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It is finally here! When @Justin Bieber walked into West Coast Customs over three years ago, we never knew it would turn it this. The one of one Rolls Royce has never been seen before until now! We hope you enjoy watching the journey!
Thanks to:
Rory Kramer
Jack Bell
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python samurai
python samurai 17 dagar sedan
its ugliness is outstanding... looks for all 5 years not 2 or 3
kp 21 dag sedan
Mate if you kept the front grill you would have gotten less crap. Change for change sake.
Neliv 29 dagar sedan
Jeez the comments are harsh I wouldn’t say they ruined the car they took it and made it look futuristic if you think it doesn’t look good then that’s your opinion don’t put there hard work to shame just cause it doesn’t fit you
Sergey Danilov
Sergey Danilov 29 dagar sedan
Гавнопластика налепили....
fj400007 29 dagar sedan
Pretty surprised by all these comments, it's definitely not something I could afford but, it is different and looks pretty cool, like the Batmobile kinda way...
Russell Der geko Wright
Russell Der geko Wright 29 dagar sedan
This is why England has the Rolls and the USA doesnt. Fucking horrendous.
Burn Turn
Burn Turn 29 dagar sedan
That's tight, the Rolls Royce Specter or Spirit or Apparition or Entity etc. since we're keeping with the 👻 theme.
19_146 Shiva bhargav
19_146 Shiva bhargav 29 dagar sedan
Wtf is that car face
Andres Guerra
Andres Guerra 29 dagar sedan
With the amount of money Justin makes, he should’ve just commissioned Rolls Royce to build it. I’m sorry to say that West Coast Customs missed the mark, but if the Biebs likes it~ so be it.
cioccolata per tutti
cioccolata per tutti 29 dagar sedan
Ali Alshaikh
Ali Alshaikh 29 dagar sedan
This is the worst Rolls Royce I have seen This is the result of when you have too much money you don’t know what to do with
Cormac Doyle
Cormac Doyle 29 dagar sedan
Cormac Doyle
Cormac Doyle 29 dagar sedan
Ok maybe I like it
Brandon Lucas
Brandon Lucas 29 dagar sedan
“I present to you...THE URINAL”
funny stuff
funny stuff 29 dagar sedan
Looks a bit pony, a money and sense matter.. 😅
erickfirebird67 29 dagar sedan
Butt ugly af
Fast Hunt
Fast Hunt 29 dagar sedan
Jajjaaj these sh** rice as fuck jaja , what a waste of money and car lmao poor guy
Ryan Patterson
Ryan Patterson 29 dagar sedan
Needs to be on bags for sure, lower stance would make it look better.
Neel 29 dagar sedan
Got that FORD LTD look....
tray4168 29 dagar sedan
How embarrassing, mexicans and blacks are the only ones who can take a nice car and spend money on it turning it into a rolling turd.
Ege K
Ege K 29 dagar sedan
A1R 29 dagar sedan
The way it's shaped makes me think of early 2000's toy cars
J Tee
J Tee 29 dagar sedan
Grozdan Josipovic
Grozdan Josipovic 29 dagar sedan
What a beautiful Car now its look like a piece of Shit
alida flus
alida flus 29 dagar sedan
Mykah Shalom
Mykah Shalom 29 dagar sedan
omg that looks so ugly 😒
alida flus
alida flus 29 dagar sedan
lol so 7 series BMW with even more electrical problems? no thanks. Also u bet Justin preacher aka "D root" is D down ladies for Jesus in this car.
Henri Cokski
Henri Cokski Månad sedan
West Coast Customs: “We’re putting the final touches, it was a huge project, took us 3 years! Justin, we present you, the Uriel!” Justin Bieber: “uh, yeah so right after I saw that RR on TV, saw this Bentley and I changed my mind, did you get my follow up email?”
Mysterious Laptop
Mysterious Laptop Månad sedan
Hunter Scott
Hunter Scott Månad sedan
Anybody else would hate it, but clearly Bieber hasn’t known what’s cool for many years
Goldsalltime Månad sedan
they should have called him during the day
Mike O'Keefe
Mike O'Keefe Månad sedan
Forever Remain Nameless
Forever Remain Nameless Månad sedan
Ripley drove one of those in Aliens, back in 86'......
