Mike Tyson - All Knockouts of the Legend

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The World of Boxing!

The World of Boxing!

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He was called the ‘Baddest man on the planet’ for his incredible punching power and aggressive fighting style. His Speed, strength, and vicious aggression earned him the title of the youngest world heavyweight champion in 1986. He is Iron Mike Tyson.
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Mike Donlon
Mike Donlon 3 timmar sedan
Catskill baby whats gooooooood
Gil macauley
Gil macauley 4 timmar sedan
Best to ever do it .... Wish he never met Don king leech ass
अर्जुन शर्मा
अर्जुन शर्मा 4 timmar sedan
अदभूत बाएँ हाथ का खेल :)
A E 5 timmar sedan
You can tell a lot of these fights were so fixed. It wasn't until he started fighting the.vets did it start to get real. That in my eyes is when he started showing a real talent. Being able to take his opponents real hits and still keep going even though he would show signs of damage....aaaand then he had to.bite someones ear off....twice.
Kratos 5 timmar sedan
O melhor que já existiu ninguém supera Mike Tyson monstro sagrado dos rings.👊🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
fat-racc_the_blacc big mac #123
fat-racc_the_blacc big mac #123 5 timmar sedan
Hes like the legend of boxing
Ademola Adeniji
Ademola Adeniji 6 timmar sedan
He's professional with the way he helps up and hugs his opponents after the bell. However, I don't like the fact that his eventual defeat by Evander Holyfield is not included. It's part of the story and this story is not complete.
Ray Birrell
Ray Birrell 6 timmar sedan
I make you right
john m.
john m. 7 timmar sedan
I would do anything to see prime Tyson vs Jake Paul. Someone beat Paul’s ass
Oscar Candela
Oscar Candela 8 timmar sedan
Fierce Champ always
Maximiliano Rodriguez
Maximiliano Rodriguez 8 timmar sedan
Me no like myky tison he is chicken 🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔 me ponchele in face to miky he no bueno boxer
Fatneek 8 timmar sedan
I just watched this without noticing how long the video is
Joel Alexander
Joel Alexander 9 timmar sedan
He’s a talented fighter, and has been a vicious guy at times.
Vero 9 timmar sedan
He is not human..
Il Dxnny lI
Il Dxnny lI 9 timmar sedan
Too much money too quickly and got in with the wrong crowd, definitely would have been the best in history if it wasn't for him getting ruined
Ahmet Polat
Ahmet Polat 9 timmar sedan
Ne mutlu muslüman oldu
ggrem67 10 timmar sedan
Long: I can fight like Mike Tyson Mike: So you have choosen death😏
Florin Cochintu
Florin Cochintu 10 timmar sedan
How would be to have a father like that.....
ibrahim ibric
ibrahim ibric 11 timmar sedan
Muhammad Ali is legend
Simkont 11 timmar sedan
6:57 Honestly that is the most movie protagonist shit ever. Gets up Tyson throws another one and down he goes.
Famous Jojo
Famous Jojo 12 timmar sedan
Michael Spalding
Michael Spalding 14 timmar sedan
we felt Tyson's punches all the way from south Africa
Jacob Johnson
Jacob Johnson 14 timmar sedan
Tyson's performance was based in a simple formula. Dodge or slip an attack and counterattack. His style of coming in fast and hard created this opportunity for him which he excelled at capitalizing on. It doesn't hurt that he could hit a man so hard as to knock him down in just a single punch and those he didn't knock down were staggered making combinations lethal. Watch Tyson carefully. He is already delivering a left hook the moment that his opponent starts to punch. This makes it VERY hard to stop Tyson as though Tyson doesn't connect with every counter he is throwing enough of them that eventually one is going to connect and heaven help you when it does. If you ball up, his uppercuts and body shots are enough to force the hands down. Another important thing to watch is Tysons body position when he is advancing. He comes in low and with his hands just below his nose and out of his field of vision while looking upwards at the opponent, while in most cases his opponents are looking down OVER their gloves.. this makes it MUCH harder to track and target Tyson as Tyson can use their gloves as a blind spot for his opponent as they look down over them.. notice the low bobbing and weaving as he moves in. Tyson also had great mobility when moving WITH punches. This is the key to minimizing the impact of a punch. If you move with the punch it lessens the impact significantly and is the sign of excellent defensive boxing. Clearly a champion
谢震龙 14 timmar sedan
Tyson, world champion boxer!
