Meet the STARS of Young Royals

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The cast of Young Royals share their stories and memories from filming, talk about why this series is important to watch, and you get to find out who was the biggest flirt on set.

Subtitles/closed captions: English and Swedish.

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About Young Royals:
Prince Wilhelm adjusts to life at his prestigious new boarding school, Hillerska, but following his heart proves more challenging than anticipated.

Our Story | Young Royals

Eric Catimbang
Eric Catimbang 11 timmar sedan
After watching this series, I want to learn their language
howltae Ackerman
howltae Ackerman 12 timmar sedan
Hi August!, I hate you 🙂 Hi Malte!, I don't hate you😁
coochie destroyer
coochie destroyer 18 timmar sedan
i cannot wait for season 2 im obsessed
fraisier 19 timmar sedan
i love malte sm he’s so charming
Chrissy Dag sedan
I love this cast and the series! Can’t wait for the season 2 announcement!!!
steven bellusci
steven bellusci Dag sedan
Simon 🥰🥰🥰❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Shoku .r
Shoku .r Dag sedan
Shout out to Omars conquering our hearts❤
H I Dag sedan
Hannah Goddard
Hannah Goddard Dag sedan
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez Dag sedan
@netflix you need to continue with this amazing serie, really amazing and awesome serie. Pls the best season, out more than 20 episodes plssss
Brilu Dag sedan
malte did such a good job on playing august, he nailed all the emotions LIKE PLS however i still can't hate august
Sarah Techi
Sarah Techi Dag sedan
Laura González Sancho
Laura González Sancho 2 dagar sedan
I Love the cast and I love the series I Need the second season
Pink Dolphin
Pink Dolphin 3 dagar sedan
Mara 3 dagar sedan
Cadu Fernandes
Cadu Fernandes 3 dagar sedan
Edson Felipe Talarico
Edson Felipe Talarico 3 dagar sedan
Não entendi nada, mas amo essa série. Beijos do Brasil 🇧🇷
ThErE lIsTeNiNg To KiDs BoP !!!
ThErE lIsTeNiNg To KiDs BoP !!! 3 dagar sedan
I just love how even off screen omar and edvin are close and so bloody cute .
Vitória Hellen
Vitória Hellen 4 dagar sedan
I love how Malte knew the answer was him but didn't want to admit it
Ingrid Ekdahl Sundin
Ingrid Ekdahl Sundin 4 dagar sedan
CHEX - provocerad skåning
Cindy Vindrik
Cindy Vindrik 4 dagar sedan
We need a season 2!
moraa. 4 dagar sedan
moraa. 4 dagar sedan
august is so mf annoying but his actor is so cute and sweet wtf
monq 4 dagar sedan
I love this show so so much!!
Sofia Ezquerro
Sofia Ezquerro 4 dagar sedan
En que momento Sara (Frida) estuvo viviendo en Barcelona 😳😳😳😳
ekin 4 dagar sedan
nikita is literally so beautiful and has an angelic voice omg
Simon 4 dagar sedan
Even though the characters are 20 years my junior LOL, I love the show! The people that they cast are phenomenal and did a brilliant job!
Maricielo lazo
Maricielo lazo 4 dagar sedan
I need seson 2 pleaseeee
Melissa 4 dagar sedan
Everything about this show is perfect.
Ella 5 dagar sedan
4:09 me trying to learn her name haha
MOONBIN is a GHOSTIE Mermaid Prince
MOONBIN is a GHOSTIE Mermaid Prince 5 dagar sedan
If we get season 2, I personally hope it’s longer, like more episodes. Even if it’s 12. And Ik we hate august, BUT it’d be great if he could turn his character around and we could get some development. Like all these characters are great! Also... I might be In the minority here, but I wouldn’t mind if there was 3 seasons and season 2 focused on willhelm becoming a king. Even without Simon... realistically speaking, I don’t think they could be together unless Simon was on the side, but I mean that’s why we need more from this show. There is so much left unanswered. And personally, I just want some more backstory to august. He is the villain, Ik... but he has a very upsetting backstory. Usually characters like that are so layered. U could tell his mom sent him in that school after his dad died. Like why would she do that? He needs love and support... he obviously never got therapy for it, and if he did, the therapist was not good. He ended up using drugs to hide his pain. Plus like idk. The mom just felt so distant from her son, from what we got in those scenes. Like if I was the mom, I would talk to the school about a scholarship program, at least. August was literally like the team captain. It looked like he got decent grades. And I’m sure he could have got a scholarship, and the school probably wouldn’t have to tell anyone. But no... the mom just kind of does whatever she wants with him. Constantly throws him away where he learns to fend for himself... at least that’s how I saw it... he probably doesn’t feel like he should get close to anyone, which was why it was so easy for him to not only betray willhelm, but his girlfriend too... Ik it doesn’t excuse what he did, but this type of character is the most interesting to me... so yep... I need more back storyyyyyy and a future for this guy. My imagination runs wild with these things, but if we do get a season 2, and august attempts suicide,just know,I called it.
