Journalist reports live from Gaza as neighbouring building hit by Israel airstrike

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An Israeli airstrike struck a high-rise building in central Gaza City as journalist Youmna Al Sayed reported live for Al Jazeera from a neighbouring building. Al Sayed continued to provide commentary despite being forced to move away from the camera by the explosions. The targeted building housed businesses in addition to offices for Hamas' Al-Aqsa satellite channel and is located in one of the busiest streets of Gaza's Roman neighbourhood. The airstrike is part of continued violence between Israel and Palestinian militants that is the most serious conflict between the parties since 2014

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Hamas sends rockets deeper into Israel after Gaza airstrikes as crisis spirals ►

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Guardian News
Guardian News Månad sedan
Hamas sends rockets deeper into Israel after Gaza airstrikes as crisis spirals ►
Tatuzinho Tatuador
Tatuzinho Tatuador 15 dagar sedan
shelden kuhper
shelden kuhper 20 dagar sedan
She is a Hero
H Setiana
H Setiana 24 dagar sedan
I dont trust you
P C 25 dagar sedan
You mean "Israel decimates civilian buildings on terror spree again after some defense rockets fired by Palestine , tired of the constant air raids, home invasions, demolitions and agressive military supression of the occupying country."
Dino Rossi
Dino Rossi 25 dagar sedan
israelis supply rockets to both, hamas goats and their own insatiable demonic forces. All see through game.
Poro Poro
Poro Poro 7 timmar sedan
She didnt flinch ayo?
Riseagainst Theleft
Riseagainst Theleft 19 timmar sedan
Racist cultural appropriating reporter.
Sachin Balyan
Sachin Balyan 20 timmar sedan
Yr ye kitni sundar h😍
Abir Sedkaoui
Abir Sedkaoui Dag sedan
Israel is terorist
REAL SHADY 2 dagar sedan
1911 2 dagar sedan
Can’t they get a drone out there instead of a human?
All Purpose Locksmiths
All Purpose Locksmiths 3 dagar sedan
Too bad hamas doesn't care about polistinians. Hamas hiding behind polistinian people's backs. In return, innocent people losing lives.
Mazhar Sayeed
Mazhar Sayeed 4 dagar sedan
Isreal a apartheid and cowered state
StrayKids in your Area
StrayKids in your Area 4 dagar sedan
Why are they making her stand at the place the bombs are still hitting that poor girl
MR RASHEED 4 dagar sedan
حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل
22Jack Ass22
22Jack Ass22 4 dagar sedan
0:52 it's so terrifying to see the shadow arises, engulfing the buildings infront of us with shadow.
GamerDark 5 dagar sedan
The cameraman wont die
watchguy79 6 dagar sedan
Do you think maybe they should have been facing that way? She is fired.
Nashril Official
Nashril Official 6 dagar sedan
We pray for you to stay strong people from Malaysia
Monika •DDLC•
Monika •DDLC• 7 dagar sedan
If you feel useless there's a union called UN (united nations) for help
FixPlayz 7 dagar sedan
I think I'm going to support GAZA As air support .
Stevie Dix
Stevie Dix 7 dagar sedan
Priscilla 8 dagar sedan
These journalists are heroes😭😭
Abhinav Kara
Abhinav Kara 8 dagar sedan
J Mikhael
J Mikhael 9 dagar sedan
Full support and everlasting love to Palestine 🇵🇸❤💕
big joe bob mama
big joe bob mama 3 dagar sedan
Jithu Offical
Jithu Offical 9 dagar sedan
CMSF AVSVP 9 dagar sedan
Aki Saad
Aki Saad 10 dagar sedan
Israel No.1 terrorist state and Americans are a support of it
Aye Carumba
Aye Carumba 10 dagar sedan
Continue to spread lies,that’s all you do.
