Jen Psaki holds White House press briefing | 4/21/21

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Fox News

26 dagar sedan

White House press secretary Jen Psaki speaks to press. #FoxNews
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unwindout 16 dagar sedan
Fox News needs to negotiate a deal to substitute Ben Shapiro for Peter Doocy at White House press conferences. Doocy isn't getting the job done against Jen Psaki. Only Shapiro has the talent to outmaneuver that genius-level sophist with truth. She probably would avoid even calling on him, which would speak volumes in itself
NotGivingUpAnymore FREEDOMS
NotGivingUpAnymore FREEDOMS 23 dagar sedan
Turn your Comments OFF because failing FOX cannot handle the truth!
duanecrump crump
duanecrump crump 23 dagar sedan
You ugly red-headed step-child. LOL :)
CubanMafia 23 dagar sedan
Joe Biden 2024
Frst Nme
Frst Nme 24 dagar sedan
Trump won and everyone knows it
Scott Deaton
Scott Deaton 24 dagar sedan
No disrespect intended but Psaki is morphing into the character that was deformed in that old movie called Mask.
mr 24 dagar sedan
Jen needs a job..
Timemachine Eddie
Timemachine Eddie 24 dagar sedan
As fox threw President Trump under the Bus cavuto and walace played bidon's piccolo like master flutists.
Dc Best
Dc Best 24 dagar sedan
Psaki has no soul
ROBERT SMITH 24 dagar sedan
Jen said she is tired of lying for Biden, fed up with the hair sniffing and refuses to call the president of the united states daddy, what she is trying to say is does Trump have room for one more employee?
sam samte
sam samte 24 dagar sedan
the way she came in and just started talking without any greetings tells you everything about this Circle back saki
SvetlanaK 24 dagar sedan
James Edwards
James Edwards 25 dagar sedan
Take care of our homeless and veterans before you bring in the rest of the world poor and guess who has to pay for it
James Edwards
James Edwards 25 dagar sedan
Wrong. We don’t need any more refugees let the Democrats support them with their tax dollars and leave us alone
Greg Huckeba
Greg Huckeba 25 dagar sedan
Oh they loving all that money y'all to give them and they're getting rid of all the people the bad ones are sending over here hey they love y'all
Greg Huckeba
Greg Huckeba 25 dagar sedan
He doesn't have the 4th of the American people quit lying
Mark Norrbom
Mark Norrbom 25 dagar sedan
Go back to. Your movie studio, fake Joe blow China, your fake news
Mark Norrbom
Mark Norrbom 25 dagar sedan
I will never get a vaccination,🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Mullcrum the Sage
Mullcrum the Sage 25 dagar sedan
Does she do this everyday?
Rockhound *
Rockhound * 25 dagar sedan
Basically asking employers to bully employees into getting the Covid vaccine. Meanwhile hundred's of Covid cases are crossing the border and they're asking foster homes to home thousands of unaccompanied children. There aren't enough foster homes to place American children in but who cares. They did this to the US but lets just talk about the Green New Deal.
Lisa Lee
Lisa Lee 25 dagar sedan
Thank God Trump went to borders......who in the hell is running this show in WH!!!!!
Lisa Lee
Lisa Lee 25 dagar sedan
Lakers need to Fire Lebron NOW!!!! Ban Lebron!!!!!!
Rachel Zuniga
Rachel Zuniga 25 dagar sedan
Booker T. Adams
Booker T. Adams 25 dagar sedan
I now know why Jehovah's Witnesses dont get involved in politics. The Republicans and Democrats are constantly fighting 24/7. They could care less about the people they are elected to serve. It is all about power. I get so sick and tired of Republicans always calling everyone who does not agree with them "Lefties, leftist, radical left, liberals". And the democrats are always calling republicans "racists". Im so sick of the bickering.
