I Drove to Japan's Most Extreme North | Hokkaido Road Trip

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Abroad in Japan

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Cape Soya is 1,000km from Tokyo at Japan's most northern point. In the height of winter we drive across a snowy Hokkaido to discover what's up there.
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Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan 5 dagar sedan
NOTIFICATION SQUAD: To miss the Natsuki cameo in this video would be a crime! Well folks, you can't beat a good road trip and this was easily one of the most fun videos I've produced in 9 years. A HUGE thanks to my best American friend PETE for coming along for the ride (even if his motives were questionable). You can find him over on Twitch where he streams most nights (🌟www.twitch.tv/premiertwo ) and I look forward to stopping by and doing some shows with him in a few weeks to celebrate surviving our journey.
genta terashichi
genta terashichi 22 timmar sedan
Did you go to Oshamembe? It's my hometowm.
DJ Pâtes
DJ Pâtes Dag sedan
Play on words puns... Yabai yabai
Katanamast279 Dag sedan
You guys are an awesome duo. You have to do the trip to the most southern point in Japan. That would be epic
Harpie Dag sedan
The sarcasm in Chris' English is just too freaking hilarious
Melanie Camis
Melanie Camis 2 dagar sedan
Would you redo someone's planned vacation that they have done already?
pies inquietos va
pies inquietos va 4 minuter sedan
Oh... wakannai... just for a mug.
xme 19 minuter sedan
The shots in this video are gorgeous, made me fall in love with Japan once again. Good job Chris!
Brian Le
Brian Le 39 minuter sedan
This was a really fun video to watch!
Rawflcounsel76 44 minuter sedan
wakkanai.....I DON'T UNDERTAND, sounds close like Wakaranai.....NANI??
Film making Pro
Film making Pro 46 minuter sedan
9 years since he's been back in the U.S? Jesus.....we need to start a gofundme page to get this man a flight back to Kansas.
Rawflcounsel76 57 minuter sedan
YOU should visit that Buddha SITE during SUMMER! when those the lavender plants ARE IN FULL BLOOM!
Old yogi kat
Old yogi kat Timme sedan
Hokkaido looks like the country side in Quebec Canada 🍁! Love the buddha statue ❤️
Philip Chi
Philip Chi Timme sedan
That Daiso mug only in Wakkanai? What a good reason to go up there haha. I've got that exact broken mug too (minus the broken parts).
Austin Rockett
Austin Rockett Timme sedan
Lol love these two “Can you sail?”
Pathundris Timme sedan
There should be a uncut release of the entire uneventful trip back.
David Macchia
David Macchia 2 timmar sedan
More Pete!
tori bees
tori bees 2 timmar sedan
holy shit i laughed so hard at the cup noodle part. it genuinely did resemble a bad commercial LOL
tori bees
tori bees 2 timmar sedan
Pete: "Please have a bathtub. YES! We have one!" Chris: "Woo hoo."
tori bees
tori bees 2 timmar sedan
We have a stonehenge replica in my state not too far from where I live in the US! So weird hahahaha
tori bees
tori bees 2 timmar sedan
despite watching Chris for several years, I'm always thrown off when he is seriously narrating a picturesque scene and then abruptly ends it with a sarcastic remark
tori bees
tori bees 2 timmar sedan
what a great duo
Doctor Dragon
Doctor Dragon 2 timmar sedan
Going on a three day road trip to the northern most tip of Japan in the middle of the winter... all for a pun... That is some serious dedication to bad comedy. I love it. (Either that or some passive way to 1-up Ryotaro.)
Lisa Traboco
Lisa Traboco 2 timmar sedan
I miss Hokkaido
Lazaras 3 timmar sedan
I just love Chris' sunny disposition.
Sheldon Traviss
Sheldon Traviss 3 timmar sedan
do more videos with him, unlike your other companions. this guy has everything your personality is missing and you both play very well together.
Samuel 4 timmar sedan
CLAPCLAPCLAPCLAP! Bravo Chris! Great video =]
Witchy Titan
Witchy Titan 4 timmar sedan
At least if this mug breaks, you'll know for sure it's legit.
relyat89 4 timmar sedan
I clicked on this thumbnail because I thought you were Elon Musk. wtf my eyes must be going bad....
Epidemiologic 5 timmar sedan
Love this videos. Thank you for taking us with you on this trips
Christian Haws
Christian Haws 5 timmar sedan
What kind of drone do you use for your overhead shots?
Owlski 5 timmar sedan
Pete's enthusiastic personality brings just the right amount of crazy to this channel. Truly remarkable~
Aj Aj
Aj Aj 5 timmar sedan
Your mate is so likable and cute
pipster06 6 timmar sedan
I love American Pete. Such charisma
LaughToKeepFromCrying 6 timmar sedan
Dude, Chris. I love you. I will always love you. But Pete stole the show. What an incredible personality. You two also work so well together. More Pete!
junilog 6 timmar sedan
Twinleaf to Snowpoint
Barokai Rein
Barokai Rein 6 timmar sedan
23:00 I love everything about this bit
Grant Boardman
Grant Boardman 6 timmar sedan
Classic Natsuki!
