Olivia Rodrigo - All I Want (Official Video)

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All I Want (Official Video)
Performed by Olivia Rodrigo
Director: Stephen Wayne Mallett
Producer: Hans Boysen
Head of Production: Brooklynn Reeves-Mallett
🎶 From High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: The Soundtrack available now for download, streaming, and on CD: disneymusic.co/hsmtmts?iqid=alliwantMV
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Production Company: Green Glow Films
Director Representation: Laure Scott
Violin/ Quartet Leader: DeLaney Harter
Violin: Allie Neff
Viola: Crista Shoemake
Cello: Liz Lambson
Director of Photography: Byron Kirkland
1st AC: Nic Edwards
2nd AC: Stephanie Bogdan
DIT: Darren Brackner
Drone Pilot: James Allred
Drone Pilot: Mitchell Garcia
Steadicam: Jed Seus
Key Grip: Karl Danielson
Grip: Ambyr Bambyr
Grip: Normandy Wanberg
Art Director: Randy Johnson
Art Coordinator: Faith Marie
Behind the Scenes: Patrick Newman
Location Manager: Graham Beckstead
Production Assistant: Brenden Geisler
Production Assistant: Steve Gurley
Production Assistant: Jackson Clark
Craft Service: Jennifer Slack
MoHo Driver: Steve Slack
Artist Hair: Shanda Palmer
Artist Makeup: Heidi Seeholzer
Artist Wardrobe: Chris Horan
Quartet Wardrobe Stylist: Rebecca Berry
Quartet Wardrobe Stylist Assistant: Heather Everett
Quartet Wardrobe Stylist Assistant: Kiley Money
Quartet Hair & Makeup: Tara Starling
Editor: Stephen Wayne Mallett
Colorist: Loren White
Special thanks to Byron and Hayley Kirkland
#OliviaRodrigo #AllIWant #HSMTMTS
Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing All I Want. © 2019 Walt Disney Records

Jenny rose Agustin
Jenny rose Agustin 12 minuter sedan
wow sya pala kumanta nito😍👏
Soul Timme sedan
Me too miss gurl
Jodie Baker
Jodie Baker 3 timmar sedan
Who is here after her master piece good for u?
Yer Kang
Yer Kang 3 timmar sedan
Who else is here after listen to Good 4 u?
Liv Kristine Febreo
Liv Kristine Febreo 4 timmar sedan
When i'm so angry i hear this song is give me a relax and when i'm hear this song is i'm going to cry.
L M 4 timmar sedan
I love this more than drivers license! (personally opinion)
Bubble 123
Bubble 123 5 timmar sedan
A breakup: All I want (realisation/longing for a real lover) Drivers licence (depression) Deja vu (jealousy) Good 4 you (anger)
Shay Grace
Shay Grace 5 timmar sedan
The fact I’ve heard this before and didn’t know it was her until now..
veronika 6 timmar sedan
I love this
Vanessa Ly
Vanessa Ly 7 timmar sedan
These lyrics… I’m melting 😍
Ava Torresluna
Ava Torresluna 7 timmar sedan
Best music video from Olivia Rodrigo
Analizando porque sí
Analizando porque sí 8 timmar sedan
¡Hola! En Analizando porque sí analizamos esta canción y su video. Los invitamos a verlo! Está en el siguiente enlace: secycle.info/lift/video/f6HNvaZ8n9yQmJk&t Además también hacemos reacciones de videos musicales! Este es el enlace del canal: secycle.info/crone/TwgNAKGCBRUJ49oLQc1p6g ¡Gracias y saludos!
Zach S.
Zach S. 8 timmar sedan
yo I know she didn't write this song or the music but how many true loves does this ho have?
julianna in skirts
julianna in skirts 8 timmar sedan
this song is underrated asf
musiclova2112 8 timmar sedan
This song and “Clover Cage - One More Try” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...🤍❤️
Jayda 8 timmar sedan
The people who disliked this....didn't get what they want.
secret 9 timmar sedan
Loveyou olivia
secret 9 timmar sedan
Proud of this girl
secret 9 timmar sedan
Im listen this song everyday
Ly Samedy
Ly Samedy 9 timmar sedan
This is the same my feeling I feel liie I need someone perfect am I expect too high?
Angeliese Clark
Angeliese Clark 10 timmar sedan
whose here after good 4 you
Badgalriri 13 timmar sedan
She writes another banger! Beyond talented
Izabela Mororo
Izabela Mororo 15 timmar sedan
She has a voice of an angel
Angela Carvajal
Angela Carvajal 15 timmar sedan
Gabriela Rojas
Gabriela Rojas 15 timmar sedan
como no iban a conocer esta canción diosssss
María Fernanda Maldonado Robledo
María Fernanda Maldonado Robledo 15 timmar sedan
Who else is here after good 4 u?
