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Stephen Howson, Jay Motty & Joe Smith are LIVE bringing you the news that Ed Woodward has resigned from Manchester United, The Glazers are ready to sell and The Super League looks to be over. Get involved in the comments!
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sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 18 dagar sedan
What a quality broadcast. Stretford Paddock. Keep going going guys. Quality always prevails. You will become the number 1 footie channel in the UK.
Rock girl
Rock girl 22 dagar sedan
We fuckin did it Green n Gold till the club is sold 🟢🟡🟢🟡
TheRedDevil 23 dagar sedan
”... But i was in Afghanistan” lol (dont lol war isn’t a joke”)
Cult of Melkor
Cult of Melkor 25 dagar sedan
Slowly working my way through this one, gonna take me all week to finish it!
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 18 dagar sedan
Na this aliens debate has me in stitches 😂😂
Jake Driver
Jake Driver 25 dagar sedan
McGregor putting Raiola in a RNC would be something i would pay to see.
Rock girl
Rock girl 22 dagar sedan
I'm talking about?
Onald Wong
Onald Wong 25 dagar sedan
Woodward is obviously the scapegoat here but dont feel sorry for him though, im sure he parted with a suitcase full of happiness
Mr Key
Mr Key 25 dagar sedan
Liverpool fan here....easy work talking on this scum topic gonna share.......New title - New Comp - US yanks decided to 'Make America everywhere again' TM. The Arabs oiled the way again, TM - The Russians had nothing to do with it again.....(TM) ....& spurs etc....TRADE MARK! You are Welcome. THIS ISN'T AMERICA!!!!!!! This is England. This is NOT a yank sport...It's a World sport, "Made in ENGLAND" - TRADE MARK and re-owned and loved the World round - AND LOVED by all!!! I bought shirts this year i CANT AFFORD because we won ....30 years. I cannot wear MY shirt where I live because of YOU John. Yes you John may well be a Master of difficult meetings after the fact - pre-requisite. Your words spoken like a true sociopath and masterfully too. Re-printed MUG on every paying fans forehead who believed you - after the fact. That's why you are where you are. I'm occasionally smart but You wont know about this comment unless you answer it personally....or continue to "Walk alone" - TRADE MARK that version of the song...Its your very own version you own it....It's YOUR personal version for you...You're LIVERPOOL F.C.U.K. TM ( LFC = 129yrs - U.S.A = 244yrs ) - you do the maths... The USA is a Country/Child/Perspective... Don't be gaming with our club and clubs in our much older country. Your Parent. Managers/Players/Fans/anyone with a beating heart and soul.
Jay&Joe’sAdoptedSonBenjamin 25 dagar sedan
Jay joins the gang and within 1 minute he already starts try to get under ste s skin😂 haha what a legend
Adam 25 dagar sedan
Super, lads. What a feeling, genuinely questioned how I felt about the club I love but glad sense has prevailed, amazing 4+ hours, up the paddock!!
Santa Notch
Santa Notch 25 dagar sedan
Mamadally CHAMROO
Mamadally CHAMROO 25 dagar sedan
The Glazers need to go. They have been using the Manutd club as leverage for 16 years and the spendings of players always came from the club's revenues and not from their pockets. Now we need the young Saudi magnate and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman and other Saudi royals to buy the club and injects oil money into the club to restructure and invest in Manchester United and make the Club's value and revenue become number 1 in the world. Manutd will win more trophies than ever. Just look how Manchester City changed drastically when sheikh Mansour bought the club and how it became. We all have to be realistic. That is the only way and solution to make Manchester United come back to its glory days guys. This is fact, we all have to agree ! We need Mohammed bin Salman !
Matt Connor
Matt Connor 25 dagar sedan
Quality stream lads day couldn't have ended better
Football Is United
Football Is United 25 dagar sedan
1:51:35 Yesssssss!!!
