I Spent a Day with a REAL Ex-Yakuza Member in Japan

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The Anime Man

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Michael McNamee
Michael McNamee 41 minut sedan
LOL I think that watch may have been Mr. Tyson's way of calling you a pu55y. It is an amazing looking watch tho..
Jaebonjiya 127
Jaebonjiya 127 50 minuter sedan
Does anyone know the name of the background song. On 0:30
caspar valentine
caspar valentine Timme sedan
i'm going to call you immortal tatsu from now on
エステティック 3 timmar sedan
Everyone gangsta till he sings baka mitai
DontLoL 4 timmar sedan
Bramantio S
Bramantio S 5 timmar sedan
Conversation between real ex Italian Mafia and ex Japanese Yakuza would be great.
H M 5 timmar sedan
KnalliPelle 5 timmar sedan
Not gonna lie, when Joey was talking about wanting to get a tattoo, and Tyson asking him whether he or societal rules were more important, I got shivers, because that man was SO on the point there. Fantastic vidja by the way, and can't wait to see that Led Zeppelin tattoo :D
deusmachinaex 5 timmar sedan
I can see why they call him Tyson..
Maximilian Gorelik
Maximilian Gorelik 6 timmar sedan
He looks pretty scary not gonna lie. I have tattoos from head to toe but even he scares me
Rojava 161
Rojava 161 6 timmar sedan
Dressing as an anime character to meet yakuza so lame
Rojava 161
Rojava 161 6 timmar sedan
This was a terrible interview it’s like watching a teenage boy whose scared afraid anxious and not prepared meeting a bad boy yakuza asking basic and some ridiculously dumb questions. No delivery in his Japanese just mumbling under his breath not bold or brave approach in interviewing
Mitko Mikov
Mitko Mikov 6 timmar sedan
I don't think if he is an "ex-member" he will be still alive !!!!!!
Angela An
Angela An 6 timmar sedan
bro the way he speaks is just intimidating I would definitely be crapping my pants if I was Joey
BTC SATOSHI 7 timmar sedan
Jbarr20 7 timmar sedan
The way he started the interview... I'm a little scared for his life. There's a level of respect and style of speaking, as well as a lot of body language rules when speaking with someone involved with Mafia activity anywhere in the world. I don't know whether or not to see it as balls of steel joking about or the product of a posh life.
Cris Tortion
Cris Tortion 7 timmar sedan
Hey Joey, would you allow me to make a synchronized version in German of this video? Your interview is so interesting :)
Jeremy Ng
Jeremy Ng 7 timmar sedan
i have never seen such a positive thumbs up ratio in any youtube video. ur life is worth putting on the line, bro! :D
DenLim123 7 timmar sedan
When the dude literally told joey that he should have introduce himself, I legit could feel the tension, damn this dude scary as hell 😳
verdida mark
verdida mark 8 timmar sedan
Ahhm well i thought Yakuza would have huge muscle buddy and face with scar but all he had was tattoo and it does not look intimidating at all I'm so sorry
Mikays !
Mikays ! 2 timmar sedan
you assume the rest of the organization he worked before have the same body type as he does?
Peace Sucker
Peace Sucker 8 timmar sedan
nihongo jyouju desune
勇樹 8 timmar sedan
**dies from cringe**
Hunk Wasbisyan
Hunk Wasbisyan 9 timmar sedan
The moment I first saw Tyson, I was pretty sure he’s tattoo was a Dragon 🐉.
Aída Pavón
Aída Pavón 10 timmar sedan
what a cool video
Kuro Kun
Kuro Kun 10 timmar sedan
It's inappropriate to wear dark glasses while having a conversation he took it off after he realised
Cubing Nub
Cubing Nub 11 timmar sedan
i like to think that the yakuza are the police of the night
Erick Kim
Erick Kim 11 timmar sedan
I’m surprised he didn’t talk to you about your sunglasses
X SkyChaser X
X SkyChaser X 12 timmar sedan
Unironically, I respect Yakuza even more now after seeing their discipline in real life.
Michael Joynt
Michael Joynt 12 timmar sedan
I can see why you wouldn't explain the watches brand name LOL An answer to why people think the Yakuza are cool is the fact many movies, tv shows, books, stories, tend to romanticize them, much the same way the do it with Italian mobsters. I have been told I have a very mobster type face, with my scar over my eye, and resting assassin face. I think I look more like Keanu Reeves.
Khengyu 12 timmar sedan
"That's why you're just a kid. When you ask for someone's name, you should give your own first." - Rokurouta Sakuragi
Crow and Raven
Crow and Raven 12 timmar sedan
That was really interesting to watch and listen to. I still find the Japanese language and culture something that the rest of the world could learn from. At least that's what I think. Just make me want to learn more and even the language way better than I understand, and not for anime either lol.