Ciel Nadouch
Ciel Nadouch 2 dagar sedan
@Aye Carumba believing in lies and deception by saying thats the truth is something else. But don't worry no matter what lies the news is given, the truth will always be there clear as the sun
Aye Carumba
Aye Carumba 2 dagar sedan
@Ciel Nadouch don’t believe the truth? Must get to you sometimes.
Aye Carumba
Aye Carumba 2 dagar sedan
@Connor Sganga no that’s hezbollah
Ciel Nadouch
Ciel Nadouch 2 dagar sedan
@Aye Carumba oh don't tell me that they use children as hand guns too. Ridiculousness and ignorance in one body
Aye Carumba
Aye Carumba 3 dagar sedan
@Ciel Nadouch the Palestinian people are used as human shields,western news corporations are on your side to help spread the lies.
Abhishek Jaiswal
Abhishek Jaiswal 10 dagar sedan
What is her name? She is brave enough to define the bravery
عبد الله اشبير
عبد الله اشبير 11 dagar sedan
Freedom For Palestine. 😢😢
big joe bob mama
big joe bob mama 3 dagar sedan
SUPER KUALA LUMPUR 3 dagar sedan
Free palestin
Hafiz Irfan hanjra advocate
Hafiz Irfan hanjra advocate 11 dagar sedan
She is lier.why camera not turned
Rima*_* 8 dagar sedan
lier!??? and why would the camera turn 🙄
Аром Хайт
Аром Хайт 11 dagar sedan
Palestine Armenia with you 🇵🇸❤️🇦🇲
Frihed Kærlighed Nærhed
Frihed Kærlighed Nærhed 11 dagar sedan
Mashallah I do not know anyone in the world who does not want to liberate Palestine🇵🇸🇵🇸 .. From Terror and Appartheid!! .. Only a small part of fascists who agree with Zio-nist .. The whole world is Palestine 🇵🇸🇵🇸❤️❤️ Amiiiin
D McD 12 dagar sedan
Mccaffeine Vlnxa
Mccaffeine Vlnxa 2 dagar sedan
Israel is very free and it even receives fund from USA.
big joe bob mama
big joe bob mama 3 dagar sedan
@D McD Yes
D McD 3 dagar sedan
@SUPER KUALA LUMPUR death to Palestine
SUPER KUALA LUMPUR 3 dagar sedan
What? Israel attack Palastin free Palestine
AR RAHMAN 12 dagar sedan
Israel laknatullah allahhu akbar savefree 🇸🇩🇮🇩
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 12 dagar sedan
I would never want to be a journalist who has to be so close to where the action is happening and has to risk their very life.
Learn Tube
Learn Tube 13 dagar sedan
This is called journalism.. She risked her life for the truth.... Hats off mam...
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 12 dagar sedan
Amazing 👌👌
Anti Palestichien
Anti Palestichien 13 dagar sedan
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂thx HAMAS 👍😂😂😂😂😂
Atelier Thijs Linssen
Atelier Thijs Linssen 13 dagar sedan
could someone tell me the exact location of the interview?
Michael forgiveness
Michael forgiveness 13 dagar sedan
Bad reporter, Dont send girls to war pls🤣
PIYUSH 13 dagar sedan
Lucky Girl😁
Kathleen M. Preston
Kathleen M. Preston 14 dagar sedan
Does anyone else see the profile of a man in the cloud at 1:05?
Michael condrey
Michael condrey 14 dagar sedan
Don't be surprised if she was in front of a green screen Faking it like CNN did during the first Gulf War
manu pino
manu pino 14 dagar sedan
Death to Israel and its allies
Tikimohn 15 dagar sedan
Wait, did she just call an airstrike a "raid".... Stop sugar coating it because it's Israel doing it...
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 14 dagar sedan
We need more Journalism like this woman!
Hasan Aza
Hasan Aza 15 dagar sedan
Mr Marc
Mr Marc 15 dagar sedan
I feel really sorry for the palastines in that prison camp they call home.
