Jeremy Clarkson reveals the car he regrets selling the most

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You may remember our Clarkson Q&A and F1 rant from 2019. It turns out we didn't use all of the footage from that day, so since we're all missing a trip to the pub and we know you all love a bit of Clarkson, we thought we'd re-edit the unused clips. Enjoy!
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Here's the behind the scenes from this slightly odd day of filming with Jeremy:
monkstanding last
monkstanding last 21 dag sedan
I see James May secretly plotting to avenge his burnt down shed lol
Zack Mcracken
Zack Mcracken Månad sedan
Beamers are the absolute worst cars on the road.
Collin T
Collin T Månad sedan
I am very much with Mr. Clarkson on the V8 noise. My high school counsellor would always rock up in his big block Chevelle SS and you could feel it in your chest as he idled by at 20-30 MPH. I hate the new mustangs, they look fat compared to the old ones and the sound is off, just flat. You can tell the engine isn't a true V8 in the cheap ones. Give me a big block V8 and less restrictive exhausts and I am very happy.
callum stevenson
callum stevenson Månad sedan
@RichieRich thanks got it
RichieRich Månad sedan
@callum stevenson there’s a clue in the footage !
Mario D. Zmaj
Mario D. Zmaj 9 timmar sedan
Studio was awesome, shame they dropped it.
Julian Darby
Julian Darby 9 timmar sedan
One of the best like/dislike ratios I’ve ever seen on SEcycle.
The Advocate
The Advocate 10 timmar sedan
Huge US fan of Clarkson but what's the deal with the eyebrows? I retired early at 53 but still groom and showers "as if" I worked. Is this an old English bloke thing?
lawlaw1 11 timmar sedan
he looks 15 years older than his age..
dennis taylor
dennis taylor 16 timmar sedan
Hi Jeremy, in this day and age with the cars nowadays should the speed limit be increased to 80mph.
Albert M
Albert M Dag sedan
3:28 lets get ready to rumbleeee!!!!!
spruceguitar Dag sedan
I will never understand the appeal for these 3 things - Electric cars - Range rovers - Bentleys I mean if you really love cars.
TheHappyKamper Dag sedan
I've seen so many people do that thing with the hazard lights, I always say to my wife "Look, someone's using their 'Park anywhere' lights again".
Jack Hoff
Jack Hoff Dag sedan
"I like a Mustang more than a Tesla" Richard Hammond approves of this message.
Kimball Scarr
Kimball Scarr 2 dagar sedan
There is on show better than the original top gear... on SEcycle Garage 54 channel.... crazy Russians always top it all.
PMC 3 dagar sedan
I thought his biggest regret would be assaulting an innocent person...
Albert Steptoe
Albert Steptoe 3 dagar sedan
No electric more v8s
DrumtotheBass Woop
DrumtotheBass Woop 12 timmar sedan
Amen, eargasmic. 👌
FlopsPL 3 dagar sedan
I also reared selling BMW, but ordinary E36 coupe.
Tony Rapa
Tony Rapa 4 dagar sedan
The BMW 3.0 CSL is my all-time favourite car. If I should be ever so lucky to win the National Lottery, then my first purchase will be a fully restored BMW 3.0 CSL. I keep an eye open and I saw one advertised for around £180,000 the other week. So yeah - need to win the lottery first.
andy palin
andy palin 4 dagar sedan
Same as Jezza ...60 this year. It's petrol all the way till i drop! Bollox to electric! 😀🤘🎸🍻😎
Flappo Spammo
Flappo Spammo 5 dagar sedan
fiat panda ?
Damon 5 dagar sedan
Sort your eye brows out
kloppskalli 6 dagar sedan
pink floyd? the most overrated band ever.. :o))
Walker 6 dagar sedan
If I wanted to read an interview I'd have read an article. I'd much rather be able to set my phone down and listen or maybe blank out for a bit. Get it together random car channel.
Michael Depolo
Michael Depolo 6 dagar sedan
As an American I love to watch your show, wish you can come back!!!!!!!!!!!
Luke Hurley
Luke Hurley 6 dagar sedan
A Clarkson why not try and get an electric rang rover and make the sound of one calerbrated through your speakers 🎶 see if you can notice the difference, the vibration can easily be manipulated??
Christine Herrington
Christine Herrington 7 dagar sedan
Pubs were'nt open a month ago 🤔
Hamsterwheel 7 dagar sedan
Funny that Clarkson mentioned it, my favourite moments of Top Gear where he would in fact work the crowd and comment on whatever they were saying, in segments like the Cool Wall.
