I Made Lipstick From Scratch

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Safiya Nygaard

19 dagar sedan

Hello friends! Bad makeup science is back! Wait no, not *bad* makeup science -- potentially *good* makeup science! Or, at least okay makeup science.

So a few months ago while I was jonesing to melt something, I encountered this book -- called Make It Up, by Marie Rayma -- which details how to make pretty much every beauty and body product you can think of, custom and from scratch. And being the lipstick fiend that I am, I decided to follow one of her lipstick recipes to make myself a custom lipstick (color and base) from scratch. What do you think of my final color? What product should we tackle next?

You can check out Marie Rayma's channel here: secycle.info/crone/PoQ...
And her book here! www.humblebeeandme.com/make-i...

Just a quick note re: the mask test - this video was filmed in April, which was before the mask mandates were lifted where we live!

This video is NOT sponsored!!

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard 18 dagar sedan
HELLO FRIENDS!! i hope you guys enjoy this video in which i basically just nerd out over lipstick ingredients and pigments, lol -- what did you think of our final color? and which makeup product do you think should we make ~from scratch~ next?? xoxo, saf
Shreyasi Datta
Shreyasi Datta 10 timmar sedan
Kyah Shaw
Kyah Shaw 11 timmar sedan
you should make some weird lipstick colors, or throw random amounts of pigments in and guess what color it will end up as.
kay Dag sedan
great craft
great craft 2 dagar sedan
great craft
great craft 2 dagar sedan
HilBG 54 minuter sedan
I'm a math teacher and I'm so so proud of you!!
nandi's top12
nandi's top12 Timme sedan
Suzieee 5 timmar sedan
I feel like the final colour she went with wasn't what she wanted. Seems like maybe she got bored of trying?
Puffer Fish
Puffer Fish 3 timmar sedan
I mean, did you listen to what she said? She said she knew it wasn't the same but it was close enough that she was pleased with it for now.
Ayla Mia
Ayla Mia 9 timmar sedan
Safe and Tyler are def my comfort you tubers and this is def my comfort channel!
BLUEBXXRRY 14 timmar sedan
My birthday is tomorrow my wish is for Safiya to reply
Sierra 19 timmar sedan
Your videos satisfy my inner child 😂
kawipotato 277
kawipotato 277 20 timmar sedan
Can you do a full face of Franken makeup thank you
Hannah Luvsdogs
Hannah Luvsdogs 21 timme sedan
Does anyone else think that Safiya should mix together all of the perfumes from bath and body works. To make a Franken-perfume. Just an idea.
Nesjasz 22 timmar sedan
i love Safiya, but being an artist and working with paints every day just PAINS (haha. painTs..) ME when I watch the pigment mixing. still an amazing video, they are SO REWATCHABLE
Denise S
Denise S Dag sedan
Saf! What if you mix ALL THE PIGMENTS!?
Nuša Vidovič
Nuša Vidovič Dag sedan
Make a house tour
Jacqueline Vambo
Jacqueline Vambo Dag sedan
Where did you get the measuring spoons?!
lukewarm sodapop
lukewarm sodapop Dag sedan
Im a gen z and i still use noob
Teresa Budowska
Teresa Budowska Dag sedan
Omg I love it I want to see u doing more of this costome lipstick
whit dean
whit dean Dag sedan
Can you please mix your custom lipsticks
Mariel C.G.
Mariel C.G. Dag sedan
I'm watching the first attempt, and I'm already feeling like that frankenpinkstick is gonna need some blue.
Dylan Tran
Dylan Tran Dag sedan
Zies Denisha
Zies Denisha 2 dagar sedan
I have missed her saying "HELLO".
Junior 2 dagar sedan
"What do you thinking?" *Flashbacks from Simplynailogical*
Emz 2 dagar sedan
I kinda wanna see a video looking at weird makeup gadgets or products. 😃✋
Rainbowcloud 2 dagar sedan
Wouldn't it be a lot easier to use grams instead of such weird fractions!?
great craft
great craft 2 dagar sedan
😘😘 secycle.info/crone/Lu4kF_dK33IS7Of79JgVdQ
Tami Coil
Tami Coil 2 dagar sedan
I really like this format much better than your 2 hour long streaming channel with Tyler. I like him, but he nervous talks nonstop and it gets really long when the vids are almost 2 hours long. I hope you keep this format.
Zera 2 dagar sedan
the ridiculously small teaspoon thing wouldn't be so complicated if the recipe called for measurements in grams/ounces imo
Michele〈3 2 dagar sedan
“The Iced Coffe Test” 😂
Christa Worthey
Christa Worthey 2 dagar sedan
Castor Oil helps with longevity. we use it as a sealer in theatre to keep our lipstick on throughout the show.
Cheese Is Here (LIVE)
Cheese Is Here (LIVE) 2 dagar sedan