Jacob 12 timmar sedan
Didn’t realize how soft Joey was until this interview. Pathetic lmao
Intitek 1111
Intitek 1111 12 timmar sedan
No one is gonna mentioned why Joey took his shades off? Actually that's very disrespectful. People usually take their sunglasses off to speak to people and make eye contact; joey realized this quick, and took them off.
Doubfulrobin58 13 timmar sedan
I like how he basically made "theanimeman" say that he didn't think the mannerisms of the yakuza were cool
Archmidas Hex
Archmidas Hex 13 timmar sedan
Yakuza Duterte Yakuza Duterte
Heather _
Heather _ 13 timmar sedan
Holy crap he was scary
Manute Bol
Manute Bol 13 timmar sedan
This guy pulled an Eric Andre
MMA MacKela
MMA MacKela 13 timmar sedan
uhhuh.. I spent a week as a captive of actual Yakuza.
Crystalia Elevia
Crystalia Elevia 13 timmar sedan
You looks like heisenberg 😂😂
iLLmaticV3 14 timmar sedan
Bro I had a weird ass feeling he would get annoyed with him crossing his arms LOL
James 《miiru》
James 《miiru》 14 timmar sedan
Me watching this at three AM saying “one more video”
Jacky_L 14 timmar sedan
Who think that he is a good person?
son 15 timmar sedan
In Vietnam, those kind of gang guy is very intimidating, but really nice to everyone. However, if you mess with them, they will plan you a funeral.
Nikhil Kapoor
Nikhil Kapoor 15 timmar sedan
How it started: “Hey what’s up it’s the Anime Man, back with a new video about anime!” How it’s going: “Hey what’s up it’s the Anime Man, back with a new video about the yakuza!”
Renée Skaugen
Renée Skaugen 16 timmar sedan
"I expected more intimidation" This dude literally tells Joey off like at least once every other minute by either telling him off for not introducing himself, for crossing his arms, for being switchy with topics etc. yOU EXPECTED MORE INTIMIDATION I WOULD HAVE CRIED IN THIS INTERVIEW HE SCARES ME haha Like not saying he was unreasonable or intimidating like "do this or else" but god fucking damn the atmosphere around him when he told Joey off was terrifying o-o
bobby boucher
bobby boucher 16 timmar sedan
ooohhh smack in the face dont cross your arms you idiot hahahaha wow this guy is a legend
bobby boucher
bobby boucher 17 timmar sedan
wow how clueless can you get wow!!!! oouufff
bobby boucher
bobby boucher 17 timmar sedan
the guy is scared because he is and impolite idiot??? fake 200% or just super bad
Tom Prince
Tom Prince 17 timmar sedan
Joey was sailing close to the wind on this one lol - was really good interview tho
L A 18 timmar sedan
3:42 when the ex yakuza member suddenly stopped the interview and called him out for basic courtesy. and even sounding strong and strict. I'm like oh shit. I hope everything was well after the interview.
Karim Häusermann
Karim Häusermann 18 timmar sedan
You stupid youtuber, you didn't object when he said yakuza means justice ....!!! Mafia and yakuza are extorting money from honest merchants for "protection" every day!!! These people destroy the social fabric!!!
soroush kowsarian
soroush kowsarian 19 timmar sedan
" You don't cross your arms when talking to someone " " ah sumymasen " And that's when he knew , he was dead
soroush kowsarian
soroush kowsarian 19 timmar sedan
" You don't cross your arms when talking to someone " " ah sumymasen " And that's when he knew , he was dead
soroush kowsarian
soroush kowsarian 19 timmar sedan
*Laughs* " I'm scared "
soroush kowsarian
soroush kowsarian 20 timmar sedan
80 yo Japanese people hearing the word yakuza just get an Insta heart attack
M4NU iwnl
M4NU iwnl 20 timmar sedan
You going to get him killed my guy : /
Ruth Camarillo
Ruth Camarillo 20 timmar sedan
I don’t know if it was because Joey was a bit scared or he just didn’t put enough time to prepare himself with questions. He didn’t act respectful sometimes and maybe shouldn’t of been too playful or worn a cosplay.
Jordan R
Jordan R 20 timmar sedan
i don't why this guy showed up and acted the way he did. like he saw this kid's outfit, his playful demeanor.. and just kind of acted like a dick. nobody forced him to be interviewed.
Alicidus 20 timmar sedan
to the mfs saying Joey was disrespecting that yakuza member, cry about it bozo 😂😂🔥👎👎 if it’s his show and let alone him understanding japanese culture more than any of yall, he deserves the audacity
shadowslayerxn 21 timme sedan
Just be sure to embellish it.
Savage Bunny
Savage Bunny 22 timmar sedan
Should have asked him about the 44 days Japanese girl all I can think of
Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho
Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho 23 timmar sedan
David Joseph Bureros
David Joseph Bureros 23 timmar sedan
4:18 "hahaha kowe"
Bichael Stevens
Bichael Stevens 23 timmar sedan
Joey you buffoon of absolutely zero etiquette. Can't even tell your name without being a dweeb
Tea Burn
Tea Burn 23 timmar sedan
I want that apron.
