LEC: The final stage!

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One last challenge, no skip button... The LEC Spring Finals are this weekend, tune in!
Semi final - Saturday 10th April
16:00 Ready Check
17:00 Games
Final - Sunday 11th April
10:00 Warm up
16:00 Ready Check
17:00 Opening Ceremony into Games

homeageify 24 dagar sedan
This is much better what "LCK" doing rito korea what did you do..
Sensitive Uwú
Sensitive Uwú 26 dagar sedan
Love the animations! A underrated work of art! Very nostalgic feeling. Wonderful aesthetics.
tokia nexus
tokia nexus 26 dagar sedan
Final boss with indian ac
S i m p l e x WR
S i m p l e x WR 27 dagar sedan
Why is Carzzy so fricking cuteeeee!!
Brave Victory
Brave Victory 27 dagar sedan
Who did this?
Mike Ludolf
Mike Ludolf 28 dagar sedan
isnt it a little bit suspicious, that S04 are in the Higher bracket and Fnatic in the lower Bracket? I mean fnatic reached the playoffs long before S04 did, so why they are in the Higher? xD
부마 28 dagar sedan
엄청 귀엽게 잘 만들었넹
Kadir Çiçek
Kadir Çiçek 28 dagar sedan
LoonLark 28 dagar sedan
This was fucking amazing😂 great lines great animation👍👍
judged by time
judged by time 28 dagar sedan
the league league we need
MrNotagoodtime 28 dagar sedan
Don't worry guys Tore still scaling
Dynasty 28 dagar sedan
Streets of Rage vibes !!
ShakeNBake 28 dagar sedan
"have fun - haHAA"
Тимур Фатыхов
Тимур Фатыхов 28 dagar sedan
Teamfight manager fake
mcblauwal 28 dagar sedan
dude this teaser is fking godlike, wp riot games
HowTo SaveALife
HowTo SaveALife 28 dagar sedan
So is there actually going to be fans?
Simply TheBest
Simply TheBest 28 dagar sedan
Vale Oliva
Vale Oliva 29 dagar sedan
SwtorRo Gaming
SwtorRo Gaming 29 dagar sedan
i dunno if Dyyo works on these videos ... but if he does he s legit piss smurfing just like on the LEC Split MVP videos
Ivailo Ivanov
Ivailo Ivanov 29 dagar sedan
This is very well done
doing63 29 dagar sedan
Kaitri 29 dagar sedan
Higher production quality than na. The jokes had to be made
mr bruh
mr bruh 29 dagar sedan
waiting fo rekkles to write banger
Pablo César
Pablo César 29 dagar sedan
I wasn't expecting That ending tbh
Ticma 29 dagar sedan
J 29 dagar sedan
I love these so much !!!!!
Hou Ssam
Hou Ssam 29 dagar sedan
Anthony D
Anthony D 29 dagar sedan
I want to take a moment to remember that Rogue was 10th in LEC Spring* Split 2019
Anthony D
Anthony D 29 dagar sedan
@Neeko Neeko that's right thanks Neeko. Now return in the game maybe Wunder will need you toplane or I will need you jungle
Neeko Neeko
Neeko Neeko 29 dagar sedan
Yuen Q.
Yuen Q. 29 dagar sedan
Carrzy's giggle is the best lmao
johnny_m 29 dagar sedan
Loui Verse
Loui Verse 29 dagar sedan
absolutely love these
Conor Driscoll
Conor Driscoll 29 dagar sedan
Caps is getting into voice acting too? What cant this man do
Zepyx 29 dagar sedan
I dont know why but I was expecting wide bwipo to enter the room at the last part.
Владимр Володин
Владимр Володин 29 dagar sedan
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Praise TheSun
Praise TheSun 29 dagar sedan
Carzzy is sooo amazing
Patrick Vuorela
Patrick Vuorela 29 dagar sedan
Caps sounds so confused xD
thorsten frings
thorsten frings 29 dagar sedan
Wow first time I could understand carzzy
LEG&DARY 29 dagar sedan
Cartoon Carzzy fits perfectly😂
randyroo2 29 dagar sedan
Looooool was that Carzzy at the end.
wowJhil 29 dagar sedan
100 paciência
100 paciência 29 dagar sedan
Wait wheres is Rekkles's "Banger"???
Famek2 29 dagar sedan
0:45 Its sounds like when u meet enemy pokemon in grass
Giovanni Isgreeen
Giovanni Isgreeen 29 dagar sedan
0:51 omg sans is that you?
Maky 29 dagar sedan
Carzzy voice acting is op
Marcus Moelbak
Marcus Moelbak 29 dagar sedan
Looks like someone has seen Community
Pilz Der Schleswig-Holsteiner
Pilz Der Schleswig-Holsteiner 29 dagar sedan
Retro is LEC is good LEC
Ian7herd 29 dagar sedan
consistently the best content
Karol Loerch
Karol Loerch 29 dagar sedan
why isnt carzy s eye color blue and braun like in real life ?
Adamchu Gaming
Adamchu Gaming 29 dagar sedan
I love this so much
StarClay666 29 dagar sedan
Final stage? Since when did LEC become Initial D???
sniekr 29 dagar sedan
Please stay with this 8 bit format 4ever, its awesome.