“That was a song from Balto 2!” Safiya this is why I love you 😂😂😂
Pens, Pencils, and Paper
Pens, Pencils, and Paper 2 dagar sedan
You should try lip gloss next
Rosalie Bourget
Rosalie Bourget 2 dagar sedan
Bad makeup science has evolved!
CaraStay 3 dagar sedan
I was in the shower and got scared because I just watched some scary YT vids... So I switched to Saf’s channel and was like: Saf... Help... Saf? 😖
Dumb_Bl0nde 3 dagar sedan
Safiya! Where you been loca 🤪🤪🤪🐺🦤🐿
DOMINIC ASSENSI 3 dagar sedan
I have been in a pretty dark place for a while lately and I just wanted to say - Saf has given me pure joy and happiness! Thank you Safiya ❤️
Banisha Sinha
Banisha Sinha 3 dagar sedan
Make nail polish from scratch
Sebastian Irigoyen
Sebastian Irigoyen 3 dagar sedan
Your content is now particularly irrelevant. We asked for Safiya, not Tyler and the content- it's getting really pathetic.
Puffer Fish
Puffer Fish 3 dagar sedan
Wow, that's harsh and unnecessary. Saf can run her channel however she wants, and Tyler's always had comments in the videos so I don't know what you're complaining about.
Crystal Ruiz
Crystal Ruiz 3 dagar sedan
That first color is beautiful 😍
Crystal Ruiz
Crystal Ruiz 3 dagar sedan
Were you trying to say dusty rose?🤔
Craft a spell with Ishita Arora
Craft a spell with Ishita Arora 3 dagar sedan
I think you should mix eyeliners as well some day, although they are generally black and might lead to black itself BUT there are many other colours in eye liners including white... So MAYBE they might turn out... Something different.... Please please 🥺
Stripy Word
Stripy Word 3 dagar sedan
Saf if you ever sell lipsticks again i will be the first one on that, i didnt have a job or money when you were working with colourpop 😭 i looooved those too
Maria Emine
Maria Emine 3 dagar sedan
Super exciting! Loved the zombie pink one ;D
Neliza Drew
Neliza Drew 4 dagar sedan
Necromancy Cosmetica has a great grey-mauve.
Carla zhang cosplays
Carla zhang cosplays 4 dagar sedan
Safiya 2 years ago, I saw your Lolita video, ever since I’ve loved Lolita thank you so much
M M 4 dagar sedan
Does anyone else watch her videos and just think about how intelligent the both of them are? They’re so wise for their ages.
SV'S creative World
SV'S creative World 4 dagar sedan
Hi my name is also safiya🙂
Darlene Lewis
Darlene Lewis 4 dagar sedan
"Butthole waterline test" 😂😂😂
Very Good
Very Good 4 dagar sedan
Please mix and create nail polish at home
Loviiingliife 4 dagar sedan
I love that first color
Fabíolla K.
Fabíolla K. 4 dagar sedan
Monalisa here ? Hahaha gorgeous!
Esper? Tibbie?
Esper? Tibbie? 4 dagar sedan
Im calling the first shade "hotdog water"
beeschurger 4 dagar sedan
Karina Ballinas
Karina Ballinas 4 dagar sedan
Has anyone notice that her voice changed? If you compare a video from 4 years ago and now, her voice got deeper. Idk maybe it's just me 😂
Puffer Fish
Puffer Fish 4 dagar sedan
I mean, everyone changes how they speak over time. Performers especially so.
Kim 4 dagar sedan
Buy It, Wear It, Melt It, Eat It, Turn It, Leave It, Stop, Format It Technologic
☮ ∞ : )
☮ ∞ : ) 4 dagar sedan
I miss the white background :' (
Sydney Thiessen
Sydney Thiessen 4 dagar sedan
It would be really cool if you would do a video about learning to color mix!
Momma Bear
Momma Bear 4 dagar sedan
I love these videos ❤️
Thea Madshaven
Thea Madshaven 5 dagar sedan
Can you try out curology??
MaddisonPlays_Roblox 5 dagar sedan
Indeed people do use the word noob for a game called 'Roblox' which is what my and my sister's channel is about but, I still don't have any content. But my sister does!
Idefix 5 dagar sedan
7/16 of a teaspoon is the most american measurement i have ever heard of.
Anxiety Sims
Anxiety Sims 5 dagar sedan
I want the hot dog one it’s so nice !!! I need to make lipsticks
Giampiero Caponera
Giampiero Caponera 5 dagar sedan
Quanto me piace ⭐✌💪🇮🇹💯
nini the panini bread
nini the panini bread 5 dagar sedan
safiya failing to create the dead pink colour but managed to create a nude that looks absolutely stunning on her: **mission failed successfully**
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 5 dagar sedan
"What is this? lipstick for ANTS?" reminded me of saf and freddie back in the day when they were still bFF :(
Katelyn Diaz
Katelyn Diaz 5 dagar sedan
Pls make more!
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 5 dagar sedan
i could watch hours of mixing different lipstick pigment combinations !!
Mahogany Marten
Mahogany Marten 5 dagar sedan
the way she said Anastasia im..
Clare Jiang
Clare Jiang 5 dagar sedan