Yunsei Månad sedan
This what happens when mechanics try to be mechanical engineers
Buck Does it All
Buck Does it All Månad sedan
I would have been pissed 😤 🤦🏾‍♂️ they should never have given you niggas money. People with money don’t know how to hook up anything. West coast customs need to stick to Honda civics and old vans
Satwant singh
Satwant singh Månad sedan
Work is insane but taste is shit
Yes Yes
Yes Yes Månad sedan
Three years bro three years 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Towelie Månad sedan
Good luck with a puncture on that! 😂
hagestad Månad sedan
lol so 7 series BMW with even more electrical problems? no thanks. Also u bet Justin preacher aka "D root" is D down ladies for Jesus in this car.
el pablo sensei
el pablo sensei Månad sedan
Tzekkie Månad sedan
The federal criminal code should be revised after this
Flat Universe
Flat Universe Månad sedan
Rolls Royce + Cybertruck =
Joker Månad sedan
This looks more like a 300C trying to be a Rolls
JAWWAD ASLAM Månad sedan
Wat a patheticness you have done to a rich kids car and bragging about it, shame and sympathy with the kid
BMKitsune Månad sedan
I really feel Rolls Royce should make West Coast customs remove the RR badges from this car. It's no longer a Rolls Royce. Just like they made John Dodd remove the RR grill from his merlin engined car.
11 Månad sedan
That thing is unlike any other car... in how fucked up and ugly it is
Lindsay Tucker
Lindsay Tucker Månad sedan
theres so many regulations a car has to meet. so is this car not legal then? i’m confused
Dilla Akbar
Dilla Akbar Månad sedan
Keren parah njir🤩🤩
El Pinche LoNeRoe
El Pinche LoNeRoe Månad sedan
Imagine trying to replace a popped tire on the side of the road 😂🤣🤣😂
Cj Keyes
Cj Keyes Månad sedan
The Rolls Royce Urinal
Antonio Palmero
Antonio Palmero Månad sedan
🤮 yuk.
痛みRΞVOLT Månad sedan
Shouldve widened the arch and slammed it
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Månad sedan
Let's be honest, that was a waste of a perfectly good car. If I was in charge of RR, I would ban you from any future purchases of RR cars.
D K Månad sedan
Really bad, the hood doesnt even line up, awkward and clumsy design, really, really bad, you just dont do that to a Roll's.
Abdul Handesh
Abdul Handesh Månad sedan
They need to be ashamed of building this hunk of shit
Abdul Handesh
Abdul Handesh Månad sedan
@west coast customs what where you thinking this car looks like you stuck a few cheap plastic panel’s on a trolly
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Månad sedan
He should go to Chip Foose for the modification so that he didn't have to fake the overhelm feeling after been actual overhauled
wilshady775 Månad sedan
They made it look like a tank...🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Sean_ Jeter2312
Sean_ Jeter2312 Månad sedan
i want the old videos showing more in depth of the build
Joe Karimpaniyil
Joe Karimpaniyil Månad sedan
What a waste....👎
E. L.
E. L. Månad sedan
Strange that how richer people get, how worse their taste seems to get.....
minimoog Månad sedan
Just when you thought Rolls Royces couldn't get any more vulgar.
Omar Sheikh
Omar Sheikh Månad sedan
This is the reason why Rolls Royce never made it themselves
Good Cop
Good Cop Månad sedan
Hell to the NO!! I can see minor modifications like upgrading the sound system or personalizing ever so slightly but to completely destroy a RR? Crazy
chris anand
chris anand Månad sedan
Looks like shit
Bob Eden
Bob Eden Månad sedan
who is justin bieber?
SilentShadovv Månad sedan
Awesome! 👍❤️🙂
Monir Al-Taher
Monir Al-Taher Månad sedan
I honestly don't see why everyone's hating on it, it looks pretty nice, it's unique and it's a head-turner. Looks like a concept car that's driveable. I would be super happy with this.