Gothic Dragon warrior Queen
Gothic Dragon warrior Queen 25 dagar sedan
Show NO MERCY to these socialist Democrats! They are our enemies!🇺🇲😡
Hurricane 25 dagar sedan
talk about word salad, she talks and talks and says absolutely nothing. Talk about a spin master.
cheryl king
cheryl king 25 dagar sedan
She not circle back anymore it’s I believe I believe I believe what a joke
Noah Michael -
Noah Michael - 25 dagar sedan
You’ve blown that goal of 125k out of the water. Just last month they processed 130k...
Frank Dugan
Frank Dugan 25 dagar sedan
jen pcaki
Phil Baumgartner
Phil Baumgartner 25 dagar sedan
Sas Beach
Sas Beach 25 dagar sedan
Defund the swamp
JJ Dillon
JJ Dillon 25 dagar sedan
Ugly on the inside And outside
DJ Pomare
DJ Pomare 25 dagar sedan
Extremism within the police and military ranks maybe why US troops are still stationed in Germany? Are they writing travel logs? Learning to be Nazis? Elvis was stationed there 60 years ago. How much has the US spent on the 76 years extremist training holiday since GI Blues? Let's hope the George Floyd justice and Policing Act is followed through.
DJ Pomare
DJ Pomare 25 dagar sedan
US J&J has had blood clotting issues and accidentally ruined 15M vaccines and is as stupid as a cop mistaking a gun for a taser. US Vaccine passports will help the world stay safe against US Covid mismanagement. What country would take the risk? China has exported vaccines to 69 countries, arranged exports to 43 others including vaccines for Tokyo and Beijing Olympians. US has kept all their vaccines for themselves. When was America great?
David Addison
David Addison 25 dagar sedan
She has fertile birthing hips
Len Ovo
Len Ovo 25 dagar sedan
I have a question for you have any tattoos ? and a follow-up question, if you do, will you show them to us ? and one more follow-up, will you PLEASE show us ?
Dean Hushon
Dean Hushon 25 dagar sedan
I’d like to hear about the election and how it was stolen
Rusty Spence
Rusty Spence 25 dagar sedan
who oes her make up.? Ragety ann
Anthony D
Anthony D 25 dagar sedan
Most paper clips are variations of the Gem type introduced in the 1890s or earlier, characterized by the almost two full loops made by the wire. Common to paper clips proper is their utilization of torsion and elasticity in the wire, and friction between wire and paper.
Rusty Spence
Rusty Spence 25 dagar sedan
Leah Costan
Leah Costan 25 dagar sedan
She forgot to mention that a white cop saved a black teen from being stabbed.....
Jeremy Two
Jeremy Two 25 dagar sedan
Decent humans love everyone not just themselves and their families. Selfish agendas are not Righteous from the left. True love trumps Elitists Philosophies everytime.
Samson A
Samson A 25 dagar sedan
Sukiyaki Psaki!
TX 77
TX 77 25 dagar sedan
who picked her outfit? 🤮🤮🤮
James Rizzuti
James Rizzuti 25 dagar sedan
Compare Psaki to McEnany. What a joke.
savage daughter
savage daughter 25 dagar sedan
Also loving the way she tells us all these things that the resident is doing and the resident is saying and the resident is thinking. Wouldn't it be so refreshing to actually Witness the resident doing this instead of hearing her version of it?
skipjack johnson
skipjack johnson 25 dagar sedan
Air Force One gets to park in the handicap spots. Now thanx Biden
savage daughter
savage daughter 25 dagar sedan
Loving this administrations "unity and peace".
Absolute Hypnosis, LLC
Absolute Hypnosis, LLC 25 dagar sedan
Psycho angry. Bahahaha
Absolute Hypnosis, LLC
Absolute Hypnosis, LLC 25 dagar sedan
Sam Isho
Sam Isho 25 dagar sedan
Liar Psaki
Soto Markou
Soto Markou 25 dagar sedan
A lie is a lie when you dance around a question...
