Jackass Forever | Official Trailer (2021 Movie)

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12 dagar sedan

Forever young and still funny in the head. Check out the NEW trailer for and see our big dumb movie in theaters everywhere October 22, 2021.

Celebrating the joy of being back together with your best friends and a perfectly executed shot to the dingdong, the original jackass crew return for another round of hilarious, wildly absurd, and often dangerous displays of comedy with a little help from some exciting new cast. Johnny and the team push the envelope even further on October 22 in jackass forever.


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madmikl 21 minut sedan
Knoxville has the Tim Gunn look down.
Mayank Singh
Mayank Singh Timme sedan
Sir, pls can u tell me how to upload our video without copyright claim.... Bcz today I was uploaded our video about world war z movie but your channel calim for copyright so, how to resolve this problem pls tell me sir as soon as possible....
Anna Wisley
Anna Wisley 2 timmar sedan
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AlphaLlama 2 timmar sedan
my nostalgia levels are breaking my tower of life.
Kerrie Blaise
Kerrie Blaise 3 timmar sedan
A little weird without Bam and Dunn. But Dunn is gone and Bam is lost.😞
Kabir K
Kabir K 7 timmar sedan
Can't wait
Nice 👏💘
Norf33 9 timmar sedan
The gang is back 👌
Rescue You
Rescue You 9 timmar sedan
... pure rubbish
Bruh Guy
Bruh Guy 4 timmar sedan
How come?
1 0
1 0 10 timmar sedan
1:45 the marching band 😄
sixakoo DD
sixakoo DD 13 timmar sedan
Johnny Knoxville doesn't need to put on makeup anymore to play Bad Grampa
Kusuo08 16 timmar sedan
bigraviolees 16 timmar sedan
Knivel, the original jackass
Mario 19 timmar sedan
01:28 se played in the Olympic softball team for Mexico
joaquin valeri
joaquin valeri 20 timmar sedan
joaquin valeri
joaquin valeri 20 timmar sedan
I love Jason Statham
Maulana Aja
Maulana Aja 21 timme sedan
Dimana Bam Margera?
Mr.Brick Top
Mr.Brick Top Dag sedan
no bam?
knatspray Dag sedan
Damn they really got Eric
Andi Sopan
Andi Sopan Dag sedan
where is Party Boy !!!!
Charlie Ball
Charlie Ball Dag sedan
Tyler, the Creator at 1:09?
Noah Guerra
Noah Guerra 20 timmar sedan
Sean Miller
Sean Miller Dag sedan
This looks phucking amazing!!!!🏳️‍🌈🖕
Upelio Žmogus
Upelio Žmogus Dag sedan
Where is Bam Margera?
Kaniak 1987
Kaniak 1987 Dag sedan
No Margera, no Jackass :(
MIXERrrRRrRrr Dag sedan
I think we just want to see pain
samuslightsuit Dag sedan
"Where there are winners, we have Steve-O" Greatest line ever uttered by the 49 yr. old Legend himself.
AdamCrooky Music Official
AdamCrooky Music Official Dag sedan
how could they do that to bam, he is struggling and they clearly don’t care
R0FL 10 timmar sedan
They gave him a chance but required him to give up substances and to visit professional help as a part of the contract. He broke those rules so they parted ways with him. It is his own fault.
Michael Raptor
Michael Raptor Dag sedan
awesome =) literally one of so many things which made my childhood so great :) Thanks for bringing my childhood memories back when watching this movie soon =)
SK4NKYOU Dag sedan
Missing Bam Margerra in there :(
GLITTER & GUTS Dag sedan
It’s not the same without Ryan Dunn R.I.P
Snerdey Dag sedan
Much needed humor is on it's way thanks to Jackass's :)
Parthasarathi Das
Parthasarathi Das Dag sedan
nice trailer :)
pub g
pub g Dag sedan
what the hell was that at the end by Ehren or w.e? "Oh my god". jesus that was terrible acting bro.
Vincent Leonor
Vincent Leonor Dag sedan
The best Jackass forever! 💀❤
johnbs199 Dag sedan
The band on treadmill stunt was probably done in honor of Ryan
Anubis Dag sedan
WildBoyz needs to be on Netflix... such an underrated show
Josh Malkinson
Josh Malkinson Dag sedan
I have been watching Jackass since day 1 cky gnar kill all of that wildboys 1.2.3 I hope these millenial kids try yalls stunts and fucking die they deserve it. Knoxville steve.o Preston Erin. Dave Dunn tremaine bam included you guys are my heros
JP Dag sedan
Should have done some webisodes or something... but a whole movie? Bad enough without Dunn, but to do it without Bam, and using some random guys instead, is a slap in the face. Pretty lame.
VK's ASDgaming
VK's ASDgaming 12 timmar sedan
Torch should be passed on. To make it a legacy instead of anomaly.
sharon poosson officiel
sharon poosson officiel Dag sedan
Craig Thomas
Craig Thomas Dag sedan
I miss Ryan :(
Kira Pastirik
Kira Pastirik Dag sedan
Cannot wait to watch it in theaters or streaming on Paramount+.
T S Dag sedan
No bears were hurt in the making of this video
Pike on a trike
Pike on a trike Dag sedan
The crew, back again 👌❤👏
Sherman Herritt
Sherman Herritt Dag sedan
It's still great to hear Knoxville's authentic laughter.
Serial Chiller
Serial Chiller Dag sedan
Without Bam ?
sophmom Dag sedan
This is quite simply the best news I’ve gotten in 2 years.so amazing to see the gang back together ( RIP DUNN ) everybody looks great too. Roll on October. 🤘🏼🤙🏼