Scrounga’s Workshop
Scrounga’s Workshop Månad sedan
I guess even the best have a bad day sometimes. Should’ve got Chip Foose to design it. Can’t fault the quality but it’s fuggly from every angle and that light up crystal bonnet emblem is just so tacky. Looks like it was made in China and bought off eBay.
GT Collection
GT Collection Månad sedan
Won't comment on the true feeling I'm getting about this car, but I'll say this: do NOT attempt this again @WCC.
Lil Foreign
Lil Foreign Månad sedan
one curb that car is done why did judtin fucc upp his care like that
Iban The Sea Dayak
Iban The Sea Dayak Månad sedan
He should go to Chip Foose for the modification so that he didn't have to fake the overhelm feeling after been actual overhauled
Sabyasachi Chowdhury
Sabyasachi Chowdhury Månad sedan
Why is it so high? 🤮
Bayo Olatunji
Bayo Olatunji Månad sedan
This what pimp my ride could have been
rave brave
rave brave Månad sedan
9:40 I am a designer and all I can say it looks horrible....
Ano ano
Ano ano Månad sedan
U ruined a piece of art .... What a shame rolls royce should sue you
Tk Waititi
Tk Waititi Månad sedan
Tacky is what that is
Tyler Månad sedan
Go take a look at “The Sketch Monkey” do a render of this vehicle on SEcycle. He fixes your designers poor flaws in the design that makes it look like a $200 Ebay Rice Kit. Hire better people, lost a customer from me.
Pepe Pinga
Pepe Pinga Månad sedan
how in the vaginas does that turn?????
Francis Hape
Francis Hape Månad sedan
Its ugly
Cultivated Laser Creations
Cultivated Laser Creations Månad sedan
Looks like some bought a Grand National knockoff front end from China. Ugliest shit I've ever seen on a car. Tesla's truck looks better. Bieber should sue you for 3 years wasted time
Cultivated Laser Creations
Cultivated Laser Creations Månad sedan
How did yall butcher the front grill of that Rolly so fucking bad?!?!
t9j6c6j51 Månad sedan
I don’t care how much money you’ve got, it’s sacrilege to do that to a Rolls-Royce.
upcoast Månad sedan
You forgot to lower it. Looks like it skipped leg day. Like it's pants are hiked up and you can see it's socks lol
Damjan Starčević
Damjan Starčević Månad sedan
Pimp my ride 2.0 or some sht. These guys must be some of the biggest ricers out there.
J Naranjo
J Naranjo Månad sedan
It's ugly what a waste of money...
Oliver Twist1
Oliver Twist1 Månad sedan
Why do that to a lovely rolls wtf ruined the car these guys have more money than sense
The Front Porch
The Front Porch Månad sedan
That is one ugly car!
Aussie As
Aussie As Månad sedan
I like the crystal emblem thats about it
Üte T.
Üte T. Månad sedan
Piece o crap
sIMP37 Månad sedan
fact is: it cant turn
pluggyman Månad sedan
looks bloody terrible
Eric sh
Eric sh Månad sedan
at 9:25 really? They couldn't make a round front bumper? Connect the fenders to bumper with a nice curve... Edited**The rear is superb!
isaac Månad sedan
Geoffrey Carter
Geoffrey Carter Månad sedan
It looks like a Mule.
the boybrutus
the boybrutus Månad sedan
Cordis Die
Cordis Die Månad sedan
Does anyone else feel like the backend looks kinda like a BRZ?
Luke Faichney
Luke Faichney Månad sedan
And pretending to CRY what a complete fanny.
Luke Faichney
Luke Faichney Månad sedan
Just goes to show that irrespective of how much money one has you really can't buy class. A beautiful car destroyed, what a moron. Someone at Rolls Royce is in floods of tears watching this.
Mr Ding
Mr Ding Månad sedan
I present to you the Rolls Royce Urinal
alexandru trentea
alexandru trentea Månad sedan
shalashaska615 Månad sedan
Style over substance.
Neville Archer
Neville Archer Månad sedan
This is the worst thing I've ever seen done to a Rolls in real life....And I've seen a vagrant literally urinate on a Rolls. This is worse.
Dommer Luciano
Dommer Luciano Månad sedan
Bieber looks not happy ... hahahaha
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