Soto Markou
Soto Markou 25 dagar sedan
@Kerry Foerster Your recognition is key, but your mockery is transparent as to who you are.
Alexander Shtraykher
Alexander Shtraykher 25 dagar sedan
Psaki is a professional liar.
cucamonga41 25 dagar sedan
The CCP could have chosen to nuke New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles, but instead they decided to elect Joe Biden as our president because they knew it would do the most damage.
Neebes 25 dagar sedan
I hate psaki
Bruce 25 dagar sedan
Unlike Trump who stopped letting his people speak after burning thru three Biden is respecting people. This is a great day. Chauvin in jail and Trump headed that way sooner than later. Love it.
Jonathan Courtney
Jonathan Courtney 25 dagar sedan
This puppet is a disgrace. Her keeper, Conrad Biden, is destroying this country
Spec 25 dagar sedan
It's all good for her and a handfull of those who stand to benefit from whatever evil happens
COREY Callahan
COREY Callahan 25 dagar sedan
Anytime these people use the term "common sense" you know that it will be the exact opposite of that. Just as when they target honest, hard working law abiding citizens with their "common sense" gun control proposals that do nothing to attack the problem of gun violence because it's easier to go after legally owned firearms in the hands of lawful citizens than it is to actually focus on taking guns away from criminals. Look how well those tough gun control laws have worked in Democrat cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC. They don't have enough common sense to understand what common sense is. All they want is more power and control over the individual citizens of this country and they even have the gall to push racism as or Trump as the cause of everything wrong in America when it is they themselves who have been chipping away at the underpinnings that make this country great and that our country is based on. They have no shame and are absolutely disgusting.
Dallas Willer
Dallas Willer 25 dagar sedan
Orange lady bad
Jeffry White
Jeffry White 25 dagar sedan
Should circle back to be a used car salesman. Being deceitful seems to come natural to you Jen !
drew henni
drew henni 25 dagar sedan
I’m embarrassed for her. The queen of looking dumb..... I kinda feel bad for her, but..... not really. She chose this.
drew henni
drew henni 24 dagar sedan
@Kerry Foerster ha
V 25 dagar sedan
Hello to all the Karens here!
Dexter Geddes
Dexter Geddes 25 dagar sedan
It wasn't a legal question about marijuana laws .. it was a question asking if J.B. is going to keep his word!
Victoria Tolsdorf
Victoria Tolsdorf 25 dagar sedan
Yeah I guess the Border crisis is on the back burner thousands and thousands coming in with covid-19 I wish I could say something different but I hate them everyday I hate them more and more
Victoria Tolsdorf
Victoria Tolsdorf 25 dagar sedan
I hate to buy the ministration that's what I want to say I get the rat that's right now about climate that's like the least of our problems
1234 567
1234 567 25 dagar sedan
He is not planning on running for reelection that's why he does not care what Americans think
ocean eyes
ocean eyes 25 dagar sedan
Circle back
David Dyson
David Dyson 25 dagar sedan
Biden Crime Administration
great outdoors
great outdoors 25 dagar sedan
True patriots are demanding the former president be charged with high treason
Scorpius Jones
Scorpius Jones 25 dagar sedan
1. Racist cop going to jail 2. Capitol riot terrorists are going to jail 3. Stacy Abrams is nominated for a Nobel Prize 4. Biden is president Man, getting tired of all this winning!👍🏻🇺🇲
The Winner
The Winner 25 dagar sedan
The American people hate the Biden administration he’s a fraudulent president and the entire administration should be removed from office for their lies and deception. They do not put the American people first and have done unmeasurable damage to this country in the few short months that passed.
Shari Davis
Shari Davis 25 dagar sedan
State prison in pa, somerset, got johnson and johnson, 1600 inmates sick of 2300 and a good amount of that difference didn't get vax, that's a fact
DONALD JESUS TRUMP 25 dagar sedan
A L 25 dagar sedan
Thanks trump administration for the vaccine...
