Man Discovers FORGOTTEN $1,000,000 Pokemon Card Collection

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8 månader sedan

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para_cuja Gaming
para_cuja Gaming 16 timmar sedan
He has more Charizards than i had energy cards when i was a kid 😃
RScape 2 dagar sedan
And this is why 1st edition is the only ones worth buying
Jean Kristoff Buencamino
Jean Kristoff Buencamino 3 dagar sedan
tellme ur gunna be a billionaire without telling me ur gonna be a billionaire
Helix Storm
Helix Storm 3 dagar sedan
Now, Just a theory, but if this is real, the ammount of hollows compaired to normal cards makes me believe theese must've once been either present in some official pokemon promotion campaign or, been from one of the worlds earliest card shops hording and selling individual cards.
Sycore /ObviousEgg12
Sycore /ObviousEgg12 4 dagar sedan
I think his dad worked at like a Pokémon factory or something
RaymonGdtytg Gonzales
RaymonGdtytg Gonzales 4 dagar sedan
Send me a booster box right now I don’t want girls
TaLiiWaG 4 dagar sedan
Maybe as a kid they traded bulk for a holo. Thats what I used to do. In 2001ish. I could trade 50 commons/non dupes for a base set charizard.
Tom Keegan
Tom Keegan 6 dagar sedan
someone get this man sleeves
Laurel Media
Laurel Media 6 dagar sedan
Good thing most of his sealed base set packs are venuesaur
Brandon McGillis
Brandon McGillis 6 dagar sedan
Lol he probably wasted 50 grand just wiping those charizards togetherr
Jhett Blade
Jhett Blade 7 dagar sedan
He might of just threw most of the bad cards out
Patrick Keegan
Patrick Keegan 7 dagar sedan
not from 99 theres no 1st edition logo on the middle right
mp5 8 dagar sedan
If these were all fake. How do you even make these many fake cards and why would u put them in a binder by hand.
Sheryl Weinfeld
Sheryl Weinfeld 8 dagar sedan
this is killing me then non in selves
Leajha Williamson
Leajha Williamson 9 dagar sedan
If they sold all there cards or all of their charizards they would be so rich
Jimmy J
Jimmy J 9 dagar sedan
ANCIENT MEW 2000 POKEMON MOVIE GAME PROMO Card - from year 1999/2000, Is one of the best investment opportunities out there that most people don't know about yet till it's to late.
Mathias M
Mathias M 10 dagar sedan
Must be from a shop and you totally dont forget it if you have so many
Reesin 10 dagar sedan
Its could be cuase he threw out the non hollows
Luke Nason
Luke Nason 10 dagar sedan
Hey man, where do I go to sell or get a bid for my collection
The Legacy of Gaming
The Legacy of Gaming 10 dagar sedan
This guy has to be trolling and purchased these online. Unless his family was rich as a kid and just bought an absolute dumptruck of packs for him to open.
Mortarman Jack
Mortarman Jack 11 dagar sedan
He acts like that he didn’t know that he had these…
Frostback Garage
Frostback Garage 11 dagar sedan
if you open your booster box, i'll buy you a booster box, deal? repeat.
AjsGaming9 12 dagar sedan
Was he the guy stealing them at post offices lol
Dolvex Frazier
Dolvex Frazier 12 dagar sedan
Old school collector
Switchcomics 13 dagar sedan
Back in 98' I used to go to Traders Village in Fort Worth, TX when it was the place to go on the weekends. A man had CASES of base 1st Editions and had them for $20-$25 and the single packs at $5 When packs were at $7-$8 at the store. Genuinely nice old man, and loved seeing us kids coming to his booth, and buying Pokemon cards. He moved after a year of selling there. I remember building up about 8-9 binder sets because of him but unfortunately lost them all to water damage when they were stored away.
kemaldayi 14 dagar sedan
how is he gonna sell those cards? It needs to be graded first right? And the grading process takes ages.....
Takiany 14 dagar sedan
OH MY GOODNESS ! this is crazy !