Mohamed Haashi
Mohamed Haashi 15 dagar sedan
Imagine this happening to u everyday
Officer Tom
Officer Tom 15 dagar sedan
I would never want to be a journalist who has to be so close to where the action is happening and has to risk their very life.
S A 15 dagar sedan
Isr*ael is a terrorist entity
L. Siegfried
L. Siegfried 15 dagar sedan
Reports from the middle of a warzone, is surprised when rockets hits nearby
Jay O'Brien
Jay O'Brien 14 dagar sedan
She's still got bigger balls than you sunshine.
Sashwat Singh
Sashwat Singh 16 dagar sedan
Amazing 👌👌
Don john Trump
Don john Trump 16 dagar sedan
Cnn would call this peaceful war , then Cuomo will say who says wars have to be non violent , Kamala on knees Harris will say , you keep sending missle don't give up , and polosi will say let's tear down there history and statues
Maravilhas da Terra MDT Portugal
Maravilhas da Terra MDT Portugal 16 dagar sedan
Non stop fire against Israel
Numerlo 16 dagar sedan
Meanwhile in America: Yes so there why are popits fun to us
Deepak Das
Deepak Das 17 dagar sedan
1% of infusion of her bravery in godi media of india would throw Modi out
Michael Azor
Michael Azor 17 dagar sedan
DATA IS GEM 17 dagar sedan
Jan van de Boerka
Jan van de Boerka 17 dagar sedan
Comments warrior sponsored by bibi 🤣 dont forget to join the army after study
Egyptian guy
Egyptian guy 17 dagar sedan
Kosomak ❤️
DookiePost 17 dagar sedan
Free Palestine.
Anshaal Ali chohan
Anshaal Ali chohan 17 dagar sedan
I just hate Israel
big joe bob mama
big joe bob mama 3 dagar sedan
Shut up
AS 18 dagar sedan
In this 🌎 only three biggest terrorist Nation's and thay are India, America and Israel
kolim jone
kolim jone 17 dagar sedan
next time, don't invite Hamas Terrorists into your news building. its bad for business, and real-estate.
Neckashi 69
Neckashi 69 18 dagar sedan
Mashallah haseena
Johan Yosef S.
Johan Yosef S. 19 dagar sedan
If the terrorist that government in gaza shuttling rocket to the Israeli civilian, israel most to defend, if hamas using civilian areas for attacks to Israel, hamas don't care for the civilian from gaza, hamas is responsible for Israeli response!
Michael V
Michael V 8 dagar sedan
@juzores1 Palestine never belonged to Palestinians. It was a British Mandate. When the British decided to dissolve the mandate, they split it between Israelis and Palestinians. Palestinian waged war on the Israelis and lost. Multiple times. Israel has tried to negotiate with Palestine for a 2 state solution but Palestinians won’t take the half load.
juzores1 18 dagar sedan
The only terrotist one there is the one who stole the land filled it with settlers and killed civilians more than militants there ,Israel .
giovanni armandola
giovanni armandola 19 dagar sedan
Where are the palestinians rocket launchers?
S Hussain
S Hussain 19 dagar sedan
Everyone is talking about the journalist. But no one is talking about the people that has been living under this condition since 1967
ksjfd asfd
ksjfd asfd 19 dagar sedan
I feel like this is what happened in Mindanao before
Jamail Boone
Jamail Boone 20 dagar sedan
Controlled demo. Wakeup people
Akis Laz
Akis Laz 20 dagar sedan
Its so tragic!!!.....
