I Was Scammed | Unboxing The FAKE $10,000 Pokemon Cards

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9 månader sedan

The Charizard Of Gen 2 Pokemon Is Lugia. Let's find this legendary Pokemon by opening an entire booster box of Neo Genesis.
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Callum Wainwright
Callum Wainwright Timme sedan
Liked video because I used same shelving in my warehouse haha
King Snell x
King Snell x 2 timmar sedan
Bruh needs glasses 👓
Sure Thing
Sure Thing 8 timmar sedan
staged. constantly repeating the same 1 or 2 sentences without elaborating in order to get people to watch longer. "it coulda been a sealing issue....." "crimp.............." "there's a chance......" "the factory, the factory......" "i'm gonna take all these packs...... it's possible...... it coulda been a sealing issue"
Free Food
Free Food 13 timmar sedan
God bless u all
bloodclover0 17 timmar sedan
The Japanese evolved from name isn't isn't same from your beckett 10 on the cyndaquil evolution. I feel for you thought when I pulled a caterpie charizard from xy evolutions, except 1/10 the pain.
Wildwood Hoppe
Wildwood Hoppe Dag sedan
You should do a video of putting every fake pack into a industrial paper shredder then setting them on fire in your backyard
Sn3aky DNA
Sn3aky DNA 2 dagar sedan
For an “expert” you should stop making videos
Maximilian Grassl
Maximilian Grassl 2 dagar sedan
So much denial during this video haha. I wish I could feel bad for you but you make more money than people who save lives by opening cardboard so.. sucks to be you?
leeartlee915 2 dagar sedan
So when he ripped the halo, what should have happened?
illiji915 3 dagar sedan
gloss on the card is a dead give away. counterfeiters have the same issue making faking MTG cards, they're always glossy while legit cards have a more matte surface
chrischeesefudge 3 dagar sedan
CEO of sealing issues at the factory
Smoke 1
Smoke 1 3 dagar sedan
Love you man but you were in denial for wayyyy too long. Those were obvious fakes, it doesn't take an expert to see that in 30 seconds or less.
Helix Storm
Helix Storm 3 dagar sedan
The number 5 on cinderquil's hp was just an entirely different 5 then on the original. In my personal believe it was verry verry obvious theese where fake verry early on, but the stress of having payed this much and being ripped off alongside the added worry of having a potentially ruined stream aswell as having to refund money you can't really get back, just makes people go blind for and vorgiving torwards it's flaws in disbelief.
j c
j c 4 dagar sedan
thats terrible
MIRLZY 4 dagar sedan
You knew it was fake and still tried to be like "let me know what you think" loll
MIRLZY 4 dagar sedan
Looked fake asf before you opened it lol
Scott Watkins
Scott Watkins 5 dagar sedan
I had the same thing happen to me opened the box all fake not what I expected all fake and everything I hoped for was dashed.
mike jones
mike jones 5 dagar sedan
You were definitely scammed
J. Tyler
J. Tyler 5 dagar sedan
Dude you know damn good and well those are fake ass cards. Click bate
Chanye 5 dagar sedan
Is there an update on this? I'd appreciate it if anyone could point me to a follow up.
Death By Bitchslap
Death By Bitchslap 5 dagar sedan
How could this idiot not tell the words in the yellow in the center is lower touching the bottom rather the real card is centered perfectly
Michael Timmerman
Michael Timmerman 5 dagar sedan
Plot twist: factory worker gathered up a bunch of rejected cards and made up a complete box snuck it out and sold it online.
Michael Timmerman
Michael Timmerman 5 dagar sedan
The first thing I noticed was the text in the yellow line below the picture is completely off from the graded version. As well the stars are off and blurry. Either it's super poor quality errors or they are knock offs. Colors can be slightly different with hundreds of thousands of prints. As well errors do slip past quality control. But that feels like someone snuck a reject box out and sold it.
Lithianic 6 dagar sedan
He kept saying its weird. Its not weird that scammers exist everywhere.
Robin Derks
Robin Derks 6 dagar sedan
DevilGaming 6 dagar sedan
A popular Pokemon TCG youtuber , countless booster and box open and finally after an hour finally sees his cards are fake boosters resealed? I CALL BULLSHIT! He dragged that video and live stream for an hour to get max views, shows how much views mean to him instead of his fans because if he cared about his fans he wouldent use them for profit...If it was me i woulded called it reseal 4 mins in and say sorry livestream closed but i will open other legit packs for you guys b4 i close it.
ronnie tan
ronnie tan 7 dagar sedan
made in china? fakes
swabilius 7 dagar sedan
Why is his teeth soo white??
