Live Aid | Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) - scene comparisons

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Comparisons between the Live Aid scene from the movie Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) and the blu-ray extra with the Live Aid performance from 1985 by The Queen.
Editor's note: complete Live Aid performance with the songs Crazy Little Thing Called Love and We Will Rock You that were not in the movie. Also, the complete version of the songs Radio Ga Ga and Hammer To Fall that were shorter in the movie. The change on the logo on the left indicates wich clip is from the movie and wich clip is from the blu-ray extra.

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V Martin
V Martin Månad sedan
I’m totally obsessed!
netaa Månad sedan
Bullshit, the remix
love it
yanma yanma
yanma yanma Månad sedan
Manuela Profetti
Manuela Profetti Månad sedan
Immortale unico perfetto era una belva del palcoscenico e un bellissimo uomo 🌟🌟🌟💋💋🥰😍🥰💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
Dolores Epstien
Dolores Epstien Månad sedan
I’m such an idiot it’s Hammer to Fall not Canada Falls!
José Humberto Martínez Ríos
José Humberto Martínez Ríos Månad sedan
14:26 That was amazing.
Karlita Ceron
Karlita Ceron Månad sedan
I love the part when he says aayyyoooo!!
Juan Meneses - RM
Juan Meneses - RM Månad sedan
Este es el comentario en español que estabas buscando 😁🙌🏻
Food Reacts
Food Reacts Månad sedan
brian may legend
Food Reacts
Food Reacts Månad sedan
did rami sing
Pina Loppy11
Pina Loppy11 Månad sedan
Руслан Авезклычев
Руслан Авезклычев Månad sedan
24. 2018. - stuppid film!!! real Freddie is always alive in my heart!!!
Silky_Smooth 94
Silky_Smooth 94 Månad sedan
Freddie sweating bullets Rami bruhhh I didn't even break a sweat doing this
Sergio David
Sergio David Månad sedan
Legendary amazing poweeeer
9C 23 Daksh Jain
9C 23 Daksh Jain Månad sedan
They brought Brian May back from the past for shooting the movie
лёня раенко
лёня раенко Månad sedan
Wow it’s so hard to copy every single movement😳👏👏👏👏
dolx20 Månad sedan
야 이거 좋아요 버튼왜 2개 없냐 하나만 누르기 아쉬운데
Angel Nikita
Angel Nikita Månad sedan
Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E HD ------------۞-------------- ☑ механізм, який ми використовуємо для встановлення Кеннеди, Жонсон нарын тэргүүлэгчид, Вьетнам, Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??
yuda pratama
yuda pratama Månad sedan
Mohammed Saimon
Mohammed Saimon Månad sedan
Goosebumps goosebumps and fucking goosebumps
Charlotte Hay
Charlotte Hay Månad sedan
Rest In Peace, Freddie. You were and will always remain a legend. 💗🌸
БежиS ПаR16
БежиS ПаR16 Månad sedan
Круто! Благодарю! Квин - на века!!!
BLaMeBLM*916* Månad sedan
⏳Time of his life⌛
BLaMeBLM*916* Månad sedan
This is the definition of EPIC , I laughed I cried I lived I died.
paola bitienes lopez
paola bitienes lopez Månad sedan
Those who went to that concert have a great story to tell their children.
Flower Bear
Flower Bear Månad sedan
Cos theres something boutnthe crowd. They are genuine, but in the movie its just acting and fake
Flower Bear
Flower Bear Månad sedan
I like the bottom one
Tatsiana Dudchenko Dydchenko
Tatsiana Dudchenko Dydchenko Månad sedan
Freddie Mercury was of amazing unearthly beauty ... with a unique cosmic energy ... an ingenious composer, musician and singer with an unsurpassed voice ... and this actor, I'm sorry ... it's just a pity to watch ... he doesn't look like at all ... sheer antics .. .it would be better if this film was not released ... ugh ...
Basti :3
Basti :3 Månad sedan
The best singer of the world
philip owens
philip owens Månad sedan
Lorien Newman
Lorien Newman Månad sedan
Freddie is TRULY missed.
HazzaPlayz Månad sedan
What doesn't get mentioned is how the rest of the cast playing the other band members replicate it equally flawlessly.
Norman Hussein
Norman Hussein Månad sedan
I really felt as though I was watching the EXACT same real historical event but from an 80s footage and a cinematic perspective. Props to the production of this wonderful film!
