Old People Got Weird Products - JonTron

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Shaun Brown
Shaun Brown 25 minuter sedan
This Was a joyous occasion and the first time I’ve had a good laugh in a while
Brodie Tabernacki
Brodie Tabernacki 28 minuter sedan
🥥 56
jacob matt
jacob matt 33 minuter sedan
The return of the king
Schlafe 40 minuter sedan
The robot voice reminded me of the game grumps bit
Keon Violet
Keon Violet 48 minuter sedan
That robot gives me serious Gintama Justaways vibes... I want one now.
Red Diablo
Red Diablo 53 minuter sedan
The only robot I trust is Peanut
The Red Thirst
The Red Thirst Timme sedan
All I can see with that rejuvenating face mask is Dwight in The Office… “hello Clarice”
j mcburney
j mcburney Timme sedan
wow... I know korean?!
iCantThinkOfName Timme sedan
The Return Of The King
Ryan Hutchinson
Ryan Hutchinson Timme sedan
9:47 Ok seriously, this thing looks like the Venus fly trap from Saw II! 😬
No Touchy
No Touchy 3 timmar sedan
remember when ethan threw jon under the bus, even after jon helped him long ago in new york when he and his wife needed help and jon had the heart to help them, and then when the PC mob called for jon's head, ethan caved to popular opinion? remember?
Perona :D
Perona :D 3 timmar sedan
the return of the king
Spy Crab
Spy Crab 3 timmar sedan
Crack Sparrow
Crack Sparrow 3 timmar sedan
Your eyes look so serious in the thumbnail😂
Lynn Ford
Lynn Ford 3 timmar sedan
Jon’s back 🥳
Britt 3 timmar sedan
the happy video game nerd?????
Call Me Corn
Call Me Corn 3 timmar sedan
Jon is almost like my dad. Except the fact that Jon actual comes back.
Jdubbthedeal 4 timmar sedan
Welcome back my dude the world needs you!
TheTwinkieMan1225 4 timmar sedan
I know you have your strategies,(no hate) but me and other people want you to upload a lot. I doesn’t matter how many views. We love it and you love it. No hate to you
HauntedRaincoat 4 timmar sedan
Anybody ever gonna ask where the hell Jaque is?
President Doge
President Doge 4 timmar sedan
"Wireless speakers". LITERALLY like 56 seconds later, "It comes with wires."
Hezekiah Crocker
Hezekiah Crocker 4 timmar sedan
6:46 When you try to walk past the perfume lady at the mall kiosk but she sprays you anyways.
Max Baumchen
Max Baumchen 4 timmar sedan
GameDev David319
GameDev David319 4 timmar sedan
This was amazing honestly for me the hiatus is worth it as every video just gets better and better and they have so much re watch ability.
Bardo Film
Bardo Film 4 timmar sedan
Well this was fun see ya all next year
CroppedRubbish_ 4 timmar sedan
jon please bring back the old intro
Aidan Aidan S
Aidan Aidan S 4 timmar sedan
A Croft
A Croft 4 timmar sedan
I did it, just finished the entire video catalog from JonTron. I doubt he reads these comments but I'll say it anyway. You are an excellent entertainer, so many laughs. I really like the direction you took with your channel, hope to see more from you soon, take care.
KdogPrime 4 timmar sedan
8:21 My question is, how many times did the balloons in Jon's pants pop while they were filming this bit?
Brandon Boss
Brandon Boss 4 timmar sedan
10:03 imagine grandpa forgetting to take his mask off as he goes to the store?
Marlynna Hoke
Marlynna Hoke 4 timmar sedan
WATER YOUR MADEGASCAR DRAGON TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please, i felt like i just watched someone die.
Saiu Na Gringa
Saiu Na Gringa 4 timmar sedan
07:06 wait wait wait, dont tell me there are people who throw paper inside the toilet??!!!
stewart fennell
stewart fennell 4 timmar sedan
Welcome back!
adolfojp 4 timmar sedan
I am 41, I have a long torso, and I have back pain. Some days twisting myself to wipe my ass hurts. I can see myself using the comfort wipe 20 years from now, if I live that long that is.
