Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

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It's time to meet your new maker! Lucifer is back with eight thrilling new episodes. Season 5 Part 2 premieres May 28th.
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Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix
Lucifer makes a tumultuous return to the land of the living in hopes of making things right with Chloe. A devil’s work is never done.

FEelDaPAinO 12 minuter sedan
I am probably totally wrong about this but I feel like the three words he could never say are "I want kids". Cause as we know Lucifer can't stand children. Like yes obviously he would do anything to protect Trixie but as far as actually having his own children, it would probably never happen. Not to mention they seem to be heavily leaning on the whole "being a father" part of things with Chloe calling out Gods parenting skills and that little quip Lucifer made about practicing dad jokes. And you know, the whole thing about Lucifer wanting to become the Father of all creation. Just a theory but it would make sense.
flower buds
flower buds 13 minuter sedan
TNV 13 minuter sedan
How many more seasons they renewed this for?
tarrynstar 21 minut sedan
This would be me 😮 if Chloe full line was I’m pregnant why are you doing this?
tarrynstar 26 minuter sedan
If Chloe is going to be pregnant I hope that Lucifer doesn’t leave her. It would be just like the third 50 shades of grey book. He ends up leaving her when he finds out that she was pregnant and she ends up getting hurt and then he comes to his senses.
Jason Levine
Jason Levine 27 minuter sedan
I thought it's "disfunctional"
tarrynstar 31 minut sedan
Maybe the 3 words are I am scared which really turns out to be I am terrified.
TayTay is an Entitled Brat
TayTay is an Entitled Brat 45 minuter sedan
Finally Maze and Eve 😍
Jack Hoff
Jack Hoff 53 minuter sedan
Did anyone else see the flaming sword, I think lucifers mom may come back or be involved a little more
Leah Marie
Leah Marie Timme sedan
Yay, Maze found someone and no Lucifer doesn't love Chloe :(
Austin Stapes
Austin Stapes Timme sedan
I'm almost certain half of this trailer is just bait. Like of course Lucifer loves Chloe, the context is probably another 3 words like "I hate you"
Stupid.canadi4n ?¿?¿
Stupid.canadi4n ?¿?¿ Timme sedan
Devansh Bairagi
Devansh Bairagi Timme sedan
28th may on my birthday i am really excited and what a coincidence 🥰❤️❤️❤️
V Sandhu
V Sandhu Timme sedan
This now a davil trailer
El Hassan fagrouche
El Hassan fagrouche Timme sedan
this is a spoiler not a trailer for gods sake
ÀBooD Timme sedan
Let's Gooooooooo
Official#omatu 87
Official#omatu 87 2 timmar sedan
After Ella said “nice dad joke” Lucifer said he’s practicing, then Chloe gave him a look. Does this mean what I think it means?
Paige The Strange
Paige The Strange 2 timmar sedan
Does anyone know the name of the song in the background because I'm kinda jamming to it right now 😂
sadlypainful 2 timmar sedan
i cant waiiittt ahh!!!
Harshit Aggarwal
Harshit Aggarwal 2 timmar sedan
Finally at least a little something from the comic
Ana Oke
Ana Oke 2 timmar sedan
1:49 excuse me... WHAT!?
Gojin boo
Gojin boo 3 timmar sedan
holy shit :0 i didn't see this coming, but i can't wait
Christopher Cressey Sony Xperia Channel
Christopher Cressey Sony Xperia Channel 3 timmar sedan
I will; quote a line from Morrissey "I would spit god in the eye and ask why?
Samuel Waleola
Samuel Waleola 3 timmar sedan
Can't wait !!!
ryan 3 timmar sedan
God giving the devil a noogie 🤣
N Muhammed
N Muhammed 3 timmar sedan
Sunny Devendra
Sunny Devendra 3 timmar sedan
Can't wait anymore I'm so excited dud
Jericho Alipio
Jericho Alipio 3 timmar sedan
I am happy in a way because we can see more angelic wings and more angels and the fighting. Dinner with God though.... But I wonder if that arean was in the Silver City, because there multiple "angels" in it along with Lucifer and his twin brother Michael.