Wall Breaker
Wall Breaker 7 dagar sedan
36:25 the second attack font is clearly different on the 3rd or 4th character. My untrained eye saw that, yep those ain't real. All the font actually, the more I look at it.
Glasses Ramirez
Glasses Ramirez 7 dagar sedan
Imagine paying 10k for a kids card game :pepega:
DRTMI 8 dagar sedan
Jeffrey Scruggs
Jeffrey Scruggs 8 dagar sedan
Also look at the faint white outlining around the Pokémon on the pack art on the fake one!
Jeffrey Scruggs
Jeffrey Scruggs 8 dagar sedan
Look at the Aipom on the back of the packs. The fake ones look so off compared to the real one! That was a dead give away
sofftskies 8 dagar sedan
The energy symbol is also a dead giveaway. The energy symbol on the typhlosion was so different to the original, very blown up and overly saturated.
Spoder スポーダー
Spoder スポーダー 8 dagar sedan
me watching it: bruh its in a different font including the Japanese not just the weird spacing
t34esq 8 dagar sedan
I know it's not the same but i look for fake IDs for a living, there are small differences even on IDs and passports. But homie was in total denial. There were 10 red flags, and like two things that may validate them and he was leaning towards "they're real" for 1 whole hour. This was definitely interesting to psychoanalyze Regardless i hope you were able to get your money back. Counterfitters suck
D Diver
D Diver 9 dagar sedan
Jesus fucken Christ,'he starts opening at 8:34. Ur welcome
TheXV1CT0Rx 9 dagar sedan
That’s why japan got nuked
ALL DAE 10 dagar sedan
12M43L 10 dagar sedan
S t u p i d people Who waste all his money in useless paper cards
Kody Heskett
Kody Heskett 11 dagar sedan
This is why I don't order online. Can't trust folks.
NeedToKnow23 11 dagar sedan
Anytime you pay over $100 on the internet without meeting the person about a frivolous item like a card...... expect it. Just saying. From beanie babies to this. See it in person, or don't expect much.
The Mutt with no Butt
The Mutt with no Butt 11 dagar sedan
It can work the other way. The buyer can just steal the real box and replace with a fake and open on air for extra credibility. There needs to be enchansed security before and after postage at the post office scanned weight microchip behind the slab etc.
That New Fisher
That New Fisher 12 dagar sedan
That skarmory pack tho
PNWLYF3 13 dagar sedan
If he paid 10k for cards I can only guess why they scammed his dumb ass
PNWLYF3 13 dagar sedan
Click bait what a fucking lie
Anna K
Anna K 13 dagar sedan
I'm sorry. At least you get experience in recognising the fake boxes.
ian smith
ian smith 13 dagar sedan
Yugioh beats ash all day
Michael Davis
Michael Davis 13 dagar sedan
Probably would be easy to tell by how it's printed. (Outside of the box) Uding a loop to see if it's inkjet or offset. Mass produced boxes would be offset
Matt Waffel
Matt Waffel 13 dagar sedan
the offset of the corners and everything shows how fake.
omar tibayan
omar tibayan 13 dagar sedan
You got faked bro so many online jokers out there that make fake cards and fake box they are a bunch of online jokers man be careful
Aaron Breedlove
Aaron Breedlove 14 dagar sedan
Every pack is basically the same
Capo2 Hi
Capo2 Hi 14 dagar sedan
You sum
Fud Hugger
Fud Hugger 14 dagar sedan
not right
Fud Hugger
Fud Hugger 14 dagar sedan
naw its different
let me purchase this box cos that is not a fake box
Knobberschrabser 15 dagar sedan
40:00 Just compare the arcs of the 5s and it should be obvious!
Xnate13X 15 dagar sedan
Get them checked and if fake just return it. If they don't allow returns, then it's obviously fake and I wouldn't have bought it in the first place. EZPZ.
Midousuji Akira
Midousuji Akira 15 dagar sedan
i legit had cards like this 10 years ago lol it aint new
Uriel Arista
Uriel Arista 15 dagar sedan
I noticed they were fake from the first pack you opened the colors were way off
Lacey Topmiller
Lacey Topmiller 16 dagar sedan
Working at a print shop for 7 years taught me that when you scan an object and then print it digitally, it thickens all the lines and makes them bolder.. they are all in the same order bc they were printed off and stacked before cutting...
