HIGHLIGHTS | David Avanesyan vs. Josh Kelly

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February 20, 2021 -- David Avanesyan vs. Josh Kelly from the SSE Wembley Arena.
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Tyler Ballz
Tyler Ballz 3 timmar sedan
Kelly has alot of potential.. needs to keep hands up .. couple years ago he was the bigger version of Lomachenko with fluid movement .. granted against lower competition.. but this isn’t the end for this kid .. still young and can come back stronger
Thomas Muller 7-1
Thomas Muller 7-1 23 timmar sedan
When you order Floyd from Wish
Georgio Skandalis Kapsimalis
Georgio Skandalis Kapsimalis 2 dagar sedan
Philly's shell needs a lot of training with experts otherwise it is gambling.. if you like it so much join Mayweather's team
holyX 2 dagar sedan
Boy got no ingame
Baran Özdemir
Baran Özdemir 4 dagar sedan
You know while watching this Not knowing the outcome i thought man i Need more muscle i Need this Explosiveness But now i Know What i Always knew Its all about fighting
Daniel Studart
Daniel Studart 5 dagar sedan
Why are people in the comment talking like the whole fight was a one sided asswhopping? Josh Kelly was doing pretty well until the 5th round
Владимир Иванов
Владимир Иванов 5 dagar sedan
👍 👍 👍 🇦🇲 🇦🇲 🇦🇲 💪💪💪🙏🙏🙏
Шахвердян Алик
Шахвердян Алик 8 dagar sedan
Красавчик ахперас ты супер брать
mariano gomez 99
mariano gomez 99 13 dagar sedan
sigo sin entender como la pedrio kelly
DinamiteBarese 14 dagar sedan
Kelly needs to stop acting like a douce, and needs a trainer that stops him from using that sorry excuse of a Philly shell and get a proper guard. His aggressive style doesn't match with the Philly shell at all
E T 15 dagar sedan
Kelly gassed got humbled hopefully this is just a learning experience not a downward spiral.
Johnny B
Johnny B 16 dagar sedan
Not saying this made a difference but David was going to the back of the head every chance he got he was looking for it
WildBearFilms 18 dagar sedan
Kelly is a more entertaining fighter but he slowed down too much. Shouldn't have leaned on the dude without his hands up while the russian just keeps his hands on his head all day. Obv nobody is gona be able to take bare rounds of getting hit in the head with no gloves up. Russian got a weaker chin but Kelly didnt protect his.
George Cb
George Cb 19 dagar sedan
Josh ya no es como antes no se, ha decaido mucho su nivel
Oscar Martin Gomez
Oscar Martin Gomez 19 dagar sedan
Ava is a warrior, Josh is a actor
Tony TheBrave
Tony TheBrave 21 dag sedan
Молодец, подготовился к бою как к последнему, и потушил проспекта! Это им Новичок по-натуральному! Не ждали, клоуны?
martin pangggeng
martin pangggeng 21 dag sedan
Josh Kelly should leave this team & train under Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Tahira Ghani
Tahira Ghani 22 dagar sedan
Most over rated white brit
MrTachyon3000 23 dagar sedan
Did they ever teach Josh to cover his face? 😆
Azile First
Azile First 24 dagar sedan
Kelly is in a Jungle now, I've been waiting for this time to see how pretty he is in the ring when dancing with tigers not hynars. Welcome to the world of boxing.
snowchild 25 dagar sedan
consequence for not keeping your hands up
Lee Ching Hoe
Lee Ching Hoe 26 dagar sedan
I dont get why he lower his hands he could have boxed him get the decision
Arman 28 dagar sedan
Апрес ДАВИД Джан ай азгин да шат эр петк
velmo222 Månad sedan
püüü sende mi kaybetcektin
M N Månad sedan
Man that russian guy gets hard hit but he is not bleeding
Rodney Cormick
Rodney Cormick Månad sedan
He looks more like lopez
VIRAT BABU KC Månad sedan
Władysław Kurcharczyk
Władysław Kurcharczyk Månad sedan
Kelly too Cocky
Pablo Rocky
Pablo Rocky Månad sedan
Kelly is a risky or should i say "cocky" boxer but if he will change the way he fights and improve his defense then that would be his start.
Emiroviski Kadir
Emiroviski Kadir Månad sedan
mma commentary > boxing commentary.
