Lindsey Graham vows GOP won't let Biden, Democrats pack Supreme Court

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Fox News

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South Carolina Republican senator tells 'Hannity' GOP can block 'radical' proposals if they stand together. #FoxNews #Hannity
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Corina Gallegos
Corina Gallegos 17 timmar sedan
Go Gop
Corina Gallegos
Corina Gallegos 17 timmar sedan
Get the clown Biden out o the supreme courts
Corina Gallegos
Corina Gallegos 17 timmar sedan
Don't let bonehead Biden pack the courts
Robert Leechford
Robert Leechford 3 dagar sedan
Corporate Fake News America is in Bed with stumbling bumbling Washington Far-Left Cronies.
Just Tim
Just Tim 5 dagar sedan
Anyone that still supports democrats needs to get the vaccine repetitively
Scott Lysle
Scott Lysle 9 dagar sedan
Graham - you two faced, lying RINO - you need to go.
José Flores
José Flores 9 dagar sedan
Ahora que hizo su presidente desquiciado?
God gives you your potential
God gives you your potential 9 dagar sedan
Does anyone else get a 502 bad gateway on vote tim scott .com?
The voice of Wayne Richard
The voice of Wayne Richard 10 dagar sedan
People that hate our country are in congress...Yall giving our. Country awY
The voice of Wayne Richard
The voice of Wayne Richard 10 dagar sedan
Yall letting everyone take over our country. JUST as soon let them have it
Alex Rodgers
Alex Rodgers 11 dagar sedan
How in the world does a guy like Lindsey vote FOR Deb Haaland to head up the department of the interior.... when she is a KNOWN Communist, with extensive Communist ties. We’re cooked folks...put on your Mao suits now.
Gee Wallace
Gee Wallace 11 dagar sedan
Lindsey Graham says there is no systemic racism when black people don't like most white people
It’s the Maine thing
It’s the Maine thing 11 dagar sedan
The new Republicans don’t seem to realize that they have declared war on democracy. Most American freethinkers have had enough B.S.
Alex Sacco
Alex Sacco 12 dagar sedan
That’s what republicans always say, and yet they let the Democrats trample all over us.
UandI US
UandI US 12 dagar sedan
Wrong: How can you reign in Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins etc..?
Marshall O
Marshall O 12 dagar sedan
We will see how much the reblulicucks word is worth...
Martin Smith
Martin Smith 12 dagar sedan
SUCH a sackless, shameless, spineless Hypocrite ⚠️❗
T W 12 dagar sedan
Fox news! Yikes....
Jr Berwick
Jr Berwick 12 dagar sedan
Temp Account
Temp Account 12 dagar sedan
He's another one that's got to go!
Temp Account
Temp Account 12 dagar sedan
I remember a couple other things Graham vowed to get to the bottom of! The Russian collusion illusion and the injustices that were involved there oh and let's not forget Hunter Biden! Graham is one of those that talks to talk but can't walk the walk he's got to go!
David Shelburne
David Shelburne 12 dagar sedan
P C 13 dagar sedan
We need a few Democrats to reread their oaths of office, the constitution and stand up for democracy and this country NOW!
Alan 13 dagar sedan
Talk is cheap McConnell. Get of ur old axx ,be more like the Democrats going after trump four years straight.file law suits one after another.this will keep them busy .they havent worked for the American people for over four years anyway..
Silas CZ
Silas CZ 13 dagar sedan
Come on Lindsey, stop pandering. You cannot stop this. You only have 50 votes, and the democrats have 51. Plus they have stated the filibuster is racist and it is time to cancel it. So you do not have the power or votes to stop this. Stop lying us. Come up with real solutions to this existential crisis that is the fascist, racist, hate mongering democrat party.
Tyreze Malcom L'Jackson the III
Tyreze Malcom L'Jackson the III 13 dagar sedan
Yeah Can you feel it baby? I can too Come on swing it Come on swing it Come on swing it Come on swing it 1 2 3 now we come to the pay off It's such a good vibration It's such a sweet sensation It's such a good vibration It's such a sweet sensation
Carl Tomerlin
Carl Tomerlin 13 dagar sedan
I wish Graham would go away!