Lester Tran
Lester Tran 16 dagar sedan
Yugioh is better
lacanidjion 16 dagar sedan
Technology is a frightening thing with these new forgeries.
M͎e͎t͎a͎l͎u͎n͎a͎ 16 dagar sedan
haven't seen PKM cards since the late 90s, didn't even know they stil made them, brings me back
dargon the great
dargon the great 16 dagar sedan
Factory sealing issue is 2 packs MAYBE 5 YO YOU got zucked.... Hahahahha loser
dargon the great
dargon the great 16 dagar sedan
WesleyR2803 17 dagar sedan
first look at the cards and i can tell its fake
Christopher Luntz
Christopher Luntz 17 dagar sedan
There was a rip in the box before you even opened it, above Lugia. Sorry man.
B McK 17 dagar sedan
Welcome to Asia
hadar8k9 17 dagar sedan
I hate scammers !! I just got a chilling range open half of it up didn't get good pulls might upload a video
E 17 dagar sedan
Shinato I
Shinato I 17 dagar sedan
Lowlife scumbags can't work hard for their money, so they prey on people who work hard and use their hobbies as a way to basically steal from them.
Daniel Rojas
Daniel Rojas 17 dagar sedan
damn that a bummer... fucked up
Louis 17 dagar sedan
Nathan Keller
Nathan Keller 17 dagar sedan
Should've consulted another professional, Leonhart or MaxMoeFoe could have provided good insight. Not saying you aren't knowledgeable, just sometimes a 2nd set of eyes helps.
Friendly Voice
Friendly Voice 17 dagar sedan
Not a very wise collector...even I can tell by the outer wrapping of the box that its been tampered with. Then when you open the box and see sideways packs and still no clue...well.........
Rojo 18 dagar sedan
p a i n
Hi-TechGaming23 18 dagar sedan
Really sorry for him and having to go to people Who spent money and explain what happened and them him having to account for the 10 grand loss really sad
Brandoballer47 18 dagar sedan
Yeah this is scary.. really scary
Brandoballer47 18 dagar sedan
You mean you're not supposed to get an oddish in literally every single pack??
H3in3k3nx 18 dagar sedan
They're getting smarter.
Al Tyler
Al Tyler 18 dagar sedan
Arthur Tripp
Arthur Tripp 18 dagar sedan
Rember the Pete Rose rookie card REPRINT ?
thedreadedzero 18 dagar sedan
25:20 everything about those cards is different. The sizing. The text thickness and spacing. Everything
John Mack
John Mack 18 dagar sedan
" that's a bad sign " comedy .
Stephen Bianchi
Stephen Bianchi 18 dagar sedan
I kinda want some of these. Would anyone slab them as "fake Pokémon card"?
Trevor L
Trevor L 18 dagar sedan
authentic holos will have the sparkling swirl
Scott 19 dagar sedan
youd think if they have the tech to make fake cards, they'd also have the tech to be able to reseal the packs correctly.
jimmy bluebos
jimmy bluebos 19 dagar sedan
How could he not see the difference in the font :,D
Hacker News
Hacker News 19 dagar sedan
Notice how every rare.. only rare was really off center. The guys probably printing them himself lol that would explain everything....most likely ran into a career counterfeiter.
silvio santos
silvio santos 19 dagar sedan
100% fake :(
Rafael Tavarez
Rafael Tavarez 19 dagar sedan
also not a single element energy from any of the packs
mrfld 19 dagar sedan
I wasn’t convinced until 39:35. The font is clearly different on the number 5.
M Frusciante
M Frusciante 19 dagar sedan
I wonder if there's a way to tell a laminated holo by inspection. Maybe you can see the layer on the edge idk
macky0 19 dagar sedan
you can afford that box but you can’t afford a nice 60fps camera 🤣 this shit is at 20 fps
Ben No
Ben No 19 dagar sedan
way too many issues for it to be legit. The font of the HP is wrong, they used a different font. + sign is off. These kind of issues should never happen. If they can find the exact font the pokemon company used, then we are all fucked.
RegularLife 19 dagar sedan
Thats what we call a got um
the end
the end 19 dagar sedan
lol he knows its fake he just wanted the video to be longer hahahah this man knows fake really good just wanted to make a long video
Cool Hand
Cool Hand 20 dagar sedan
I got a 2004 charizard ex that i used as a kid so its not in perfect condition wanna buy it?
Jonathan Ward
Jonathan Ward 20 dagar sedan
Damn man like 12 minutes in and you’ve opened 1 lol
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