Lohn Jennon
Lohn Jennon 25 dagar sedan
How could you do it without Madrid, won the champions league 8 times in a row or whatever
dr 92
dr 92 25 dagar sedan
265k views, biggest video yet? hope you guys earnt well out of this i sat up until early hours of the morning listening to this! only fan channel i watch these days
Dean Simpson
Dean Simpson 25 dagar sedan
This stream alone is spectacular! And the news just makes it better. Up the fucking paddock! Glazers out! 50+1 next
NAK 25 dagar sedan
Baggers replacing Motty was worse than Woodward replacing Gill.
grainofsand1951 25 dagar sedan
whoever replaces woodward won't be any better, just another glazer stooge, i don't believe the glazers will sell, why would they get rid of their multi million dollar a year atm?
Rej Guon
Rej Guon 25 dagar sedan
Na this aliens debate has me in stitches 😂😂
Luuka988 25 dagar sedan
I need a timestamp when Howson was talking about Woodward history from the bank to United... that was hillarious, watched it live, but I can't find it now.... somebody know what I'm talking about?
Luuka988 25 dagar sedan
found it! 1:42:38 :D :D Absolute legend!
Tim Swain
Tim Swain 25 dagar sedan
Superb content and commitment from all the stretty paddock team - thank you.
Jack Scanlon
Jack Scanlon 25 dagar sedan
We stood behind the governing bodies when they left us to rot. Now it’s time for them to back us and repay us for saving their pockets even though they’ve been corrupt, ran poorly and allowed ppl like the Glazer’s to take us over because it benefitted them… We need 50+1 We need the Glazers out We need this
Marre D Thesavior
Marre D Thesavior 25 dagar sedan
Duncan MacGregor
Duncan MacGregor 25 dagar sedan
1:43:10 Howson's description of that twat woodward. incredible
Ryan J
Ryan J 25 dagar sedan
This is the greatest live stream.
Jay&Joe’sAdoptedSonBenjamin 25 dagar sedan
Well played Jay😂 get the food
Nathan James
Nathan James 25 dagar sedan
Winson 25 dagar sedan
"Die before you are born" does happen.
Brian Swarbrigg
Brian Swarbrigg 25 dagar sedan
That coverage was amazing stuff by all , what a night
Sungu Mabunda
Sungu Mabunda 25 dagar sedan
We Need To Protest At Man United
Belligerent Ulsterman
Belligerent Ulsterman 25 dagar sedan
Jesus but 4hrs+ is a long un. Anybody got time stamps?
TNvision 25 dagar sedan
I've watched the entire thing. All 4 glorious hours of it!
Stretford Paddock
Stretford Paddock 25 dagar sedan
James Harris
James Harris 25 dagar sedan
Guys from now on every time a senior board member attends a match we should all just chant SHAME at them no swearing no out out out just SHAME constant because that is what they have brought to Utd. I loved Utd from 1963 but the trust has gone still my team but no longer unconditional love
Tom Bara
Tom Bara 25 dagar sedan
United fans/protestors got nothing but mockery back in 2005 - we warned the govt. and the PL about this and they turned their backs on us. We either reform English football now or we just sweep the last few days under the carpet... again.
SparkzFly 26 dagar sedan
What a quality broadcast. Stretford Paddock. Keep going going guys. Quality always prevails. You will become the number 1 footie channel in the UK.
dave evans
dave evans 26 dagar sedan
The question to ask is why they changed their minds so easily and so quickly? It is clear from the size of the contract (177 pages) that a significant amount of time, money and effort has been invested in preparing for the announcement of the ESL. They must have expected the nevative reaction. What have they been promised to cause this sudden change of mind?
Samuel Fanara
Samuel Fanara 26 dagar sedan
Nah no chance of conspiracy, people overestimate how smart mega rich people are just bc they’re rich. They miscalculated and thought the fans would be on board because they don’t understand normal people.
Richard keen
Richard keen 26 dagar sedan
" Don't do that to me, tomorrows the day for analysis, today's the day for drinking" Stephen Howson
Uncle Doobius
Uncle Doobius 26 dagar sedan
Sorry, I don’t think the fans had anything to do with this. Calls were made. UEFA threw money to English clubs. When protests stopped the bus, things were already in motion. Loved watching it unfurl on the fucking Paddock tho! But make no mistake, if 50+1 is not enforced, this WILL eventually come to pas in one form or another.
