I Challenged A Fan To A 9 Hole Match | Micah Morris

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Micah Morris

2 månader sedan

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Micah Morris
Micah Morris 2 månader sedan
Shout out to Josh, this guy can play!!
birdhunter4life Månad sedan
@bc.einstein or they could just take 9 or 10 shots and play. Everyone likes the real deal lol
Alex Dressler
Alex Dressler Månad sedan
Where is that hat from?
Devin Galloway
Devin Galloway 2 månader sedan
If the putt went on 6 it's a W
TJ Johnston
TJ Johnston 2 månader sedan
Got a link to the hats you wear? Really liking them.
joshywatkins1 2 månader sedan
Josh seems like a great bloke tbf, good video
Huncho LeCapper
Huncho LeCapper 2 timmar sedan
Legit brooks koepka
Rod Johnson
Rod Johnson Dag sedan
Josh even swings like Koepka
Jake Martinez
Jake Martinez Dag sedan
This dude is a freakin stud wow. He rips the cover off the ball.
JoeCazperr 4 dagar sedan
8:59 now THAT was pure
Rhett Espe
Rhett Espe 4 dagar sedan
josh is so pure
Not3xactly 5 dagar sedan
Excellent match some real fireworks
Scales 7 dagar sedan
I'm not gay, but If I was tig would be in trouble. 😂
John Miller
John Miller 11 dagar sedan
Need a playoff match - josh is a stick - waiting for the rematch - or tiebreaker
Bret Nuttall
Bret Nuttall 22 dagar sedan
This is good good golf.
Wynn Berry
Wynn Berry 24 dagar sedan
Where can I get that shirt!
Jordan West
Jordan West 28 dagar sedan
this was a real good round! what a great watch!!
Steve Hyun
Steve Hyun 28 dagar sedan
The sound. They flush it every time. And both swings look so effortless
Eddie Santos
Eddie Santos Månad sedan
I’m from Shawnee Oklahoma and you’re from Oklahoma I challenge you to a 9 hole match it will be fun am a fan and have been for a while now thanks for your consideration I don’t have Instagram but I have Facebook or even email TacoEd30@gmail.com hope to hear from you
Okorie Ogba
Okorie Ogba Månad sedan
Josh is a player! Well done Micah
Lars Nielsen
Lars Nielsen Månad sedan
13:50.. That sound of the clubface from Josh's iron tee shot.. oO
Kevin Natale
Kevin Natale Månad sedan
Tig, when you shoot these videos what is your camera setup? this is an incredible video. Love seeing you mix it up with different players. Hats off too both of you!
Battle Boyd
Battle Boyd Månad sedan
Nah that’s Brooks DeChambeau!
J Apples
J Apples Månad sedan
Played Cypress today. Great track. Live about 10 minutes away.
L AV Månad sedan
Wow. WHAT A MATCH! 5th hole was crazy
Fusi Fidow
Fusi Fidow Månad sedan
You guys make the golf swing look effortless. Keep up the awesome vids 👍
Kevin Schlitz
Kevin Schlitz Månad sedan
Crazy good golf
Magnus Knudsen
Magnus Knudsen Månad sedan
right before you sid that he looks like brooks i said it in my self hahaha
Colby Sandlin
Colby Sandlin Månad sedan
When they keep referring to the temperature changing, are they talking about thermals affecting ball flight?
FoggyKnowsFood Månad sedan
Brooks Cupcake.
Irvin Lee
Irvin Lee Månad sedan
dude could be brooks' double!
Stefan Johansson
Stefan Johansson Månad sedan
YES, I enjoyed it! More videos with Josh, please. Seems like a good competition for you Micah.
Dr Frog
Dr Frog Månad sedan
You are a golfer on SEcycle. Nobody is your fan get over yourself.
Mark Scanlon
Mark Scanlon Månad sedan
Micah playing adults for once
Ben Meiner
Ben Meiner Månad sedan
Very cool, this is just up the road from me!