Kala Fields
Kala Fields 15 timmar sedan
Mike Tyson is the G.O.A.T.. He is, and always will be, my favorite boxer. #teamTyson #Legend 🥊🥊🥊
Floyd Larck
Floyd Larck 15 timmar sedan
His strength is one thing, but that speed of his is amazing.
Christian M.
Christian M. 16 timmar sedan
The fact that after every fight he checks up on em. That’s a man
SHOAIB KHAN 16 timmar sedan
No Mohammad Ali fight
Theodora Ichbe
Theodora Ichbe 16 timmar sedan
000 000 ص
DJET 1976
DJET 1976 17 timmar sedan
Love TWOB! Ty so much for these videos brother. Boxing has and always will remain my favorite sport of all time. I'm 45 now and a grandpa so a little saggy but I still box and always will.
Scott Mercer
Scott Mercer 18 timmar sedan
I like how he helps the people he nearly beat the life out of up
Hama & Semina
Hama & Semina 18 timmar sedan
U mean the legend ( Malik Abdul Aziz ) al7md llah for being muslim
Crook Games
Crook Games 18 timmar sedan
Notice how long the video is
Ja Yus
Ja Yus 18 timmar sedan
Nek nglihatin iklan
ギャングギャングAbed 19 timmar sedan
After watching this, I'm convinced that the only thing that has destroyed more livers than Tyson has been Cirrhosis.
Nicolas Langlais
Nicolas Langlais 19 timmar sedan
1:38 He said 6th the way Tyson would say it lollll
Sergej Lifarev
Sergej Lifarev 20 timmar sedan
Tison, you are sheet
brandon b
brandon b 21 timme sedan
this is what jake paul is doing to people nowadays
Валерий Муратов
Валерий Муратов 23 timmar sedan
Офигенный бой!! Класс!!
sadam delostrino
sadam delostrino 23 timmar sedan
Dr. Nadeem Sheikh
Dr. Nadeem Sheikh 23 timmar sedan
Iwan Iwan
Iwan Iwan Dag sedan
Mystrr Dag sedan
What a shame than Mike Tyson isn't so exeptional than Iron Mike....
Patrick Spino
Patrick Spino Dag sedan
In my opinion, Iron Mike is a pretty smart guy in possession of a rather respectable vocabulary! Plus: The GOAT
วิวาห์ แก้วสมชาติ
วิวาห์ แก้วสมชาติ Dag sedan
รักทูกคนนะจะที่เป็นเพื่อนกันทางเฟสต์ ทางลายฮิ
Sutisak Thangcharas
Sutisak Thangcharas Dag sedan
Head Shot....!
J B Dag sedan
Mike beat the tall ones too lol don't ever underestimate a person because of height in any sport
Death Dag sedan
Add this to the title too: ALSO CAMERA EVOLUTION
Elite_Gaming Dag sedan
The third fight the corner says trump that was years ago
Daniel Rios
Daniel Rios Dag sedan
Hell smash on "money may weather" badass boxer of all time much respect Mike Tyson
Duong Pham
Duong Pham Dag sedan
Gaston Bouchard
Gaston Bouchard Dag sedan
Toute une boxeur
iONiT Dag sedan
john smith
john smith Dag sedan
Prime Tyson vs Jake Paul would be one heck of a fight
Jacob Stohler
Jacob Stohler Dag sedan
Tony Tubbs' shorts though.
TymeOnMySide FB-YT GDZ E_SPORTS Dag sedan
To many mistook Tyson as a brawler no no no he was a complete fighter when he was mentally right he could brawl box counter whatever was needed, he had crazy defense and unheard of power, if you watch his bouts watch them fully you will see when he adjusts styles
Thạnh Phạm
Thạnh Phạm Dag sedan
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Thạnh Phạm
Thạnh Phạm Dag sedan
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Alex Rodrigue
Alex Rodrigue Dag sedan
Esto es deporte ?
Jesse Myers
Jesse Myers Dag sedan
“Donnie long is BACK!”
okokaje channel
okokaje channel Dag sedan
i love u tyson .🇲🇾
MultiTrader Oficial
MultiTrader Oficial Dag sedan
Tyson era um trator.
