"Looks Like Chicken, Tastes Like Shrimp... Or S***" | Kitchen Nightmares

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Kitchen Nightmares

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Dara Saguid
Dara Saguid 4 minuter sedan
Me: "Oh that appetizer looks appetizing." Gordon: "It's ghastly" Me: It's ghastly!
Dychraul 34 minuter sedan
Whoever is running this channel I just wanna say I love you. You're a God send.
Eyosahdude 10 timmar sedan
put more ads
PurpleDOVE GAMING 12 timmar sedan
11:37 "You can bust my balls about my *ego*...but you should not be killing me about my food" ... I think thats whats called ego my friend
Carlos Dunga
Carlos Dunga 16 timmar sedan
Tell me the truth you watched one episode and you became addicted
Nathan ZNEIMER 18 timmar sedan
the only dislikes on this video is anthony
Stanislav Gourskii
Stanislav Gourskii 20 timmar sedan
"I know I am a great Chef" No, if Gordon Ramsay is disgusted and says how your food is bad then apparently you are not.
Subhankar Bhadra
Subhankar Bhadra 20 timmar sedan
The girl is gorgeous!!! (His girlfriend)😍
Lord Vader
Lord Vader 22 timmar sedan
How are you
fluffy dagacha
fluffy dagacha 22 timmar sedan
I love how people think gordon is a jerk but irl hes a sweet heart in his heart
Alex Clark
Alex Clark 23 timmar sedan
Fire alarm is turned off: Customers start clapping despite the fact they literally flicked a switch
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper Dag sedan
Ramsay : "this food is disgusting" Joe : "he said this food is an insult to food"
Fury Dag sedan
Food critics are just People payed to be Karens
Doc Pixel
Doc Pixel Dag sedan
That dude is a wife-beater. 99% guaranteed
Doc Pixel
Doc Pixel Dag sedan
“Knife, fork, spoon and straw” I’m dead 😵🤣 Fergetaboutit!
Safayet Rouf
Safayet Rouf Dag sedan
Only one person can turn kitchen nightmare to kithchen fairy tale... Lots and lost of love for the new couple and thank you so much gordon ❤️ you made their day its good to see that all the family members are happy God bless them❤️
Star_ Night
Star_ Night Dag sedan
When Gordan pulled out the ring I thought he was proposing-
Simon Mietus
Simon Mietus Dag sedan
He’s such a flirt with the older girls
prayag raj
prayag raj Dag sedan
Whats the current status of this place.. anyone please tell??
CLARK Lee Dag sedan
Act like that to your "future" father in law in Asian will be a great drama... Basically that guy will get his butt kicked and he will lose his fiancée. WHY """future""" father in law trust a man were not his son in law yet? is that normal in western?
Alfie Naylor
Alfie Naylor Dag sedan
Just me wondering where the mans parents where 😳
Alpha Golf
Alpha Golf Dag sedan
Rohit Dag sedan
its weird, i can always smell these kitchens
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 2 dagar sedan
Random customer in 2021: Tastes like nothing 👅 Everyone else at the restaurant: 👀
princess hannah cute baby
princess hannah cute baby 2 dagar sedan
Happy ending ;D
C H A R V A 2 dagar sedan
16:22 "see how loud they are" Gordons the only one talking lol
siddharth sudarsan
siddharth sudarsan 2 dagar sedan
anthony really did mature throughout the episode and i really rate him for that
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 2 dagar sedan
shows before and when I saw hime on TV shouting, I would think to myself who is this asshole. Man I was wrong
FoXbOw 2 dagar sedan
31:04 she looks like a remake rhonny James dio
Anuroop Chatterjee
Anuroop Chatterjee 2 dagar sedan
Ramsay you are the best teacher and you have that potential to change nightmares in to beautiful dreams 👍
Stxrr 2 dagar sedan
1 week ago? Damn I usually watch these episodes when there 8 years old
Helliox 2 dagar sedan
I gotta give Anthony credits for having the balls to willing to put everything on the line to make his dream come true, it's trully good, being ambitious and all, but the whole problem is that he took way too many risks without even doing his homework and being properly prepared for all of the pressure, and worse of all - he involved his gf/wife and her parents in his risks. If he cared about them enough, he wouldn't rush it THAT quickly, and would try going for an idea that wouldn't involve putting them at risk too, like for example, there's tons of other italian restaurants around him, then why tf he didn't consider opening a restaurant focusing on a cuisine that isn't quite available around his area?