Eduardo Rafael Antunez Cubillan
Eduardo Rafael Antunez Cubillan 7 timmar sedan
great video! natsuki is the best!
andgalactus1 7 timmar sedan
I've seen Pete or as they call him on TV, Pita before. He has some hot takes on food I'm just gonna leave it at that.
Terry Taylor
Terry Taylor 7 timmar sedan
Maybe Pete can appear in more videos. He is a fun guy it seems like. Add him to the Tokyo Creative super group!
Darky R
Darky R 7 timmar sedan
Awesome episode!!
Liokay 7 timmar sedan
could get used to getting 30min long episodes of Abroad in Japan :D
JPN_BACKPACKER 8 timmar sedan
I want to travel like this. ☺️
TheDragonPlayer TDP
TheDragonPlayer TDP 8 timmar sedan
16:50 "So chris what do you think of this cosy american prairy home?" Me: God that looks Scandinavian minus the bathroom...
Crystal Hero Michael Bray
Crystal Hero Michael Bray 8 timmar sedan
one question comes too mind at 17:50 why does this guy know what dog pi*s taste like?
Jan Folke Rørvik
Jan Folke Rørvik 8 timmar sedan
They are going into the freezy winter wilderness sticks, and wearing their Tokyo slicker best...
Sleepy Kittens
Sleepy Kittens 9 timmar sedan
I don't comment too often but this was so enjoyable I thought I should !
Levi Newcomb
Levi Newcomb 9 timmar sedan
Kansas is also famous for the TV show Supernatural.
syamim sanusi
syamim sanusi 9 timmar sedan
lol Natsuki hahahha
bpoon2k2 9 timmar sedan
Puts a smile on my face when you mentioned Ghost of Tsushima
Martin Day
Martin Day 9 timmar sedan
Very well filmed and edited video
Luis Liu
Luis Liu 9 timmar sedan
I' ve been there once when I was in university with my classmates, this video makes me nostalgic.
GeneralChangOfDanang 10 timmar sedan
Bean bag chairs? London guide book? Is Natsuki hiding in a closet somewhere?
Vugen18 11 timmar sedan
Natsuki!! I love his laughter
natassa 123
natassa 123 11 timmar sedan
I think everyone from sweden can relate to feeling quite confused at 0:52
Dhruv Ishan Bhardwaj
Dhruv Ishan Bhardwaj 11 timmar sedan
Sometimes, Chris you remind me of Mr Bean
Shiba the Ghost
Shiba the Ghost 11 timmar sedan
Some of these shots are absolutely incredible!
arigato22 12 timmar sedan
I'd do the same thing too.... LOL. If someone bought me something and I broke it, and if opportunity came, I'd travel to replace it. Also, I've always wanted to go to Hakodate. I think I went to Fukuoka instead. At that time I was leaving in Japan and they were two opposite ends so I didn't have time. I was in Otaru in the middle of winter ages ago too. I still have winter snow boots that I bought there and never wear (in Australia) now.
Lennon Blobvis
Lennon Blobvis 12 timmar sedan
Great vid pleas like it would meen the world
Doommagic 12 timmar sedan
Pete: "As far south as we can go in Okinawa." Do it! Do it! The Yaeyama Islands are the southernmost inhabited islands, right? I wanna see that!
here4catsandfood 12 timmar sedan
As soon as you introduced "your best American friend" I was like 'oh shittt' and immediately scrolled down to the comments to see what shenanigan's we were about to enjoy. I was most surly not disappointed. XD
Kayla F
Kayla F 12 timmar sedan
Now go to Canada
thijnsybren 12 timmar sedan
Wow Chris, how did you get Daniel Bruhl on the show
cuteteahoru 13 timmar sedan
Hakodate is sister cities with the capital city of my province in Canada! It's sister city is Halifax, Nova Scotia! A lot of the buildings are similar to those at our famous port city!
The King of Antarctica
The King of Antarctica 13 timmar sedan
This is way better than most blogs I've seen in SEcycle. The British and American in you two bounce off each other in a very fun way.
Vincent Santos
Vincent Santos 13 timmar sedan
Idk, but pete has a Chris Farley vibe. That is a compliment.
Matty37 13 timmar sedan
This was actually fun and I think Pete did a good job with he acting
Liberata Di Nocera
Liberata Di Nocera 14 timmar sedan
Can't wait for the summer trip to Japan's southernmost point 🏖
Cekrom 14 timmar sedan
5:42 The snow fits perfectly =D
vandry 14 timmar sedan
What about the other Chris, Jake n Bake, and Aki? 😢
Franklin Romero
Franklin Romero 14 timmar sedan
Niels VdV
Niels VdV 14 timmar sedan
These videos make my day allot better, I pray I can travel to Japan one day myself.