fellowpluto 5 dagar sedan
They look just like cutebbabies. Younger than their appearance on screen, even
GAURI GURAV 5 dagar sedan
Omar my baby
Marina 5 dagar sedan
Whose the biggest flirt? The whole cast: Malte, Malte, Malte Malte: hmmm must be Edvin
Tamara Durikova
Tamara Durikova 5 dagar sedan
I love this show!!! The BEST!!!
Paul D
Paul D 5 dagar sedan
i just love how they can be talking and then english words come out and the accent totally changes... normally when people are bilingual and english is a second language or english words are used they tend to have more of an accent
Andrey Bondarenko
Andrey Bondarenko 6 dagar sedan
We need season 2! ✌🏻♥️
Clara Madden
Clara Madden 6 dagar sedan
i can't believe that Malte was almost Simon wow wtf I cant imagine that
AmeecaTV 6 dagar sedan
Where can I listen those two English songs of Omar cuz I already listened the Spanish one?
Anthony Oliveira
Anthony Oliveira 6 dagar sedan
oh my god, i love you so much guys!!!!!!!!
Lana Aluore
Lana Aluore 6 dagar sedan
Ethan Twink
Ethan Twink 6 dagar sedan
Felice is the girl every gay guy needs to be best friend with.
Official QueenMc
Official QueenMc 6 dagar sedan
Siz! Netflix renew them for Season 2 please 🙏❤️😿
stacy 6 dagar sedan
the way theyre all so beautiful its actually crazy
Benji Trisha Eddy
Benji Trisha Eddy 7 dagar sedan
Omg imagine if malte got the Simon role.. NOBODY CAN BEAT HIM PORTRAYING AUGUST. HE'S THE BEST. Im in love with the whole cast tho. They did such a great job.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 7 dagar sedan
6 episodes and this series is a literal hit. SEASON 2 RENEWAL EVERYONEEÈ
lulu lala
lulu lala 7 dagar sedan
this show is actually good for representation like ik it's bare minimum but the characters r so human and u can actually feel they're teenagers (((,: i hope we get a season 2 with new diverse characters
Railex Dosch
Railex Dosch 7 dagar sedan
Now i am into thinking that swedish men are handsome as hell 😍😍
Pink.elephant 7 dagar sedan
Mitt respekt för att dom säger kex: 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 7 dagar sedan
Omar is literally so beautiful
Tozza 7 dagar sedan
the way august still annoys me 😭 i still wanna get revenge on him for vilhelm and simon
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 7 dagar sedan
4:19 I love how everyone says "Malte" so confidently and Malte himself is like "hmm maybe Edvin??" xDD
levortalex 8 dagar sedan
Augh! Is this in English anywhere??
merwnas 8 dagar sedan
yeah on netflix
Rome Blanchard
Rome Blanchard 9 dagar sedan
Nikita is so pretty and I love Felice's character development
Vitória Isabelly
Vitória Isabelly 9 dagar sedan
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 7 dagar sedan
young royals gave me depression, this and its crack videos are my therapy now
kim 9 dagar sedan
why august so warm and kind in real life sjdkjs
Geminitactics 9 dagar sedan
Because it’s called acting.
Verity Gazzard
Verity Gazzard 9 dagar sedan
OK WHY WAS THIS SHOW NOT PUBLICISED MORE???? It’s so amazing and raw and real why the hell has Netflix swept it under the rug ITS SO GOOD
VideoBuff 9 dagar sedan
Afi 9 dagar sedan
Edvin is such a cute prince. And august actually looks like matt dallas from Kyle XY
Trechinhos 9 dagar sedan
I love them so much
human-allergy 9 dagar sedan
No need the reasons to not make ss2
Bruno Willian
Bruno Willian 9 dagar sedan
Hande Yılmaz
Hande Yılmaz 9 dagar sedan
Omar is literally so beautiful
• nightthinker
• nightthinker 9 dagar sedan
I'm so obsessed with this show.. if netflix dares to cancel young royals, I'm gonna cancel netflix, that's for sure! also the show makes me want to learn swedish again. I watched the original audio with german subtitles, and it made me fell in love with this language again:)
Ireene Plays
Ireene Plays 9 dagar sedan
I hate how much august stares it’s annoying
niller2006 9 dagar sedan
Season 4 of the Young Royals - Kung Wilhelm marry his Prince Simon
Jonna Kainulainen
Jonna Kainulainen 9 dagar sedan
And the battle of ‘kex’ and ‘Chex’ starts again 🥲 (you say chex. Fight me 👁👄👁🔪)
Jashmine Cuevas
Jashmine Cuevas 10 dagar sedan
young royals gave me depression, this and its crack videos are my therapy now
Jashmine Cuevas
Jashmine Cuevas 10 dagar sedan
not wanting to get cancelled in any way, yes, I am exaggerating
Jashmine Cuevas
Jashmine Cuevas 10 dagar sedan
malte is an absolute sweetheart