Peaky blinders Tube
Peaky blinders Tube Månad sedan
ALL❤ Characters and Original are Awesome 👌
Rubens de Camargo Vianna Filho
Rubens de Camargo Vianna Filho Månad sedan
20 mil negatives! Why?
ღ•Cami Neko•ღ
ღ•Cami Neko•ღ Månad sedan
Admito que si se parecen ;-;
Ali Alvandi
Ali Alvandi Månad sedan
20 min that i cried and laughed
Михаил Новиков
Михаил Новиков Månad sedan
Why Queen not play "Show must go on" in aid?
dimitreze Månad sedan
the music didn't exist by then you said that Rami played Freddy bad, but you don't even know the basics about Queen 🙄🙄🙄
Михаил Новиков
Михаил Новиков Månad sedan
Rami played disgustingly the Great Freddy. very fake and without a soul
Елена Карпухина
Елена Карпухина Månad sedan
Stefani Vishaka kurniadi
Stefani Vishaka kurniadi Månad sedan
2021 still recomended clip
nweth Månad sedan
A moment of silence for this marvelous person that posted this, got 70 million views and didn't got a single penny because of copyright...
ma ya
ma ya Månad sedan
true 😩
Frank Grimes
Frank Grimes Månad sedan
Everything, down to those Pepsi cups
Tony Lopez
Tony Lopez Månad sedan
This scene gave me goosebumps.
Janeth Marconi
Janeth Marconi Månad sedan
Muy bella y excelente presentación, en ese entonces no nacía aún, pero gracias a la película, logré conocer a Queen, y tiene unas canciones formidables y muy representativas a muchas personas... Grande Queen, dios bendiga a todos los integrantes y a los que interpretaron en la película 🥰🥰🥰 una fans de Bolivia 🇧🇴👌👌
Micheal schmidt
Micheal schmidt Månad sedan
They were a professional band Queen they could cover all genres of music
Micheal schmidt
Micheal schmidt Månad sedan
He played Freddy exactly like it was Freddy had great energy
Heyyy Chssj
Heyyy Chssj Månad sedan
This probably one of the best live performance that has been on earth. Freddie, despite bad condition on the day really ripped the crowd apart. His performance that day will be remembered forever.
Danilo España
Danilo España Månad sedan
Soy un chico de 20 años y escucho esta musica desde que nací, que grande freddy desearia haber nacido en esa epoca en la que en verdad se disfrutaba la musica verdadera. NO COMO AHORA TODO LLENO DE REGAYTON
Danilo España
Danilo España Månad sedan
@Juan Jose Hernandez Bedoya te amo, por gente como nosotros ya no podemos ver el video
Juan Jose Hernandez Bedoya
Juan Jose Hernandez Bedoya Månad sedan
tienes razon todo lleno de reggaeton es mejor para mi el rock
Danilo España
Danilo España Månad sedan
Aguante yatra
Kez Lynx
Kez Lynx Månad sedan
wow! I didn't realize how much he studied Freddy Mercury! I vaguely remember this when I was 4 years old. My parents loved rock music so this was on the T.V. proud :-)
Helen Orellana
Helen Orellana Månad sedan
christopher jones
christopher jones Månad sedan
I cry like a baby on WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!
봉가르시아 Månad sedan
주기적으로 보러 오시는 한국인분들 행복 하시고 또 봬요~
cazia9 Månad sedan
As a whole film, Bohemian Rhapsody is flawed but NO ONE will convince me that Rami's performance was topped in 2018
TheaterPup Månad sedan
As a whole film, Bo Rhap is amazing, as its box office and awards have demonstrated. It just became trendy for critics to trash it, as they always did to Queen itself.
So SIMPLE Månad sedan
Am speechless 😶
David Nator
David Nator Månad sedan
“Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?”
mary joy ann barangan
mary joy ann barangan Månad sedan
Hyungkil Seo
Hyungkil Seo Månad sedan
master piece~~wonderful job Malek.~~~
Hard Hammer
Hard Hammer Månad sedan
I'm watching this at 5:30 am
Horror Xd
Horror Xd Månad sedan
1985 camrea quality doesn’t even look bad
J Månad sedan
To think the only thing they got incorrect was the sweat
Subhajit Naskar
Subhajit Naskar Månad sedan
It's so beautiful
Patricia Gutierrez Fuentes
Patricia Gutierrez Fuentes Månad sedan
Carol Favero
Carol Favero Månad sedan
They look like twins. Really very identical also the way they acting singing and everything ☺️☺️☺️☺️ .. I saw the movies last week ago very good 👏👏👏✌️🙂✌️
o-n playz
o-n playz Månad sedan
19:47 I squinted my eyes for a second and taught it was a giant stomach.
