Greatest World Records in Sport History

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Greatest World Records in Sport History video with you.
Naim Süleymanoğlu 190 kilograms
Yelena Isinbayeva 5.06
Usain Bolt 9.58
Florence Griffith Joyner 10.49
Mike Powell 8.95
Klay Thompson 14 3-Pointers
Aries Merritt 12.80
Armand Duplantis 6.17
Jonathan Edwards 18.29
Inessa Kravets 15.50
Robert Lewandowski 5 goals in 9 minutes
Stefan Kraft 253.5
Anita Włodarczyk 82.98
Enjoy the video..
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Spor Delisi HD
Spor Delisi HD 7 månader sedan
🏋️World Record
There is none Good but God John 3:16, Rev 3:16
There is none Good but God John 3:16, Rev 3:16 5 timmar sedan
@HUGO CESAR BLANCO - I’d love to know your thoughts on this
HUGO CESAR BLANCO 17 timmar sedan
# espectacular
There is none Good but God John 3:16, Rev 3:16
There is none Good but God John 3:16, Rev 3:16 2 dagar sedan
@alibaba pirce - I’d love to know your thoughts on this
alibaba pirce
alibaba pirce 3 dagar sedan
ok i didnt expected to see lewandowski here since our country sucks at football :D
There is none Good but God John 3:16, Rev 3:16
There is none Good but God John 3:16, Rev 3:16 4 dagar sedan
@Samuel Martinez - You owe yourself to watch this, I’m here to answer your questions.
Jakino 49 minuter sedan
не показывайте это видео феминисткам
ewaf88 Timme sedan
Oh my God - that ski jump went on forever
iluvpete 2 timmar sedan
1:14 essa
vvei 3 timmar sedan
australia has no class, how you gonna do you opponent like that ????!!!!
danskehans 6 timmar sedan
Great compilation, but why that insanely stupid music?
Isabell Raymon
Isabell Raymon 7 timmar sedan
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LC Bear
LC Bear 7 timmar sedan
UZI4YOU 7 timmar sedan
1:16 When your team helps you set up the Penta-Kill
فارس بیگ فارس بیگ
فارس بیگ فارس بیگ 8 timmar sedan
Good video
Skippy Brown
Skippy Brown 8 timmar sedan
I can’t wait for all the transgenders to dominate women’s sports breaking all the records!
Bob Jones
Bob Jones 8 timmar sedan
Flo Jo is definitely juiced.
Statistics Discussion
Statistics Discussion 9 timmar sedan
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e 90
e 90 11 timmar sedan
The women’s 100m should be wiped because she used performance drugs. They just couldn’t prove for sure if she had been taking them when this record was set. SAFP is the greatest female 100m runner .
Renato Toma
Renato Toma 12 timmar sedan
Flo Griffith's records are as dubious as Ben Johnson's! You only had to see his musculature, absolutely incredible for a woman. Likewise, all the East German, Russian, and Eastern countries recors before the severe and serious controls should no longer be recognized. Ditto for the hour record in cycling: the normal recvord is still held by Eddy Merckx (1972) who rode on a normal bike. The rest cannot be compared (lenticular wheels, special combinations, indoor record) are not valid. You forget that this extraordinary rider has won more than 500 professional races, and all the classics (except one: Paris-Tours) but 7 x Milan-San Remo, 5 x Liège-Bastogne-Liège, 3 x road world championships, etc. . If we exclude the ambush of Savona at the Giro 1969, Merckx has never tested positive, it was a cabal intended to win Felice Gimondi. He even won his 1st Tour de France the same year by offering himself to the Doctor of the Tour vials sealed by a judicial officer for voluntary anti-doping control purposes. Proof that he has never doped. (not like Armstrong this cheater, this thief)
JAMES SCOZA 13 timmar sedan
The complete rest respectively man because tie tribally satisfy during a skillful alarm. hypnotic, combative oyster
Petar Staykov
Petar Staykov 16 timmar sedan
You forgot one record that is still not broken until today. Stefka Kostadinova (Bulgaria) has held the women's world record at 2.09 m ( 6 ft 101⁄4 in) since 1987, also the longest-held record in the event.
Bulah Hoyle
Bulah Hoyle 16 timmar sedan
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mentaldavethefirst 19 timmar sedan
Te football red card is wrong (and I don't mean the decsion although that was pretty shocking). The fastest sending off is 2 seconds when Cross Farm Park Celtic's Lee Todd who exclaimed "fuck me that was loud" when the referre blew his whistle. He was sent off after just 2 seconds.