FONDUE DAVE 2 dagar sedan
It really fucking amazes me , when so called Chefs say Gordon doesn’t know what he’s on about...
laiden25 2 dagar sedan
I just hope they're doing well
Charlie Jones
Charlie Jones 2 dagar sedan
Love that Gordon wore his chefs coat to their wedding
Brandon Lotriet
Brandon Lotriet 3 dagar sedan
Kitchen Nightmares youtube admins need a raise. 🤣👌🏽👌🏽
Coughjockey22 3 dagar sedan
Pete Wentz
Pedro Generalao
Pedro Generalao 3 dagar sedan
The real question,has anybody ever freaked out while they were shooting,like cmon where they live at that seeing popular ppl is a common thing like,bruh,how every look like it's a normal Wednesday y'all don't him,y'all that old?!?if it was me there boi I would've start screaming dancing practically twerking over there like every body there got out a comma so some'in like they lost there taste buds and there memories I'm hella jealous they saw in real life that's a blessing,who agree's?✋😩
fin_ lifts
fin_ lifts 3 dagar sedan
What a legand
ASH FIRESTORM 3 dagar sedan
I’m watching this and get a Gordon Ramsay ad
PeTrA Corp
PeTrA Corp 3 dagar sedan
Hats off to Gordon Ramsay
Amir Monshi
Amir Monshi 3 dagar sedan
This man is the definition of alpha male. Not because he is tall and shouts at people. Although he might be dominant and intimidating, he is genuinely and extremely kind. He values and respects his customers by keeping high standards in the kitchen. You can see he gets a bit of teary eyes at the wedding scene. He is a true role model. I think in any profession or status we are, we should try to be more like Gordon. Smart, kind, hard working, deeply respecting ourself and our gifts and others. I never payed attention to his shows before and when I saw hime on TV shouting, I would think to myself who is this asshole. Man I was wrong
An OK Man
An OK Man 3 dagar sedan
If I was the owner of that restaurant, I'd make sure there is a fish dish on the menu called "Sleeping with the fishes".
chris greene
chris greene 3 dagar sedan
The people clapping after the alarm going off if I was a server or a waiter that would have been the most shameful moment, far worse than any Gordon roasting. By a long mile.
Nhật Thành Nguyễn
Nhật Thành Nguyễn 3 dagar sedan
I love you, Gordon. A biggggg fan from Viet Nam
The meme King
The meme King 3 dagar sedan
I got your ad on the video your paying yourself 😂
ihuboo 4 dagar sedan
Best kitchen nightmare episode I’ve seen
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 4 dagar sedan
Random customer in 2021: Tastes like nothing 👅 Everyone else at the restaurant: 👀
Jose Domingo Vega Viera
Jose Domingo Vega Viera 4 dagar sedan
press 8 repeatedly for the Ramsay sex experience
Haz 4 dagar sedan
25:49 I can't take it anymore
AWFC CHAOS 4 dagar sedan
Those grannies are so adorable
Andre 4 dagar sedan
"Gordon Ramsay taught me that, you need to face reality."
Andre 4 dagar sedan
More than half probably do not deserve his tenacity, care and support throughout this show. Even if it is a partially staged show, a lot of it also isn't, and these assholes are not.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 4 dagar sedan
2021 and this is 13 yrs old ..... not watching the end now I know the assholes used Ramsey to remodel and sell months later..........How disrespectful.
Jinghui 4 dagar sedan
24:28 lmao
Bert de Jesus
Bert de Jesus 4 dagar sedan
one of the best and emotional episode of this series....