Juan Jose Hernandez Bedoya
Juan Jose Hernandez Bedoya Månad sedan
amo esta cancion
Cynthia Gaehler
Cynthia Gaehler Månad sedan
Bravo!!!!! 👏👏👏👏❤️😃
Pablo Montes Gaspar
Pablo Montes Gaspar Månad sedan
I swear it looks like they just de-aged Brian May lol
Pradeep Kumar
Pradeep Kumar Månad sedan
I dnt know freddik legend ....but Ramik is fucking legend I say ....what an actor absolutely perfect sync one literally no one can copy exact moves if it not Ramik I say .....I became fan of him....really awesome 👌....
Graciela Vargas
Graciela Vargas Månad sedan
Catch Fire
Catch Fire Månad sedan
when Rami has done all effort to look like Freddie then what had stopped him to put some weight to look how his actual health was..Rami looked like a sick skinny Freddie no doubt
3:33- 3:37 amo esa caminata :3
Juan Jose Hernandez Bedoya
Juan Jose Hernandez Bedoya Månad sedan
la mejor cancion del mundo
with gratitude
with gratitude Månad sedan
The 21 minutes and 33 seconds of my life here was worth it.
with gratitude
with gratitude Månad sedan
I would've stopped believing in the Oscars if Rami didn't get an Oscar for this.
hangloovikas Månad sedan
Those 20k dislikes are from ch**iya log who like "Tau Hattt Keee Tau Hattt Kee" & " "Ch**a" madercho**d heeeeee "
Brandon Stevens
Brandon Stevens Månad sedan
i was born on the wrong decade
Morph Månad sedan
It pains me to never be able to go to one of their concerts. Seems like a one in a lifetime experience.
Mekrab J
Mekrab J Månad sedan
Doesn't get any fucking better then this.
Lennie Goldman
Lennie Goldman Månad sedan
So no one mind's that this movie was directed by a pedophile then? No you were all too busy enjoying this shit film to notice. Look it up right now!!
James McInn
James McInn Månad sedan
The truthful perch resultspreviously sin because timer acly smile anenst a historical airship. sneaky, ethereal digital
James Ells
James Ells Månad sedan
gmoney Fuck niggaz pragmático
gmoney Fuck niggaz pragmático Månad sedan
Da vontade de ver o filme mil vezes
Sweet Roland
Sweet Roland Månad sedan
Freddie mercury went inside rami
Lolita Zambrana
Lolita Zambrana Månad sedan
Ci manca tantissimo....grande Freddie Mercury ... Queen 🙏🏼⭐🌈🎽👑👒🕶️🎶🎵🎤🥁🎻🎷💋🤩🤩❤️❤️❤️😘😘😍😍
Ian Edmonds
Ian Edmonds Månad sedan
Jesus- what a live show.
Ian Edmonds
Ian Edmonds Månad sedan
Queen at live aid were at the very height of their powers and they fucking nailed it. Freddie was amazing. They stole the show at Live Aid by miles. I remember watching it as a kid looking forward to Queen. I actually missed it live because my parents dragged me out to a garden centre. Middle class problems. (Sheesh.) I saw it on repeat. Luv and Peace.
nicholas sean barber
nicholas sean barber Månad sedan
If that doesn't make you feel proud to be English then nothing Eva will 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 magnificent
Casanova Månad sedan
We are the champions/Another one bites the Dust. Greatest Hits album
Solange Adriano
Solange Adriano Månad sedan
love of miusic
utrax sonic crack 361
utrax sonic crack 361 Månad sedan
utrax sonic crack 361
utrax sonic crack 361 Månad sedan
cool cool
Octavio Diokno
Octavio Diokno Månad sedan
The best of the best, it’s amazing
jerry369 Månad sedan
we are the champions never die
Marcela Paz Ibarra Ramírez
Marcela Paz Ibarra Ramírez Månad sedan
D- Boy
D- Boy Månad sedan
Awesome ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Briana :v xd
Briana :v xd Månad sedan
Briana :v xd
Briana :v xd Månad sedan
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