Mohamed Shamloul
Mohamed Shamloul 19 timmar sedan
7:32 That red card in football was some rubbish big big time
James Whipple
James Whipple 20 timmar sedan
There has been in-flight movies on on shorter flights than the ski jumper made..😎✈
EASTERNS LIVANI 21 timme sedan
i've viewed the comments but i've not seen girl child why do'nt they like sports
EASTERNS LIVANI 21 timme sedan
people are breaking records men are breaking women and girls hearts
Michal 22 timmar sedan
something fabulous..!!
CEB112-SAURABH YADAV 22 timmar sedan
motivated and emotional
Mehmet kemal Saban
Mehmet kemal Saban Dag sedan
Naim Süleymanoğlu 🇹🇷💪💪💪
Laurence Ravenwood
Laurence Ravenwood Dag sedan
At least one of these athletes (a runner) was shown to be cheating through taking illegal performance enhancing drugs - or doesn't that concern anyone? Achievement by unfair means is a hollow victory and disadvantages those who don't cheat.
insanely insensitive
insanely insensitive Dag sedan
And not a drop of special vitamins ....yeah right .
insanely insensitive
insanely insensitive Dag sedan
And not a drop of special vitamins ....yeah right .
Ge Gam
Ge Gam Dag sedan
The melted cooking embryologically challenge because step surgically blind apropos a demonic apology. hurried, dreary shelf
Emil Zahariev
Emil Zahariev Dag sedan
Stefka Kostadinova from Bulgaria ?
Phuoc Nguyen 777
Phuoc Nguyen 777 Dag sedan
Awesome awesome
pinhex mix
pinhex mix Dag sedan
Most records of record Michelle Phelps
白熊さんがቺቻቺቻ Dag sedan
bulbul ahmed
bulbul ahmed Dag sedan
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Th von S
Th von S Dag sedan
Apart from some afro-american drug abusers, this was great
Xam Jan
Xam Jan Dag sedan
That was the understatement of the century. "The Samoan are going to find the second leg very difficult.". You think, after they were beaten by 31 to 0?
Pizza Lover
Pizza Lover Dag sedan
Why is the pic of a woman racing against i assume usain bolt. LMfao she cant even beat the a really good high school trackstar.
Anne Green
Anne Green Dag sedan
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BearvilleBear 14
BearvilleBear 14 Dag sedan
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Rodríguez Aldama Emiliano
Rodríguez Aldama Emiliano Dag sedan
señores, lo mejor de lo mejor de la humanidad
Poliman 41
Poliman 41 Dag sedan
Zyrek001 Dag sedan
i dont like fake thumbnails
Milo Haze
Milo Haze Dag sedan
How about the great Stefka Kostadinova from Bulgaria, who competed in the high jump and her world record of 2.09 metres has stood since 1987 !!??
Angel Rollan Rojo
Angel Rollan Rojo Dag sedan
Lo de la tarjeta roja en 3 segundos despues de un saque de centro, es despues de un gol en el minuto 82 jajajaja (ya iban 3 a 1)
Adam Petroczi
Adam Petroczi Dag sedan
ashante Dag sedan
The Florence Joyner win remains a mystery to me. She practically turned into the top contender over night and retired just as quickly. Why?
Andrew Payler
Andrew Payler 16 timmar sedan
100% drug she wasn't stripped of her records is beyond me
Amy Hermanns
Amy Hermanns Dag sedan
I love the click bait pic! One real woman and two Trans? The future of women’s sports!
DON CHETO Dag sedan
The clammy lyric evocatively pat because open whitely trade times a worthless chocolate. lacking, prickly pediatrician
Clarine Tan
Clarine Tan Dag sedan
I had goosebumps watching them win.. such amazing boundaries they all pushed! Mad respect.
Desailu Meraca
Desailu Meraca Dag sedan
The agreeable arch sequentially chew because find selectively wander off a creepy taiwan. flagrant, brainy palm
MTT1978 Dag sedan
Red card 3S
Terrafox Dag sedan
Haha the first guy looks like Michael Reeves!
Medeve Dadal
Medeve Dadal Dag sedan
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Allison Freeman
Allison Freeman Dag sedan
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Julian Dag sedan
FUCK this 'music' eartrash and decadence
Mr. Honey Bee
Mr. Honey Bee 2 dagar sedan
Anyone notice that they are all from the same country?
I'm Lazza
I'm Lazza 2 dagar sedan
You forgot about Pietro Mennea' s 200m sprint record (19.72 sec) in 1979, UNDEFEATED FOR 17 YEARS, until 1996. Pietro was a 5 ft. 11 in. (179cm) white and skinny man with all the odds against, competing against elite athletes who at the time already had monstrous physical shapes, and so supposed to be a lot faster than him. Despite that he outmatched all of them, doing a crazy record for the time.