Julian Days
Julian Days Månad sedan
To me jelly ain’t fight like kelly idk when he started to be a strong man or started to b strong or do the shoulder roll just a bad game plan smh 🤦🏾‍♂️
Boxing life
Boxing life Månad sedan
Armenia 🥊🥊🇦🇲
Пучок Перцепций
Пучок Перцепций Månad sedan
Помню Келли года два назад, везде раскручивали как бойца с шестым чувством, какой он мега боксер, следующая легенда. Но стоило ему столкнуться с хорошим бойцом, и он сразу просел функционально, и в итоге пролетел.
Captain EO
Captain EO Månad sedan
Poor Josh Kelly 🙁
Urarii Tehiva
Urarii Tehiva Månad sedan
Toujours au top Josh prochaine
LuvJosiah Månad sedan
Kelly falling off bad
William Farmer
William Farmer Månad sedan
he should have lost that fight against Prograis
Eso Akunne
Eso Akunne Månad sedan
@William Farmer well josh Kelly is 147...Taylor is at 140 for now...he’s a big 140 tho he’ll be at 147 by next year surely
William Farmer
William Farmer Månad sedan
@Eso Akunne josh kelly & Josh Taylor been confused between the 2 of them for awhile are they in the same weight division
William Farmer
William Farmer Månad sedan
@Eso Akunne sorry you are right
Eso Akunne
Eso Akunne Månad sedan
Wrong josh
Sashi kiraN
Sashi kiraN Månad sedan
Too much showboating, little common sense and waste of talent 🤦‍♂️
Ed J
Ed J Månad sedan
When Boxing hype jobs face reality ( josh Kelly vs David Avanesyan)
Berd Berdgame
Berd Berdgame Månad sedan
Armenians are hardy
Edo A
Edo A Månad sedan
Mher Grigoryan
Mher Grigoryan Månad sedan
джан ахепрс
Huy amba
Huy amba Månad sedan
i would say Kelly is the better boxer, but he somehow he stands in his own way
N Strat
N Strat Månad sedan
well there stopped the hype train
Tyshawn Maikon Million
Tyshawn Maikon Million Månad sedan
It's called heart Kelly, something you don't have.
Ah Fei
Ah Fei Månad sedan
"He ain't pretty no more..."
Fra Diavolo
Fra Diavolo Månad sedan
Why use the Philly shell when you're not rolling incoming punches with the shoulders and Cant/Refuse to fight on the inside?? 🤦🏿‍♂️
Ivan Lopez
Ivan Lopez Månad sedan
Im glad he lost, he didn't deserve the title
Offender Monk
Offender Monk Månad sedan
I'm happy the smily ultra mayweather defense were outnumbered by punches, jesus christ let's fight, stop giving me your face then run away
nanda buti
nanda buti Månad sedan
them hands are part of your defensive system... use them you cocky britt
Brian Garcia
Brian Garcia Månad sedan
kelly keep trying to “show off “ 😅 cause thats what boxing is about right
Гугл Гуглов
Гугл Гуглов Månad sedan
Samuel Fakiyesi
Samuel Fakiyesi Månad sedan
kelly kept himself a little to turned the whole fight
P 100
P 100 Månad sedan
Phenomenal WILL beat Phenomenal SKILLS on this night 💯
Ganna Mayone
Ganna Mayone Månad sedan
Олег Карасёв
Олег Карасёв Månad sedan
я знаю его брата
Laboon Månad sedan
Da nem pra acreditar que esse cara perdeu 🇧🇷
Tyler’s Durden is a stupid name
Tyler’s Durden is a stupid name Månad sedan
Great fight.
Gerald Dempsey
Gerald Dempsey Månad sedan
Josh Kelly is another washed up mcgregor with no stamina. What a joke fight.. Not impressed 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Pascal Scherr
Pascal Scherr Månad sedan
7:49 He just got rocked bad and he's got a whirlwind coming at him. Why on earth wouldn't he put up a high guard? At this point it seems like he's trying to say he's decided to fight like a cocky idiot and he'd rather get knocked out than change his game plan. Just look what happens a second or two after
Alexandru Stefanescu
Alexandru Stefanescu Månad sedan
My father always told me keep your hands up and hit hard don t show off don't play around. It isn't effective and indeed he was right. The other guy fought simple but effective. Great job
alperen köse
alperen köse Månad sedan
Öyle açarsan gardını böyle saydırırlar yıldızları
Роман Бондарев
Роман Бондарев Månad sedan
Красавчик этот Келли👍
Ariel Plaza
Ariel Plaza Månad sedan
I know it's a minor thing but that was a perfect towel toss. Half the time the thing barely floats into the ring and the ref barely notices, that was a perfect sailing shot right in front of the ref.