Harri S
Harri S 5 dagar sedan
25...what a boy
burbon ­
burbon ­ 5 dagar sedan
I am amazed this douchebag got such a pretty woman...
Theodore Vasilopoulos
Theodore Vasilopoulos 5 dagar sedan
Come on, I know it's a show and everything but you've got to listen to Ramsey. I mean I wish I had half of his wit, nevermind he's culinary knowledge and skills...
asad lion
asad lion 5 dagar sedan
ramsay forcre the guy to prupose.lmao
BEAN 45 5 dagar sedan
Hey the owner is joe
juliean joy quimpo
juliean joy quimpo 5 dagar sedan
Cleanliness is a must in Gordon Ramsay and it's speaks on his success restaurant so that's why he's really furious when it comes to kitchens cleanliness
juliean joy quimpo
juliean joy quimpo 4 dagar sedan
Yes sir
John Davies
John Davies 4 dagar sedan
You from the phillipines?
jintie 5 dagar sedan
priscamolotsi 5 dagar sedan
As of 2020, there were 22 Kitchen Nightmares still in operation, 83 had closed, including this one. I guess Gordon didn’t really help them, but it was an entertaining show.
NEIL SALDANHA 5 dagar sedan
Ramsay has a big heart
Mel Meller
Mel Meller 5 dagar sedan
Knife..fork...spoon...straw. 😄
Renzo San Antonio
Renzo San Antonio 6 dagar sedan
Tbh I find Tiffany very attractive. Just sayin 😁
R M 6 dagar sedan
2021 and this is 13 yrs old ..... not watching the end now I know the assholes used Ramsey to remodel and sell months later..........How disrespectful.
Francis Nepomuceno
Francis Nepomuceno 6 dagar sedan
24:28 lol
Maestro's Music
Maestro's Music 6 dagar sedan
Chef Ramsey ❤ A person who I wanna meet personally one day.
Way to Sacramento
Way to Sacramento 6 dagar sedan
The before and after is ridiculous. For all Europeans the “After” is like “WTF is better now? 🤷🏼‍♂️” .
Atilla Nándor Füri
Atilla Nándor Füri 6 dagar sedan
Gordon is so powerful, he had one talk with this Anthony guy and, changed that mans soul or something
Jeepman89 6 dagar sedan
Relaunch in one day? C'mon. That would take a month.
P C 82
P C 82 6 dagar sedan
It's all scripted
Shreyansh Gupta
Shreyansh Gupta 6 dagar sedan
By far the most beautiful episode on Kitchen Nightmares. 💙
Minnie Johnston
Minnie Johnston 6 dagar sedan
The puffy diaphragm rhetorically doubt because patch positionally influence modulo a untidy prosecution. laughable, marked shallot
defoNotCJ 6 dagar sedan
'i dont think he knew what he was talking about' -about Gorden Ramsay a literal chef and critic
Japipay 6 dagar sedan
I'd feel so pressured if I was the girl. Like wtf, we just got engaged and we're gonna get married?!?!! And I would just walk out
Manuela Klötzing
Manuela Klötzing 6 dagar sedan
Gordon is a real matchmaker! Second career after cooking?
Mandy U
Mandy U 6 dagar sedan
anthony is so arrogant its unfathomable and disgusting...like do you know who youre talking to ? its gordon ramsay, hes a fucking legend lol
Raamiz Farooqui
Raamiz Farooqui 6 dagar sedan
boy o boy into the gordon ramsay loophole again
pit bull
pit bull 6 dagar sedan
This is the nicesst nd the most heart warmimg thing ive seen in a long while......nd to feel that....from what Chef Ramsay did is even more heart warming.... Definitely brought tears...
Yeolie TV
Yeolie TV 6 dagar sedan
if ramsey says your food is shit.. that's because it probably is. what is with the chefs in this series being egotistical assholes? learn how to take criticism from one of the greatest chef in this current generation.
rogurt 6 dagar sedan
They look like brother and sister
Agent GuL
Agent GuL 6 dagar sedan
LOL Bon aperacist. Those shitty people dosent deserve to review food.