Isabella gallego
Isabella gallego 3 timmar sedan
LMAOOO , “....... respectfully”
Nekonomable 4 timmar sedan
Samoail B&H
Samoail B&H 5 timmar sedan
Onnnn fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
samir nahar
samir nahar 5 timmar sedan
This is too much!! U guys are out of line.. I don't think this should air.. Its an offence to everything God stands for
Lary Kokoropoulos
Lary Kokoropoulos 4 timmar sedan
Stop it
Alya 5 timmar sedan
Kym Lilly
Kym Lilly 5 timmar sedan
Omggg I’m so ready I’ve been waiting so long for this
ahsan khan
ahsan khan 5 timmar sedan
i never thought i'd watch a series based on love. This is pure class.
Chen’s Corner
Chen’s Corner 5 timmar sedan
The Anxiety 😦
Gabriel Hoffman
Gabriel Hoffman 5 timmar sedan
"I'm going to be God" yeah Ive heard that before but where did that get you exactly
Jesse Wagner
Jesse Wagner 5 timmar sedan
Holy shit this looks good
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 6 timmar sedan
I hope we will see Azrael again in a positive light not with her coming as the angle of death. Maybe she can help tell Ella who Lucifer really is?
Nourddine Kabach
Nourddine Kabach 6 timmar sedan
Jaidyn Dunn
Jaidyn Dunn 6 timmar sedan
Emanعماد Emanعماد
Emanعماد Emanعماد 6 timmar sedan
وايمت يتم بث الحلقات
Jenny Will
Jenny Will 6 timmar sedan
So we just gonna ignore the fact that Lucifer said he was practing his dad jokes and Linda being arrested ✿
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 6 timmar sedan
“Safe drivers save 40%” better bring his A game 👌🏾
Ivano Vidakovic
Ivano Vidakovic 6 timmar sedan
Lesssss goooo!!!
Mouri music station Official
Mouri music station Official 6 timmar sedan
Is it available already in Netflix???
Asad Hasan
Asad Hasan 6 timmar sedan
Birthday on 29th yohoooo
The Originals
The Originals 6 timmar sedan
ParYas BeniWal
ParYas BeniWal 6 timmar sedan
Looks like it is going to be the best season ❤ and it should be longer also 😅
lyz gamerYT
lyz gamerYT 6 timmar sedan
Dios amo Lucifer y solo imaginar la siguiente temporada con Dios me morire de la emoción
kashieka Smith
kashieka Smith 6 timmar sedan
I can't wait
Berfin Demirkazık
Berfin Demirkazık 6 timmar sedan
Sir Godaime
Sir Godaime 7 timmar sedan
i doubt there would be a real fight ... i mean it would be rly unfair ? doesnt matter how many there are on the otherside ..... he has Mazikeen she will win against them all
Matthew Lamar
Matthew Lamar 7 timmar sedan
Lary Kokoropoulos
Lary Kokoropoulos 4 timmar sedan
I thought i was the only one. Idk it just doesn't look as good as the first half of season 5. I expected more. I hope I'm wrong tho
Sanjo Johnson
Sanjo Johnson 7 timmar sedan
Let's goooo
its erfan
its erfan 7 timmar sedan
finally yessssssss
Nk Naturalz
Nk Naturalz 7 timmar sedan
“Safe drivers save 40%” better bring his A game 👌🏾
Giorgos Alexopoulos
Giorgos Alexopoulos 7 timmar sedan
Cody Dryer
Cody Dryer 7 timmar sedan
ive never clicked something so fast in my life!!!! :) i cant wait for May 28th, LETS GO!!!!!
Buse Bursalı
Buse Bursalı 8 timmar sedan
Bu sezona kadar çarpılmadık bu sefer kaçamayacağız gibi...
Android Y5
Android Y5 8 timmar sedan
Paula 8 timmar sedan
alan smithee
alan smithee 8 timmar sedan
I'm pretty sure the "it would be a lie" line is just some nonsense about some kind of under cover thing where Chloe wants him to say something to make their story more believable but Lucifer can't because he can't lie and it's just taken out of context to make the trailer more flashy.
Disciple's of Jesus
Disciple's of Jesus 8 timmar sedan
I love this movie but y'all taking it a little bit too far🤦🙁😑 and God is not a bad father💖😇😌
Disciple's of Jesus
Disciple's of Jesus 3 timmar sedan
@Lary Kokoropoulos stop what
Lary Kokoropoulos
Lary Kokoropoulos 4 timmar sedan
Stop it
mehmet Dogan
mehmet Dogan 7 timmar sedan
حسين المجايده
حسين المجايده 8 timmar sedan
Aist .!