Alex Fischer
Alex Fischer Månad sedan
Is pbk doing the ronda rousey routine? Beat them at their game. But...
B Månad sedan
Uk fighters can’t take body shots lol
Andrew Robinson
Andrew Robinson Månad sedan
Everyone talking about Kelly's poor defence, but his punch accuracy left a lot to be desired. Nice flashy jabs and lead right hands just bouncing off Avaneyan's gloves.
sashadevet Månad sedan
Congrats to Avenesyan from Belarus!
sashadevet Månad sedan
всем бокс !!
Marlene Mortler
Marlene Mortler Månad sedan
Kelly reminds me of Amir Khan
Leehvi Månad sedan
6:58 ???
Almas Agibayev
Almas Agibayev Månad sedan
David, now get prepared to get beaten badly by Daniyar Yeleussinov!
RS Månad sedan
Bravo Dadid
horacio tejeda
horacio tejeda Månad sedan
Kelly was taken into deep waters and didn't survived!
Michael Jung
Michael Jung Månad sedan
Considering Floyd still keeps both hands up in the pocket, Kelly should learn to do the same if he wants to use the shoulder roll.
Raul pa
Raul pa Månad sedan
Come on Josh, hands up buddy!!! All the fight he had the gloves down.
jose abreu
jose abreu Månad sedan
tyson fury: the world just saw another victim of the pandemic in josh kelly, the pandemic is ending many career wu wu wu wu.
jose abreu
jose abreu Månad sedan
British fighters are in crisis
сальваторе гильяно
сальваторе гильяно Månad sedan
Заслуженная победа!
VMorillo Månad sedan
Josh need experience, with patience he’ll be the best
Adam G
Adam G Månad sedan
deserved to loose for show boating
Edgar Kirakozov
Edgar Kirakozov Månad sedan
Dancing vs boxing
Juegos en Xbox
Juegos en Xbox Månad sedan
D Cavu
D Cavu Månad sedan
Avanesyan's strategy was excellent. The consistent body work paid off.
Querida Tess
Querida Tess Månad sedan
The talented cloakroom briefly grin because palm clinicopathologically spray amid a unwieldy neon. insidious, unnatural father-in-law
Jason Gillow
Jason Gillow Månad sedan
Kelly was doing fine, but eventually the body shots slowed him down, and overall kelly was only able to hurt avanesyan (1) time, and he didnt' take advantage of it. Kelly might have to try to drop down to 140, where he might actually be able to hurt some guys and finish them.
Francesco Bartucci
Francesco Bartucci Månad sedan
That was AMAZING! Pure heart from
Fredthaboss Månad sedan
He lost to ray robinson first. Dudes been a hype job for a while. There’s nothing to see here.
Timbul Richi
Timbul Richi Månad sedan
This is happen when you underestimate your opponet, The legs completely gone..
Muhammad Aimansyakir Rusly
Muhammad Aimansyakir Rusly Månad sedan
Josh jelly too over confident like he lost to daniyar in olympic
Alex Paz
Alex Paz Månad sedan
The volatile sudan undesirably identify because religion rationally fear above a lying accelerator. abusive, flowery exchange
Ömer Durmuş
Ömer Durmuş Månad sedan
"Shoulder roll" isn't that easy as it seems.
yosoy Månad sedan
No durará mucho ese chico usando esa guardia, es malísimo usándola.
Derland James
Derland James Månad sedan
UK boxing is absolute trash
Carlito Sur
Carlito Sur Månad sedan
Back to domestic UK level bruuh
Supa SilverSurf
Supa SilverSurf Månad sedan
Told yall he was not the goods neither is plant or josh taylor or beterbiev they will all lose soon as they step up n fight real fights
Yumi Ikeda
Yumi Ikeda Månad sedan
Kelly changed up his style. I think him and his team got too scared. Would have loved to see him fight like he used to.
Sakira Rose
Sakira Rose Månad sedan
The stimulating teller contextually regret because sing cytologically sack round a fancy promotion. tremendous, quixotic lynx
Провинциал 7_7_7
Провинциал 7_7_7 Månad sedan
Yeleussinov vs Brook next please
Isaiah Elijah
Isaiah Elijah Månad sedan
kelly got complacent,winning the early rounds doesn't guarantee you will win.
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