Jesse Mon_SFM
Jesse Mon_SFM 4 timmar sedan
8:22 lol
Downer 4 timmar sedan
That Skyrim part had me in stitches.
colin napier
colin napier 5 timmar sedan
Flex tape 3?
adolfojp 5 timmar sedan
Hey, funny boy, you're a funny guy.
The French Fancie
The French Fancie 5 timmar sedan
holy fuck I can't believe that cane thing is actually real. I thought the cane guy was on a greenscreen and jon in the room at first!
Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose 5 timmar sedan
I have almost that exact same telephone booth piggy bank @jontron
ZeroCooL 6 timmar sedan
How is that after soooo long his videos back then and now are still funny no matter how many times I watch them
Pich and Chris PlayzYT
Pich and Chris PlayzYT 6 timmar sedan
He’s back
British mapper
British mapper 6 timmar sedan
Orangez Juice
Orangez Juice 6 timmar sedan
He has awakened
P A 6 timmar sedan
now lets wait for 8 months for another one, the fuck are you jon in for a drug fix?
MinervaBestGirl 7 timmar sedan
This man finally remembered his youtube password
TheSysops666 7 timmar sedan
Bra.... You don't know who Linda Evans is? WTF!
Flyingpenguin 2.0
Flyingpenguin 2.0 7 timmar sedan
Never expected JonTron to use the bruh sound effect...
Idle Hour
Idle Hour 7 timmar sedan
Man i wish i can hop to age 70 to buy things i dont need so i can die with no regrets. My kids will evaporate soon anyway, such is the day. Such is.. the day Also that nail clipper idea, has been around foreva for baby nails. It says made in Korea on it etched on back, which is. Odd cause its from the 90s
Whamo Blamo
Whamo Blamo 7 timmar sedan
frekin beaty of a vid thanks for creating this!!!! i could not contain my laughter
Kit3000 7 timmar sedan
"butter side down on the rim" rofl
Melissa Joy
Melissa Joy 8 timmar sedan
oK. nOW yOu HaVE mY AtTeNTioN
Jomarel Ramos
Jomarel Ramos 8 timmar sedan
If we get real here for a second, Jon is just a bully making money out of badly educated people.
Felix Knutas
Felix Knutas 8 timmar sedan
Cheeze pizza
Louis le Prudent
Louis le Prudent 9 timmar sedan
What further proof do you need for the argument that advertisers are morally equivalent with pedophiles?
CamelCash000 9 timmar sedan
People get 3rd degree burns from heating blankets and heated car seats even. Auto off is a necessary feature.
TnT FoX 9 timmar sedan
Jon takes so long to make new videos that the plants on his set mummify between shoots.
Rimvydas Jasinavičius
Rimvydas Jasinavičius 9 timmar sedan
This is too good XD
Gamma gaming
Gamma gaming 9 timmar sedan
Hey, jOn, your double chin gone!!!, i don't know how to react, but it's fine
15thTimeLord 9 timmar sedan
God I hate listening to her, "it's made of solenoid 'features'" the fuck are you saying
joseph huggins
joseph huggins 10 timmar sedan
brilliant..........idk how i got here but you earned a sub.
cloak gamer
cloak gamer 10 timmar sedan
Return of the king
Gatedemon the warlock
Gatedemon the warlock 10 timmar sedan
omg i was drinking my soda then they showed this 8:18 the soda was everywhere
normie twice removed
normie twice removed 10 timmar sedan
The cane fu bit had me in tears
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez 11 timmar sedan
9:35 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Heavy Frompootis
Heavy Frompootis 11 timmar sedan
It's nice to know that the Koreans are kind enough to have shows in English for us English speaking people.
Erick Tellez
Erick Tellez 11 timmar sedan
Damn, even after all the videos of this dude being exposed by his own ignorant views and opinions he still has a massive audience.