Jacooltimo 2 dagar sedan
1:21 Who is this fat guy?
SHAMSHAM1090 2 dagar sedan
Jackass is beating up black people now 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Angel Belisario
Angel Belisario 2 dagar sedan
Jamie Hadland
Jamie Hadland 2 dagar sedan
about damn time
Grace Pictures
Grace Pictures 2 dagar sedan
I will see it. Jackass was my High School days. But it’s not the same without Ryan and Bam. Praying for you Bam. Get sober. *Recovering alcoholic. You got this. Let the past go and heal.
Tslim 2 dagar sedan
Love these guys, i will be there. Gonna feel 14 again!
desert walker
desert walker 2 dagar sedan
Just got in from work and saw this. Really, good on you for doing this. I'm 55 and can feel your energy. What a laugh
Orypec228 2 dagar sedan
Random John
Random John 2 dagar sedan
I am so hyped for this 😳😳😳
Gio Martinez
Gio Martinez 2 dagar sedan
Bam not in any of this
Adope Hipster
Adope Hipster 2 dagar sedan
release Margera cut
Ihate allthethings
Ihate allthethings 2 dagar sedan
Yeah I need bam
Shilo 2 dagar sedan
Only in theaters? Wtf 😬
Ben Carcieri
Ben Carcieri 2 dagar sedan
The OGs are back
-- 2 dagar sedan
i am happy
Tonia Riege
Tonia Riege 2 dagar sedan
My sis said mgk machine gun Kelly in it
bob aarness
bob aarness 2 dagar sedan
"If you have been fully vaccinated you do not need to wear a mask, let me elaborate, if you have been fully vaccinated you do not need to wear a mask." - Joe Biden
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 2 dagar sedan
I will never take the vaccine.
Nico Licata
Nico Licata 2 dagar sedan
I can’t wait for this, I’m always down to watch a Jackass movie!
Optimist Prime
Optimist Prime 2 dagar sedan
Game of the Year.
florin rusu
florin rusu 2 dagar sedan
where is bam ? if is not in this is a big 💩
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 2 dagar sedan
He's had some personal problems since Ryan Dunn's death. Heard he has been an alcoholic and been in rehab. Probably not up for doing a Jackass movie.
Rat Lord
Rat Lord 3 dagar sedan
Oh damn Eric Adre is in jackss too?!!
Afonso Jesus
Afonso Jesus 3 dagar sedan
No bam No gain
Gothic 3 dagar sedan
If Ryan Dunn was still alive it would have been ten times more epic
Nicholas P
Nicholas P 3 dagar sedan
Guys, what they are doing is dangerous!!
Sugarsmaxx 3 dagar sedan
They always make me laugh while making me think, holly shit these guys must be sore on a regular basis .
cade cooper
cade cooper 3 dagar sedan
yk shit is getting real bad when steve-o screams like this 1:29
Alec Fortescue
Alec Fortescue 3 dagar sedan
Bam Margera crying himself into puking forgotten.
Y.W.S 3 dagar sedan
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Riana Naza
Riana Naza 3 dagar sedan
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muigaulwurf 3 dagar sedan
"The United States of America has the best doctor-to-daredevil-ratio in the world!"
Ceo founder
Ceo founder 3 dagar sedan
Pure hilarious awesomeness!
JDB2020 3 dagar sedan
No bam?
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 2 dagar sedan
Ryan Dunn's death hit him pretty hard. He'd had a lot of personal issues since Dunn's death and is probably not ready to do another Jackass movie.
Arthur Ribeiro
Arthur Ribeiro 3 dagar sedan
E aqui vemos a origem do Everson zóio meus amigos 😎
Tobias Link
Tobias Link 3 dagar sedan
Will it come in German cinemas too??
Life on Wheels
Life on Wheels 3 dagar sedan
All these people are applicants for Darwin Prize. How much on the planet idiots. 🤦‍♂️
AnderS 3 dagar sedan
where's bam
No One
No One 3 dagar sedan
I'm old enough to have seen all Jackass movies in theaters. That's a bit of a bummer.
Thee Annabel Lee
Thee Annabel Lee 3 dagar sedan
Holy fucking shit. I just got my XSX and I just found this trailer... Now, where did I put my helmet?.. ^_^
ZNL 3 dagar sedan
Jason Milgate
Jason Milgate 3 dagar sedan
J is for Jana
J is for Jana 3 dagar sedan
I swear I thought at 0:54 that it was Whoopi Goldberg talking about concussions 😄
lombok pirates
lombok pirates 3 dagar sedan
Can't wait.
MeTaLix 3 dagar sedan
No Bam Margera :(
clouds strife
clouds strife 3 dagar sedan
bro this movie will suck so bad bam and ryan will not be there the movie was made by drunk people it gonna be so dumb every big stunt his made by new people
Buy All The AMC
Buy All The AMC 3 dagar sedan
Y’all too old for this bro
Al Bundy
Al Bundy 3 dagar sedan
Wat da hell wrong with you WP?
jack jack
jack jack 3 dagar sedan
1:35, who the fuck is that annoying guy.
Rya N
Rya N 3 dagar sedan
No bam no jackass this looks lame
EVZZS 3 dagar sedan
Where’s Bam
kushzilla 3 dagar sedan
Bam couldn't cope with Ryan's death and became an alcoholic. The group wanted to help him but he wouldn't let them. He still has big problems. That's why he's not part of Jackass 4 and he's very disappointed about that
Raul Gonzales
Raul Gonzales 3 dagar sedan
First Jackass movie I saw was 3D. Can’t wait to see this
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