Skoski 7 dagar sedan
different now as in now they just take the whole car :)
monkey55500 8 dagar sedan
he's ok jeremy i like him
Paul Brimble
Paul Brimble 8 dagar sedan
With eyebrows like that, who needs sunglasses?
Rosalie Valentine CH. ENG
Rosalie Valentine CH. ENG 8 dagar sedan
.... Clarkson, why did you sell your CSL For 3k. Could've gotten more out of it today.
David D
David D 9 dagar sedan
Will Jeremy buy a hybrid after 2030 when the UK bans sales of ICE cars? And an EV after 2035 when the UK bans sales of hybrids ? Or emigrate to Cuba where they still drive yank tanks from the 1950s?
john wishart
john wishart 9 dagar sedan
ffs sake man..... trim yir eyebrows ! lol
Badly_Dubbed 9 dagar sedan
I sold my jensen interceptor in 2011 for £6700, I'm skint now😂
M B 10 dagar sedan
Love the shirt and Jokers helmet slogan “Born to Eat” 🤠
M B 10 dagar sedan
Love the Clarkson. We would sit together talking cars, offering witticisms to passers by and mock and make fun of political correctness, or political insanity.
alfa_w 10 dagar sedan
I just pressed "Like"
Its-abit-Fishy Raver
Its-abit-Fishy Raver 10 dagar sedan
I think Jeremy would make an excellent Prime Minister.
Jack Cleary
Jack Cleary 10 dagar sedan
what that left eyebrow doing
Ellis James
Ellis James 11 dagar sedan
I automatically thought of the Ford GT when he mentioned a car being stolen when it wasn’t actually stolen 🤣
MOS Collection
MOS Collection 11 dagar sedan
How could you sell a 3.0l CSL? 😱
Nicolas 11 dagar sedan
yeah you're a dinosaur, but some of us Love the ancient world :)
Joshua Kim
Joshua Kim 11 dagar sedan
The joyous addition concurrently wash because season obviously analyse besides a awake scarf. cute, foamy pakistan
Damyan Ivanov
Damyan Ivanov 11 dagar sedan
Hey Jeremy, if you`re looking for an agronomist who loves cars, give me a call!
Sa Fugim!
Sa Fugim! 12 dagar sedan
his hands are so skinny
Paul Murray
Paul Murray 13 dagar sedan
The new Top Gear’ is awful bring back the best Jeremy Clarkson trio... get rid of the corrupt BBC too, never should have stopped the brilliance of Jezza’
jack jones
jack jones 13 dagar sedan
Just heard the three of them have done a tribute TG for Sabine S. The fact that they get the go ahead for that tells me Clarkson never wanted to be back on T G again... So sadly it seems it was all about money and not about having the most entertaing show on BBC TV...for a lower pay packet...
Mihail C
Mihail C 15 dagar sedan
3:30 : Jeremy: Bentley Continental Subtitles: badly Continental
Carl Kocich
Carl Kocich 15 dagar sedan
Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life. Terry Pratchett
Jay Hamilton
Jay Hamilton 15 dagar sedan
Jeremy is an absolute legend! The world needs more people like him!
GameOverBitch 16 dagar sedan
Top gear isn’t Top gear without Jeremy and Hammond and James
QUINCY LASSITER 16 dagar sedan
Gokhan DOGAN
Gokhan DOGAN 16 dagar sedan
İ watched their show about argentina show 2014 and shocked. Racis blur that this guy use about a vechile in.mexico was shocking too. You are a waste of time. Your show i as piece of sh.. now i see
Ignacio Hombre
Ignacio Hombre 17 dagar sedan
the hazzard thing, thats an argentinian trick, my grandfather used to do it
David bowie
David bowie 17 dagar sedan
A Farmer? He hasn't done a hard days work in his life!
Crazylegs 18 dagar sedan
How would Clarkson like it if his son or daughter was humiliated on a daily basis while they where just doing their job. He's a bully that could do with a kick in the stones.
kyle yates
kyle yates 18 dagar sedan
Jeremy’s eyebrow trying to escape his face @6:00 😂
Erwen Deboer
Erwen Deboer 18 dagar sedan
Talk not behind underlines or between in , for many not understandable for me... The Experimental project for jails... How much does it earn behind the scenes no one sees?
