM BALLOUT 4 dagar sedan
so first its Hiho that cut
Katya Martyn
Katya Martyn 4 dagar sedan
This is how many times that mother said “EmIliA RoSe”! ⬇️
Genuine 4 dagar sedan
Aman Shrivastava
Aman Shrivastava 4 dagar sedan
The daughter and mother relation is very toxic !!
lovage gaming
lovage gaming 4 dagar sedan
His father litterly tried to hook up his son with some girl 😂
Yung gXst
Yung gXst 4 dagar sedan
What's Amelia roses @ ?????
Sponge Bob
Sponge Bob 4 dagar sedan
that emelia rose girl lowkey a baddie
Hobo Joe
Hobo Joe 4 dagar sedan
Idc how much you pay me I'm not going on
clove&niss 4 dagar sedan
Wow, I went to school with Ashlyn. Small world.
Bethani Ottercrans
Bethani Ottercrans 4 dagar sedan
My mom already checks my phone so if I do something sneaky I gotta delete it all love dem strict parents
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 4 dagar sedan
Lumos Maxima
Lumos Maxima 4 dagar sedan
1:45 her laugh is so cute-
Zodack&Lizzy 4 dagar sedan
5:04 , noo😭💀
Steven V
Steven V 4 dagar sedan
“You have children , you’re a mother .” Literally everything wrong with our generation
Jon Snow
Jon Snow 4 dagar sedan
Harsh Dubey
Harsh Dubey 4 dagar sedan
So did the editors saw their personal pictures too? That's fucked up.
Lazy Crow
Lazy Crow 4 dagar sedan
Karen and her daughter
Alston 5 dagar sedan
The "I think no" at the end was so funny
Áine 5 dagar sedan
One of my worst fears
Aye Bee
Aye Bee 5 dagar sedan
Honestly? Lol I would love to do this with someone I really like (who likes me back). It seems a lot of people aren't too comfortable communicating .... So why in the hell not?? ☺️💀 I'll update.
Miss Thang
Miss Thang 5 dagar sedan
I would do this with my mom 😂 She’s my best friend. LMAOOO I wanna see what she got on her phone 💀
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