My Magic Hair, Get’s Me Anywhere

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My Story Animated

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Deea Oboroc
Deea Oboroc 50 minuter sedan
I live there too
Unda Popp
Unda Popp Timme sedan
I am from Romania too
Melissa Mintz
Melissa Mintz Timme sedan
Love you videos
Whitmore / Whitty
Whitmore / Whitty 2 timmar sedan
“I knew it! You like Ketchup-Head! 🥰”
Alyssa Villanueva
Alyssa Villanueva 2 timmar sedan
I like her accent and her statement of " l' am proud of where I come from " and also their story , I love it , the amount of emotion is killing me.,,,,
Qwatwani 3 timmar sedan
That1_C.Croleplayer 3 timmar sedan
The Thumbnail: Ranga Rapunzel in a nutshell
Junko Enoshima
Junko Enoshima 4 timmar sedan
“My story animated will give 1000 dollars” didn’t you say that 2 months ago?
Inferno's Games
Inferno's Games 4 timmar sedan
Salut ahaha prima oara cind vad o fata din rominia lol
Sharon Gach
Sharon Gach 6 timmar sedan
Why did her accent suddenly change-
Kim Reguyal
Kim Reguyal 6 timmar sedan
Is it true your giving money
BlueAce 6 timmar sedan
original title: My Magic Hair, Get’s Me Anywhere
sumon kabir
sumon kabir 7 timmar sedan
Ryan looks like ein
Sorin Gramescu
Sorin Gramescu 7 timmar sedan
Well im to a 🇷🇴 so yea
Trollhunter Fan
Trollhunter Fan 8 timmar sedan
I’m from Romania to
Yuhh Huh
Yuhh Huh 8 timmar sedan
Tbh I like the accent
Ivana 10 timmar sedan
I live in romainia and I also heard the "wash your hair with goat milk" and yes we have accents just not german
abriti khamrai
abriti khamrai 10 timmar sedan
tbh i think bryan or brian look kind of like kageyama from haikyuu or haruka from free
Weebiac 10 timmar sedan
I love watching your stories (≧▽≦)❤️❤️❤️
Weebiac 10 timmar sedan
Brian gives me Vanitas vibes(✯ᴗ✯)💙 also it's always the bullies who you get to be with (≧▽≦)💯mostly in stories tho ( ̄ヘ ̄;)
MR. 1000
MR. 1000 10 timmar sedan
for the accent i think it sounds like russian but i have never heard romanian accents
Rat 11 timmar sedan
"It's ok if some people deslike you, not everyone has good taste" Dang- 😟😟
Jingque Cordero
Jingque Cordero 11 timmar sedan
Am i the only one who laugh at Brian's jokes at her
Jaiden Steele
Jaiden Steele 11 timmar sedan
A kushina that
・2Lazy2putaname・ 11 timmar sedan
You not dress coded for this?..
fancy rose 🌹
fancy rose 🌹 12 timmar sedan
And I'm not a boy
fancy rose 🌹
fancy rose 🌹 12 timmar sedan
I subscribe
ѕтяαωвєяяу ❀᭄
ѕтяαωвєяяу ❀᭄ 14 timmar sedan
I love this haha 🌚❤️
Sage !!