Wannabeisekied 14 timmar sedan
18:08 the guy has iPhone 12 max pro fam!!🤣
Gregory Chew
Gregory Chew 15 timmar sedan
22:50 best part of video where Chris goes ".... WHUT"
blankautumn 15 timmar sedan
Seemed that “Pete”s are pretty eccentric people. And this Pete is like an American version of Ryotaro. ;)
FastBoi 15 timmar sedan
I must say This type of collab is needed more for resaearch purpose
Noritosaurus 15 timmar sedan
I lost it when Chris said *RIDICULOUS* to the Stonehenge replica 😂
elwingy 15 timmar sedan
this is one of your best filmed trips Chris!
Jason Crouse
Jason Crouse 15 timmar sedan
About halfway through the phone call I saw the joke coming. I've lived in Hokkaido for a year now, and it doesn't take that long before that play on words comes up a few times. Really enjoyed the video! Thanks for the shot of Mt. Yotei at the beginning. Very cool to see the mountain I live next to show up on your channel.
Adams42 16 timmar sedan
After seeing that "Sematary", did anybody else wonder why there was no trace of that weird "Ancient Alien" Guy (aka Giorgio A. Tsoukalos) all over that place... telling People ..."Aliens, the only explanation"
dame104 17 timmar sedan
Pete seems to be the kind of guy who hypes you up in an adventure. Also quite a character, i'd love me some friend with the same excitement as Pete.
TheRileyss 17 timmar sedan
Pete seems like so much fun to travel with
KillerTacos 17 timmar sedan
Brilliant video Chris! Pete is such a legend. We need him in more videos!
SenseiEpu 17 timmar sedan
That mug replacement plot had to be one of the funniest anti-climaxes ever. I laughed my head off! A great video overall though. Beautiful scenery.
Ready Set Japan! [Exploring Japan’s Outback]
Ready Set Japan! [Exploring Japan’s Outback] 18 timmar sedan
Looks like everyone is going north for golden week. What an adventure of a trip!
Dan Daniel Nakamura
Dan Daniel Nakamura 18 timmar sedan
Great video as always! Thank you. That was funny when you guys called Natsuki 🤣
Zombieman4 18 timmar sedan
This Pete guy is a bigger dork than you are Chris.
Harry's Travel Videos
Harry's Travel Videos 18 timmar sedan
The Grand Adventures Of Frankie Muniz and Marty McFly
Rob_in Japan
Rob_in Japan 19 timmar sedan
This guy is just a massive tool
Reid Zimmerman
Reid Zimmerman 19 timmar sedan
As a kansan, I feel attacked
S Alam
S Alam 19 timmar sedan
This video was so good. I usually take my time and don't watch these videos as soon as they're uploaded and this is my best experience yet
S Alam
S Alam 20 timmar sedan
God some of the shots, like the one at 10:25 add so much charm and style to the video it's indescribable. I've just been smiling at my screen like an idiot for 10 minutes now. This is one of the best things I've seen. I never thought travel vlogs could be this much enjoyable.
Carl Neoh
Carl Neoh 20 timmar sedan
Pete: *explaining why the trip will be awesome and worth it. Chris: 🗿 On a serious note though, this video is one of the best Abroad in Japan videos I've seen, definitely underrated. The highlights were the contrast between a stereotypical British and American and the way Chris closely accepts the trip, seemingly like a tsundere. Truly hilarious
crumbs 20 timmar sedan
I like drunk Bradley Cooper
Jim John-un
Jim John-un 20 timmar sedan
Great duo. Really funny
MoonSh0ttAlch3mist 20 timmar sedan
Schnoz 20 timmar sedan
Pete's a madman, those curry cup noodles are disgusting.
大切な人を守って 20 timmar sedan
half of Hokkaido is already owned by the Chinese and so as Osaka. you're aforeigner,you maybe need not be careful getting infected by the corona. corona’s mission is get rid of the Japanese still living in there refusing to sell exactly like what the virus is doing in Italy,UK,America etc.
Katy Didn't
Katy Didn't 21 timme sedan
i wasn’t on board with this Pete-who-isn’t-the-podcast-Pete until “all you think about is chicken”. Now I am his #1 fan.
Katy Didn't
Katy Didn't 21 timme sedan
Also, “old-world european architecture”? I didn’t know the general building style of southern Maine in the USA had such a spin.
Dom The Elegy
Dom The Elegy 21 timme sedan
"It tastes like dogpiss" How fitting. Staying in an American style house while drinking American style beer-like alcoholic beverage.
kongman27 21 timme sedan
chicken is life , does this man have no class
W Q Fong
W Q Fong 22 timmar sedan
Added having a cup noodles in the snow to the bucket list 😋
bigmike solis
bigmike solis 22 timmar sedan
Pete i dub thee the toilet man. Hoping to see more of him on the channel, his energy is very nice and makes the whole experience more fun
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 21 timme sedan
Chris really unironically just found American natsuki
Red Samurai
Red Samurai 22 timmar sedan
I didn't know I needed to experience eating noodles in the snow until I watch this. 😆
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