Dylan Mikonowicz
Dylan Mikonowicz 13 dagar sedan
Why does Lindsey get so much hate? We need to stay united together, not attack each other
Samson Delilah
Samson Delilah 13 dagar sedan
L. Graham and M. Mcconnell don't make any promises you know you can not keep. You put this president in the WH to do what his doing best... destroying the great USA.
Joel Mukbang Videos
Joel Mukbang Videos 13 dagar sedan
Yes , Republican dont show up deny them quorum and done bye socialist agenda
Larry Roberts
Larry Roberts 13 dagar sedan
Mitch these marshon dems don't hear you . There in a panic,wonder why.
ROGER MAYER 13 dagar sedan
LINSEY BABY has the smile of an asp
Ell Jay
Ell Jay 13 dagar sedan
Why does anyone believe anything that comes out of Lyndsay Graham's mouth. Total swamp varmint.
Sicurella39 13 dagar sedan
They all need to go Republican and Democrat! I can smell a new government on the horizon one for the people by the people. In the mean time America goes broke and looses our credit. This is the most radical American government in the history of America. Believe in my spirit most of them will either go to jail eventually or never work in politics again. Biden was never for America it was all lies like usual but this time he’s trying to change America totally.
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez 13 dagar sedan
Can nothing be done about nancy Pelosi insider trading
BABY DRAGON 13 dagar sedan
So much communist stupidity
Jr Berwick
Jr Berwick 13 dagar sedan
Doing a GREAT JOB Mr Graham they are fighting dirty y'all come dirty too!!🗣🗽🙏
jungle jim
jungle jim 14 dagar sedan
I wish Lindsey Graham would tell us how the GOP is going to stop anything. Republicans are all talk and no action.
Tailor Made
Tailor Made 14 dagar sedan
Biden pulled out all troops out of Afghanistan, so what was that 20 year war about ? Anyone know ? So many died for what ?
W KB 14 dagar sedan
There's going to be a showdown on capital hill. Get ready to rumble!!!
Me King
Me King 14 dagar sedan
Morris Phillips
Morris Phillips 14 dagar sedan
Whenever I hear Lindsey Graham's voice I know a lie is close by. Check out the tapes!
Robin Valenti
Robin Valenti 14 dagar sedan
How? How are you going to stop them?
Jared Duck
Jared Duck 14 dagar sedan
I'm with Hannity 100%. I don't like Mit
Jared Duck
Jared Duck 14 dagar sedan
Trump called it!
Gerald Toler
Gerald Toler 14 dagar sedan
So let me get this straight...4 years trump and McConnell packed every court in the country. Obama nominee wasn't allowed cus it was "too close to the election. And when Ginsburgh passed, they rushed threw trumps nominee even tho it was too close to the election. By definition, thats packing the courts. Now its not allowed cus Republicans don't control anything. 2020 proved the country is left of center. 8 million more votes isn't anywhere close. These 2 trump loving boot lickers should probably look in a mirror and get some new material to try and get voters on their side. Gop is in trouble.
Kris Metzger
Kris Metzger 14 dagar sedan
2 more years we can take back the house and senate from these demon democrats
S Beresford
S Beresford 14 dagar sedan
Is that the same type of vow you took when you wouldn't confirm Garland 10 months before the election, swore up and down you would adhere to that same policy in future elections but turned around and rammed Coney-Barret through in less than a month before the following election. F of Linseed!
Harley boys Craig
Harley boys Craig 14 dagar sedan
If they pack the court all of western society is done ... only the rich will have freedom
Jules Dejesus
Jules Dejesus 14 dagar sedan
I m sick of Biden admin it's making us stress out and prkblematic
Jeff Nagata
Jeff Nagata 14 dagar sedan
Blah blah blah Graham
ed samms
ed samms 14 dagar sedan
Lindsey you are the minority you have no power. Quit wasting oxygen!
