John Kennedy: I never dreamed Biden would be left of Lenin

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Louisiana Republican sounds off on the 'defund the police' movement on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #FoxNews #Tucker
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stillcold Dag sedan
Biden, Pelosi, AOC, Harris, *ALL OF THEM* need to be arrested and tried for treason. I am dead serious about this.
RIP WFF 5 dagar sedan
They're not after me, they're after you; I'm just in the way -- Trump You few that actually voted for Biden - what do you think this means? Wake up, now. United petrifies them.
Michael Harvey
Michael Harvey 5 dagar sedan
The dumbocrats are losing their asses pretty soon they will figure out that socialism wont make it here just like everywhere else ...They are all stupid with no sense like a chicken
Constandina Roux
Constandina Roux 6 dagar sedan
She doesn't believe that ... She is seeking control and power in anyway she can get it. She found a "WEAKNESS" in the AMERICAN people and is using it to bring herself into the limelight.
1headtheball 7 dagar sedan
One of two things is going on. Either the left are using criminals, to help dismantle/brake up society, (folk on the left, are too physically and emtionally weak to do it them selves), or they are just nit very sharp. Either way, the folk on the left, only exist ironically, because of the 20/21st Century. Any other time frame and Darwinism would of taken care of them.
john wright
john wright 9 dagar sedan
what u expect from a low iq bartender
TheRobertEllismusic 11 dagar sedan
way to go senator nailed it.............Biden needs a serious Light Infusion from the God Of The can't hide from your conscience JOE......... WAKE UP
TheRobertEllismusic 11 dagar sedan
way to go senator nailed it.............Biden needs a serious Light Infusion from the God Of The can't hide from your conscience JOE......... WAKE UP
Igster Man
Igster Man 12 dagar sedan
This country needs to find ONE Democratic city and perform the following experiment: Stop the police from making any calls on any crimes for a period of one month. See what the results are. Then form an opinion on what to do. It won't be to "defund the police."
Blackpilled 13 dagar sedan
That jellyfish line was priceless. You have to love Senator Kennedy from Louisiana.
The Lonely Mimikyu
The Lonely Mimikyu 13 dagar sedan
“Imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism”- Biden
Arne Ward999
Arne Ward999 14 dagar sedan
Bro I wish he was that based. Conservatives really have no perspective on how Communists actually act. Stop being brainwashed.
Karen Macdonald
Karen Macdonald 15 dagar sedan
General Eric
General Eric 17 dagar sedan
Biden comes out of closet as a fascist, his We the people speech that the government are the people is straight out of Mussolinis guide how to be a Dictator.
Kathy E
Kathy E 19 dagar sedan
racial bias has been prevalent for 100's of years. It's not limited to police.
captain swing
captain swing 19 dagar sedan
This is such a stupid thing to say. It just shows how ignorant old kentuckian politics something out of a Tennessee Williams novel. I look at the desperate measures GOP politicians go to to ignite the morons who support them and wonder when they will realise the cold hard truth. They are not getting into power for another two terms. Voters have got wise.
Terry Pennington
Terry Pennington 20 dagar sedan
Kim Morrill
Kim Morrill 20 dagar sedan
Well said Mr. Kennedy. How do we stop this insanity!
Jerry Owens Sr.
Jerry Owens Sr. 20 dagar sedan
Get them out of our country no room for communist in our country get the fu.. out or meet the Firing Squad enough is enough time for true Americans to Stand Up
Jerry Owens Sr.
Jerry Owens Sr. 20 dagar sedan
Then they are acting like treasonous people and needs to be treated like treasons simple as that
Alexander Stamov
Alexander Stamov 20 dagar sedan
Tavarish Lenin here - you all need more books and less burgers :)
Lauren Sauvageot
Lauren Sauvageot 20 dagar sedan
Pure insanity of the left
Jerry P
Jerry P 20 dagar sedan
Tucks: "The adults in the party need to stop this" Whaa... whaa... what! Tucker is doing an amazing parody of lunatic right wing opinion havers
Jerry P
Jerry P 20 dagar sedan
"Mr. Madison, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."
roger warnike
roger warnike 21 dag sedan
When their wallets are squeezed enough, even liberal Democrats will take notice. Bank on it. It’s happening now.
Langley J
Langley J 21 dag sedan
Everyone could see what Biden was going to do. He said it, Harris said it, his followers said it. Already the worst president in US history.
Katie Mynette
Katie Mynette 21 dag sedan
Heart of Kentucky. Hello Sen Kennedy. Yes, Biden and his administration, are infintile. The whole world knows it. Katie.