Richard Allen
Richard Allen 26 dagar sedan
Honestly what do we do to get the Glaziers out now? Gotta keep the fan momentum going
gregoryw9 26 dagar sedan
50 + 1! Make it happen!
James Harris
James Harris 26 dagar sedan
Guys this is about streaming live football if these BIG 6?? control their own streaming rights its Facebook Amazon money that's what the owners are after. The moment I was able to illegally watch a stream of Utd I knew it was the end game the Glaziers see €1 billion per game income
Manchester United Clips
Manchester United Clips 26 dagar sedan
death bystereo
death bystereo 26 dagar sedan
Let’s get OUR club back
Antony Jones
Antony Jones 26 dagar sedan
Joe we’ve been looking after you for thousands of years my friend , do you know how stupid the human race really is ?!!!!! Steve is on point , but don’t look up , look deep 👽
the b-rad
the b-rad 26 dagar sedan
Fuck missed this stream due to getting way too on it for a Tuesday in celebration
VnnXyz14 26 dagar sedan
Clubs that are retracting now all deserve severe penalties and have made all this mess; also to manipulate and blackmail national leagues and UEFA to get what they want; since they are all in economic disaster and almost bankrupt ...They all will try to do this rubbish again...unfortunatelly!
Lewis Dolby
Lewis Dolby 26 dagar sedan
Well done guys, top class reporting over the last few days, youve all done yourselves and SP proud, now we as fans need to keep the pressure on the glaziers and get the vermin out LUHG
Jonathan 26 dagar sedan
if they are selling they will take a MASSIVE final dividend, and NOT buy any new players.
Ludwig 26 dagar sedan
cheers ste, I downed two shots with your rum
Jonathan 26 dagar sedan
We ALL assume UEFA remained PASSIVE in this, how much shit do you think they have on the owners, they are probably like the CIA, everyone's phone and laptop plugged and cloned, NEVER, underestimate bureaucratic organisations and their power, they all have private dudes doing stuff. (don't be naive).
Devilnero1991 26 dagar sedan
I don't about anyone else but I certainly enjoyed the ESL in its hay day!
Chaitanya Kolwankar
Chaitanya Kolwankar 26 dagar sedan
This guy's where live for 4 and half hour 🤯🤯, rescept
Steven Taylor
Steven Taylor 26 dagar sedan
Is there a more annoying presenter than loud mouth Howson ? Just shouts over people thinking he’s funny. Shut up you prat.
Jimmy Eldridge
Jimmy Eldridge 26 dagar sedan
Wheres the petition?
Ludwig 26 dagar sedan
Me and Luke Shaw made up - brilliant, spilled me drink!
Jonathan 26 dagar sedan
The BEASTs are injured, time to put them out of OUR misery.
Kevin 26 dagar sedan
This is a huge memomentum for us. Keep up the protest and Glazers will be forced to sell.
Techno Demic
Techno Demic 26 dagar sedan
This is the funniest clip I ever saw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only the British man-in-the street can be THIS funny!!!!!!!
Techno Demic
Techno Demic 26 dagar sedan
NOW INVADE THE STADIA ON MATCH DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITHOUT ANY FUCKING MASKS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Techno Demic
Techno Demic 26 dagar sedan
FOOTBALL is CHANGING THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
finesse merchant
finesse merchant 26 dagar sedan
Matthewjared Cox
Matthewjared Cox 26 dagar sedan
Imagine if the world cared about political policy as much as football!
Rahul Jani
Rahul Jani 26 dagar sedan
A Spin off Channel, Where Steve and Joe can talk about conspiracy Theory all day long. Up the Paddock, Great Work lads.
Ewan Walker
Ewan Walker 26 dagar sedan
The Paddock boys are absolute legends thank you lads!!!
Mandar Desai
Mandar Desai 26 dagar sedan
Woodward Out is the Best thing that has Happened at United in a While.