Sage !! 14 timmar sedan
What if ketchup head was lesbian :o
Tony Abrams
Tony Abrams 14 timmar sedan
I'm a red head named aubrie
Hanna Hong ✓
Hanna Hong ✓ 15 timmar sedan
LMAO ALL OF THE MEMES and the art style, this is one of my favorite animations ever from this channel
Selena Morrison
Selena Morrison 17 timmar sedan
Chess Master
Chess Master 17 timmar sedan
Éva Sparks
Éva Sparks 19 timmar sedan
OMG IT IS MY WISH TO GET A prize from a SEcycler, but what am I think 🤦🏽‍♀️
Emmanuel Mumdaka
Emmanuel Mumdaka 19 timmar sedan
I love the animation more than the story
It_just_ jordan
It_just_ jordan 20 timmar sedan
Love. You. So. So. Soo. Muche
Yanex Yanex
Yanex Yanex 20 timmar sedan
I love the accent so much😍
๑ Gabi The Abomination ๑
๑ Gabi The Abomination ๑ 21 timme sedan
I am from Romania aswell and seeing that she is also from Romania made my day better :')
Marius Moise
Marius Moise 21 timme sedan
I'm from Romania too just like the girl
Alex._. Tomboy
Alex._. Tomboy 21 timme sedan
Title: My hair get me anywhere New title:my bully liked me for 2 years
Uni-Is-Trying 21 timme sedan
What in the Wattpad is this- 😟
Alex._. Tomboy
Alex._. Tomboy 21 timme sedan
The drawings are amazing
Christiane Gammage
Christiane Gammage 22 timmar sedan
Omg i just subscibed i love your vids dearly
zWannabeDrista 23 timmar sedan
Shes gonna get all the boys with a ketchup head and some ocean blue eyes💠👩‍🦰
Mariana Radu
Mariana Radu 23 timmar sedan
Im romanian to!:0
riza malcom
riza malcom 23 timmar sedan
Yep another title that has nothing to do with the actual story
Isidora Tsanidi
Isidora Tsanidi 23 timmar sedan
The art style is immaculate
Perculiar Omorusi
Perculiar Omorusi 23 timmar sedan
I love this stories
Perculiar Omorusi
Perculiar Omorusi 23 timmar sedan
Carly Smith
Carly Smith 23 timmar sedan
Hi you ok
Morgan Sulger
Morgan Sulger Dag sedan
“Is she German?”
NatLeftDaChat Dag sedan
SHeS FrOM rOmaniA gUYs 😎👌
Diana x
Diana x Dag sedan
Me i's a 🇹🇩
Zion_Noiz Dag sedan
"my magic hair GET'S me anywhere" who titles your videos bruh?????
_.NotHereExe._ Dag sedan
The romanian people be like: Finally a video about our country
【Polark】 Dag sedan
Wait- Sooo I know to things called Vietnam And English So I am Smart Nice
【Polark】 Dag sedan
DePunkCatGamingLOL😻 Dag sedan
Is this supposed to be an offensive video or a compliment to me 😂 I've never been called ketchup head in my life
snow girl 666
snow girl 666 12 timmar sedan
neither have i lol ive been called a pengiun tho
Keenan Douglas
Keenan Douglas Dag sedan
Wow $1,000 that's the best you can do when you get to have millionaires and famous rock stars coming in to share their stories you know what why not 5000 or better yet why not a hundred thousand oh I guess you guys aren't Rich after all.
Corbeau -_-
Corbeau -_- Dag sedan
Im România to
Creepypasta Dag sedan
Sheena Watson
Sheena Watson Dag sedan
tyrone and bookesha was doing it in cody room
Riddhi Thakur
Riddhi Thakur Dag sedan
You change the image first it was the police
Riddhi Thakur
Riddhi Thakur Dag sedan
especially her voice is 😂😂😂
Mara Nistor
Mara Nistor Dag sedan
And I'm from Romania ❤️❤️
🙂😇 My dreams are my future 😇🙂 Hi I will be telling u my story u can call me hannah on to the story One night everyone is in my brothers house they all were up I didn’t tell them that I wanted to live on my own in LA so I did I put a letter on my desktop that says “ram and brother I wanted to be on my own house by hannah’ that’s all I wanted to say so i broken the window with my hand my hand started bleeding it pained I did not care so I ran in the airport and went on my airplane ram herded the window getting shattered in places ram told dream (my brother) they both came upstairs to check on me but I was not there ram and dream went out side to find they could not find me (after 10years) so I am teen now I got 3 new friends then they bullied me and my friends ram which was the one who wanted to bully us he told me to say my name I said Hannah then I noticed that he looked like ram then one of my friends came and saved me I got up and started crying and started running I got I changed my clothes the bullies came in my house I came downstairs to know who came in my house then I soon brother and ram I ran back upstairs