Erwen Deboer
Erwen Deboer 18 dagar sedan
Drive to Honestly 😉😇😇😇
Eric DALBERA 19 dagar sedan
"I like the sound of a V8" 👍
tvSquareEyes. 20 dagar sedan
New Zealand viewer yeah & whipdeedo to you too. From One T rex to another ...rename your 2 work mates - Barny & Dino and yip your Fred :)) 1961 vintage model :))
Caleb Buckallew
Caleb Buckallew 20 dagar sedan
The drab peanut ecologically sip because tachometer contextually clean circa a ad seal. perfect, inexpensive engine
thomas gre
thomas gre 20 dagar sedan
The defective guarantee possibly multiply because cry contradictorily attack below a even excellent excited catamaran. soggy, concerned product
RexMundi73 21 dag sedan
Biggest nobert head not on tv anymore the reason I stopped watching top gear when it become a rich boys diary instead of a motoring journalist programme, was a cool programme in the late 80s
Mark Bermingham
Mark Bermingham 21 dag sedan
jesus man shave your eyebrows please
Just A Panel Beater
Just A Panel Beater 21 dag sedan
Great work!! Where are you broadcasting?Chipie?
randoff32 22 dagar sedan
Baseball or basketball?
james bishop
james bishop 22 dagar sedan
I'd love to have a pint with this man cheers jezza 🍻
Aleks 25 dagar sedan
''I will never have an electric car'' **smashes like**
Jim Thompson
Jim Thompson 25 dagar sedan
He looks ...unwell.
Andy Worgess
Andy Worgess 25 dagar sedan
Miss the studio shows happy you wont buy electric Tesla junk batteries don't last,
L vdB
L vdB 25 dagar sedan
5:20 i agree 1000 procent XD
David Knell
David Knell 27 dagar sedan
I thought the grand tour had finished
Wolfspaule 27 dagar sedan
The interest in farming and feeding the world makes him even better!
John Parish
John Parish 27 dagar sedan
Please trim your eyebrows mate
Soraia Morais
Soraia Morais 27 dagar sedan
Sean Baskett
Sean Baskett 28 dagar sedan
To me, the most important aspect of a car is how it sounds. Agreed, Mr. Clarkson.
Alex NutCasio
Alex NutCasio 28 dagar sedan
I knew this had to be old. That pub has been closed for quite some time.
ncshuriken 28 dagar sedan
Gonna jump the gun and guess its either a Reliant Robin, a Peugeot, or a Peel P50.
ALL SEEING EYE 28 dagar sedan
Petyr Kowalski
Petyr Kowalski 29 dagar sedan
But but...those eyebrows....
Sojolly Månad sedan
The Maserati noise does the same thing to me.
TheMrC99 Månad sedan
Clarkson drinks Rosė? Lol
Shpongle Månad sedan
Jerrmeys left eyebrow is falling off during this interview
josip papac
josip papac Månad sedan
I am nearly 60... but he is looking like 75
Richard Davis
Richard Davis Månad sedan
Jezza trim those brows buddy
Dualtron Thunder Bolton
Dualtron Thunder Bolton Månad sedan
Number 2 on them eyebrows and it will literary shave 10years off you Jeremy. Love you to bits mate..
fishing Månad sedan
You guys can't ever stop doing the grand tour. Have you seen the new top gear? Clarkson, may and hammond made it what it is if you guys leave what's left?
Jonathan Evans
Jonathan Evans Månad sedan
How can Range Rovers (and others) be sold with a 'not fit for purpose' security system? Easily stolen and we all pick up the tab with increased premiums!
elson ramos
elson ramos Månad sedan
The elfin beetle objectively coach because algeria uniquely behave below a careful loan. purring, wry japanese
KM_Video Månad sedan
1:30 He means, that car was idiotic, or a fact, that he sold it?
ericgelders Månad sedan
Best narrator and story-teller on British tv I know of - can always listen to him telling car-related stuff, it's a joy!
Wile E. Coyote
Wile E. Coyote Månad sedan
My biggest regret is whoever allowed bollock brain clarkson to go in front of TV cameras.
MrAmberol Månad sedan
My old '04 Mondeo ST does it for me, 3.0 of niceness... with luxury... BBC, full of arseholes... just sayin
dj m
dj m Månad sedan
Jeremy,never say never
sparty971 Månad sedan
How many Nicorette's does he need to not smoke whilst drinking 1 glass of wine?
Jagge Ren
Jagge Ren Månad sedan
Strange he seems to care about farming and how we will feed 10 b people in the future but not pollution and co2 from petrol cars that makes it harder farm in the future.
Delores Garcia
Delores Garcia Månad sedan
The lean battle explicitly sip because property disturbingly sound apud a near undershirt. exciting exclusive, materialistic lake
Censure Asylum
Censure Asylum Månad sedan
Love for Jerremy
6KillaBC Månad sedan
Ah my very missed Alfa Romeo GTV6, what an amazing car that was, very regretful sale.
Sylvia Gonzalez
Sylvia Gonzalez Månad sedan
The glistening glorious chick dolly film because sink spindly tremble against a diligent balloon. scarce, three okra
Walter Burton
Walter Burton Månad sedan
total petrol head love it
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