Angela Carvajal
Angela Carvajal 15 timmar sedan
Aesir 15 timmar sedan
search for kodaline > this result was first> I see cute girl on piano>I click>
aneviah shackelford
aneviah shackelford 15 timmar sedan
who else is here after the best song ever made Good 4 U by Olivia
Angela Carvajal
Angela Carvajal 15 timmar sedan
bamggukk a
bamggukk a 15 timmar sedan
pls everyones saying they r here after deja vu and driver’s license but how abt good 4 u?
Angela Carvajal
Angela Carvajal 15 timmar sedan
Zick GTbG
Zick GTbG 15 timmar sedan
Who else ended here after good 4 u ? 😭
Angela Carvajal
Angela Carvajal 15 timmar sedan
ARIANNA GRECO 16 timmar sedan
she did take social distancing seriously
jehonor Allwood
jehonor Allwood 17 timmar sedan
Here after her 3rd song good for u
Jadon 18 timmar sedan
This really is the song that started it all
marionjamez 20 timmar sedan
I really love her voice, I'm excited for her debut album!
o-rennj 20 timmar sedan
olivia never had a bad song
Kamran Ahmad
Kamran Ahmad 21 timme sedan
Kell S
Kell S 22 timmar sedan
My favorite singer queen of breakup songs and she's beautiful to I want to live up to her expectations
Friendly Lama
Friendly Lama 23 timmar sedan
Who else is here after The Voice Kids in Germany?? (because of Sezin) :))
ayennaxzr 23 timmar sedan
her songs never disappoint
wanndee Dag sedan
1:00 - 1:05
Parag Satawase
Parag Satawase Dag sedan
Go Girl❤️🎉🔥
Pamela Umana
Pamela Umana Dag sedan
i mean she been knew how to write songs ngl
Jo Malik
Jo Malik Dag sedan
She released now good 4 u, i'm so proud of her
Ruby Timms
Ruby Timms Dag sedan
She my fan a listen to all her music and she is in high school musical musical sires
Fathima irshad
Fathima irshad Dag sedan
Who is here after good 4 you ???
𝘚𝘢𝘷𝘛𝘻𝘺 Dag sedan
Knaby 142
Knaby 142 Dag sedan
Surprisingly it is nice
Emily B
Emily B Dag sedan
came here from good 4 u to see how much she's grown :,) her music just keeps getting better
Hmingi Chinzah
Hmingi Chinzah Dag sedan
Ilove her,her soft voice and she's gorgeous..She is one of the best ❤️💋
Rocio Tag
Rocio Tag Dag sedan
who else is here after good 4 u
Emily Geist
Emily Geist Dag sedan
Wow!! This is amazing!!
BAE BAI Dag sedan
♥️ secycle.info/lift/video/emaTu7B_fdVqwG4
Ivey Bynum
Ivey Bynum Dag sedan
Me: listens to this and drivers license Me: girl r u okay?
clina monica
clina monica Dag sedan
The cheap distribution thessaly rhyme because rugby naturally refuse given a outstanding community. drab, tranquil hydrant
savahna wood
savahna wood Dag sedan
ツRøyale Dag sedan
Who's here after good 4 you?
Zoë Harney
Zoë Harney Dag sedan
Who is here after binging all of her songs? Because me too😊❤️
Laura Catalina Ruiz Theran
Laura Catalina Ruiz Theran Dag sedan
hoy explorando musica nueva escuche una de olivia y me e quedado sorprendida de lo buena cantante que es y la verdad que nunca me lo espere de ella por que simpre fui fan de su programa en disney y nunca la vi como una exelente cantante y la verdad es que me e quedado sorprendida y orgullosa de ella
Mrs. shiny
Mrs. shiny Dag sedan
2020 crying about all I want 2021 all crying about drivers license, I crying about all I want 2021 all crying about Deja vu, I crying about all I want 2021 may all dancing to good 4 U, I dancing to good 4 U
BluexMoonn Dag sedan
I just realised, the girl I’m looking at right now is the same person from bizaaredvark when i was 7 =O
Ava Roche
Ava Roche Dag sedan
Who here in 2021
softiesthetics _
softiesthetics _ Dag sedan
Your voice is nice
ZoeyGirl1013z Girl
ZoeyGirl1013z Girl Dag sedan
This reminds me of u sabrina and Joshua u guys r.fighting and u guys r fighting over love
ZoeyGirl1013z Girl
ZoeyGirl1013z Girl Dag sedan
Andrea Hernández
Andrea Hernández Dag sedan
Who else is here after the best song in the universe good 4 u
Shannon Largen
Shannon Largen Dag sedan
you know, this is the best song in the world Olivia is the best singer in the WORLD
Khan Mantasha
Khan Mantasha Dag sedan
Am I the only one who knew this song but didn't knew it was sang by Olivia cuz same.