She is the most intelligent beauty guru i know
Sarah 5 dagar sedan
saf, have you ever tried the hooded eye eye liner technique? i think it would suit you well. your wings get lost some times
Kacy Mah
Kacy Mah 5 dagar sedan
I hate fractions 💀😂
Kira Bozyk
Kira Bozyk 5 dagar sedan
To confirm yes Noob is still a thing...at least to my 8 year old son and his friends when it comes to Minecraft it is. Lol
Kyleen Carter
Kyleen Carter 5 dagar sedan
A full face of makeup from scratch would make a sick live 🤞🏾
Confused AF
Confused AF 5 dagar sedan
Her voice sounds like a news anchor but I'm honestly here for that.
Sofia Anton
Sofia Anton 5 dagar sedan
3:07 3:20 You guys are so funny! I rarely laugh out loud watching videos on SEcycle. 😂
Majestically Awkward
Majestically Awkward 6 dagar sedan
Ummmm I went to TKBs website and your photo (Safiya) was the first thing I saw… so they better be paying you now!
Ágnes Márkus
Ágnes Márkus 6 dagar sedan
jojoba oil: *exists* Simply: NAIL OIL Saf: LIPSTICK
Liam Trainer
Liam Trainer 6 dagar sedan
Let’s be honest, The key of bad makeup sciences the hot pad
washingmachine dude
washingmachine dude 6 dagar sedan
Anyone else feel like her content is now the same thing over and over again with only one little aspect changed? It feels repetitive and I no longer enjoy her videos as much :(
rabbit quartet
rabbit quartet 5 dagar sedan
Literally every SEcycler
Oomie 6 dagar sedan
Shouldve named the first one ‘paulettes hot dog’
crow enthusiast
crow enthusiast 6 dagar sedan
i could watch hours of mixing different lipstick pigment combinations !!
pandi northrop
pandi northrop 6 dagar sedan
Why don't you make a lipstick from scratch with all the pigments you can find.Mabey it could be diffrent from the OG frakin lipstick colour?
Coo500s 6 dagar sedan
Can you do a mixing all my collab lipsticks together i feel like it would be a good shade
Sharifah Safiah
Sharifah Safiah 6 dagar sedan
i love your videos so much safiya
Hi_im_taylor1 6 dagar sedan
Mixing all the shimmery eyeshadows together! They are usually colourful I think it would be cool
Keely Gallagher
Keely Gallagher 6 dagar sedan
Tyler’s arm comment makes me think you should sell lipstick on a display where they are held up by like, zombie bone arms lol
Ava Hornbeck
Ava Hornbeck 6 dagar sedan
Corinne Sawarin
Corinne Sawarin 6 dagar sedan
I need those teeny measuring spoons in my life. Where did you find them??
Loviiingliife 6 dagar sedan
Black goddess I am black outfit queen
Bri 6 dagar sedan
I want to know what she did with the rest of that wax and pigment tho
pandi northrop
pandi northrop 6 dagar sedan
Hide them in her basment...so she can feast on them but little does she know..THERE NOT EDIBLE(it won't happen but thats my guess)
Katie Sigward
Katie Sigward 6 dagar sedan
You missed the other e with coffee!!!
Chanel Russell
Chanel Russell 6 dagar sedan
She said it kinda looks like a hotdog 😂😂
Dora Rivera
Dora Rivera 6 dagar sedan
I loveeeeee this video!!!!
Verónica Araya
Verónica Araya 6 dagar sedan
"What is this? lipstick for ANTS?" reminded me of saf and freddie back in the day when they were still bFF :(
Kookaburra 6 dagar sedan
I went over to TKB to look at their pigments and saw you on the home page XD
Kookaburra 6 dagar sedan
Been wanting to make my own lipsticks forever, brb gonna go get that book
Trebla I35
Trebla I35 6 dagar sedan
Please mix all the blood types together
Puffer Fish
Puffer Fish 6 dagar sedan
@Trebla I35 there's like...no chance of this happening ever, between blood being better used for medical purposes, to the health and safety concerns lmao
Trebla I35
Trebla I35 6 dagar sedan
but like drink it dont inject
Alannis Cordero
Alannis Cordero 6 dagar sedan
Uffff the prune lipstick 😍😍
Marie 6 dagar sedan
i‘m kinda disappointed the final color isn’t as grey
Kayla Ascenzo
Kayla Ascenzo 7 dagar sedan
You should do a video where you do a full face of makeup that you made! Like make the foundation, concealer, powder, eyeshadow, lips, mascara, brows! I think that'd be so cool!
The Official Andy Saenz
The Official Andy Saenz 7 dagar sedan
17:20 Our handy dandy Rosanna Pansino frosting spreader. Me: That’s an offset spatula. 🤣😂
david shulman 2D
david shulman 2D 7 dagar sedan
eden sreden
eden sreden 7 dagar sedan
i think the millenial prune colour would fit my new aesthetic dresscode goth i think its the most flashy colour they'd allow at my school
Joanna 7 dagar sedan
me, an artist who knows color theory: I WISH YOU KNEW MORE COLOR THEORYYYYYY
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