and hided in the bathroom to wait for them do be gone they found me but I true my head to the wall to not show my face ram moved my face to brother and I started crying then they both hugged me I didn’t wanted to hugging them but then I missed them to much I hugged them back (next day) I went outside for a walk. So as I was walking I seen a man with blue hair it looked like Alex so I just walked pass him he started talk he got me and pushed me on the roadside I tried to get up but he gave me his hand I got up and I wanted to slap him but he got my hand and dragged me I fainted but when I woke up I was in the hospital I seen ram saying something I pretended to be asleep he said Ed ‘Hannah u have been a good friend not been a good friend u have been a helping friend it’s like both of us were like so close tell Alex was your friend I hate him so much I don’t even want to talk to him’ that was all I woke up and hugged him when I was on the bed with broken bones I tried to get up to go home but ram told me to sleep then I woke up at night I wanted to escape I got up and ran to the exit and lefted and ran back home I changed my hair color and color to darker colors i like lighter colors but darker colors I have never tried so I used it then I went out side to have a ice cream I see ram I ran to him and Hugged him he said Ed Incaps ‘WHO ARE U!?’ he said I said that I am hannah your BFF then he said ‘WHAT BUT HANNAH IS IN THE HOSPITAL!?’ He said my ears hurt Ed as he was scamming at me I told him to shut up then I explained everything what happened then he hugged me tightly my bones pained I didn’t care I hugged him back By : hannahcones , 123Ramiz and lil_ruskie 123Ramiz : Ram lil_Ruskie : dream (my brother) hannahcones : Hannah
J Who
J Who Dag sedan
moon Dag sedan
WOWWWWW wait a second 🤨 oh my this is like bully to crush
Lito Liong
Lito Liong Dag sedan
When you only look for the vids with this typ of animation it’s beutiful
ThatWeirdGirl Dag sedan
Does this girls school not have a dress code? Like seriously?!?! Wearing a crop top ever day?
Sakshi Khosla
Sakshi Khosla Dag sedan
This is the best of ur animation (my opinion).
ツ NIBerry𓅪
ツ NIBerry𓅪 Dag sedan
The title is wrong but the strory is just 𝓹𝓮𝓻𝓯𝓮𝓬𝓽 ! I love the accent! Honestly, I was hoping to hear about the brian's parents more. Like, why do they fight? Are they aware they were neglecting him? But still, I love it!
Bla Brwa
Bla Brwa Dag sedan
elizabeth Dag sedan
Honestly, i ship these two, lol
Eliwin Nana
Eliwin Nana Dag sedan
tilly stokes
tilly stokes Dag sedan
tilly stokes
tilly stokes Dag sedan
I really need that money
Louisa OBrien
Louisa OBrien Dag sedan
“And when he past me the beaker our fingers touched 😊” yeah that kinda happens when someone passes u something!”
Louisa OBrien
Louisa OBrien Dag sedan
Has an American accent until she talks in front of the class! ????
Brittany Nipper
Brittany Nipper Dag sedan
" oh you like ketchup head? I always knew it! " 🥰🥰🤣🤣🤣
Alexander WALRAVEN
Alexander WALRAVEN Dag sedan
Romania = Balkan Country Balkan countries Rule🇹🇷
JenLee_Alfanta Dag sedan
0:01 Yeah that's true
why your talk like i don't no?
[Anime_geek] Dag sedan
Me over here wondering what happens to her child good friend that popped in, in the begin if beginning
♡ANIME_LoVER♡ Dag sedan
Teresita Waje
Teresita Waje Dag sedan
Siya Munchkin
Siya Munchkin Dag sedan
Ok so when I saw the science woman when she came I saw the pointy part sry but pls fix
vxnnne_ Dag sedan
Jeru Franz Galin
Jeru Franz Galin Dag sedan
Good job
SS games
SS games Dag sedan
Why did u change the thumbnail
Su Mon Htet
Su Mon Htet Dag sedan
this a animation is really amazing * O *
Eddy & Dani
Eddy & Dani Dag sedan
dzlan Musa
dzlan Musa Dag sedan
the ending was so cute tho lmao
JumpingJuniper•^• Dag sedan
Deslike you
Jodell Stubbs
Jodell Stubbs Dag sedan
My magic hair get me everywhere girl are you Rapunzel?
Helena Dag sedan
Dude why does Brian look like Ketchup heads's cousin
Carmen Burghelea
Carmen Burghelea Dag sedan
Did you just said Romania. I'm in romania I was.not born in romania I was born in America
DJprogirl Dag sedan
The story is great, don't get me wrong :) ...But the title? * mystery music *
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