Robert Charlton
Robert Charlton Månad sedan
Great match. Awesome that Josh reached out to make it possible. Awesome Tig took him up on it.
Jack McGrath
Jack McGrath Månad sedan
Josh DeChambeau?
Lauren Pardi
Lauren Pardi Månad sedan
Love these faster pace videos. 1 of the reasons I love this channel
Frank Maldonado
Frank Maldonado Månad sedan
Holy s*** that sound off the club head at 13:53 😳
JGarcia Månad sedan
This is so refreshing to actually see positive SEcycle comments. Game recognizes game!
Jeff Sohnhertz
Jeff Sohnhertz Månad sedan
really micah won, having never played the course and not knowing the greens.
Jordan Parker
Jordan Parker Månad sedan
Yeah pretty sure Bryson DeChambeau isn't a scratch golfer...
Learning golf for free using YouTube and free apps
Learning golf for free using YouTube and free apps Månad sedan
Please add tracers to your videos :)
CM _Golf
CM _Golf Månad sedan
13:53 anyone else see his tee fly and bounce like 6 times 40 feet forwards🤣
CM _Golf
CM _Golf Månad sedan
John Galvan
John Galvan Månad sedan
What did he do to his club at 14:24 ?
sean kubis
sean kubis Månad sedan
Micah that was easily your best video n match you had, great golf
Eyes Open
Eyes Open Månad sedan
Those greens were slick, josh is a gamer. Love it
GM6ix Productions
GM6ix Productions Månad sedan
This man literally is Brooks 😂 down to the fit
Phillip Stewart
Phillip Stewart Månad sedan
MrSundgren Golf
MrSundgren Golf Månad sedan
at 6.50 5 feet my ass, that was like 2-3 at most. not only left/right micha has issues with atm haha.
Josh Stergo
Josh Stergo Månad sedan
He don’t look like brooks, he is brooks😳
Matthew Kusno
Matthew Kusno Månad sedan
cohenkevinlori Queen
cohenkevinlori Queen Månad sedan
WoW Micah.. to be able to tie an obviously great golfer on his home course.. I SAY FANTASTIC JOB !!!
cohenkevinlori Queen
cohenkevinlori Queen Månad sedan
Josh seemed like a real relaxed, fun guy with a great golf game....
Ryan Tumas
Ryan Tumas Månad sedan
Could someone tell me where Tig's hat is from?
Holden Howell
Holden Howell Månad sedan
Right as you said he looks like brooks Koepka I was about to type that😂
Tom Goona
Tom Goona Månad sedan
He even swings like brooks
Gimme Golf
Gimme Golf Månad sedan
Josh is a Brooks Koepka & Brison Dechaumbeau hyrbid love child 😂 great match 👌🏽🏌🏽‍♂️
Vienna People Productions
Vienna People Productions 2 månader sedan
The tee flying back at 17:38 and almost hitting the camera was epic. Great match guys and hi from Sydney Australia.
Kevin Bostwick
Kevin Bostwick 2 månader sedan
Josh is sick!
Mathew Center
Mathew Center 2 månader sedan
What brand is that golf tee hat?
Jarrod Colburne
Jarrod Colburne 2 månader sedan
Josh koepka.
Griff Garrison
Griff Garrison 2 månader sedan
Can't believe no one mentioned he looks like Brooks Koepka.
Andy Smith
Andy Smith 2 månader sedan
What a gorgeous course, could be England in August
Justin Fortenberry
Justin Fortenberry 2 månader sedan
Great video and enjoyed the sportsmanship
Hank G
Hank G 2 månader sedan
My man josh kinda swings like Koepka too
Danny Wrld
Danny Wrld 2 månader sedan
He looks like brooks koepka and even his swing
Kevin Armstrong
Kevin Armstrong 2 månader sedan
Come on boys no1 rule of SEcycle is always hit driver ask Peter finch ha. Great video tho brooks was a player
Charles Dunlap
Charles Dunlap 2 månader sedan
Really awesome match... Josh played great... nice to see a fresh face on the channel!!