Brian brenner
Brian brenner 6 dagar sedan
I have been to Culinary school, been taught deep cleaning nightly in the kitchen after class, been taught to taste food as you cook, last project for school we had to put forth a plan to open a restaurant, taking in the local demographic, looking into what your competing with, there is so much more into opening a restaurant, know the ins and out of the cuisine you are serving.
Zaymyman Manches
Zaymyman Manches 6 dagar sedan
People say cheff ramsay is a b*tch but this episode proves he is not and that he is nice but others just get on they're nerve and make him angry I mean its they're fault and he just got two people married
Sathiya Vani
Sathiya Vani 6 dagar sedan
The kids that came in the restaurant be like : I just wanted eat not see a wedding where’s my *F* *O* *O* *D*
Stxrr 2 dagar sedan
Haha ikr
Deirdre Caskenette
Deirdre Caskenette 7 dagar sedan
why so much F#CK????
Yán-Zhi Linn
Yán-Zhi Linn 7 dagar sedan
Honestly never understood those kitchens in Kitchen Nightmares. I worked in a bigger kitchen for a few month's just as a sidejob, we cleaned daily, floor every 2nd day and a full cleanup weekly. Absolutely everything had to be done, every little corner. Every chef learns it during their training, don't they? Why not just keep up with it. I know, most restaurants and kitchens do so, but that there is still a small number that don't baffles me
ferdaws khoshal
ferdaws khoshal 7 dagar sedan
that is too much
Lina EXO-L
Lina EXO-L 7 dagar sedan
Other family member feelings when they not get invited for this wedding 🤧
Jewel Gumiran
Jewel Gumiran 7 dagar sedan
I am crying! The ending of this episode is touching my throat hurts so bad. Gordon Ramsey is an angel who loves to say F*ck!
Anastasia Spence
Anastasia Spence 7 dagar sedan
Bloody hell, no way Anthony was going to wiggle out of marrying his girlfriend. "I've bought you a ring so you can propose to her, right now." and "I've actually arranged for you to get married. Right now. In front of everyone. No going anywhere mate."
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi 7 dagar sedan
Remember boys and girls, this video was listed on Trending #47. Don’t ya forget this.
Nightcore Bloodcore
Nightcore Bloodcore 7 dagar sedan
32:01 is that a cigarette ? What is that ? It looks like a cig but i thought gordon doesnt smoke
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi 7 dagar sedan
this is the most happiest episode
Nightcore Bloodcore
Nightcore Bloodcore 7 dagar sedan
I love how the dad in law is just clowning him hes like "u want a taste ? No? Throw it out? Ok" lol he has no chill
X3RUBIM 7 dagar sedan
Him: "We´ve been together for three years.." Her: "I´ve been waiting for this (getting married) for six years!" Creepy?
bssni touir
bssni touir 7 dagar sedan
Owhhh..god..,..happy ending..i'm crying
Thomas Tadhunter
Thomas Tadhunter 7 dagar sedan
“That’s what we have staff for” wtf he should be doing the same cleaning up after himself I dread to think what he’s be like as a KP
bssni touir
bssni touir 7 dagar sedan
The title should have been knife fork spoon straw & respect too Gordon for making us British dudes look good in front off all the granny’s 😂
Anna Kloss
Anna Kloss 7 dagar sedan
That Anthony is just arrogant prat.
Zaid Al Alaf
Zaid Al Alaf 7 dagar sedan
wow a full episode
k 7 dagar sedan
Them stepping behind the cow multiple times really scared me
Kshitij Garg
Kshitij Garg 7 dagar sedan
First and the biggest mistake : Owned by him and his girlfriend's parents!
Jessica 7 dagar sedan
Gordon’s dry humour cracks me up 😂😂😂 ‘let’s go for the salmon spag bol ‘ love it
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