2 dagar sedan
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Ukeruシ。 2 dagar sedan
so world record
Retro-Mechanic 2 dagar sedan
Nice videos, but I hate that music :D Is too lound
SAYAK TALUKDER 2 dagar sedan
6:21 who says, human can't fly
Randy Lewis
Randy Lewis 2 dagar sedan
Steroids -> You know which one ...
Nick Llama
Nick Llama 2 dagar sedan
It's unbelievable that Griffith Joyner's record still stands. I'm pretty sure I watched it live at the time, but I may just be remembering that wrong. But it was incredible, and the fact that it still hasn't been broken is just crazy.
Michael Lubin
Michael Lubin 15 timmar sedan
Yes. Incredible athlete, and gorgeous too.
William Link
William Link 2 dagar sedan
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No Way
No Way 2 dagar sedan
So Denny McLain's 31 victories in 1967 didn't make the list
Peter S
Peter S 2 dagar sedan
One of these, Duplantis' pole vault record, was broken a week later ... by Duplantis!! You missed the most remarkable sports record of them all. Wilt Chamberlain with 100 points in an NBA game. Other records here will be broken. That one will not ... ever.
Yani Angelov
Yani Angelov 2 dagar sedan
Check for Stefka Kostadinova, High Jump -1987 till now
Space Music
Space Music 2 dagar sedan
Tobi F 1
Tobi F 1 2 dagar sedan
What song is played at the beginning?
Schnuck Sergio
Schnuck Sergio 2 dagar sedan
all of em juiced
Vik Terr
Vik Terr 2 dagar sedan
turkish gays
elhadji malick
elhadji malick 2 dagar sedan
You forgot usain bolt's 200m in 19"19
Abadoon 2 dagar sedan
3:51 My mother reloading her house slipper in the hall
Negan Grimes
Negan Grimes 2 dagar sedan
the great contents did not need the asshole thumbnail
Ecko 2 dagar sedan
4:30 poor girl, the guy didn't sees her flowers...
Jack Eva
Jack Eva 2 dagar sedan
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Geovani 2 dagar sedan
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Computer Programmer
Computer Programmer 2 dagar sedan
@Geovani I’m 13
Geovani 2 dagar sedan
@Computer Programmer 🙄😋
Computer Programmer
Computer Programmer 2 dagar sedan
@Geovani you bot
Geovani 2 dagar sedan
@Computer Programmer 🎂🎂happy birthday😙😙
Computer Programmer
Computer Programmer 2 dagar sedan
Shut up
Ari70 2 dagar sedan
And you all forgot about Jan Zelezny.... you must be out of your mind.... He is simply the greatest....#shame
Hard Army
Hard Army 2 dagar sedan
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Nitam Kashyap
Nitam Kashyap 2 dagar sedan
Me finding himamdas in it lol🤣🤣
lasse maja
lasse maja 2 dagar sedan
Soon all female world records will be held by men! Thank you World Athletics (iaaf) and the IOC.
Shay 3 dagar sedan
as i jamaican seeing usain bolt just make me happy
William Corpuz
William Corpuz 3 dagar sedan
Flojo still rules to this day.
Max Euwe
Max Euwe 3 dagar sedan
The spotty use tinctorially ask because park unusually curl about a faithful jumbo. mute, magical poultry
Hifezael El
Hifezael El 3 dagar sedan
When you realize that the first guy is literally a midget.4'11.
Agota Szots
Agota Szots 3 dagar sedan
Why grab the willie???...Make sure...a man?...
Iron Maiden China
Iron Maiden China 3 dagar sedan
peanutbutter 3 dagar sedan
Nice to see people achieve big things, really! Now I have to work because I litteraly have 10 tests next week and 2 days to start revising yay- ToT
Johnathan Simonson
Johnathan Simonson 3 dagar sedan
You missed out the javelin world record
Chiodino 3 dagar sedan
Enri 3 dagar sedan
steven welding
steven welding 3 dagar sedan
Flo Jo???? Drugged up to the hilt PERIOD.
Jasen Storme
Jasen Storme 3 dagar sedan
The rainy seagull lilly claim because thing lamentably handle versus a healthy noodle. finicky, tenuous twist
bill lanell
bill lanell 3 dagar sedan
Môn thể thao hay, xem thấy càng hiệu quả
puakzo beats
puakzo beats 3 dagar sedan
I cant imagine how hard would they work for this ... they all deserve it
Lokopi 3 dagar sedan
I am glued
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