Tooshlong 26 dagar sedan
Joe has had enough of this bullshit lol. He only enjoys working with Motty
CG Low
CG Low 26 dagar sedan
Ultimately there will be some major shift in powers. UEFA, Premier League PLC, Sky Sports are antiquated structures that are starting to outlive their utility. In other industries, cutting out the 'middleman' or more cost-efficient delivery platforms are the way to go. Companies like Uber, Amazon, Deliveroos whether in taxis, ride-sharing or food delivery to Netflix are all leveraging and offing the ability to lower costs to the end-users. They all kick out the satellite/cable broadcasters or the company that holds all the control of the cars/drivers and access to customers etc. Disney taking back control of the distribution of its own content with their own channel, Disney+ Change will be inevitable. This will be the first attempt at content producers trying to wrestle back control of offering their content direct to fans/customers. So my guess will be MUTV Live will be the Glazer's next foray into this new changing landscape. I for one don't have an issue paying money direct to MUTV (I already do) than to the likes of Sky, Comcast etc.
b_ammar 26 dagar sedan
also most importantly, manchunian fans need to connect with global supporters more. The passion for united is same in india as in Manchester......and its our streaming money that was the devil in this act...u need to help strengthen the club culture all around the world
Rahul Seetharaman
Rahul Seetharaman 26 dagar sedan
Hopefully Glazers out is next
Little Dan McNamara ᚇᚋᚉ
Little Dan McNamara ᚇᚋᚉ 26 dagar sedan
My dad and Andy Burnham were best friends when they were young
Jennifer Lustenader
Jennifer Lustenader 26 dagar sedan
Americans upset that they can’t compete in the Copa America, but want football money, and are interfering in European clubs as a result. For what? Money. They could just invest - for PENNIES on the DOLLAR - in making football actually WORK in the Americas (beyond just Brazil and Argentina and the usual suspects) and everyone would be happier.
Ceiba pentandra
Ceiba pentandra 26 dagar sedan
I am proud to say I watched the entire 4.5 hours. UTFP
Sean Carroll
Sean Carroll 26 dagar sedan
I just started, looking forward to it
Lamar Harrison
Lamar Harrison 26 dagar sedan
Paddock crew, Gary Neville, Rio Ferdinand, Jamie Carragher, CFC fans for protesting peacefully so the league didn't get any more bad PR. Bruno Fernandes, Luke Shaw, Harry Maguire, KDB, Pep, Klopp, Jordan Henderson and the Liverpool team and finally ALL THE FANS IN THE DAMN COUNTRY! Thank you all! And well done we got our game back tonight but still is only step 1 Woodward is gone next up the Americans and by that I do mean Kronke and FSG as well as the Glazers I want them all gone!
Lamar Harrison
Lamar Harrison 26 dagar sedan
@b_ammar my bad bro you are right on that one
b_ammar 26 dagar sedan
all the fans globally mate.... recognise us we care abt is as much as u all... football is the only one of the few sports that has club culture left and we are ready to die for it like u all
Frank McPherson
Frank McPherson 26 dagar sedan
It is just a start.....just look for wage limits......contract limitations......enforced Fair Play.......more money from tv for top 6. The super guys knew what was coming......don't be got suckered with the prem.
Khalid Nur
Khalid Nur 26 dagar sedan
Jay's fuuuuming outside OT with his McFlurry... Hope his hot head don't melt the thing
Tyler Bullion
Tyler Bullion 26 dagar sedan
Fucking mint lads!!!! Commenting for the algorithm
Eduardo Yepez
Eduardo Yepez 26 dagar sedan
“Post-Woodward glow” damn that got me 😂
Akbar 26 dagar sedan
It doesn't end here. This is only the beginning. Get rid of the corrupt owners.
Kevin 26 dagar sedan
Yeah, this momentum is too good to waste. If we keep up the protest, the Glazers might just sell the club.
Tooshlong 26 dagar sedan
Howson is fucking annoying. Jay Motty is a lad tho
Ashfaq Ali
Ashfaq Ali 26 dagar sedan
It’s like a soccer Saturday special version this
Shaun Hodges
Shaun Hodges 26 dagar sedan
Americans aren’t all bad. The whole world speaks English, because we made them. You’re Welcome.
Aaron Mcneil
Aaron Mcneil 26 dagar sedan
What a shit head thing to say. I am American. And we are not all twats. 99%of us are all just normal working people.