A2MP3 15 dagar sedan
its not Worth 1 Mil, it is jst wort what someone pay for it.. this is jst a peace of paper, how many trees you need for your collection..=!=
Xnate13X 15 dagar sedan
Probably all fake. He'd know with that many cards that there's value there and not to rub them like that. I feel like it's a ploy as a jump start for his channel. Took a look at it and it seems that way. Big fake video at the start into real videos. o.O Could just be stupid, but seems that way to me.
Conrrado Torres
Conrrado Torres 15 dagar sedan
They probably threw away non hollows or they were most likely buying them single as well.
The Pokemen
The Pokemen 16 dagar sedan
Those are all fake just the Charizard's are 27.5 million dollars
Brody 11 dagar sedan
those have shadows the valuable ones have no shadow
Fizzled 17 dagar sedan
Brody 11 dagar sedan
those have shadows the valuable ones have no shadow
Kingofcasualgamers 18 dagar sedan
I remember when i did work experience when pokemon cards first came out in a game shop but we sold these packs of pokemon cards they were a limited edition Professor Oak Pack and every pack guaranteed at least one holo, so maybe he bought lots of those
Nick Anagnost
Nick Anagnost 18 dagar sedan
this video makes me sick
Super Isaac & Will Bros.
Super Isaac & Will Bros. 18 dagar sedan
Not base set cause don’t have the base set stamp
Jeremy Stark
Jeremy Stark 19 dagar sedan
I ran a sports card shop for an out of town owner from 1998-2002. I had 2 full cases of 1st edition and ended up selling them to mostly kids and i never thought pokemon would be valuable because it was just another gimmicky style of cards to get kids to buy them, i thought (also 99.9% of sports card collectors/dealers never thought these would ever have any long term value.) I wish i had a little fairy tap me on shoulder and let me know this would blow up like if has. I passed on endless amounts of zard holos & literally would be a millionaire right now if i wouldve just put those two 1st edition cases in a closet and forgot about them til now. Also had a several full case of fossil 1st edition when it released like in 1999 or so., if i remember correctly. Just those two 1st ed. cases would have set me up for life & thru my local distributor i coulve got a case of 12 boxes for like $800 at the time.🤮🤮😪😪
ChipMunk 1314
ChipMunk 1314 19 dagar sedan
No wonder some of these cards are so rare he gots all of them
abluesharpie112 19 dagar sedan
Look at all my holos... *proceeds to scratch the shit out of them all by sliding them against each other again and again*
Fastcars77 loop
Fastcars77 loop 19 dagar sedan
Counterfeit or his Dad owned the factory
Joseph Mclean
Joseph Mclean 20 dagar sedan
If it’s real it’s worth a lot more then 1m atm haha
dAtRAP 20 dagar sedan
Yeahh, this guy "forgotten" he has a collection of 1500 holo super rare, sure. & My mom is jeff bezos.
Justin Hendricks
Justin Hendricks 21 dag sedan
60 grand lol
Free Food
Free Food 21 dag sedan
God bless u all
Garowen 21 dag sedan
You don't think those are Counterfeit? yeah... those are counterfeit. That is why he doesn't mind scratching them up by rifling through them, they are worthless unless he convinces people to sell them.
Garowen 21 dag sedan
He just ordered a big order from china counterfeiters. This boy is looking at life in prison for the felony he is shuffling(fraud)
Garowen 21 dag sedan
He shows his total sorted cards, look at the stack sizes, stacks of commons - 1-2 per stack, Stacks of 100 completely mint Holo Charizards, Blastoise, Venusaurs - all the holo money cards are stacks of 100, all the worthless cards are stacks of 1-2. If you were printing cards, this makes total sense, get tons of the high dollar cards, and to give legitimacy you surround them by common cards.
RonLarhz 22 dagar sedan
How tf is this guy not sleeving these asap he literally could be a millionaire overnight by selling these in mint or even psa 9/10s
No One
No One 22 dagar sedan
Douglas Duda
Douglas Duda 22 dagar sedan
I think you are forgetting that Mewtwo, Blastoise and Charizard I KNOW Char and Mewtwo were part of original decks you could buy and the FOIL was the top/promo card...why because I had a choice when I was going to buy one and going off the gameboy gameplay I chose the huh. Decks were about 10 bucks back in 1999-2000. And yes they were the same as the booster foils.
Picka 22 dagar sedan
Just "WAAAW" !!!