Hyptos 29 dagar sedan
Oh my goodness i love these
Usagi Pukerainbows
Usagi Pukerainbows 29 dagar sedan
Why is carzzy so cute? Hahahaha TwT
Ramazan 29 dagar sedan
Mr. Spooderman
Mr. Spooderman 29 dagar sedan
Live audience only for sunday or also saturday?
Marv 29 dagar sedan
Production smurfing again :D
Patrick Partenheimer
Patrick Partenheimer 29 dagar sedan
2nd try to suggesting to make a video of a workday in the life of an observer, since i think they do a very great job and it would be really interesting to see how they do their job.
Koyot Gaming
Koyot Gaming 29 dagar sedan
aaaaand cut :D
Ragnorian 29 dagar sedan
these are amazing
That Annyoing Guy on the Internet
That Annyoing Guy on the Internet 29 dagar sedan
We need the 8bit players as summoner icons.
YoloBtw 29 dagar sedan
Lexon7 29 dagar sedan
imagine caring to be lec spring split champions and get 0:3 in worlds groups KEKW
Schnaufeltier 29 dagar sedan
man i really love LEC and the crew behind it. Its just so entertaining to watch all these hype trailers and the content they push out
BlubbMT 29 dagar sedan
Is there an audience at the finals? Pog
ultimAvalon 29 dagar sedan
"So which one of you is gonna fight us?" = "So which one of you is gonna beat us?" p.s. this message is soooo getting deleted if they win it XD
Zeronothinghere 28 dagar sedan
@Vincent Prins Nah we can win vs LCK. LPL is the thingy we usually lose against, but they lose to LCK so it evens out
Vincent Prins
Vincent Prins 29 dagar sedan
Doesn't matter all eu teams will lose to LCK and LPL. At least we are better then NA i guess
Starlight137 29 dagar sedan
Im going to remind you ^^
Markus Ohov
Markus Ohov 29 dagar sedan
There was no SKIIIP this time :(
Ambi Cious
Ambi Cious 29 dagar sedan
Why when Caps said "Hold tight, we re almost there" I thought of Chris Heria
chirosen :3
chirosen :3 29 dagar sedan
i expected a wide armut coming on the stage 😂
AJ 29 dagar sedan
G2 is your spring 2021 LEC champions (as usual)
trippeffect 29 dagar sedan
Meanwhile LCS is mediocre at best
Jhingles Bells
Jhingles Bells 29 dagar sedan
Btw we can actually end through TOP
Wizardi1111 29 dagar sedan
Stop with the 8bit crap you freakin boomers.
Bla Bla
Bla Bla 29 dagar sedan
Carzzy is so god damn cringe
Breathing 29 dagar sedan
This is the coolest
Miroslav Schubert
Miroslav Schubert 29 dagar sedan
this one was so nice....
Oim Séoim
Oim Séoim 29 dagar sedan
clhy0322 29 dagar sedan
I honestly thought they would release a lion as the final challenge lol
Jack Cobalt
Jack Cobalt 29 dagar sedan
Holy shit I love these Retro-Pixel Style animations XD This is such quality content and this is why the LEC is the best League ever
Hearer 29 dagar sedan
these videos are sick
dv4manu 29 dagar sedan
Lol cute
Darwin Jay Victoria
Darwin Jay Victoria 29 dagar sedan
One word: Lit! Because of Drakos' part
Kızıl Ejder
Kızıl Ejder 29 dagar sedan
Where Armut?
Pat 29 dagar sedan
LEC production team flexing with those clips 😎👏👏
Eudald Hernandez
Eudald Hernandez 29 dagar sedan
amazing content
Ryst 29 dagar sedan
I expected an actual lion to come out.
Fehmi Kahraman
Fehmi Kahraman 29 dagar sedan
wait.. NO MASKS !?
Teo G
Teo G 29 dagar sedan
Odoamne looks like Guybrush Trepwood, and Caps like Leisure Suit Larry. So '99. Thank you Drakos & gang!
Lex Art
Lex Art 29 dagar sedan
So sad, even the video didn't let Drakos finish his sentence.
Fr4G_ØuT! 29 dagar sedan
Chris Re
Chris Re 29 dagar sedan
Carzzy was kinda expected to be the representative for MAD but i think it should have been Armut staring at them xD
I LOVE KASZANKA 29 dagar sedan
mister dondon
mister dondon 29 dagar sedan
big hawkthorne vibes & i am here for it
FruFru 29 dagar sedan
Carzzy? I wanted armut
Francesco Ardigò
Francesco Ardigò 29 dagar sedan
I was waiting for an armut honestly
dabadood 29 dagar sedan
LEC production>
Justyn Rodríguez
Justyn Rodríguez 29 dagar sedan
carzzy at the end was so cuteee
oguzhan caliskan
oguzhan caliskan 29 dagar sedan
Keske malmutum olsayfi ya keejsjjsjsj
BoroFreak 29 dagar sedan
Absolutely missed the opportunity to have the final boss be Aramut. When he appears, two red eyes start glowing on his still dark silhouette, you hear some distant evil laughter, and the camera zooms in to reveal him and his cold, testing gaze.
Giorgio Ancora
Giorgio Ancora 29 dagar sedan
i love these cartoon promo
TheMrDeathboy 29 dagar sedan
G2 uses SEJUANI **
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