miko foin
miko foin 20 dagar sedan
Keeping the world safe from terror I presume
The Terror
The Terror 20 dagar sedan
As a 15 year old , I feel useless when watching misery in my country and stand powerless against this evil , how pathetic
Carlos Quiroga G
Carlos Quiroga G 20 dagar sedan
EL Dios de Israel Creo El Universo y El Judaismo es la Verdadera Religion. "Israel es mi Hijo Mi Primogénito" (Exodo 4:22); Dios hizo pactos ETERNOS con Abraham, Isaac, Jacob y Moises. Todas las citas Talmudicas estan en Funcion y Concordancia con la Torah y Tanaj. Lo que pasa es que la Iglesia Catolica (313 d.c.) y Sectas Protestantes (Siglo XVI d.c.) NO LEYERON TODO EL CONTEXTO: "y las riquezas de las naciones hayan venido a ti". (Isaias 60:5). "Y extranjeros edificarán tus muros, y sus reyes te servirán". (Isaias 60:10). "Tus puertas estarán de continuo abiertas; no se cerrarán de día ni de noche, para que a ti sean traídas las riquezas de las naciones, y conducidos a ti sus reyes". (Isaias 60:11). "la nación o el reino que no te sirviere perecerá, y del todo será asolado". (Isaias 60:12). "Y vendrán a ti humillados los hijos de los que te afligieron, y a las pisadas de tus pies se encorvarán todos los que te escarnecían". (Isaias 60:14). "haré que seas una gloria eterna". (Isaias 60:15). "Y mamarás la leche de las naciones, el pecho de los reyes mamarás; y conocerás que yo Soy El Señor el Salvador tuyo y Redentor tuyo". (Isaias 60:16). "Y extranjeros apacentarán vuestras ovejas, y los extraños serán vuestros labradores y vuestros viñadores". (Isaias 61:5). "comeréis las riquezas de las naciones, y con su gloria seréis sublimes". (Isaias 61:6). "el Señor DIOS hará brotar justicia y alabanza delante de todos los gentiles". (Isaias 61:11). "Serás corona de Gloria en la mano del Señor, y diadema real en la mano de tu Dios". (Isaias 62:3). " Nunca más daré tu grano por alimento a tus enemigos, ni hijos de extranjeros beberán tu mosto por el que trabajaste". (Isaias 62:8). "Así dice el Señor Todopoderoso: “En aquellos días habrá mucha gente, de todo idioma y de toda nación, que tomará a un judío por el borde de su capa y le dirá: ¡Déjanos acompañarte! ¡Hemos sabido que Dios está con ustedes!". (Zacarias 8:23). -Los Judios deben Obedecer los 613 Preceptos de la Torah y los Gentiles los 7 Preceptos Noajidas
Erik Munoz
Erik Munoz 20 dagar sedan
But wait what’s Kim wearing today?
vikram 20 dagar sedan
journalists are vultures specially ...
sarang pahwa
sarang pahwa 20 dagar sedan
Humans will destroy yourself one day....
Universal Truth
Universal Truth 20 dagar sedan
Bravo, Israel.
Vincent Nord
Vincent Nord 21 dag sedan
Dont’ take anything for granted in life!
Jason Mehl
Jason Mehl 21 dag sedan
next time, don't invite Hamas Terrorists into your news building. its bad for business, and real-estate.
Jan van de Boerka
Jan van de Boerka 17 dagar sedan
Lets talk about karma
Mofo 21 dag sedan
Do you people not understand the word "Retaliation"?
HibbaJehan HibbaJehan
HibbaJehan HibbaJehan 21 dag sedan
We are stand with u
HibbaJehan HibbaJehan
HibbaJehan HibbaJehan 21 dag sedan
The artist formerly known as SHITTINGFUCKCUNT
The artist formerly known as SHITTINGFUCKCUNT 21 dag sedan
15,000 people will pay with their miserable lives for disliking this video
Fitna Frank
Fitna Frank 21 dag sedan
Guys can someone tell me how many Palestinians and Israel have died so far, using numbers please.
h 20 dagar sedan
254 Palestinians. 66 children. That's what I heard last.
William E Lanning Jr
William E Lanning Jr 21 dag sedan
William E Lanning Jr
William E Lanning Jr 19 dagar sedan
@h All those who support Hamas are deluded.