Little Dan McNamara ᚇᚋᚉ
Little Dan McNamara ᚇᚋᚉ 26 dagar sedan
We have witnessed and been a part of what could be the biggest moment in football history. I'm so proud of us all. And Woodward is out to top it all off. I broke my two years of not touching alcohol to celebrate him going. When the glazers going I'm taking part in a full on sesh
Mark Rowley
Mark Rowley 26 dagar sedan
In the spirit of this let's hope Stretford Paddock stop following the disregard of viewers by ignoring their views unless they give them money. Seems like your sounding more like the Yanks who milk us year on year.
Soldier of reality
Soldier of reality 26 dagar sedan
Woodward gone changes no jerk sxxxt . Glazers are here to stay. They will bring another puppet.
Big Cheese Bill
Big Cheese Bill 26 dagar sedan
Woowar 🤣
gregoryw9 26 dagar sedan
Harry showed Woodward the door! Best £80m ever spent.
therealportaldude 26 dagar sedan
@Peter Shortland hes not the best but if you actually watch him he's been very good overall. about 10 games we have won were partly down to him and his defensive performances where he's made last minute tackles played good passes and actually controlled the defence. but the majority of those performances has come with deano in net as well
finesse merchant
finesse merchant 26 dagar sedan
@Peter Shortland he's been class this season you twat
Peter Shortland
Peter Shortland 26 dagar sedan
He maybe a shite defender but he does a job at kicking Chairmen out of the club Fantastic 😆
Deep Ramdin
Deep Ramdin 26 dagar sedan
glazers are suckers and scavengers.
Sulaiman Mokhtar
Sulaiman Mokhtar 26 dagar sedan
there is no need to "murder" them ... because they have just committed suicide
Sen Lkr
Sen Lkr 26 dagar sedan
Yes Punishment for all 6 Clubs 15-20 points Next season
sparrowhead hawkins
sparrowhead hawkins 26 dagar sedan
mancunian jesus
panesar94p 26 dagar sedan
Someone just gas the Glazers
Spyder Logan
Spyder Logan 26 dagar sedan
Greetings from Austin, Texas. The most incredible, vivid, no holds barred, uncensored, live stream of the day. Relentless coverage of the collapse of a Multi-Billion Pound Scheme instigated by the blood sucking owners and fronted by JP Morgan. God Save The Queen...Subscribed.
Andrew King
Andrew King 26 dagar sedan
I’m in Arlington TX. the people at Stretford Paddock bring the best coverage!
FlareDope 26 dagar sedan
Can we have timestamps please!? Cba to watch 4 hours but i want to see the interesting parts!
Ahmed Ma shed
Ahmed Ma shed 25 dagar sedan
All of it was interesting, highlights would ruin it
Kslater23 26 dagar sedan
4+ hours of discussion? Big ups to the Stretford for this
Jason Miller
Jason Miller 26 dagar sedan
I'm just thrilled Ferguson and Charlton got to see the power of the fans, former players, the current players and managers working together to stop pure GREED of Glazers.
WarrenJenga 25 dagar sedan
Probably one of the reasons Sir Alex retired. He knew his squad was aging and he knew he wasn’t getting the financial backing to do anything about it. So left on a high. The last most important signing made by him was RVP for £24 million. We hadn’t paid £30 million+ for a player since 2008 up until Sir Alex’s retirement (£30.75 million for Dimitar Berbatov). The legacy both of those men help forge in this club, and us, the fans, will never forget that. This was an act in proving that. Some of the best years of my life were celebrating this teams achievements.
Brandon Dean
Brandon Dean 26 dagar sedan
3:29:16 everyone still ripping on Tottenham 😂🤣
GlobalFrank 95
GlobalFrank 95 26 dagar sedan
Let us never forget that they were this close to ripping everything we hold dear about our sport to shreds. Football will always be for the people.
P Dogg
P Dogg 26 dagar sedan
Absolutely loved being part of this stream. What a day of Barclays. Lots of progress still to be made re. UEFA and the Glazers but glad we've all helped take this first step to getting our game back. UTFR.
Um Bongo
Um Bongo 26 dagar sedan
They actually nailed it when they said "El Classico - exhibition style" which is exactly what it would have been. Pre-season tournaments that no-one gives a fuck about
Athel_Wolf 26 dagar sedan
United statement @3:27:10
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