Jimmy Thorpe
Jimmy Thorpe 2 månader sedan
Lol yea he swings like Koepka
Daniel Arlitt
Daniel Arlitt 2 månader sedan
Seven ad breaks for a 20 minute video is ridiculous. Unsubscribed. Cut back on the greed.
sam alpert
sam alpert 2 månader sedan
what a match. Josh can really play
PV 35
PV 35 2 månader sedan
cool video but where’s the putter fitting at 🏌🏻
Alan Heseltine
Alan Heseltine 2 månader sedan
Great golf match and some seriously good shots from both of you
Chris Moore
Chris Moore 2 månader sedan
Me thinking this guy looks like Brooks and Micah mentioning it a second later. Def has that Brooks beefy look to him.
Riley Lubetich
Riley Lubetich 2 månader sedan
You guys both have some seriously nice swings
Mightymole 2 månader sedan
Come out to Portland Oregon we''ll take a couple of you brother on.
Robert Acierno
Robert Acierno 2 månader sedan
What a nice guy, at a nice course. And a great match.
Darrel Stocker
Darrel Stocker 2 månader sedan
the first thing i thought was that he looked like brooks before micah even said anything
Joshua Gillock
Joshua Gillock 2 månader sedan
Great Match! Really good golf from both of you!
Hannah Clark
Hannah Clark 2 månader sedan
He looks so much like brooks kepka
TheHitKing4256 2 månader sedan
Teagan and I have the same philosophy on the course as in life. You take care of your things and your things will take care of you.
Brandon Frank
Brandon Frank 2 månader sedan
such a nice guy!! he responds to my IG comments all the time.
Bossitup 2 månader sedan
Definitely have Josh back again
shae wright
shae wright 2 månader sedan
Videos like this are probably my favorite. These and course vlogs/beat my record
Michael Azzato
Michael Azzato 2 månader sedan
Great match!!
reed desalvo
reed desalvo 2 månader sedan
Micah, this was awesome. Pursell Farms match; the one against the course pro and this one - just awesome stuff. Really a lot of fun watching you take on great competition
T Beck
T Beck 2 månader sedan
Dude has an awesome swing. Love to see him on again!
Josh Balogh
Josh Balogh 2 månader sedan
No ties from now on
Lee Fisher
Lee Fisher 2 månader sedan
1:40 - But is it a good day to have a good day, Micah?
Rick O'Shea
Rick O'Shea 2 månader sedan
Lose the man bun, they're horribly outdated
Luke Gould
Luke Gould 2 månader sedan
Where did Micah get his hat??
david jeffries
david jeffries 2 månader sedan
No playoff hole? Damn
Scott Irving
Scott Irving 2 månader sedan
Micah, Brooks vs Garret and the guy who hits stingers that he plays with
Scott Irving
Scott Irving 2 månader sedan
more of this
Marc Anson
Marc Anson 2 månader sedan
the irons off the tee are angry
Lucas Reno
Lucas Reno 2 månader sedan
Josh looks like he's going yard off the tee every time. Rip city!
taylor k
taylor k 2 månader sedan
Micah: 9 feet for par Actual distance: 4 feet
Spencer Braun Golf
Spencer Braun Golf 2 månader sedan
I would roast you guys for pretty much only hitting irons of the tee, but that course looks just STUPID tight, so I won't. I would probably do the same thing
Mitchell Muzza
Mitchell Muzza 2 månader sedan
Josh got game tig 👌🏼
Dustin 2 månader sedan
Love the content!!! Keep it going Tig!!
Demetrio Gordo
Demetrio Gordo 2 månader sedan
You should do more fan challenge videos
Teddy Howard
Teddy Howard 2 månader sedan
The sound of of joshes irons crisp
Nick Warren
Nick Warren 2 månader sedan
You and Josh should play a match against Garret and a fan of his choice
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