Judith Elledge
Judith Elledge 14 dagar sedan
Every Democrap is your enemy.
Judith Elledge
Judith Elledge 14 dagar sedan
The Republicans have done nothing to stop the communist Democraps, so why should we think you will now?
Michigan Fan 1976
Michigan Fan 1976 14 dagar sedan
However Lindsay Graham has no problem having somebody pack his butt whether he is Democrat or Republican.
Larry Gee
Larry Gee 14 dagar sedan
Sean Hannity, you have a lot of friends in the police force, please advocate for every community in the country for them not to use lethal force on anyone. Their tactics & interacting with the public need to change.
Larry Gee
Larry Gee 14 dagar sedan
Lindsey Graham is making a false promise because there is nothing he will be able to do once the filibuster vanishes.
Stephen Calamita
Stephen Calamita 14 dagar sedan
Just like the GOP helped those poor thousands of American workers cancelled by our Joey
Joey Mac
Joey Mac 14 dagar sedan
Lindsay forgot he can't stop Biden or the Dems they gonna do whatever they want and u can't stop them.
Jeanette Zook
Jeanette Zook 14 dagar sedan
Fox News -- my fav. Watch it almost exclusively. I hope Mr. Graham is right on regarding the GOP being against "packing" the Supreme Court. That would be one good move. There are many more necessary, in my view.
Icy dawn
Icy dawn 14 dagar sedan
Sean you drive me nuts! You’re one of the reason I canceled my cable tv, you always talk over your guests....grrrrrr😝
San Jacinto Custom Handmade Knives
San Jacinto Custom Handmade Knives 14 dagar sedan
They are no longer even trying to be fair
Bradley Davidson
Bradley Davidson 14 dagar sedan
Don't trust a word coming out of that man's mouth.
timmy 14 dagar sedan
The Democrats are the SEWAGE of America
Tim Noyes
Tim Noyes 14 dagar sedan
Lindsey can you explain how it was ok for you guys to pack the court? Three conservative justices in a row, one of the in the middle of voting after you would not confirm a liberal justice with eleven months left in the Dems term because you said the people should decide. Can you explain this? And what is the difference now?
Tim Noyes
Tim Noyes 14 dagar sedan
Graham, Court packing....... No. Fudgepacking............ Hell yeah.
Jasmin Jakupovic
Jasmin Jakupovic 14 dagar sedan
Which means that Lindsey will vote for packing the court because he is a RINO. Just like he worked to get Trump out of the office. Be careful he is making deals with democrats to backstab GOP in tha back. That is what he does best. They are probably lining his pockets as we speak.
paraglidingnut26 14 dagar sedan
Lindsay Graham controls junior Republican Senators. You are all about yourself Graham.
Little Richard
Little Richard 14 dagar sedan
How about those traitors like Liz Cheney who turned on Americans
val s.
val s. 14 dagar sedan
Lindsay always talk the talk but NEVER walks the walk ! Hot air blabber!!!
wrenth zenth
wrenth zenth 14 dagar sedan
What a mess in Washington, it's a disgrace nothing like this has ever happened before in American history, we shouldn't be surprised look who's running the country Joe Biden and the nightclub party girl laughing and giggling, Joe Biden is destroying this country, nothing like this has ever happened before under former president Bush, Clinton, Obama and Donald Trump
William Hodgden
William Hodgden 14 dagar sedan
Stop the democrats from manipulating our democracy.
Cody McCabe
Cody McCabe 14 dagar sedan
Instead of court packing. Dem-o-rats can go Fudge Pack themselves.
Lon 15 dagar sedan
Lindsey "Enough Is Enough" Graham promises what? Again? Sure thing. Mr. Graham, I gave up forever hoping you to do the right thing back in January. Besides, I have seen your weeping video talking about your love for the Sleepy Creepy one. You are just another lifetime member of the perpetual motion machine of reelection. What will you promise next week?
Kerry Abruzzo
Kerry Abruzzo 15 dagar sedan
Sure, they allowed an election to be stolen so nothing will be done as usual. All talk!