Arwel Williams
Arwel Williams 11 timmar sedan
Bruh, I swear Jon gotta la coca habit n comes back for when he's dry
Leonxrdo 11 timmar sedan
See ya in 10 months
Sir Daniel Fortesque
Sir Daniel Fortesque 12 timmar sedan
That end bit is too perfect, the cane fu dude talking about our personal territorial spheres n all. Someone make that on replay plz.
duck with knife
duck with knife 12 timmar sedan
Nobody: Pixar moms : 8:22
Rey W
Rey W 12 timmar sedan
Boi, make merch again. I watched you back pre-goosebumps and you disappeared and I was so upset.. then there was game grumps which was eh decent. Now you're back and back again and I didn't even know. Make merch cause I need a shirt.
HauntedRaincoat 12 timmar sedan
The Robot looks like a Doctor Who "monster of the week" character.
Hekinsieden 12 timmar sedan
The toilet paper landing "butter side down" got me.
Michael Buehler
Michael Buehler 12 timmar sedan
These are worth the long wait.
ProHKReflex 12 timmar sedan
JonTron. We missed you. :D
qr9.4 12 timmar sedan
I missed your vids so much
Willem Zoetemeijer
Willem Zoetemeijer 13 timmar sedan
Everything he says is a Meme
ifeelit 13 timmar sedan
this guy must have bank to take this long without uploading
Harley HackEmUp
Harley HackEmUp 13 timmar sedan
I'm sorry.... the speaker "links up through infrared rays" ????? You mean the energy that we feel as heat? Primarily from the sun and fire? Yah I'm gonna have to say I don't think the speaker is connecting to the TV through high temperatures...
Froosty 13 timmar sedan
Welp, here we go for another 10 months without another Jontron video while he makes videos for mobile games on advertisements...
MrRedstone 13 timmar sedan
HOLD UP It has "solenoids that heat up so it doesn't need heating wire"? Dude, solenoids are coils of wire! They're not supposed to heat up, if they're heating up *that much* that means you're overdriving them and they're fucking overheating! They can get lukewarm, but definitely not 40 degrees what the fucccc?
MisterCaden’s Sandbox
MisterCaden’s Sandbox 13 timmar sedan
I’d like to see the robot wake the elderly person up in at 3 am and say it’s 3am in the morning and start turning all its lights to red
A cat with a different name again
A cat with a different name again 13 timmar sedan
Heard there once was a Vampired called DIO who also fell for such a mask
el buen Erniko
el buen Erniko 13 timmar sedan
Sean Barrett
Sean Barrett 13 timmar sedan
How are their American accents so good?
Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis 13 timmar sedan
Cane fu is a tried and proven technique used for defending yourself from the stairs
WyattTheSkid 14 timmar sedan
Ah yes, heres our JonTron upload for the year
Broken Heart
Broken Heart 14 timmar sedan
New Subscriber Hello What! What tha F*** The Famous Meme Guy Finally I found that gur Jontron
superzilla784 14 timmar sedan
"Maybe I'm trying to stay relevant" Jon, even after you die, you'll always remain relevant after all the memes you spawned. Lol
SSj Crono
SSj Crono 15 timmar sedan
14:09 git me cracking up 😂😂😂
taemoopooo 15 timmar sedan
Quality > quantity
Dan Hannigan
Dan Hannigan 15 timmar sedan
12:04 best part by far
Tony 3x
Tony 3x 15 timmar sedan
My name is Anthony & honestly I forgot to take my daily vitamin gummies this morning... thank you Robo Buddy !!
koi oaks
koi oaks 15 timmar sedan
The face mask is literally a Tim and Eric skit. God help us.
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Smith 15 timmar sedan
Great video man, tons of love from canada see ya next year
Andre Rad
Andre Rad 15 timmar sedan
Man gets all the warzone w's
Techno Blitz
Techno Blitz 16 timmar sedan
yey a new vid
Ice Wolf
Ice Wolf 16 timmar sedan
I had another tab open on game grumps and heard Jon say "I've been on a hiatus for a while" I was so confused!
Tony Pepperoni
Tony Pepperoni 16 timmar sedan
I like how the only proof of life we had for JonTron in the past 250 days before this video was uploaded, was a ww2 mobile game ad he was in
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