VM I 21 dag sedan
"John Kennedy: I never dreamed Biden would be left of Lenin" What an idiotic thing to say for a Senator(it tells us a lot how they pretend he's the legitimate Pres) considering everybody with half a brain knows the swamp put Biden in power as their puppet so its the swamp that is calling the shots and their agenda is to never let go of power aka SOCIALISM so.. DUH.
stevie 21 dag sedan
Lois Maddux
Lois Maddux 21 dag sedan
Then do away with the Capital Police in DC and see how AOC feels about police.
Vicky Wu
Vicky Wu 22 dagar sedan
Unfortunately it is too late to realize Biden is left of linen. Biden deceived not only John Kennedy but many American . Biden knows exactly what he is doing to grab power and money by destroying America
Richard Perez
Richard Perez 22 dagar sedan
Grandpa Munster lives!
Gordon Costa
Gordon Costa 22 dagar sedan
"Jellyfish have survived 650 million years without a brain"..LOL!!!!!!!!
Joe Macinnis
Joe Macinnis 22 dagar sedan
Biden doesn't even know he's president! Obama is running the show
Morris Phillips
Morris Phillips 22 dagar sedan
Check this out, hear we've got a known insurrectionist bad mouthing the president of the United States. Yet, the insurrectionist is still given a platform, go figure.
thatonedude But who?
thatonedude But who? 22 dagar sedan
Man i wish Biden was a Leninist, I would actually vote for him but in reality he's just a shitty liberal
Elijah Sharp
Elijah Sharp 22 dagar sedan
"left of lenin" LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ruined your ideological credibility right there, ol' john
Elijah Sharp
Elijah Sharp 20 dagar sedan
@John Mayer have you even read a SUMMARY of any of lenin's very widely available works? how about a summary of his actions? even the wikipedia page? how about the TITLE of his books? I'll give you one: "Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism". Does a criticism of imperialism OR capitalism sound very Biden-esque to you? That's a very mild example of the disjunct between the two. How about policy? Has Biden nationalized banks or any other major (or minor) industries? Are we engaging in any kind of state orchestrated central planning? Has he redistributed land to the poor? Has he decreed that we all receive free education? You have literally zero conception of ideology or policy, and I guarantee your dogma is too boring to craft a response. But please, surprise me. I've got time.
Shirley Cathcart
Shirley Cathcart 22 dagar sedan
MSM-boycott, boycott, boycott. Play cards, clean the garage, at least there the trash doesn’t try to hide itself
Glenda Halvorsen
Glenda Halvorsen 22 dagar sedan
AOC is so messed up! Love he calls them "Woke-a-ristas! They are all communists.
Jasmine Lindros
Jasmine Lindros 22 dagar sedan
And I never dreamed a Senator would be unable to tell his left hand from his right, but then, Kennedy IS a Republican.
Nichola Twach
Nichola Twach 22 dagar sedan
KENNEDY for president. Flush the toxic racist sjw woketards. B4 there is no country left just a lawless burning cesspit
Nichola Twach
Nichola Twach 22 dagar sedan
Joe crow and the Dems playin the blm and woketards doin best job of wrecking usa will backfire on elites
Lourdes Paz
Lourdes Paz 22 dagar sedan
Wise words.
Ashish Moulik
Ashish Moulik 22 dagar sedan
Leftists pages are gradually opening, as there theory is now taking u.s to low.
PaulRevere RidesAgain
PaulRevere RidesAgain 22 dagar sedan
It's not that they don't know better, they're doing this with a purpose in mind. To change America, to grab power, to extort the working class 'taxpayers' who in 'reality' pay 'all' of America's taxes, one way or another...
charles wilkins
charles wilkins 22 dagar sedan
Everyone wants to know what is this rare miracle talent possessed by Hunter Biden which attracts world powers to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for these gifts of remarkable value? He must be a master of the Chinese languages, Ukrainian languages and of course Russian, and has financial skills held by no ordinary human. Hunter Biden is now the sole beneficial owner of Skaneateles LLC, according to Washington, D.C. corporate records obtained by the Daily Caller. “He has been working hard to unwind this huge investment gift?,” press secretary Jen Psaki said during a recent press conferences when asked about Hunter Biden’s stake in Bohai Harvest RST Shanghai Equity and Investment Fund under Management as BHR Partners .BHR manages the equivalent of $2.1 billion in assets and is co-owned by the Chinese state-controlled Bank of China. Hunter Biden’s lawyer, George Mesires, did not return numerous requests for comment asking to confirm if his client is in the process of offloading his stake in BHR and when he expects that process to be completed. Mesires said in an October 2019 statement that Hunter Biden had not received any return on his investment in BHR, but emails located on a copy of Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop show that he was told on multiple occasions by his business partner Eric Schwerin that he would begin receiving significant payments from the firm beginning in 2019, the Daily Caller News Foundation previously reported. May 20, 2017 “Don’t mention that Joe Biden is involved, it’s only when you are face to face, I know you know that but they are paranoid,” Gilliar instructed Bobulinksi in an encrypted WhatsApp message thread. My question is there now an opening for international bag man and money launder, is this an Treason. It must be great to be a Biden or better yet the Big Guy. I insist on saying the Biden's did not sell our Country done the drain for money or did they?