Aist .! 8 timmar sedan
lets go again ,
lol lol
lol lol 9 timmar sedan
But Linda is getting arrested?
lol lol
lol lol 9 timmar sedan
Amol Krishnan
Amol Krishnan 9 timmar sedan
The most awaited series❤️❤️
Southwestern_Law 9 timmar sedan
Alexei Rosaria
Alexei Rosaria 9 timmar sedan
Hazhen 64
Hazhen 64 9 timmar sedan
Why part two and not s6?
Lary Kokoropoulos
Lary Kokoropoulos 4 timmar sedan
Don't complain season 6 is the last season so it's better to have a part two of season 5
Kanha Rajput
Kanha Rajput 9 timmar sedan
Wow i knew it I'm getting goosebumps ❤❤
Frozen gamer
Frozen gamer 10 timmar sedan
They shouldn't got Morgan freeman to play god.
Jazz YT
Jazz YT 10 timmar sedan
Am I the only one who felt maze voice was diff.
revo gxd
revo gxd 10 timmar sedan
bro it's been 1 year at this point nobody even is hyped anymore
Lary Kokoropoulos
Lary Kokoropoulos 4 timmar sedan
Yeah the annoying thing is they have literally finished filming season 6 but they take too long to air the new episodes to create hype and more new people to see the the series. But that's Netflix fault not the producers
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 10 timmar sedan
Jesus watching them fight over the throne of God be like : O_o They still dont know
Veronica Micu
Veronica Micu 10 timmar sedan
Istg if this 1:00 is one of those musical episode that netflix does to their series, I'm gonna combust
Cristina Stoenoiu
Cristina Stoenoiu 10 timmar sedan
__mr_awesome anand pandey
__mr_awesome anand pandey 10 timmar sedan
holly awesome
Amjad Think and Learn
Amjad Think and Learn 10 timmar sedan
my target is me thanks
Yassine Yassine
Yassine Yassine 10 timmar sedan
Lucifer you are white and your father is black what a coincidence !
Michele Briere
Michele Briere 11 timmar sedan
Ahmet Bekem
Ahmet Bekem 11 timmar sedan
We will sin
Fake Account
Fake Account 11 timmar sedan
i didnt like this. lucifer had an sarcastic good and bad story. but now in new season it seems like it is an regular action movie
Aarif Khan
Aarif Khan 11 timmar sedan
Giuliano Gisotti
Giuliano Gisotti 11 timmar sedan
God puns: the series
jo Jo
jo Jo 11 timmar sedan
My most favourite series of all
Xky_mysticOg 309
Xky_mysticOg 309 11 timmar sedan
Someone please tell me when this comes out!
Lavanya sridhar
Lavanya sridhar 11 timmar sedan
Goosebumps scene 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Siderminer KGL
Siderminer KGL 11 timmar sedan
Lets hope fundamentalists or some biased newspaper don't "go apes together strong" and sue Netflix for Lucifer. Maybe, Netflix has to launch a show like "Crusade-Reformed2k21" to get some balance for those extremists...
Eric Rawlings
Eric Rawlings 11 timmar sedan
I can’t wait!!! Luv Lucifer! Tom Ellis is amazing!
Drunk Blue Bastard
Drunk Blue Bastard 11 timmar sedan
Proof god is black!!
Skaii Yellow
Skaii Yellow 11 timmar sedan
Thirsty Twitter after this season's finale: Oh GOD f*ck me harder! (literally)
Game Master_2900u
Game Master_2900u 11 timmar sedan
Dang when i watched this i was like dang there's going to awesome shit here please please make more seasons
DEATH GAMING YT 12 timmar sedan
Please tell release date
Royalking NL
Royalking NL 12 timmar sedan
Nobody gifs a shit about the crashing bus 1:51... Maybe There a importent person on the BUS!!!!!!!!!
Royalking NL
Royalking NL 12 timmar sedan
Nederlander HIEROOOO!!!!
Rawan Amar
Rawan Amar 12 timmar sedan
Edgard Pinheiro
Edgard Pinheiro 12 timmar sedan
There are so many issues about putting god on a TV show. Like... why did got ask if he son had a desk? Wouldn't the creator of the universe, the one who judges you and knows all your virtues and sins know that his son doesn't have a freaking desk?
Lary Kokoropoulos
Lary Kokoropoulos 4 timmar sedan
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