Katheryn Orona
Katheryn Orona 15 dagar sedan
Why can't we the people impeach Biden!!!?
Great White
Great White 15 dagar sedan
Biden's the most corrupt president in the history of the USA borrowing trillions from CHINA he is a traitor to the USA but loyal to the CCP.
Catherine Hartman
Catherine Hartman 15 dagar sedan
Hey Senator Graham it's good to see you with a smile on your face! Sometimes you look sad. But you look a lot better, happier and stronger. May God bless you sir
Chato Pierides
Chato Pierides 15 dagar sedan
GARBAGE - Corrupt politicians! You are all the same!
Ejole Costea
Ejole Costea 15 dagar sedan
Lendsey Graham, we don’t believe you any longer, you are fake like 3dollars bill.
Chato Pierides
Chato Pierides 15 dagar sedan
All FAKE GOP and FOX News
mario del toribio
mario del toribio 15 dagar sedan
Biden though he is old, continuously acting as President wihout mandate from the American People he should a pay a price for destroying this country, he and democrats rigged the 2020 election.Fake Biden and his democrat party is liable for injustice, cheating, manipulating and looted the coffers of the government they should all be arrested and lock up in jail for life.
Myles Gmail
Myles Gmail 15 dagar sedan
Hannity stop interrupting
Best Friend
Best Friend 15 dagar sedan
Let’s see it Lindsey! The American people are waiting! The dems have been kicking your a$$ lately. Time to fight fire with fire.
Kevin Kohlman
Kevin Kohlman 15 dagar sedan
Next liberal asshats will divide California into 3 states to gain more seats and GOP will just talk on the news while the do it.
Bert Montoya
Bert Montoya 15 dagar sedan
Okay okay wait a minute wait a minute is another the same guy that said you can stop the tape right here and right now have my word that I am not going to have a Supreme Court Justice with a sitting president available. That was Lindsey Graham. Then they pushed a Supreme Court Justice through the system as fast as they could before the election you can't eat. You can't want your cake and eat it too. Oh yeah it's a 50-50 Senate now but just remember one thing like I tell all my friends. If the Senate is 50-50 Tie that means it automatically goes to the vice president who is going to be the tiebreaker. Which is Kamala Harris. And she's also been sitting senator for four years too so let's see how this goes. To make DC into something I don't know but we are going to see.
満生闇ネ _yamine
満生闇ネ _yamine 15 dagar sedan
What kind of a leader talks like that. "I trust you, I trust do my job for me because I only get told what to do like a sad, testicle-less puppy"
Kenjiro5775 15 dagar sedan
Packing the Supreme Court was just fine when Trump did it, what suddenly changed?
noemi angeles
noemi angeles 15 dagar sedan
Republicans can’t even unite. Few Republicans supported Pres. DJT with the election integrity issue.
Dick Timpano
Dick Timpano 15 dagar sedan
Biden didn't answer those questions because he didn't know what his handlers would make him do. 🤔🧐😠
Keith Suarez
Keith Suarez 15 dagar sedan
Lindsey traitor back stabber. Why do you give him time on air Sean? Are you a traitor too?
Rosa Lopez
Rosa Lopez 15 dagar sedan
Welcome to the tyranny.
Mozilla 15 dagar sedan
DO, don’t talk.
Richard Skara
Richard Skara 15 dagar sedan
There going to cheat in the next year cgeating
Richard Skara
Richard Skara 15 dagar sedan
All the things that the democrats are doing, and unconditional why are the Republicans not throwing law suits against the democrats. Start yelling Republicans
Louie David
Louie David 15 dagar sedan
The moderate democrats have got to see this radical democratic bs is not working
Louie David
Louie David 15 dagar sedan
Hey at l
Asi es Trabajar
Asi es Trabajar 15 dagar sedan
Tally Beaverman
Tally Beaverman 15 dagar sedan
Graham is all talk and no action 😡👎
David Gustin
David Gustin 15 dagar sedan
Oh yes,we should believe Lindsey even after his supporting the most fraudulent election in history!!
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