Charlie Disney
Charlie Disney 22 dagar sedan
hbarudi 22 dagar sedan
I am for repeal qualified immunity, but not for defund the police. Only totalitarian countries have police immunity, free countries would hold their officers accountable for their actions.
Dave Sonowski
Dave Sonowski 23 dagar sedan
Sen Kennedy Alice Cooper had a great song in 1975 welcome to my nightmare and we as Americans better wake up asap
Susan Vaillant
Susan Vaillant 23 dagar sedan
May have to move to Louisiana so Kennedy can represent me, live in hell of NJ, maybe Florida, DeSantis and Rubio are sane too. Jim Crow ? The border ? Encouraging rioting and holding no one accountable ? Every large city run by democrats is in the hole financially, bailed by the last 2 trillion doled out, more to come, those cities are rife with murders, many children, homelessness, drug addicts, dealers, the poor still poor (works for the democrats, throw someone elses money at them to insure another vote), don't recognize America anymore..... VOTE !
Cindy marcketti
Cindy marcketti 23 dagar sedan
The definition of defund the police from the dems is a lie The truth is that will reduce what there able to do and protect us
Mary Haddock
Mary Haddock 23 dagar sedan
I would love to meet Mr kennedy and give him a big ole hug. I love his truth grit and wit funny and serious at the same time. God bless you Mr kennedy ❤️🙏
Eddy Dishart
Eddy Dishart 23 dagar sedan
Kennedy is America's greatest. Why are so many people so stuck on stupid?
Dorothy Shilow
Dorothy Shilow 23 dagar sedan
I’d love Senator John Kennedy‘s punchlines. They are always right on target. Bullseye!
Darrell Barry
Darrell Barry 23 dagar sedan
I keep seeing Republicans speak common sense and Democrats spill lies and hypocrisy, why is this madness allowed to continue? The Democrats are chasing absolute power and if they get it the country will be lost. Hard to see a way out of this.
dsboli 23 dagar sedan
We are witnessing the insurrection and overthrow of government by the fascist left deep state to cease absolute power. They dream of commanding their Third Reich socialist tyranny that will last a thousand years. It's getting frightening! That cut the radical left violent mob loose an America.
Ethereal Bukkake
Ethereal Bukkake 23 dagar sedan
650 million years? The world is only 6k years
my view
my view 23 dagar sedan
When the anarchists and government join forces and call themselves the resistance, you know we are all done for.
Aquarius Verus
Aquarius Verus 23 dagar sedan
The Resident of America knows he is on his way out and will soon be horizontal. That is why he is hell bent on trashing his country. As the Sun King Bourbon infamously said “ After me - the Flood”. This is proof of his demented psyche. God help who remains.
Andrew 23 dagar sedan
BRAVO Sen Kennedy
Mike Lucio
Mike Lucio 23 dagar sedan
Police reform and gun reform is necessary to curb the number of killings in this country. statistics prove it
Michael Kolacz
Michael Kolacz 23 dagar sedan
Kennedy is unfortunately one of the few politicians in Washington that articulates important issues in a clear, intelligent manner. Yes Mr. Kennedy I too am very upset that Biden has shown no leadership.
Bradley Wrobel
Bradley Wrobel 23 dagar sedan
OK so what are you and your team going to do. We didn't vote you in to just complain about it all talk no action
Penny 23 dagar sedan
Fun fact: Lenin was born on April 22. The day this video was posted
Deanna Williams
Deanna Williams 23 dagar sedan
God is good all the time. Turn from your sin and ask God into your hearts before it’s to late
Abraham Earthstein
Abraham Earthstein 23 dagar sedan
I never believed I would see the end of my country, America. But here it is. The People turned on themselves and started eating. Even Jellyfish don't eat themselves.
Stephen Calamita
Stephen Calamita 23 dagar sedan
Do you really still believe he is running things?