OG ToadChode
OG ToadChode 23 dagar sedan
I never pulled a Charizard as a kid much less 50 of them.
OG ToadChode
OG ToadChode 23 dagar sedan
Lol pockets full of zards
Channel 4Sikumbang
Channel 4Sikumbang 23 dagar sedan
Deck sulTan...
Erio Skeam
Erio Skeam 23 dagar sedan
d S. M.
d S. M. 24 dagar sedan
Where do he live? I would like to stole all
5150 Failure
5150 Failure 24 dagar sedan
maybe when he went to the shop to but more cards he sold bulk like sold 30 cards for 5$ or something and used that to help buy more booster boxes?
Poke kid
Poke kid 24 dagar sedan
Dude this guy spent his lifetime money this stuff
kaylie A
kaylie A 25 dagar sedan
Kind of irritating that they took them out of the sleeve binder. Lol like eeeek put them back or at least get individual sleeves. Such an amazing collection though , super jealous lmao. Maybe their parents worked at pokemon factory or knew someone who did or something and just grabbed a bunch 😂 or kid was hella good at trading all his non holos for holos . It would be cool to know how this happened.
Johnny Tightlips
Johnny Tightlips 25 dagar sedan
That guys got more charizards than friends but then again so do I. Got myself 1 Zard
Lu Hinoj
Lu Hinoj 25 dagar sedan
Back in the day I couldn't even buy on pack too expensive bought the Japanese knockoffs still had fun tho :)
Lu Hinoj
Lu Hinoj 23 dagar sedan
@Listed MiA they were the cheap versions of the japanese cards they looked faded
Listed MiA
Listed MiA 23 dagar sedan
Japanese knock off? This released in japan before it came to america.
SkiFi Sk Music
SkiFi Sk Music 25 dagar sedan
I just bough 2 booster packs this month :D will only take me another 83 years to catch up :D
airD0X 26 dagar sedan
maybe he could have aquired some of the hollows through bulk trading (93 pidgeys, 104 doduos, 53 ghastlys=2 alakazam
chibba 26 dagar sedan
base set charizard at that condition is running for how much now? 30-100$? It was 30$ couple years ago, now I don't know lol.
Juri 26 dagar sedan
Fake card
matthew romig
matthew romig 26 dagar sedan
rev your thinking is totally valid about the ratios between one of the non holo cards to the holo cards but you do have to remember that would be the ratio itd be those holos to all of the non holo cards combined which would likely work out looking at how tall those stacks are of each of the non holos in the set
KingLegendary1 26 dagar sedan
He prob just traded for em
ohydn 27 dagar sedan
if i were this guy too i wouldnt mind the shuffle since i wouldnt sell any lol
worawut suksaen
worawut suksaen 28 dagar sedan
Pinkoroponko Pinko
Pinkoroponko Pinko 28 dagar sedan
must be fake from aliexpress
Lukas el papi
Lukas el papi 29 dagar sedan
But are they worth alot when not 1st edition
DaddyLove 29 dagar sedan
that has got to be fake come on..
deadflops 29 dagar sedan
that more than 1 mill its around like 5-7 million dollars
Glen Curtis
Glen Curtis 29 dagar sedan
Scratched now
ThatRacc Månad sedan
what doesn't make sense. say these cards are real. who opens this many packs necessary to find all these holos, and then forgets about the entire collection. I don't know about this one.
fluxtheory Månad sedan
It should be illegal to have that many holo charizards. Someone call their congressman.
Wind Point
Wind Point Månad sedan
when he was a kid he would take the bulk cards to school and trade 20 bulk cards for a charizard lmao
Jaxon Mummy
Jaxon Mummy Månad sedan
Pokey river I would like to buy a Pokémon mystery box how much would you want
jupiter hacklife
jupiter hacklife Månad sedan
its fake...seriusly can?...