A L 25 dagar sedan
Look up the video: Joe Bidens most awkward gaffes of all time....part 1 of 2(yes there are 2 videos..haha)..... Then you see what a joke he is....
A L 25 dagar sedan
A L 25 dagar sedan
Right......we would still be waiting for a covid vaccine if biden was president in 2020.....a joke
lmarcos53 25 dagar sedan
Ask her: WHY NOW??!! We're still in an worldwide epidemic (!!). Now is not the time for refugees.
Terry Cee
Terry Cee 25 dagar sedan
Jen BallSak y AMAZING.!.JUST when i thought it was impossible ...u keep AVOIDING answering any questions!
Terry Cee
Terry Cee 24 dagar sedan
For sure!
Michael Phillpott
Michael Phillpott 24 dagar sedan
See how fast she speaks when she is spinning her BS?
Joshua Egler
Joshua Egler 25 dagar sedan
FOX NEWS!!! Please read!!!!!
Joshua Egler
Joshua Egler 25 dagar sedan
For 4 years straight cnn was standing up and yelling at trump. Why r we not being more aggressive?? Why is fox news accepting these awful answers that ain't even answer the question
Margaret Mercereeau
Margaret Mercereeau 21 dag sedan
@Kerry Foerster If the press were mature professionals they would have shown the same respect to the Trump administration because of the office he held.
Joshua Egler
Joshua Egler 25 dagar sedan
@Kerry Foerster if u do any research outside of liberal media u will see how censored we really are. For those of u that only get your info from Facebook u will only hear 1 side. Mark Zuckerberg admitted and acknowledgedThat he sensors any and all conservatives
Joshua Egler
Joshua Egler 25 dagar sedan
@Kerry Foerster clearly u only get your info from liberal media. No they don't respect them. Biden and his far left admin sensors any conservative that disagree with them. The biden lefties shut down everyone that posses a threat on there liberal agenda
Wilma Mccann
Wilma Mccann 25 dagar sedan
She keeps saying getting the vaxsine out to everyone in America but they don't talk about the border do the drug cartels and human trafficking do they just walk through without getting tested or vaccinated my heart goes out to American citizens under the administration of Joe binden and kamala harris
Deanna Ferrari
Deanna Ferrari 25 dagar sedan
The cap, what they really mean is...we can change the rules, numbers anytime we want. No explanation needed to you America idiots.
Scarlett Boswell
Scarlett Boswell 25 dagar sedan
If her mouth is moving, she is lying! No one wants any laws from this administration except idiots!
Joshua Egler
Joshua Egler 25 dagar sedan
Fox news!!!! Send someone In with a back bone. Send someone in that will challenge these generic answers!!!
Joshua Egler
Joshua Egler 25 dagar sedan
The more likes this gets the more of a chance fox news will see this
Dennis Mathews
Dennis Mathews 25 dagar sedan
Jacob smith
Jacob smith 25 dagar sedan
Cum back Psaki 😂 Psaki, Psaki five dolla 🤣🖕
Lucas van VUUREN
Lucas van VUUREN 25 dagar sedan
Bring President Trump back problems solved
diadora9292 25 dagar sedan
Jen is still a bit snarky lol but that might be hard to hide at times, but I thought she did good job today. Very tough job.
GeorGiana V
GeorGiana V 25 dagar sedan
Out of spite of TRUMP... The American People Suffer!!! Biden has moved our Allies further away and will ignore our Enemies.. To say that Biden's Administration does not take ANYTHING Putin says seriously on MSM IS INVOKING WAR. they are IDIOTS to say that Out loud. They better take every word he says seriously.
Tonya Siegler
Tonya Siegler 25 dagar sedan
Biden used to be an elementary school bus driver! Who knew? I wonder if Psaki knows?
The Courier
The Courier 25 dagar sedan
A press what?? Sad state of affairs! Our nation is Bleeding out, and with know site in end! Sad.....