Kikki-305 Dag sedan
Come get some lol
Kikki-305 Dag sedan
My favorite 🤩 Iron Mike
Jose Dag sedan
He’s like a human pitbull
blachloch1 Dag sedan
Amazing how good of a sport he was early in his career before King ruined him.
Hassan Sial
Hassan Sial Dag sedan
Mike tyson Is way better then the Fbi God damn this man is named to be in boxing
D. Jones
D. Jones Dag sedan
Damn Trump name was on every fight how much money 45 made off Tyson
Johnathan Douglas
Johnathan Douglas Dag sedan
At least he's a good sport about it... Was holding back too could have landed several punches on their way down but tyson didn't go for it....
Kashan Najeeb
Kashan Najeeb Dag sedan
He was muhammad ali
Kashan Najeeb
Kashan Najeeb Dag sedan
He was most respected person.
tyrone rousell
tyrone rousell Dag sedan
what old man who train mike seen in him ?
Night sniper
Night sniper Dag sedan
А перевод на русский язык, слабо?
Haris Susatyo
Haris Susatyo Dag sedan
Great Tyson....
Sam Kh
Sam Kh Dag sedan
my respect for tyson went to the moon
ChongLi99 Dag sedan
"You cant even walk you're worrying about fighting" If i hear that i pack my things and go back to my house.
Vika' li
Vika' li Dag sedan
МАЙК ЛУЧШИЙ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. ЛЕГЕНДА !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Alvredo Edo Sasajua
Alvredo Edo Sasajua Dag sedan
Ngeri sekali mike🔥
Tim Killyou
Tim Killyou Dag sedan
Goddamn erryyime mike does the super fast left right combo the person body move like a wave
David Veldin
David Veldin Dag sedan
When you realize, he started career slowly... 🤣🤣
라엘리안_APOLLO Dag sedan
★TYSON is a genuine Boxer★
Hmm Dag sedan
joey burrell
joey burrell Dag sedan
One name, Lennox Lewis. And before him a lessor challenger named - Buster Douglas. No need to say anything else.( Mic dropped). Pun intended.
ratna suminar
ratna suminar Dag sedan
Is the best ...
Marcelo Martins Moraes
Marcelo Martins Moraes Dag sedan
Um fenômeno Mike Tayson.
Iron Mike Tyson is and will always be the champ.
David garcia
David garcia Dag sedan
Hes like a big friendly giant I want to hug him like a teddy bear
Rodrigo Malhue
Rodrigo Malhue 5 timmar sedan
@Cameron Wainwright ir
Wolf Predator
Wolf Predator 7 timmar sedan
He'll put you in shadow realm and at the end of the day he'll come and hug you by saying *"I'm Thoyyyy"*
Cameron Wainwright
Cameron Wainwright 10 timmar sedan
He'll hug u but u might have to pay with ur ear 🤣
Christian M.
Christian M. 16 timmar sedan
Fight him, he’ll hug u at the end
Kun tv
Kun tv Dag sedan
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Mat sani
Mat sani Dag sedan
Habib saehon
Ashok Swami
Ashok Swami Dag sedan
I like it
Kun tv
Kun tv Dag sedan
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Joe Walters
Joe Walters Dag sedan
Joe Walters
Joe Walters Dag sedan
In the face off he had a cold stare that fighters tried to ignore but you could tell they were worried. He knocked fighters out DEBO style😂#LEGEND
The Garbage Gladiators
The Garbage Gladiators Dag sedan
Why do you have Brock Lesnar in the picture for? Just Curious where you got that idea from.
Edo Satya
Edo Satya Dag sedan
Ono meneh GK seng koyok ngeneki.... Bosen nonton mywatter GK seru
Christopher Yang
Christopher Yang Dag sedan
The referees were not there to stop Tyson, they were there to save lives.
nada gorin
nada gorin Dag sedan
müslim power.
C86Deluxe Dag sedan
That was Ali
Patrick Kabongo
Patrick Kabongo Dag sedan
Claude Maeder
Claude Maeder Dag sedan
Tyson the best world champion only le maître de la box jamais comme lui il y aura . Merci mike
IME Media
IME Media Dag sedan
The hedding secret in @U-lQ
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