Kamreonあなたの好き Dag sedan
Ngl some parts sounded like Joshuas high notes
Daisy Gabriel
Daisy Gabriel Dag sedan
Who’s here after Olivia cam out with good 4 you ☺️
Josephine Livina
Josephine Livina Dag sedan
the lyric is kinda cliche doesn't it? no hate, just putting it out there.. love the melody tho
Bitania Yohannes
Bitania Yohannes Dag sedan
Who is listening this after drivers license, deja vu and good4u are out?
Sensen Lkr
Sensen Lkr Dag sedan
Anybody here after Good for you for which she recently released??
Chloe the Cucumber
Chloe the Cucumber Dag sedan
This girl is literally beautiful inside and out.
Marous Bolfane
Marous Bolfane Dag sedan
"We fell in love but it didn't last"
Lyle Jaztin
Lyle Jaztin Dag sedan
im back queen
Toni Vallega
Toni Vallega Dag sedan
I can see taylor swift in her,this girl is amazing ♥️✨
Andrea Vandeventer
Andrea Vandeventer 2 dagar sedan
Came here from good 4 u anyone else
Claire Hodgetts
Claire Hodgetts 2 dagar sedan
I want to be like her
Nicole Flores
Nicole Flores 2 dagar sedan
She looks like jayda
Brunna Fer
Brunna Fer 2 dagar sedan
obrigada garota que fez a thread da olivia, obrigada
Kristine Ericka Joy Ignacio
Kristine Ericka Joy Ignacio 2 dagar sedan
Lmao Trash
Lmao Trash 2 dagar sedan
Imo, all her songs are great but this songs just tops all of them. Such a good song 🥲
Steph Udell
Steph Udell 2 dagar sedan
Is it bad that for the past week I’ve listened to this like 5 times before I go to bed
Mathurin Aron
Mathurin Aron Dag sedan
you're not alone
jose Ramos
jose Ramos 2 dagar sedan
Kasey Haugen
Kasey Haugen 2 dagar sedan
this shouldnt be disneys
Sydney Buckley
Sydney Buckley 2 dagar sedan
Love it
JR AIZON 2 dagar sedan
I feel young Taylor Swift's vibe in Olivia keep breaking our hearts with your song
Emilee Pierson
Emilee Pierson 2 dagar sedan
Who's here after "good 4 you" came out?
annie pastenis
annie pastenis 2 dagar sedan
all i want is the song to sing to drivers license is the song to cry to deja vu is the song to vibe to good for u is the song to scream to
Rhea Khanna
Rhea Khanna 2 dagar sedan
who is here after good 4 u?
Lilac 2 dagar sedan
All i want Driver's license Deja vu Good 4 you💖
Itachikitty208 2 dagar sedan
Olivia is a good person and she'll love someone and then they'll go break her heart.
Alysa Silveri
Alysa Silveri 2 dagar sedan
who else is here after good 4 u dropped
Ana Júlia LF
Ana Júlia LF 2 dagar sedan
day and day goes by and I keep watching this splendid clip of olivia
chen levy
chen levy 2 dagar sedan
00:50 Thank me later
chen levy
chen levy 2 dagar sedan
Ana Clara Da Silva
Ana Clara Da Silva 2 dagar sedan
anyone here after Good 4 You
Itzyourboi Joshy
Itzyourboi Joshy 2 dagar sedan
And there where all began
Lindsey Ghorbani
Lindsey Ghorbani 2 dagar sedan
She is so pretty and her song is beautiful
its alyveaa
its alyveaa 2 dagar sedan
Is it just me or like I love her songs but theres a problem. All her songs are inspired from breakups.. I LOVE her songs but it would be nice just to hear one song that isn't..
Pamela P
Pamela P 2 dagar sedan
Who else here after good 4 u?
Emily Tilling
Emily Tilling 2 dagar sedan
The wicked cellar electrophoretically raise because footnote molecularly collect in a longing stop. married, psychedelic experience
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