ZMT DrAGONYT Månad sedan
This Guy Is The reason Why Charizard is very Very rare now, because He has Way more Charizards than a normal Man should have,, that's Why theres Shortage Of Charizards..
reason? logic?
reason? logic? Månad sedan
Vincent Hernandez
Vincent Hernandez Månad sedan
Wth this dude open 😑 them from the pokemon factory 🏭... haha
TheNraveles Månad sedan
He either had good money growing up or knew someone in the family who worked for a toy store. I used to get a lot of free and discounted stuff bc my nana worked at toys r us. I’d get free Pokémon packs all the time
adam Månad sedan
He probably traded stacks of commons/uncommons for holos. I remember doing that as a kid other kids at school thought it was a mega deal getting a stack of 100-150 uncommons for their mewtwo
Stephan Corzine
Stephan Corzine 12 dagar sedan
I used to do that too! Kinda scammed the people new to Pokémon but I was on a holographic mission lol
Elisa R.
Elisa R. Månad sedan
How many packs did he open LMAO
JT X Månad sedan
I don’t know anything about the market of Pokémon cards but I hAve a binder of old Pokémon cards from the 2000s all the old base cards and the trainer cards like lt surges zapdos the dark chairizard team rocket card and a bunch of the other old ones where would I find how much these are worth?
RonLarhz 22 dagar sedan
Trollandtoad or ebay?
ChaseTheBrawler Månad sedan
AGame Månad sedan
Who's with me to go raid him and get all of those!?!?
Royden Bloodsworth
Royden Bloodsworth Månad sedan
It is cool to see but it's also going to hurt the price if they all hit the market unfortunately 😔😂 but beautiful collection still
Blocks_Joel Månad sedan
that is not one million silly! THATS A BILLION
Raed Junior Abu Kartomy
Raed Junior Abu Kartomy Månad sedan
Just imagine the amount of money this guy has to pay to get all of those cards getting rated.
m o
m o Månad sedan
if it's too good to be true, it prob is
nirvana 211
nirvana 211 Månad sedan
I was cringing when he was flipping through the hollows because they are all unsleeved
Paul Phillips
Paul Phillips Månad sedan
Hi Leon I have over 500 cards all mint condition I collected them late 98 to 99 and I have no idea what they are all worth I also have a charizard shiny
Sigve 010
Sigve 010 Månad sedan
The 1st one has fake cards
PokePluto Månad sedan
Don’t they need the first edition stamp
Justin Law
Justin Law Månad sedan
If he gets all the cards graded 👀
BILAL GARCIA Månad sedan
Damn why I didn’t keep my Pokémon cards ….. fuck
Aarron Lambrecht
Aarron Lambrecht Månad sedan
I was wondering myself if that amount of holos makes sense compared to none holos. Does that many make any sense compared to the amount commons?
Matthew Hernandez
Matthew Hernandez Månad sedan
@Aarron Lambrecht Yeah, it really sucks. The upside for the possible future is how many people have flooded grading services with cards. Now it's a really oversaturated market. Prices are consistently declining every month. Hopefully there is sharp downward decline because there is an insane amount of cards in circulation now. Not to mention people that had the money to buy the cards at inflated prices have already done it. Now they can only go down.
Aarron Lambrecht
Aarron Lambrecht Månad sedan
@Matthew Hernandez I know. I hate how much I've been cut off buying anything because of the price jump over the last 2 years It feels like.
Matthew Hernandez
Matthew Hernandez Månad sedan
Probably knew a family friend that would pick cards off the assembly. That's what happened with the goldstars especially the legendary dogs. There was a guy that had thousands of goldstars because he had a guy take them from the line. Can't wait for prices to correct because there's a lot more cards in circulation than people think.
Sam Grannon
Sam Grannon Månad sedan
That was mad
IzuMi Månad sedan
8:14 wtf too much charizard I remember 1 charizard psa 9 it's 10 000 $
miamiwax Månad sedan
This is wild
Frances Ottewill
Frances Ottewill Månad sedan
I would love to see those graded
Hunter Honda
Hunter Honda Månad sedan
So here's my theory... His father worked in the Pokemon manufacture plant and stole 85% of ALL the cards that he knew would be valuable in the future. How did he know they'd be valuable?... BECAUSE HE STOLE 85% OF THEM!!! Because of this, there were only so many available in the world. He hid his loot for decades so that his son could reap the benefits and be set for life. So THAT is the explanation of this... A father's love for his son. duh.
Nick Mead
Nick Mead Månad sedan
Shuffling through those Charizard cards like that is highly taboo and can easily scratch the cards and devalue them.
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