LongBeachWerewolf 23 dagar sedan
PC culture and democrats are just communism disguised as manners and safety.
S. Charles Lutsch
S. Charles Lutsch 23 dagar sedan
"Left of Lenin" ? Really? Senator that comment is laughable. Quit with the accusations and just try to justify your paycheck. Get something done.
Whatster87 23 dagar sedan
I guess you weren’t paying attention
Midge 23 dagar sedan
Jelly fish have survived 650 years without a brain , biden and the left are doing pretty good job ruining the country without one to...
Kazuha hattori
Kazuha hattori 23 dagar sedan
So that’s was happened. The republicans didn’t do anything because they thought Biden wouldn’t be a crazy leftist. Well it worked for JFK right?
rhrh2025 23 dagar sedan
Biden is the counterfeit "president!"
RAIMONT MEMI 23 dagar sedan
428 Renegade
428 Renegade 23 dagar sedan
These people are not socialists, they are hardcore communists
Phillip Rose
Phillip Rose 23 dagar sedan
Why is anybody suprised at jokebama stupidity, hes been in dc for 120 years according to him!
Friend 23 dagar sedan
Jesus Christ is Lord!
mrjon75 23 dagar sedan
Ok when do our "leaders" stop talking and start doing?
Walter Hmelevsky
Walter Hmelevsky 23 dagar sedan
Left of Lenin? Biden is left of Stalin.
vern eklund
vern eklund 23 dagar sedan
When are you going to wake up? Biden’s just an Obama puppet!
Tail Gunner
Tail Gunner 24 dagar sedan
John Kennedy is making stupid remarks to make himself popular among Right Wingers. Joe Biden is "Left from Lenin"is a totally unhinged statement targeted to make some noise. Luckily most of the the noisy Right Wingers have no idea who Lenin is, those who do know understand that this an ridiculous comment. GOP is going down the drain further and further,Fox News is displaying all their stupidity and ignorance in a attempt to support every Alt Right statement.
Tina Boyd
Tina Boyd 24 dagar sedan
I feel that these people should have to pay out of their pocket for the help people will need when they need a cop to show up!!!!
kawika dee
kawika dee 24 dagar sedan
This is another senator I can respect.
samuel liljeholm
samuel liljeholm 24 dagar sedan
Agent Exeider
Agent Exeider 24 dagar sedan
That was your first mistake, Senator Kennedy, you assumed your opposition had a sense of rules and fair play.
Room S10
Room S10 24 dagar sedan
Obiden LOOKS like what's left of Lenin.
spidermonkey432 24 dagar sedan
Well he said he was.
Marv 24 dagar sedan
2:01 AROFLMAO 😅😅😂😅😅😅😂 SAVAGE
Tully Bascombe
Tully Bascombe 24 dagar sedan
No disrespect Senator ... How did you escape from the mortuary?
Catarina Acosta
Catarina Acosta 24 dagar sedan
Is the devil acting through them
Asi es Trabajar
Asi es Trabajar 24 dagar sedan
Fruitius Maximus
Fruitius Maximus 24 dagar sedan
Kennedy should have stopped at "they won't be happy" ... That is the essence of Leftists and Leftism: have you ever met a "happy" Leftist? Of course you haven't! No happy person is a Leftist, and no Leftist is happy; because their entire world view is defined by the things they hate, the things they refuse to tolerate. Leftists are fundamentally miserable people, they are a coalition of the neurotic and the perpetually-aggrieved ... they are the Party of Mental Illlness.
Kathleen Johnson
Kathleen Johnson 24 dagar sedan
The left want control and that means control of police
Kathleen Johnson
Kathleen Johnson 24 dagar sedan
Justice for Ashli Babbitt
arlene henry
arlene henry 24 dagar sedan
No one should be SURPRISED by BIDEN! AMAZING!
Technotopia 24 dagar sedan
That's great, a sitting Congressman telling the world that he thinks Biden is more radical than Lenin. Do these guys make a deliberate attempt to sound stupid? America is so behind in technology, ambition, innovation and much of it is because of bird faced Republicans who don't want any change.
___ 24 dagar sedan
Joe Biden being further left than Lenin is very, very stupid. Lol
Philip Scott
Philip Scott 24 dagar sedan
A jellyfish has more brains than the baffoon AOC. Pull me a pint. From the 🇬🇧
M R 24 dagar sedan
Foghorn Leghorn amps it up for the Fox rubes. He should fix his miserable festering boil of a state before running his yap.
Ed Ram
Ed Ram 24 dagar sedan
Republican obstructionist leaders are only interested in corporate socialism and obstructing.
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