Gen Radiata
Gen Radiata Dag sedan
Every time I hear the word Yakuza, Kazuma Kiryu pops into my head.
aiz Dag sedan
this episode is 30 mins of me worrying about joey
たっか Dag sedan
Nierusu Dag sedan
"you dont need special skills or techniques to stay in the yakuza, you need Resolve!" *insert jojo reference*
Star Dag sedan
When i saw the title i thought of how to fight
Voicebox The One and Only
Voicebox The One and Only Dag sedan
Why’s everyone talking about Joey dying? Yakuza don’t kill people! Atleast, not a Yakuza like Kiryu..
Jotaro Joestar
Jotaro Joestar Dag sedan
3:41 I would have started digging my grave at that moment 🤣
meme god
meme god Dag sedan
yakuzas protected japan from chinese and korean gangs
Brock Dag sedan
This was a really cool interview to watch.
sarmythreader Dag sedan
The bit where he asks his name terrified me, and I wasn't even there. I can't imagine how much he was shitting himself.
eniya Dag sedan
His necktie was lit. He was intimidating..
farmaan champ
farmaan champ Dag sedan
For those who are wondering here it is...... So, what does OMECO mean in English? Those typing the name into Google verbatim won’t find much. The name is, in fact, an altered spelling of the word “omeko” which, in the Kansai dialect of Japanese, means “vagina”.
Shiki Dag sedan
What does it mean omeco ?
Chris James
Chris James Dag sedan
Man was tutoring Joey on how to behave during an interview during an interview
Chris1077 Dag sedan
What was wrong about crossing his arms? 10:35
RunningManNewbie Dag sedan
for some culture/country it's rude to cross your arms while talking to someone - the same where i grew up
Akhima Tagala
Akhima Tagala Dag sedan
It's like I'm watching Tokyo revengers Don't ask me why but I just got this kinda feeling
Pasha Putra
Pasha Putra Dag sedan
You're obsessed.
TGK-The Geek Korner
TGK-The Geek Korner Dag sedan
“You don’t scare me” “Are you asking me to scare you?” “No No”
Mannan Ahmed
Mannan Ahmed Dag sedan
12:14 lesson learned, don't lie to Mr. Tyson he knows when you're lying.
Tommy L
Tommy L Dag sedan
Joe should be aware of basic manners.
Tommy L
Tommy L 10 timmar sedan
@Pasha Putra I'm worried for his life 😅
Pasha Putra
Pasha Putra Dag sedan
Its a sponsored video of gokushufudou, it's a mini skit of some sorts... it's not that he's not aware of basic manners....
Bonai Dag sedan
WHY EVERYTHING IS CUTE IN JAPANESE even the disclaimer is cute and not treating like usually 🥲
ollipollii1 Dag sedan
You're a really cool guy to have sat with a Yakuza guy for so long and publically. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!
gokul ram
gokul ram Dag sedan
A lot of the questions you asked were proper but a lot just made the interview awkward for him which made it awkward for you making me awkawrd for ex : "Can u tell me any heroic stories .. ." something like that . how the fuck can anybody calls themselves a hero hello ??? Nobody can do that . and unsecerily making it awkward
Gabriel Jin
Gabriel Jin Dag sedan
he is soo cool
Tick Tock
Tick Tock Dag sedan
that had to be the most entertaining and very much a learning tool for how the yakuza works from a former member great interview lad
Yaman Padekar
Yaman Padekar Dag sedan
TreehouseINC Dag sedan
the chad yakuza vs the virgin anituber
Emma Coil
Emma Coil Dag sedan
Pen shaped guns really shook me
IRyStocrat GrimCatnip
IRyStocrat GrimCatnip Dag sedan
Ex-Yakuza teaches how to be proper during and for interview.
Dadevil Fuss
Dadevil Fuss Dag sedan
Reminds me of my uncle. Beats me for crossing my arms while he was talking to me
Anthony Nguyen
Anthony Nguyen Dag sedan
I get that you run an anime channel, but you invited over a real ex-yakuza and you decided to show up in a cosplay, give them a fake name when they asked for your name, and wear sunglasses for half of the interview that was conducted indoors. This was painful.
Emilio Ferrer
Emilio Ferrer Dag sedan
The man is intimidating. But the glasses dude, you should have started without it. I know is to be entertaining, but on his end, it could have been seen as threat or something
Pasha Putra
Pasha Putra Dag sedan
It's not that deep man... it's a goddamn interview and not a serious matter about business or something.
I K Dag sedan
is that a real audemars piguet royal oak offshore on yakuza wrist?
Wyeth De leon
Wyeth De leon Dag sedan
9:17 Careful now Joey
Twisted Flower 17
Twisted Flower 17 Dag sedan
I didn't expect a Yakuza member to have such good manners. Im suprised, He seems to be a respectful person. Despite being very intimidating.
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