Twellvuisiss Maximus Jabbatthumarumagumma
Twellvuisiss Maximus Jabbatthumarumagumma 21 dag sedan
Keeping the world safe from terror I presume
kiloPotatos 16 dagar sedan
by terror. I smell something smelly in the air. Maybe you.
crazythedon 21 dag sedan
Israel targetting children and residential homes.. whats new?
Lennard Church
Lennard Church 20 dagar sedan
@crazythedon You personify willful ignorance. Hamas uses children as human shields, and Hamas fires rockets indiscriminately at civilian populations, including having a quarter of the rockets they launch fall short and land on their own people. Anyone who's brain works can see that Hamas is responsible for ALL of the children's deaths in Gaza.
crazythedon 21 dag sedan
@Lennard Church oh you mean the one or two videos that Bibi had shown in his brobaganda conference? Tell that to the 70+ dead children... i think you need more credible news sources.
Lennard Church
Lennard Church 21 dag sedan
@crazythedon Dude, there's video and audio of Israelis telling Arabs to evacuate the buildings before they're destroyed, and there's witnesses of the rockets being fired from the targeted buildings. You need to find more honest sources of news.
crazythedon 21 dag sedan
@Lennard Church that is false actually.. wheres your evidence? This is idf brobaganda #1... resdential homes and families were wiped out witbout warning in Gaza.. shame on your lies.
Lennard Church
Lennard Church 21 dag sedan
That's false. Israel targets the Hamas terrorists responsible for firing thousands of rockets at civilian Israeli populations. Hamas hides their leaders and weapons in residential buildings, schools, and hospitals to deliberately use civilians as human shields.
CLUBEY ZOOM 21 dag sedan
Peace Palestine
Martin Zanichelli
Martin Zanichelli 21 dag sedan
Those terrorists started the attacks. Israel had to respond, and I hope they finish definitively with terrorism. and reduce that terrorist base to rubble forever.
Hussam Al-Shouli
Hussam Al-Shouli 6 dagar sedan
Israel was deporting Palestinian families and conducting ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem before the war
Snagglepuss1952 21 dag sedan
What a shame the camera was 180 degrees out of line
Hairul Hafiz Mohammad
Hairul Hafiz Mohammad 21 dag sedan
Respect to press woman
planemod 21 dag sedan
Return of the Gorgon
Return of the Gorgon 21 dag sedan
Every single time!!!!
Josh Bosch
Josh Bosch 22 dagar sedan
“Looks like they couldn’t handle the neutron style” - Israel
*IAC* 22 dagar sedan
Hamas needs to stop launching rockets !
SUPER KUALA LUMPUR 3 dagar sedan
Free Palastin
h 20 dagar sedan
U shud get ur facts right
kill THE beat
kill THE beat 21 dag sedan
Israel should stop attacking aqsa
maenan 22 dagar sedan
M3m3r420 22 dagar sedan
So we got journalists who straight up risk their lives and then we got ones updating us on Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe
Pa Ms
Pa Ms 22 dagar sedan
LoL, she's on the wrong side.
Adnan Kabir
Adnan Kabir 22 dagar sedan
It WaZ a HaMaS BaSe !
dolita windo
dolita windo 22 dagar sedan
Imagine children have to go through this everyday 😭
big joe bob mama
big joe bob mama 3 dagar sedan
Dua Hareem
Dua Hareem 22 dagar sedan
Be kind humans to all not devils if you have power in the end everyone has to die
Phew 22 dagar sedan
Phew 22 dagar sedan
@dolita windo cool
dolita windo
dolita windo 22 dagar sedan
about the proximity. Its scary
maskdanger 22 dagar sedan
This woman has bigger balls than most guys.
Lidor Israeli
Lidor Israeli 22 dagar sedan
h 20 dagar sedan
Diluded creep
Syeda Esha
Syeda Esha 22 dagar sedan
Just appreciating reporter just close your eyes nd feel pain of Palestine
Jan K
Jan K 22 dagar sedan
Guardian looooves Hamas. I hope you will enjoy something like this in London. Shame you don't mention how Hamas uses human shields in Hamas.
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