Abdel K
Abdel K 25 dagar sedan
The family of Floyd and all "civil rights movement " coming out of the woodwork dressing up in suits are laughing all the way to the bank to get a share of the 26 millions dollars compensation of tax payers money 💰 they hit the jackpot
shannon wielczopolski
shannon wielczopolski 25 dagar sedan
That 16 year old was seconds away from killing another black 16 year old. Where was police brutality there. How can one compare floyds case to this one
Bill Hager
Bill Hager 24 dagar sedan
@Lisa Lee and sued
Lisa Lee
Lisa Lee 25 dagar sedan
Lebron on Lakers BB tweeted cops picture and said Your next! He needs to be fired!!!
Da Big G
Da Big G 25 dagar sedan
A question for her. Does the president agree without qualification that Maxine Waters's interference with the judicial process is totally unacceptable and disqualifies her from office for life and is also a microcosm of his miserable party?
shannon wielczopolski
shannon wielczopolski 25 dagar sedan
She's a joke
S B 25 dagar sedan
Did she really say Biden has the support of 70% of the American people?!? LOL!! I mean...i would believe her if she said he had support of 30% of the people, but that’s even a stretch.
Kendra Sunderland
Kendra Sunderland 25 dagar sedan
Why s b we can talk there very will ok
S B 25 dagar sedan
@Kendra Sunderland thanks.
Kendra Sunderland
Kendra Sunderland 25 dagar sedan
Message me on hangout so we can discuss there
S B 25 dagar sedan
@Kendra Sunderland clearly
Kendra Sunderland
Kendra Sunderland 25 dagar sedan
I'm new on SEcycle
The Broke Internet Marketer
The Broke Internet Marketer 25 dagar sedan
My daughter is a dreamer!!! Her grandparents came here legally from Mexico!!! My daughter comes from a biracial union!!! But there is racism in this country created by those in glass houses. My daughter was born in this country. What happened to HER DREAMS!!!!!??????? THEY MEAN NOTHING TO THIS ADMINISTRATION!!!!!
The Broke Internet Marketer
The Broke Internet Marketer 25 dagar sedan
@Kerry Foerster Living in a third world country!!!!! Not what we should have planed for our children 😡😡😡
Kendra Sunderland
Kendra Sunderland 25 dagar sedan
How are you doing?
Jillian Maloney
Jillian Maloney 25 dagar sedan
This woman trafficked two young girls. This was in August 2013. I was there and rescued them with the help of other agencies. Why has she walked free since then?
John Petrig
John Petrig 25 dagar sedan
Trump passed Prison reform and Biden's crime bill placed thousands of minorities in prison. Facts.
John Petrig
John Petrig 25 dagar sedan
@Kerry Foerster google, try it some time.
Kendra Sunderland
Kendra Sunderland 25 dagar sedan
How are you doing john?
Yvon 25 dagar sedan
What a bunch of BS: 1. forget the climate change Lie . 2. First Priority is the Immigration which is the real problem. Prove you stand for humanity you hypocrites. 3. Once you admit Biden won't lift a finger to fix anything than we can count on our our state governors! Per Maxines on words "Shut your Mouth" lets SEE ACTIONS
Timothy Ryan
Timothy Ryan 25 dagar sedan
Next Up : Creepy Matt Gaetz == PRISON
Kendra Sunderland
Kendra Sunderland 25 dagar sedan
Hi Timothy
Christopher Spencer
Christopher Spencer 25 dagar sedan
So I guess she over looks the fact that the girl was trying to stab another girl 🙄 It’s sad that this child lost her life but this had nothing to do with race!!!
NatureLover 24 dagar sedan
Timothy Ryan
Timothy Ryan 25 dagar sedan
Evil Murdering Cops Now On NOTICE: think twice before Killing people without Cause - you WILL GO TO PRISON.
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