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 10 dagar sedan
Dear Netflix, here you have a masterpiece. Capitalize on it. We need more seasons
catherinemay 10 dagar sedan
There are so many reasons why I love this show
ALEXGEEKNESS 10 dagar sedan
I love them ! Malte 🥰
felly 10 dagar sedan
they all said ”kex”!!!! i love this cast even more now
zach deleon
zach deleon 10 dagar sedan
august is the worst but HES SO HOT
Lilyjkly 10 dagar sedan
I’m taking this as a sign to start getting into acting classes, I’ve realized it’s what I really want
H. Murakami
H. Murakami 10 dagar sedan
H. Murakami
H. Murakami 10 dagar sedan
Cant believe they all werent professional actors before this show, thay are all really really good!
Post It
Post It 10 dagar sedan
oh my GOD FINALLY a show with an actor that is actually autistic in real life ! honestly that is one of the biggest reason why this show is si damn good
alex 10 dagar sedan
you dont understand how much i love them and the show i am so attached to the story, characters, actors, AND TO THE SHOW overall i can say that it is the best show on netflix no doubt
Salambo 10 dagar sedan
Okay but Malte really looks AMAZING here like BIG CRUSH
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 11 dagar sedan
Dear Netflix, here you have a masterpiece. Capitalize on it. We need more seasons
bangtan_ taehyung
bangtan_ taehyung 11 dagar sedan
JAJA NO ENTENDI PERO SON UN ELENCO HERMOSOOO!!! (espero la segunda temporada) :)
Thao 11 dagar sedan
“I was actually auditioning for the role of Simon” - Malte I can imagine it now
Qüęšîțø966χψλ 11 dagar sedan
🍒✨I loved the series but I need to know that that was not the end 😭✨🌊
Qüęšîțø966χψλ 10 dagar sedan
@dcoog anml ✨Yes💘✨
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 11 dagar sedan
Edvin is a beutiful lad...😍
j 11 dagar sedan
The casting is EXCELLENT. All great actors and they're all so pretty/handsome! Malte seems so sweet but still he did such a great job playing August. Love that they got Frida, who actually has Aspergers, to play Sara.
Pauleen 11 dagar sedan
can't get enough of this!!!
mária kara
mária kara 11 dagar sedan
awwww bbys!!! just finished it and not mad that i stayed up till 7am because it was so worth it!
A-Shin BL
A-Shin BL 11 dagar sedan
Wilhelm, the prince I've always imagine to look like in real life. Ugh I'm obessed with this drama!
Aranza A
Aranza A 11 dagar sedan
te amo omar
Aranza A
Aranza A 11 dagar sedan
te amo edvin
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu 11 dagar sedan
Dear Netflix, here you have a masterpiece. Capitalize on it. We need more seasons
dolcci :v
dolcci :v 11 dagar sedan
Ame esta serie
dolcci :v
dolcci :v 11 dagar sedan
Ahhhhhhhh necesito la segunda temporada🥵👻💕
aldana 11 dagar sedan
SEASON 2 !!!
natalia 11 dagar sedan
jyg 12 dagar sedan
Up WilhSim ❤️😍
jyg 11 dagar sedan
@wuoi zuiu me too!!
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu 11 dagar sedan
ok i wanna learn swedish now
tuvieja 33
tuvieja 33 12 dagar sedan
why dies swedish sound english and italian sometimes?
tuvieja 33
tuvieja 33 10 dagar sedan
@Geminitactics it really is
Geminitactics 11 dagar sedan
@tuvieja 33 Language is fascinating.
tuvieja 33
tuvieja 33 12 dagar sedan
@Geminitactics no but for example, i watched the show in swedish and there were moments where they said something like: are you good? Come in? So i was confused and i put swedish subtitles on and those things were written like: ar u gud? Kom in and stuff like that. It is very interesting
Geminitactics 12 dagar sedan
It doesn’t. You’re just hearing borrowed loan words.
Luigilu Ausl
Luigilu Ausl 12 dagar sedan
Edvin is a beutiful lad...😍
Luigilu Ausl
Luigilu Ausl 12 dagar sedan
Bueno dijera la suegra de monster in law saliste al mundo y te conseguiste a una exótica latina...😏💅🏻
Corayma Ceperian B.
Corayma Ceperian B. 12 dagar sedan
2nd SEASON 🛐🛐🛐
Morgan Pavelka
Morgan Pavelka 12 dagar sedan
Can someone explain the biscuit thing?? I’m so confused as someone who doesn’t speak Swedish haha
wifilucas 5 dagar sedan
I might not be completely correct bc I'm not Swedish either but I think they asked them how they pronounce the word for biscuit (or just straight up "is it kex or chex?") There's this type of battle between which one it's the correct way to say it, some people pronounce it like "chex" (Omar said it was hard to choose so I guess the different pronunciation has to do with where you are in Sweden, I also did a little bit of research and found out that not that long ago the word used to be spelled "käx" and all of the words that start with "kä" are pronounce like "ch") but as you can see for the response of them (and the majority of people) it's "kex" with a hard "k"
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